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  1. WTS: Marlin Potato Digger with Extras $21000

    Happen to have any extra belts for sale?
  2. WTS : Transferable and Pre May ("keeper") and POST M.G.s

    Can you send me some pics of the Pre-86 G3 and the 53? I might be interested at the right price. Wes
  3. I might be interested if the price got better.
  4. WTS Pre-sample Beretta 38/49 Mod 4 $6000

    Is the Uzi and Suppressor still available? Wes 210-913-2076
  5. WTS Origional Boatman Radio Gun

    I'm excited to see this gun coming back home to Texas. Thanks Greg, you've been great to deal with. I'd highly recommend doing business with the seller anytime.
  6. Ruger AC556 Ciener 22LR kit $250

    Kit worked great on my AC556, mucho gracias.
  7. Ruger AC556 Ciener 22LR kit $250

    I'd like a pic or two if you still have it. Thanks
  8. WTS: Transferable Flemming UZI - $14,850

    Up for sale is a nice, original finish, Action Arms full sized Uzi, converted by Flemming. Same collector owner since 1987. Comes with UZI carrying case, Two 25 round mags, Wooden Stock, Extra 9mm barrel, parts, forward and lower housing. $14,850 Scuderia San Antonio FFL/SOT since 2008 (210) 913-2076 Thanks for the new board Buddy, looks great.