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  1. WTB Reising M50 mags

    friends active in the subgun matches tell me that keystonearms.com is offering the after market 30 rnd "CHRISTIE'S" mags again . I see original 12's and 20's offered at just over $150 quite often and I prefer them over any after market. good luck on the search mike
  2. WTB 50 cans

    gonzo, thank GOD for the "quirks" and all the help from fellow QWIRKEE'S ( not sure of the proper plural word) but you can catch my drift . ANYHOW thanx for the shot, I will give him a call.
  3. WTB 50 cans

    ARGHH found myself short AGAIN ! need to buy 25/30 clean 50 sized cans. anyone know of a decent source ? I am close to SAN ANTONIO and nothing has been at the local base's in 4 yrs or so thanx MIKE
  4. Mac11 gunsmith

    the above gun ended up being a M-11/9 and the buffer was absent caused the crack.
  5. 9mm aug question

    YES / YES /YES ! the so called experts over here said no but I went to GERMANY and bought several complete new factory 9mm carriers. back home, I opened one and they were present. so now every carrier I have has them and when I add them, I have the carrier engraved ANTI-BOUNCE so it shows in the ejection port when the action is closed. if you shoot much full auto 9mm you will want an extra extractor or 2. good luck finding those so start soon.
  6. What If?

    DONT GIVE AN INCH? HELL THEY ARE GOING TO TAKE 100's OF FEET ON OR ABOUT JAN / FEB 2020. question is ARE WE GOING TO TAKE IT BACK? when the furor started following the BOBBY KENNEDY PURGE. I dug out my complete collection of AMERICAN RIFLEMAN. all the BACK AND FORTH BANTER WAS EXACTLY THE SAME FROM DAY ONE . following WW I it started and has been steady since. HOW MANY OF YOU ARE AWARE THAT BY OEDER OF PRESIDENT WILSON, GENERAL BLACK JACK PERSHING DEPLOYED TROOPS AND USED 1917 BROWNINGS AGAINST THE VETERANS IN DC THAT WERE CAMPED OUT DEMANDING PAYMENT OF THE BENEFITS PROMISED TO THEM FOR SERVING IN THE WAR? the thought of an armed citizenry just scares the hell out of them and always will because once they get it done there is no way to resist. most of you know one of the first things HITLER did after winning his seat in the REICHSTAG was propose total gun seizure's simply because he was proven to be evil , but had he not started the war it would just be another buried piece of history. my illness forces me to sit for long periods so I watch way too many movies and I focus on action or disaster plots. when it starts going downhill the first question is "IS THERE A GUN IN THE HOUSE?" hell the last time I had a traffic stop and they asked about a weapon in the truck, we found 4 glocks a 642 S+W a seecamp 32 and the AUG and I'm sure we missed one or two. he just couldn't understand why I had one in a pocket on each door and had never seen or heard of the AUG and the form 4 might as well been in HEBREW. it took longer than an hour to confirm they were not stolen and 2 more units magically appeared. the drivers never approached just took up tactical positions. COULD YOU SAY I WAS READY? when asked why I had it all I gave my standard response." SO I CAN DECIDE WHEN AND IF I GET HANDCUFFED" NOW is that an inch or would it be less?
  8. BCG configuration for lightning link

    flathead, that's what I thought! must it have the unshrouded firing pin or ? If I remember it right they were just using them in the middle 70's SP-1 that had the shroud. of course if that works the early one will also. funny thing the "paper clip" work for in ALL of them and never failed, so the links went away. I never paid much attention too them at the time we were getting factory select fire 614's for $260 landed so who cared? THANX MIKE
  9. The Maine saga continues......

    HERE I WAS GETTING READY TO BE REALLY UPSET ABOUT THE SITUATION and kept reading thank GOD cuz it looks like you found a solution. I DONT recall if you stated the size of the bldg.'s but one would think any offer to sell would have THAT is sue close to the front. most of the people that go to those systems are so anxious to show you how smart they were building it and how stupid YOU are for staying on the grid you cant shut them up , so again I would be surprised like you it was not mentioned. we have 4 ranches that were part of a huge homestead hoard started in the 1850's by the great grandfather. there is a brother that ran from Texas and went to an eastern college, he grew to "like" the life style and stayed until the feeding frenzy started when the estate was dispersed 12 yrs ago and is now considered one of those "DAMNED YANKEE's" . he chose the 2nd largest most remote undeveloped ranch as his own, and during the holiday's EVERYONE suffered while the vertues and benefits of solar power and equipment were endlessly spewed. with plenty of money, the internet and his endless knowledge, in 11 years he has managed to get 2 wells running, powered one 40' converted container as living quarters and that's it ? I believe the pumps in the wells have been changed more than 4 times and controllers countless times. someone neglected to mention how bad lightning effects low voltage equipment. in one storm , everything except maybe a couple wire runs was vaporized. he visits many times that we wouldn't know about except the big generator is gone. so I would say scrubbing the deal was a smart move. In my opinion that stuff is great for some little one room cabin in the back country for vacations, but nothing you want to try to live with everyday and have any kind of convenience most of us are used to. when things calm down if you can forward anything to show what you got, please share so we can be jealous. GRATS and cheers mike
  10. Approved at Last!

    I just got back approval on a US PROP M-16A1 I sent in this MAY! THATS LESS THAN $ MONTHS! ? wish the b*#tch would get of her ass and process my FN 240! waiting on the form 4 to my dealer! THEN I can do my end! that's the one I prey comes in b-4 I go. all the rest are "spares"
  11. Mac11 gunsmith

    TOBROOKS, for my records, who was the original mfg'r? A TEXAS MAC ? they are the only mfg'r I have ever heard of that had bad welds from the get go and broke when new . of course I have seen and fixed most brands over the years but I'M talking about guns that were USED and beat to tar. I have welded the rear and added plates too the front on quite a few for friends in the past. my first IMI UZI has been welded at the rear twice also. lets face it with a lot of use, we are asking a LOT from those little packages and its inevitable over time. ANY GOOD HELIARC MAN can weld it in less than an hour, and its perfectly legal IF you are PRESENT during the ENTIRE procedure and don't drop it off. of course then you are faced with the refinish etc if you want it perfect when done. my POWDER SPRINGS 45, I don't bother with refinish anymore. last time it cracked I just hit it with a wire wheel and welded it up then hit it with an oil rag while still cooling and it almost matches. please let me know who made the gun in question. cheers mike
  12. BCG configuration for lightning link

    Miacovet, PLEASE don't be offended as I understand their place now, BUT "back in the day" when they first appeared on the scene and b-4 folks registered them like all auto sears, folks I knew just "tweaked" the trip by bending to get the timing right ? when I encountered the first example in use, I was perplexed why it was used rather than the typical "drop in" you could buy at any event. so I never looked at them again, or had any interest. NOW YOU have "tweaked" MY mind and I am curious with "need to know" please explain why when and what if you can. thank you MIKE TODD
  13. RG-86 , I AGREE "DIRT BAGS WILL ALWAYS BE DIRT BAGS" ! the main reason I was driven to post is I have never seen it, where it "seemed" to be an AGENCY POLICY ! I have not seen one single instance that varies from my description period! the only one that comes too mind was a "stop" of an unregistered snowmobile. the officer could have, but chose NOT to cite the individual. OF COURSE as he was leaving the scene, he told the "camera" "it would have been a waste of time to cite him" because after its registered, all charges and fines are dropped.
  14. What If?

    MY BOTTOM LINE ON THE ISSUE? at 14 years of age I went under contract with whom so ever was "in charge" that I would abide by all the existing laws, try to be a POSITIVE MEMBER OF SOCIETY and help who ever "honestly" needed it, be drug free and not consume alcohol in a way that was negative if at all, and never force myself or beliefs on others. in return I accepted the EXISTING LAWS and freedoms GAURENTEED BY THE CONSTITUTION with the right to stress free existence and the PURSUIT of happiness ! I consider ANY CHANGE or oppression that restricts the above an unlawful BREECH OF CONTRACT, and any such act VOIDS that agreement and I will act accordingly. in my case its a bit easier than for most as I have no heirs and am at the end of my cycle, but anything one attempts to force on me will result in an unpleasant response. while grocery shopping last night, I bought the first newspaper in more than 2 years. it was the "SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS-NEWS" . the headlines exclaimed "GOV PATRICK BUCKING THE NRA" ! and underneath was a large pic of an obese Hispanic "mama" clutching a child with COW TEARS raining down her face. I have not had the heart to read it yet and am not sure I will, but it erased what little bit of comfort I had trying to live in "PEACE" in this great state of TEXAS! honestly deep down I had always believed if anything major occurred in DC that it would resist to no end and help protect that FREE PURSUIT, but I fear that the media has managed to feed the uneducated mass to the point of no return. AT EVERY NEWS CAST OR IN ARTICLE'S IN THE AMERICAN RIFLEMAN, I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY THE "PRO GUN PEOPLE" MUST GO SO DEEP ARGUING TOTALLY AGAINST INSTANT BACK GROUND CHECKS! THEY should FOCUS on the few points ANYBODY can understand, like "YOU WONT BE ABLE TO LOAN A FIREARM to your kids or relatives and the like. I have no problem with them REQUIRED at all organized events or when offering for sale to the general public etc. BUT THE COMPLETE RESISTANCE TO EVERYTHING SEEMS UNREASONABLE AND IS DOOMING US! MIKE
  15. I agree with Johnson, DONT ATTEMPT ANY WELDING ! unless unavoidable for some other reason. suffer the short falls of the situation and make sure you DONT force it open if the adapter moves. its best not to do much in the way of removal, but of course you must perform mait. I suggest you use one of the offset rear support devices when cleaning to keep the stress off the front hinge. some folks I know used lock tight on the adapters, in an attempt to prevent rotation and the bind. DONT you will be sorry. mike
  16. BOB, I AM A FAN OF ALL THE 'LIVE" LAW ENFORCEMENT PROGRAMS, in order to get a feeling for the "LOCAL" officers and the general attitude when dealing with the general public . I have done this diligently since "COPS" aired and record them ALL like "LIVE PD" etc. one of those is "NORTHWOODS LAW" and it features MAINE STATE WILDLIFE DIVISION. GOD HELP YOU if you ever have to interact with them for sure. THE TRAINING OBVIOUSLY IS NOT TOWARDS PEACEFULL COEXISTANCE, MORE LIKE "MAKE SURE YOU FIND THEM DOING SOMETHING WRONG NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES. I have NEVER heard another law enforcement group (even mp's and shore patrol) talk and express the hope each encounter results in a citation or BETTER yet an arrest like these guys do. its so obvious it pains me and often times I will erase episodes without viewing to avoid getting upset. in EVERY encounter where the "suspect" is armed or just has firearms in camp or the vehicle , they treat the individuals as one would a violent felon and a major crime had occurred just around the corner. in one episode shown, 2 under 30 men with NO PREVIOUS RECORDS, were camped on a river fishing for the weekend. when they found an AR-15 (unloaded) in the tent they cuffed them and made them remain on their knees while they checked EVERY crevasse , container for contraband as they talked about the "evil one use object. after finding NOTHING wrong, they made them break camp as they watched then escorted them out. totally ruining the weekend. after the SUSPECTS drove off, one officer stated to the camera he had made a mistake and approached them too soon and should have waited until they had committed an arrestable offense ! FRANKLY I was shocked at first. I had always thought that MAINE was a comfortable state in which a typical abiding freedom loving individual could live day to day with no fear of the government and its representatives. PLEASE BE CAREFULL MY FRIEND ! more than one episode showed a BAD happening when the land owner was SAFELY ENJOYING shooting sports on his own land and nothing called in. having just heard the shots while on patrol a calm cruise turned into a seek and destroy patrol. MIKE
  17. I WAS PRESENT AT CURTS HOME, THE ENTIRE TIME GORDON GATHERED HIS INFO for his book. of course there is no mention of how CURT finally "helped" him finish his research and PERMANATLY VACATE THE PREMISES. but basically he was allowed total freedom to the inventory for quite a while. CURT had a penchant of "embellishing" most anything to his advantage , but all the N.A.C. guns we had in stock , spoke for themselves with no problem ! they are GORGEOUS compared to the attempts MAGUIRE MADE at commercial production if that could even be proven somehow. I DONT BELEIVE it was ever attempted , and the few examples claimed that I have seen were absolutely ATROCIOUS ! any how I wish I could recall EXACTLY what happened with the MAGUIRE 'left over's" because at the time , I could tell you everything that happened , in order from day one. years after I learned the complete story, GEORGES interview only confirmed what I already knew. even the amount of money spent was known for most steps. WINCHESTER actually approached GEORGE because of his reputation of buy outs that had a COMPANY NAME as part of the DEAL.
  18. WTS: Yugo 7.9 Mauser Ammo 900rd case

    SHERMAN, how's things? just thought I would let you know that late 70's 8mm is fantastic! my 42 ate all mine up long ago but it was NOTHING like the 50's stuff with those hard primers. I was checking to see if you had any thing laying around for the M-3 grease or if you know anybody? cheers MIKE TODD
  19. Actually a "bit" more history is in order concerning these guns and I hope I get it all right. when GEORGE attempted to "organize' all the bins he bought he found apprx 15 bare receivers in the lot and they were not in the registry. the BATF went all the way back to the first buyer, the infamous KILGOR cap gun company and charged them and all following owners with transferring them and NO TAX PAID. the total taxes and penalty's were more than $130k and I believe it had been sold at least 3 times b-4 it ended up with GEORGE. if I get it right it was KILGOR, WINCHESTER, then GEORGE. He kept it separated from NUMERIC and formed another co to buy it. ONLY because GEORGE was the first to unpack the stuff since MAGUIRE IND sold it, an unknown agreement was made with BATF and the TAXES and penalty's were shared by ALL involved. the receivers were entered in the registry as manufactured BY NUMERIC stamped N.A.C.and completed. it took GEORGE several years to sell them off and I believe he still had a couple in 1969 for sale at $500 retail. again I may have not got it exactly right but its VERY close. at the time in the industry it was a kind of joke told after hours how the WINCHESTER people even payed the freight when they sold the 30 or so gaylords of goods just because they needed the room and basically "gave" it all away much to GEORGES delight . years ago GEORGE gave a detailed interview about his troubles getting his THOMPSON SEMI'S approved and he mentioned all the negotiations with WINCHESTER and the BATF. maybe someone out there didn't use as many aluminum containers as me and can add a "bit" more?
  20. I received 4 examples of this in the EARLL collection and NONE had the anchor marked wood , but did have nickle S marked internals. condition of this one IS exceptional . good luck with the SALE. if it moves, PLEASE let me know. THANX MIKE TODD
  21. What If?

    WHAT HAPPENED THUMPY, DID YA LOOSE YER MIMI ? MR 86 SAID IT ALL, NO ONE KNOWS. HOW ANY CHANGE WOULD EFFECT YOU IS STRICTLY IN YOUR HANDS . and it wont come down to MONEY, if it gets that bad. the toughest thing to fight would be a grandfather clause forbidding any FUTURE transfers 9keep it and die with it) . which is what I see for both NFA and the EVIL semi's in the long run. effectiveness and results of any reactionary legislation is going to be placed on the INDIVIDUAL reactions at first, with the final results dependent on how many FREEDOM LOVING PEOPLE SURVIVE.
  22. Shipping M2HB Parts Lot

    AARON IS CORRECT . too my knowledge WASHINGTON state, had the only long time ban and it BANS ANY part that will work in a machine gun only. even though there is a semi auto M-2 it requires some of the parts to be altered . since all the idiotic happenings perhaps other states have enacted like rules.
  23. Is the subguns boards down

    TOAD, speaking STRICTLY as a previous "outsider" (not of my choice) volume in ALL forums of this board, went down MAINLY because the possibility of finding new offerings dropped equally because the supply was exhausted or restricted out of existence WORLD WIDE. in the furious peak period one had to visit hourly and huge lots went FAST. most people would hit the F/S posts then scoot to the other forums to keep up to date and MAYBE attempt a post. OTHER reasons did equal damage to participation and numbers fell. I spent 5 years and NEVER managed to avoid the dreaded ZAP I knew was coming for one reason or the other. MANY OTHER long time MAJOR PLAYERS in this industry suffered the same fate and to this day will never come back and of course we will never see quantities or variations again. since DAVID made the changes, I have seen things grow and many new players have become regular visitors. b-4 FRANK , sub guns was a fantastic place in all aspects but never came close to STURM and his motives will always DOOM any place he control's . I believe this to be the BEST SITE OF ITS TYPE ON THE NET and it can only get better from here IF we manage to survive when the smoke clears post Nov 2020. AS a group we should all see to it that every post gets some type of answer when asked a question and have no fear posting our opinion in a thread. the remarks and YOUR thoughts on RL are the only reason I posted in this thread, they are not even close and I will bet you have not followed his political contributions or you would not have made the incorrect assumption/ remarks you did. HE , LIKE ME, AND MANY others, SIMPLY dislike FRANK, his methods and manners and as you can see is not afraid to let it be known. MIKE

    to all you that asked me to call, my surgery has still not improved enough to allow me to be understood when I speak. YES I still want/ need parts for the M-3 and at least one A1 bolt. that includes magazines . please direct e-mail count/ condition and asking price for now. cheers mike

    I need to gather a full run of "replaceable" grease gun parts to support a M-3 and want multiple pieces of most. even would take at least one later M-3A1 bolt. NO NEED of parts that require any welding or receiver pieces but would consider any complete kit to get the parts if need be. mags and pouches are needed also so let me know price and condition. no pictures needed from "known" active board participants . scammers need not apply because we will check you out b-4 any funds leave so lets not waste the time. lots of choice goodies around to tempt you into letting go of those special parts so lets talk and make something happen. plenty of funds ready and waiting ! NOW IF I CAN JUST FIND THAT MP-38, I think all the gun holes will be filled. hell it only took 60 years. WELL worth the effort. as always CHEERS ! MIKE