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  1. Value of Furr Arms Gatling Gun

    YEP ALL OVER THE PLACE all variations of the repo gatlings. I suffered a major hit on a TOP QUALITY full sized 45/70 example of your gun at the last auction for some reason. with 4 spare drums. in 2018 they bid well over $40k. in 2019 nothing made $20k. it always takes 2 serious players to move and one guy can score well if alone. I bought VAL FORGETS ORIGINAL and the repo just had no place anymore.
  2. Uzi advice for buyer please!!

    WAFFEN , one need not be wary if you only consider the better side and (god help us it begins again) as I said from the get go the best choice is a IMI ACTION ARMS REGISTERED RECIEVER ! plenty out here and many still selling at less than the "other" options are listed at.
  3. Universal & Plainfield M2 Carbines

    FOX, I don't deal with ANY of the big volume sellers BUT obviously many do. we just don't speak the same LINGO or feel the same about these things. SHOOTERS are where you find them. watch the offer's and LEARN whats a deal when you find it. JJX is absolutely right about the REISING . its one of my favs and another I wont do without. parts can be a little tough and mags are expensive, but the shooting experience is very close. I like the 45's downrange impact. if considering a REISING the cost is low enough, you can still be PICKY and get a NICE ONE. it might be best to avoid a worn out /refinished example unless the cost makes sense. 45 reloads are EASY/ CHEAP. the CARBINE will be much easier to have spares / get mags but ammo will be apprx 30% higher . maybe WATCH THEM BOTH AND GRAB THE FIRST DEAL TO SURFACE? don't get in too much of a rush.
  4. Value of Furr Arms Gatling Gun

    BILL you don't show the feed for this, but from the looks it takes the rotary drum with several vertical stacks parallel with the bore. IE; model 1874 one of these JUST SOLD AT MORPHY's and the TOTAL with premium was $8400.00 spare drums are at least $400 in value so add if more than one. cheers MIKE TODD
  5. LESS THAN $300 U.S. plus ship fantastic design, needs to be steel at the legs for me and extra cost well worth the extra life. I am TIRED of all this ALUM JUNK. when the anodizing is gone its straight downhill from there!
  6. GREAT GUN AND A GREAT FIND! when seeking THOMPSON VARIATIONS, its NOT ALWAYS the MONEY. ALMOST ALL OF THESE WERE CONVERTED TO THE M1A1 and hand stamped A1. this was my hardest to pin down of them ALL. and ORIGINAL FINISH ON TOP OF IT ALL. (sigh)
  7. Reising m50 plug

    THUMPY, your receiver plug has "stops" or its perimeter is "knurled" for a plunger or detent. with no recoil spring present turn the plug in and out and you should feel "CLICS" as it engages the detent. if not either the spring is worn or dirty OR the detent has rounded too much over the years. clean it all up/ maybe stretch the spring that should help. if not, attempt to "SHARPEN" the detent with a stone. you can test your efect by turning the plug with out the spring until you feel results. IF ALL ELSE FAILS, THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS YOU WERE SO POLITE ANSWEREING MY POSTS AND I WILL DIG YOU OUT A SET! MIKE
  8. fun to know USELESS dribble

  9. according to my "ex" one of my major faults is I read TOO MUCH USELESS MATERIAL! she might be right but once in a while I stumble on little tidbit that supports something worth while. most of us have heard of plants growing at faster rates when classical music is played and a few even respond to rock. WELL LEAVE IT TO THE SWISS ! a group of SWISS scientists decided to expose wheels of CHEESE to various genres of music. according to the study they got mixed results in odder and taste. the most interesting part for me was ALL the cheese exposed to HIP HOP was judged INEDIBLE and rank! HUMMM, is that what's wrong in DETROIT AND CHICAGO? works for me
  10. e mail sent ! mike
  11. GUNNER, considering what levels THOMPSONS brought at this falls R.I. and MORPHY's auctions, I CANT BELIEVE this gun is still available! its gotta be an exposure thing ? one of the best looking example's I have seen in many years. At R.I. a like new 28A1 was at $28k when I left to look at another lot and I believe the final hammer was close to $32. it WAS like new and never messed with, but this one has the same "curb appeal". wish I had a hole it could go in.
  12. Thompson Vs AK for next buy thoughts on each?

    ALEX, a 28 by a huge margin would be my first choice. when considering what's out there, I detest ANYTHING that has been defaced by removing or adding any markings OTHER THAN PROFESSIONALLY APPLIED AGENCY MARKS. IE; U.S. or A1 etc. OR BLASTED WITH BOULDER'S to refinish. no matter the "STORY" or "EXCUSE" I would prefer a reweld to any of that, simply because you will be confronted by BAD CURB APPEAL each time you get it out, and that will bring you most of the joy of guardianship. ALL THOMPSONS are now C+R's no matter who or when it was made and there is NOTHING wrong with the WEST HURLEY GUNS with MILITARY PARTS and a great deal is possible in todays market. AVOID ALL NEW DRUMS LIKE THE PLAGUE, the springs WILL break when you wind them often the first time, and few MFG'rs will repair them. the WW II drums are just fine with "Bridgeport" at the top in quality. they will have a "U" stamped in the drip plate dead center bottom. its even possible to have an extra set of parts for the higher rate of fire . when shopping for military parts, CHECK ALL SOURCES ! there are MAJOR price variations. as you wanted the "cons" also, there are few of those in the THOMPSON choices. original M-1 's are RARE and have always been expensive, it lacks the same features as the more often seen M1A1 when compared to the 28's the MAIN diff? NO DRUMS and the stock is fixed. side cock instead of the top and bolts cost more, getting harder to find alone. that's about it. should you want to know anything more, feel free to contact me any time ! mike
  13. Vickers 303 Pricing advice..

    THANK YOU FOR CLEARING THAT UP ! his orig post made SEMI so obvious that when I looked at the 15/18k poss value, my forehead had so much pressure I came close to passing out. I know this adaptation well and it involves some very small parts for the reset that must be perfectly clean to function. several were sold not completed at various trade events over the years for as little as $3k as described but that was long ago. they show up on GB and usual asking start is $6.5k /$7.5k . the last one I KNOW sold was at $5k in 2015 which was a good deal. that buyer contacted me for parts. a dummy with mount is $3- $3.5k and at least these can get some use so certainly worth more
  14. Now that Virginia is Dark Blue...

    DOC as always, it all boils down to how they word the law when its passed. most likely it will only effect semi auto versions and wont effect any MG's registered in another category. if the ban includes magazine capacity, IT WILL EFFECT THE MG.s unless someone manages to get them to add a specific exception (good luck with that) I have a close friend in CONNECTICUT with several FULL ONLY MG's and SEMI ASSAULT rifles registered at the state level. when they passed the last variation of their ASWB, it included ALL magazines AND feeding DEVICES over 10 rounds must be registered with the state. NO EXEPTION was added for registered weapons of ANY class. he filed registration for more than 1000 examples. that law is several years old and they never specified HOW they were to be marked and ID'd. he has written SEVERAL letters to ALL agency's including enforcement and NOBODY KNOW's or seems to care? he hired an attorney and asked about filing a law suit and was refused. he asked the NRA for possible relief and they claimed "too many much more important issue's in front" the ONLY thing he has managed to get in WRITING is "no belt or drum may be possessed or transported loaded with more than 10 rounds, EXCEPT at a recognized shooting facility" so he now owns 1000+ unmarked, not identified, registered feeding devices he cant "preload" at home to go shooting. EVERYTHING must be down to 10 rounds when he leaves the range. SO MY FRIEND, THINGS COULD AND MOST LIKELY WILL TAKE A TURN FOR THE WORST. and sadly its only the beginning. I doubt if there is even a safe place to run, but some states might resist it for a while, then you only need to worry about NOV 2020 when they take control.
  15. Thompson Vs AK for next buy thoughts on each?

    ALEX, both are good choices and will be fun, I got started WAY back when with the THOMPSON because of the history attached. shooting them is ok but they give me 10 times more satisfaction just handling them and thinking. I often take them apart "just because" its all part of the deal. for me, NOTHING on the planet comes close to pulling back the bolt on a COLT THOMPSON and that feel. one of my savage 28's is close after I cratexed and ARMALLOYED all the parts so it need not be ONLY a COLT. I also own several AK's and they certainly have their place in history. I believe its the highest production weapon ever by a huge margin. I have owned a "KRINK" but it didn't last long. its a fantastic hip level hose, but not comfortable at the shoulder at all. my favorite is a wood stock with the folding bayo due to shooting comfort and when I close my eye's and think AK that's what I see. I feel the first example of a weapon in my collection should adhere to its roots and maintain the LOOK and purpose it is best known for. If more than one then the sky's the limit. I have both the wood and folding stock in .30cal milled and a stamped wood stocked AK-74 all NFA. that folding metal stock is not one you will enjoy using much. in any case I suggest you avoid anything in .223. there are too many early conversions out there that are over gassed and broken bolts were common. they have corrected that with all the new stuff and many older conversions have been updated. if you can confirm that with confidence then it would be just fine. HISTORICALLY IMPORTANT, IN THE FUTURE I believe the most commonly known firearms overall will be in order; THE AK ,THE THOMPSON, THE UZI, THE M-16 in that order, because of distribution and use / movie's and publications. even today most people of all classes asked would name them most likely in that order. that cant hurt your investment either. when shopping, don't forget the major auction houses ! most have at least 3 major "premier" auctions a year and at least 2 minor sales. there has been plenty of AK's at most . the premier auctions are in the spring / fall one co in DEC. the other sales split up the year. the lots are posted on the internet with plenty of time to choose and email questions. the major players are MORPHY's, ROCK ISLAND and POULINS all with positives and negatives that you can work with BUT YOU MUST DO YOUR HOMEWORK ! and some fantastic deals ARE possible . in any case enjoy! mike
  16. AR-15 Lower not a receiver?

    I JUST NOTICED THE THREAD JUMPED TO AR-10's concerning serial placement. I was very active at FAIRCHILD when they were doing the AR-10's and had the pleasure of meeting MR STONER o few times. numbering uppers at FAIRCHILD was common and when you think about things before any rulings LOGICAL. how can you have a firearm without a barrel? or a place for the bolt? those thoughts carried well into the ARMALITE 18 days and uppers were serialized. the first time I noticed a lower numbered was after 180 semi's started shipping. since then I have not been able to get anything in writing concerning 18 uppers without submitting a sample.
  17. Next Machine gun, buyers advice please!

    ALEX it sounds like you need to decide if its another sub gun , assault rifle or mounted gun . you made some wise choices at the start and with the limited places to shoot the sub guns offer the most use. when cornered on this subject by someone new I usually suggest ONE of each category then let the collection take its natural path. most start with a subgun and many stay there and just add variations. I cant recall a better time to buy a VICKERS or BROWNING WATER COOLED than today. prices are so close together it just makes sense to me. you already have my first choice with the UZI , BUT I find the MAC .45 with a can much more FUN and will never be without one. NOT 9mm ! NO WAY WOULD I SUGGEST YOU GET CAUGHT UP IN THAT MAG PROBLEM I also agree with Schmeisser Guy about the Italians and a pistol cal shoulder fired MG is a joy . which brings up another of my favorites the REISING MOD-50. tough to beat for the price and service. so if you don't mind adding .45. I would consider it. I use .45 in my sub guns if possible, it started with the THOMPSON and after I bought all 3 MACS with cans, .45 was the winner hands down I like the down range effect of the heavier bullet and try to convert everything to use it when possible. nothing wrong with the WEST HURLEY 28's with GI parts and many examples just sold for less than $15k a real surprise to me and you wont see those levels much longer.
  18. some usefull FFL info for EVERYONE!

    BRMC, as always, I found your comments a welcome addition and we almost always agree in concept. I am an ignorant uneducated dinosaur with few language skills and even worse typing ability. my goal in this case was to show an option few might have been aware of, certainly not attempt to explain ALL the functions of ALL the various FFL's available. I wanted to provide information concerning the movement of C+R NFA items in possession my failure to mention NEW C+R purchases and possession was due to it being so obvious I thought it a waste of time. I don't know if BOBS interpretation concerning modern arms OR transactions between other than C+R FFL holders is correct or not. AGAIN I wanted to point out the benefits of a C+R ONLY. other FFL's and possible limitations were included only to support those benefits. several of the OLD SCHOOL guys from my past had them in addition to the various FFL's and I often wondered why. I had assumed the next step up, allowed everything those below offered plus other activity, but was told C+R's were an exception and completely different books were kept etc.
  19. an out of state LONG TIME MG shooter requested the exact date of our 2020 spring shoot and when I asked why was surprised to find out he did not know the limitations OR benefits the various FEDERAL FIREARMS LICENSE'S ALLOW! so I thought I would clear some of them up for others that may not know. I am not a full fledged expert in any case BUT this information is 100% correct and has been documented to me by ATF agents over the years my main goal is to show why ANY LEVEL of FFL holder SHOULD ALSO have a C+R. first NO dealer can deliver out of his state a firearm to another dealer in his home state UNLESS it was ordered and invoiced prior to leaving his state to make the delivery. so a transaction cant be initiated by the out of state dealer UNLESS ITS TO A CURRENT C+R HOLDER from ANY state IN any state and the item meets the requirements. a C+R HOLDER need not file ANY form 5 or seek prior approval to move to another state any C+R MACHINE GUN. of course a C+R holder can be in ANY state and buy from ANYONE , ANY C+R on impulse and take instant possession. so in many cases I have seen in the past no matter what level FFL one holds, having an additional C+R FFL can be helpful "just in case" the ATF will not advise or prosecute on any STATE laws or city codes so its the C+R holders responsibility to comply with them if any. if you like the old stuff, don't be afraid to get one.
  20. PRESTON, there should be plenty folks out there that can take care of the problem. I feel welding is not the best method, I have heard both good and bad. CONSIDER another option for repair few attempt but makes more sense to me and will fix it forever. have them drill the holes out larger and create a step to take a steel insert that puts the hole back to spec. make the insert slightly oversize so it's almost a press fit in the step, then secure it all with the KNS ANTI ROTATE KIT. in my case we had longer pins made for it to allow for extra material in the inserts, but it can be done thinner and normal pins used. we also made a set of extra bushings for the future. I also used Loctite GREEN sleeve retainer . no refinish was needed either. just my 3 cents worth good luck either way mike todd
  21. DENNIS, I PRAY YOUR RIGHT and hope that not ALL the right minded folks left in this country didn't support TRUMP the first time so we can call out the reserves. IT WILL TAKE MORE THIS TIME FOR SURE. gotta thank BOB for shaking the bushes and firing folks up. you now how hard it is to keep all of us on the right awake. so much fire in the blood always exhausted . unlike the DEMS that only know how to talk jibberish and let others do all the real work.
  22. some usefull FFL info for EVERYONE!

    BRMC, the way BOB LANDIES (FFL-SOT) explained it to me, if he is attending an event out of his state, and has a C+R on display. ONLY a C+R HOLDER can purchase and take instant possession of it no other lic holder may. should any other license holder want to purchase it OR act as a receiving FFL holder for an unlicensed buyer the item must remain in the sellers possession until he returns to his home state then he can MAIL it to the receiving dealer again because all out of state deliveries he makes must be invoiced B-4 he leaves his state. FOR YEARS I have seen exactly the opposite openly occur at shows. FFL holder cruising the isles, finds something c+r or not, flashes a copy of FFL , settles and picks it up and walks off? OR an in state individual drags his in state dealer to the item who takes it and the individual completes 4473 and leaves. many have told me TECHNICALLY not LAWFULL but if not observed, undetectable in the "BOOKS" modern or C+R. add a C+R lic and no violation ? again no expert nor do I wish to be just passing on info as it was explained too me by a trusted long time dealer.
  23. WAY back in the early 60's when the NORSE sold off all their MG-34's I bought several new in the package GOVT produced nato conversion kits. they came with a complete slide, feed block and barrel. recently I decided to break one out and give it a try . the first 2 belts were USGI WIN-69 ball and went through fine. next was LAKE CITY 76 ball and it fails EXACTLY THE SAME EVERYTIME ? the empty is backwards in the throat with the new round on top. this happens after 1 to 5 rounds but every time. I tried another belt of the win ball and the same thing. my first thought was the gun was over powered so I tried a larger orfice to slow it down. it just extracted the rnd halfway and stopped. ANYBODY OUT THERE HAVE ANY IDEA'S ? any other's using nato in one have other problems or better luck? wen all the good brass cased German WWII stuff was gone, I quit shooting the 34 and thought this might get her back on the line. cheers mike
  24. Universal & Plainfield M2 Carbines

    MONTANA'S response was RIGHT ON TRACK a little more detail is in order. when they first came about, round bolts were called M-2 BOLTS. because of all the scare when GCA 68 became law in 1970 many vendors refused to sell them without providing NFA forms t time of purchase. almost all of the rebuilds for and after KOREA got round bolts even as M-1's. the MAIN reason the flat bolts break is as forged when flat is the profile of the bolt lug is wrong. when rounded it allows more metal where the lug turn is. least that's the scuttlebutt that flew when the field conversions started breaking in EUROPE. however I DID break a flat bolt in a semi only gun also but only one. as I mentioned previously its very difficult and as an individual impossible to know if you have created the proper pressure curve with the load. if wrong when the gun starts to unlock , it can . break the bolt / chip the receiver behind the bolt lug / damage the op-rod. is slight the damage is progressive, and maybe the gun seems sluggish due to case grip to the point it wont open. if misjudged many increase the load to the point its so heavy, things break. for a while PATS reloading had actual carbine pull down powder and bullets, making reloads simple. all gone now so its best to stick to commercial. Midwest has a reg'td receiver @ $7800. and a WIN-HOST w a kit @ $10k and they have sat while. recent auction house reg'td receiver military hammering at $6k/$6.7k +prem no kits offered this year.
  25. Any one have a original m10 surpressor?

    THUMPY, check your pers messages. I sent it tonight. cheers mike