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  1. MG's as an investment

    OK GUYS, THE GLOVES ARE OFF AND THIS JUST GOT A "X " RATING! no other words will fit in this story. Back in 1983 I bought 3 Maremont M-60's. in most cases, I bought more than one because when its broken or blown up, another may not be available and most of my life I shot more than 5k rounds a week and used "battle field" pick up and ammo stored wrong to get the best price so the guns suffered a bit. anyhow back to the M-60's, when they came in, I loaded 6 20mm 1500rnd cans of lake city in my truck and went to the closest place I could shoot. that desert area drew shooters, ATV and motor cross riders in droves. I went to a box draw area unloaded and started emptying links. half way through the first can, I got up , looked around and there were maybe 15 or so bikes and a couple trucks behind me, just watching. I have always been out going and never missed a chance to promote the sport and a couple guys started asking about the gun. pretty soon it was maybe 10 guys talking around my tarp and someone asked how much the gun cost. I mentioned "these " are special and cost a bit more , but a typical belt fed gun package was "about 4 thousand" at that he looked at the 800 or so fired cases and asked ammo cost. I said it varies by quantity at the time but about 30 cents a round. he responded DAMN YOU MUST BE RICH! I said NO I JUST FOCUS ON THIS. his response was "THAT COULD BE HARD WHAT DO YOU MEAN" ? and I came back real fast, NO ITS EASY, JUST GIVE UP WOMEN , DRUGS AND ALCOHOL . he looked at me real hard and said "FU*K THAT " ! my point in sharing that story is we all do things out side of the have to things and have a certain amount of flexable funds. in my case it has always been only gun related. no outrageous dinner out. fast foods, alcohol etc. my early knowledge allowed me to do repairs for cash and that in turn gave me inside access to haunt the pawn shops and gun stores for those hidden treasures someone else wanted and a few sheckles came that way, but it ALL WENT TO MORE GUNS! I used to have long chats with the "lads" in Canada that had MG's and while they all were angry about the new laws that made their MG'S worthless, the fact that they could not get anything new or complete the collection upset them more. MYSELF? at 16 yrs old, I made a pact with society. I promised to obey CRIMINAL LAWS and be a positive contributing member. remember almost all traffic laws are civil violations, so I left that out. I do drive FAST. in turn I expected society to leave me be and allow me to pursue my interests. I have done so but "THEY" have not and "THEY" keep changing the rules! well change all you want, and GOD help anyone that attempts to force me to do things different than I have since then. you wont see me in line to "turn things in" they will have to come and get it. I DO KNOW HOW TO FIX THIS WHOLE PROBLEM! when a politician takes office in this country, they must swear to uphold the CONSTITUTION ! THE FIRST TIME THEY TALK ABOUT CHANGING IT OR THE 2ND AMENDMENT, ARREST THEM AND IMPEACH THEM FOR VIOLATING THAT OATH! I promise you it will only take ONE, then its ALL OVER and you can rest easy.
  2. Thompson Machine Gun Magazines

    TED, I have a funny thing about what fits / looks right etc. in my WW II top charge THOMPSONS most of the time I use the 30 rnd and that's what is in them on display in the vault . the 20's look right to me in the 28's and the COLT's. I only use 20's in my M-16's and others. its kind of looking at those tractor pull rigs they all look funny to me with that square tubing in the roll bars etc. it just looks pitiful . BILL if your still here, magazine design can make a BIG diff in loading ease. the THOMPSON mags are "DOUBLE COLUM " DOUBLE FEED and that type should also load easy . example? your model 6, UZI, MP-5. where it gets tough is when you go DOUBLE COLUM /SINGLE FEED . the transition causes major friction at the change. again SINGLE COLUM /SINGLE FEED like the sten are usually easy until they get close to full and the extra stiff spring is letting you know you have reached the end. after you reply I was surprised you asked about mags. owners of the model 6 are forced to learn quickly. MODEL 6 mags can be loaded backwards and there is no indication which is proper.on top of that. they have ALWAYS been TOUGH to find! another major reason the design failed. it would have remained one of my favorites had the mag issue been better.
  3. MG's as an investment

    I DONT AGREE WITH MUCH OF THE ABOVE but that's the way its posed to be in this country ! all you guys are thinking since 1986 and as a matter of fact the overall values of MG's increased more than you will believe from 1965 until 1980 . the category index increased more than 2000% ! colt Thompson in 65- $250 / 80-7/10,000 ! 1917A1 =65-$300 /1980-$8000. PICKS WORLD CURRENCY DID A STUDY ON THE MACHINE GUN MARKET IN 1979 AND THE YEARLY AVERAGE INCREASE IN VALUE WAS GREATER THAN 145% . actually I never cared its what I did and I paid whatever I had to in order to get it. never thought about how much I could get for it if I got tired of it. to me getting rid of a machine gun , is just like sitting on a toilet after a meal. I don't want to waste the time and effort, but its going to happen so allow the "movement" to proceed. thank GOD other things worked out well for me and I never had to think much about the money AND I SURE AS HELL DIDNT CARE WHAT SOME WALKING TRASH RECEPATACLE THOUGHT! lt was kinda nice giving them something worth while to bitch about for a change. a good point in fact is the modern perception in this world that created $20,000. MG-34's and a piece of aluminum with a spring auto sear at $30,000. WHAT GIVES YOU THE MOST JOY TO LOOK AT?
  4. KIWI's got hit BAD !

    "THEY DIDNT MAKE DIDDLY " so take a moment and think about yourself ! it all got shoved down their throat just like US now. ITS THE GOVERNING AGENCY and NOT the PEOPLE trying to survive! back in the 90's I got heavy into shipping hotrods and boats over there by the container and met quite a few local machine gunners that had the common interest. all were great guys and I ALMOST made the MOVE over there when we got hit with the assault weapon ban. al the snags moving my collection saved me and I came to my senses. ACTUALLY , THERE WAS NO WAY I WOULD EVER ABANDON A CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT , but at the time they had the most ideal system for this stuff I have seen or heard about. to possess a MACHINE GUN or ASSAULT RIFLE , you got a collectors license and kept your OWN BOOKS ! if you wanted to buy, trade up /down with another collector, both just made the entry in the book and deal DONE ! every 6 months you took your book into the local PD and had them sign off all the entries. ammunition like all luxury items had a 100% import duty. hotrods and boats are considered a luxury, but I quickly learned the officals were typical parliamentary or socialist employees and don't know or care about being correct as long as the proper forms are altered. most the guys I met would have fit in with us any where anytime but AT THAT TIME WHERE JUST WHERE WE ARE NOW , so take heed and GET READY!
  5. Thompson Machine Gun Magazines

    TO ANSWER YOU R QUESTION ,any original Thompson mag will work in your gun EXCEPT those adapted to work in the semi auto guns. 20 and 30 round all work. personally I prefer the 20 round mags. they are easier to load and handle, look right to me and don't hang down too far. I believe all the 28 guns were meant to use the 20 round mags , because the 30 round did not appear until the M-1 went into service. when looking at mags to buy check the hole in the rear, it must be elongated to work in the semi's. and just for your knowledge, all stick mags were blued when made. you will see a lot of parked mags because when packaged they wrapped them in that paper and it would "capture" the moisture in the air when packaged. when we first introduced the "SPITFIRE" for weeks at a time all day I opened hundreds of factory packed cases of what looks like perfect new magazines then when the paper is removed a solid coat of rust is revealed. in fact I unwrapped some and the rust had gone completely through the housing making some nice holes so just keep that in mind. oh how I wish I could still buy them by the case for a quarter. ENJOY YOUR NEW GUN ! it was a wise choice! cheers mike
  6. I guess by now most of you know that the NEW ZELANDER'S got raped bad by the IDIOTS IN POWER with the new regulations. I heard about it and just let it go over my head cuz nothing can be done , but after I went to the police webb site I GOT PISSED! its bad enough and we have heard all the excuses and reasoning , but taking the guns away is NOT ALL THEY WERE AFTER! like our IDIOT'S they used the expression, "in the interest of public safety" but look at the regs and I CANT SEE WHAT OR WHY IT IS WHAT IT IS ! THEY DID NOT JUST MAKE THE GUNS ILLEGAL TO OWN , THE NEW REGS SAY THEY CANT MOVE OUT OF COUNTRY AND TAKE THEM WITH ! THEY CANT SELL THE GUNS OR ANY OF THE PARTS OUT OF COUNTRY ! EVERYTHING AND I MEAN IT ALL MUST BE DESTROYED! owners must accept what ever price the govt offers with no option for appeal! now think about THAT! the shield of PUBLIC SAFETY is completely removed by making it illegal to export parts or complete guns. THEY ARE PUNISHING THEM FOR OWNING THEM. I'M NOT SURE HOW I WOULD REACT, BUT I KNOW IT WOULDNT WORK IN THIS HOUSE AND IT BURNS MY ASS!
  7. WANTED: HK PSG1 trigger pack...

    sent pm mike
  8. Help ID'ing FN30 Parts

    JOE, YOU ALMOST GOT IT ! the only part you didn't show is the part that tells the extractor what to do all will have machine work on one side and some on both sides , that is the ONLY thing to separate them. the FN-30 is a TOUGH gun to ID because that really ID'S all the browning .30's that FN made to them it was a "type" I never found a bolt/ extension combo that would not run in ANY of them just remember if the parts are there for right and left feed at the trunnion then the bolt should have the switch only the later lite weight guns would dual feed so if a sideplate is present that is "slab" sided it would not feed left and right.
  9. Next mg

    when choosing a gun to shoot , forget ammo cost and focus on the 2nd MOST IMPORTANT thing, FEEDING IT RELIABLY! if all the mags out there are JUNK you are not going to be happy! I believe the RIESING 50 , to be one of the BEST BUYS in the field. its always been one of my favorites, they all work and while not cheep the MAGS ARE GOOD. most guys gripe about the capacity but 20 rounds flawless is 100 times better than 32 sometimes. I put the POWDER SPRINGS and RPB- MAC-10 in .45 right beside it in rank and again because THE MAGS ARE GOOD AND EASY TO GET. lots of folks have the M-11/9 but 90% of the mags out there are TOTAL JUNK. I hear of a few metal converted mags out there but they wont share that info with ME . in 9mm the BERETTA 38 or 38/42 is a good but hard to find piece and prices are close to an UZI these days. MY FIRST CHOICE in a 9mm would be a REGISTERED RECEIVER converted IMI UZI. cost is more but parts are CHEAP and so are the MAGS. beware of the registered bolts and UNPROVEN GROUP GUNS ! getting a refund after the transfer IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. while there are many claim to be happy user's out there , I know of more examples that just wont run even after many EXPERTS have done the deed.
  10. Help ID'ing FN30 Parts

    JOE, are you concerned with operation or just being completely correct? many of the variations are just the way things were done when certain contracts were awarded, also FN was ALWAYS on the lookout for ways to cut costs. another problem is when building guns if they had a large supply of parts and could complete the order, they would use what they had. except for ISRAEL, most of the contracts were for small quantity orders. ITS hard to say without looking at the top, but I believe the right extension is for either the FN-38 or another aircraft gun that had "dual feed" SOME, but not all the FN-38's could be dual feed. I am certainly NO EXPERT, but had more than 75 kits at one time from ISRAEL , HOLLAND, and BELGIUM GOVT contracts. the only guns with any model markings were only model 38's not a single model 30 in my mess had that on it when I visited the plant the last time and managed to get "hands on" in the spec room I found all kinds of variations in the SAME MODEL .
  11. Analyzing ATF rulings can be a challenge and to be safe on my end, I believe ANY parts kit sold or traded must be destroyed at the standards in effect at the time it is offered. which means any saw cut firearm kit, must be torched and the full 1/4" + removed from "all" the pieces BEFORE it is even offered for sale. Many others take a different view and single saw cut MG's etc are openly traded. back in the 80's an individual selling single saw cut Thompson kits was convicted and the facts are well known in that case. Also I do know of a case involving a Russian cannon. it had been cut and approved several years prior to its sale. it was purchased, shipped along with a copy of the approval and when it arrived the buyer was charged with possession of an unregistered DD because it was not done to the level in effect when sold. he was prosecuted and found guilty. SO my contention is, any saw cut sterling would be a violation if traded. several good running Sterlings have been built using the so called 80% Sten tubes and you might be able to get one of those for your build. I have seen a few built with "overlapping" pieces , but they were all very noticeable with crude results. GOD help us but I am sure one of the "other's" will find this thread and opinions will flow unabated, needless to say you will need to reach your own conclusion. JUST BE CAREFULL ! cheers and enjoy MIKE
  12. IN THE EARLY 80's when it became apparent the "slugs" were not just shaking the bush and were a real threat, the various militia groups hit the head lines and I didn't see that as the answer. I have always tried to be a "realist" and aware of most threats then make a plan to counter those threats. SO I put myself in a "situation" and play war games in order to judge my reaction and performance. some how I could never get past that first "knock on the door" or that first "road block" on the highway to my well stocked retreat and imagine myself using a firearm to make the threat "go away". and after more than 30 years doing so, STILL CANT. giving things my best effort, all I see is thousands more individuals in the same boat. 2nd Civil War sounds right and certainly fits, but really may not be in the cards for that very reason. at best I see countless small conflicts all with the same results, PRIED FROM THIER COLD DEAD HANDS. only then can the "REAL CONFLICT" begin which might be doomed from the start, because of all the waste that occurred in the very beginning .while interesting, all I can hope for is that the MAN allows me to observe things as they unfold. TRUMP got what I believed at the time to be my wasted support and I am still in shock over that so I could have it all wrong and I prey every day that's the case. FACTS ARE, "they" do have the momentum and it looks like we wont even make honorable mention come 2020. THANX to DONALD "they" wont be coming in UN trucks, but "they" will be coming. I HOPE YOU GUYS CAN PROVE ME WRONG AND "TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS", if so come to TEXAS and find my "stash" it will help a bunch. ammo , ammo, ammo!
  13. YEP, GOA is a very good and effective organization and it looks like they are indeed here to stay. NEAL was so active and a key to that success I was very worried it was doomed with his passing. BUT thank GOD JEFF and others have managed to hold things together. all that said, I have NEVER heard one politician or slug mention them at all much less express any concern. still they do have room to grow and will continue to get financial support from me , but as far as I am concerned the NRA still gets the major part of my end. when and if the NRA falls, no matter why, get ready to lose anything you have above ground cuz it will be gone before the inks dry. so pray SOMEONE comes to their sense's and figures a way to keep YOU GUY'S happy while reacting to all the other stupidity getting all the press. fighting that along with any internal strife makes them even less effective and waste full. reading this thread reminds me of all the different partisan groups in Russia during WW II . THINK how much effort and how many people and assets they wasted fighting each other instead of the REAL ENEMY?
  14. Johnson, as usual you put a lot more thought in your reply than I did and I HOPE you got it right, but rising may be too late? one thing I HAVE learned once the damage is done it stays. been actively watching this crap since 59 and even went back to the PRE American rifleman days. same old threats but names changed. same fear tactics applied in the 30's and it didn't help us at all. for me, I will keep flushing money down their toilet I don't have anything else to use it for. no one will sell any good grease guns anyhow these days.
  15. Book: Handbook of Machinegun Accessories

    NICK<THANX FOR THE POST! these days there just isn't enough for us to be excited about, but I have been waiting for this a LONG TIME. maybe now I can start using the proper name for things I have. the INTERNET has been a little tough on us old geezer's. many folks study in depth now using the limitless info available. my problem is, I have the stuff, just don't know the "TRUE" or "OFFICAL" name and get called on it at times and this should help. HATS OFF TO YA, FOR SHARING! MIKE