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  1. Shipping M2HB Parts Lot

    AARON IS CORRECT . too my knowledge WASHINGTON state, had the only long time ban and it BANS ANY part that will work in a machine gun only. even though there is a semi auto M-2 it requires some of the parts to be altered . since all the idiotic happenings perhaps other states have enacted like rules.
  2. Is the subguns boards down

    TOAD, speaking STRICTLY as a previous "outsider" (not of my choice) volume in ALL forums of this board, went down MAINLY because the possibility of finding new offerings dropped equally because the supply was exhausted or restricted out of existence WORLD WIDE. in the furious peak period one had to visit hourly and huge lots went FAST. most people would hit the F/S posts then scoot to the other forums to keep up to date and MAYBE attempt a post. OTHER reasons did equal damage to participation and numbers fell. I spent 5 years and NEVER managed to avoid the dreaded ZAP I knew was coming for one reason or the other. MANY OTHER long time MAJOR PLAYERS in this industry suffered the same fate and to this day will never come back and of course we will never see quantities or variations again. since DAVID made the changes, I have seen things grow and many new players have become regular visitors. b-4 FRANK , sub guns was a fantastic place in all aspects but never came close to STURM and his motives will always DOOM any place he control's . I believe this to be the BEST SITE OF ITS TYPE ON THE NET and it can only get better from here IF we manage to survive when the smoke clears post Nov 2020. AS a group we should all see to it that every post gets some type of answer when asked a question and have no fear posting our opinion in a thread. the remarks and YOUR thoughts on RL are the only reason I posted in this thread, they are not even close and I will bet you have not followed his political contributions or you would not have made the incorrect assumption/ remarks you did. HE , LIKE ME, AND MANY others, SIMPLY dislike FRANK, his methods and manners and as you can see is not afraid to let it be known. MIKE

    to all you that asked me to call, my surgery has still not improved enough to allow me to be understood when I speak. YES I still want/ need parts for the M-3 and at least one A1 bolt. that includes magazines . please direct e-mail count/ condition and asking price for now. cheers mike

    I need to gather a full run of "replaceable" grease gun parts to support a M-3 and want multiple pieces of most. even would take at least one later M-3A1 bolt. NO NEED of parts that require any welding or receiver pieces but would consider any complete kit to get the parts if need be. mags and pouches are needed also so let me know price and condition. no pictures needed from "known" active board participants . scammers need not apply because we will check you out b-4 any funds leave so lets not waste the time. lots of choice goodies around to tempt you into letting go of those special parts so lets talk and make something happen. plenty of funds ready and waiting ! NOW IF I CAN JUST FIND THAT MP-38, I think all the gun holes will be filled. hell it only took 60 years. WELL worth the effort. as always CHEERS ! MIKE
  5. Suppressor for Swedish K

    INTEGRAL? custom project ! nothing too serious. I have never looked at a Wilson K tube gun and how they were built
  6. People Are Not Buying Guns

    I JUST RECIEVED DATA from the SOUTHWICK ASSOCIATES REPORT. and overall money spent in the shooting sports industry is up by more than 11% over the past year. YES ammunition and "some" firearms are down. but the increases in traditional and collector category's cancelled all the loss and was in part responsible for the 11% growth another portion came from folks improving what the already own with more acc and better optics etc. all this was in spite of all the DAMAGE the "BLUE BOOK OF VALUES" is still actively contributing. let's all close our eyes and imagine the "typical" 200 table gun show. every Winchester 94 no matter the physical proof is in excellent condition and priced EXACTLY THE SAME. every S+W 66 4" is excellent and priced the same, every 870 rem is priced the same etc. the only variation is priced $50 higher, because " I really don't care if I sell it or not" and the only reason you managed to get that response was he was completely bored out of his mind, just thought he might try and pick up a few extra bucks this month. WHY MUST WE APOLOGIZE FOR CALLING SOMEONE AND ASKING A QUESTION OR IS IT IN STOCK? tell me the last time you were treated like an actual customer at CABELLA'S or most ANY gun store by an employee working there longer than 3 weeks? it used to a fact in the trade the only time you were insulted was looking at a firearm in the pawn shop quarter and you went in ready for combat. now when the buzzer rings at the front door most of the time you will only get a dirty look and folks think they still have the right to complain about the LACK OF BUSINESS? YES, I KNOW, there ARE a FEW good ones out there, but they are an exception not the RULE. 1 lets all try to get a bit better and work on the nice,our only enemy's out there are ALL the politicians. NOT SOME, ALL
  7. WTB or WTT Transferable M60

    joe, just a note to let you know my last form 4 transfer to a dealer was approved in less than 60 days if that's the concern. not a fluke another in103 days so things are getting MUCH better for some reason?
  8. AOW sources for these anyone?

  9. Suppressor for Swedish K

    GREG, you can get a standard female end for your AWC and have a SUOMI barrel threaded for it to screw on. I cant remember exactly but think industry 9mm standard is 9/16 " that always gives me trouble but it is standard and the "guys" will know for sure. it could be 5/8" make sure you only buy a STEEL end for your can and push back hard if need be. most shops push the alloy to keep it an easy make. the alloy ends threads are just too easily damaged going off and on the gun. another PLUS FOR THAT AWC! don't cha just love it?
  10. 9mm Ammo Question

    wish I could help , but all of mine is also long gone. as a side note of interest, my entire 60+ year old hoard has been passed on to a younger man that has no collector interest in the ammo so I have tried to move it with little interest shown when a premium above "shooting" was asked. I am talking about several types that should have attracted offers but failed to do so UNLESS the rounds themselves had an EXOTIC PROJECTILE. MINT BOXES of PRE WAR POLISH and CZECH 8x57 MAUSER. mint boxes of WW I and WW II .303 British MINT one color boxes of USGI 30/06 (multi color had a little) mint boxes of early SPANISH AND GERMAN .308 made for the CETME and G-3 BRITISH, FN and IZZY 9mm luger. the NAZI era 9mm and 8x57, did get a little response but not enough to warrant anytime packing it to go. SO I DONT SEE MUCH HOPE, BUT GOOD LUCK! and cheers MIKE TODD
  11. WOW, so many issues I don't know where to start, but as usual wont be able to ignore it so HERE IT COMES ! first, being a computer illiterate , I cant figure out how to use the quote feature so you must endure my feeble attempts at quoting the exact problem in my own words. shipping= the USPS offices within 100 miles of me will not accept ANY firearms from a NON-DEALER. because I refuse to abide by all the demands, I refuse to use UPS on my end the seller having complete responsibility with origin packing can choose who he wants, but is obliged to see its packed to arrive intact in ALL cases. FOR ME, ITS ONLY FED-X. I have never understood the issue folks have with FED-X ? we have our own account and if a problem occurs they handle it as should be. I bought more than 400 guns for the collection since 2016 . ALL came via FED-X. YES some damage occurred , all due to packing and was PROMPTLY HANDLED with BOTH ends satisfied. also we bought several smaller lots of ammo under 3k rnds. when we pay shipping, we always request FED-X but get a quote from UPS. IN EVERY CASE , FED-X was less. from SIMPSON LIMITED and FLORIDA as much as HALF the COST LANDED! using FED-X I sold and shipped a MINT 100% matching MG-08 it was properly packed in 2 layers of DOUBLED CARDBOARD and fully insured. looked like it had been hit with a fork and half the end cap was broken off. when the smoke cleared in about 45 days, they paid the FULL amount AND gave us the complete gun back . another claim was for a ROCK ISLAND AUCTION packed FULL 4'x 4' x 6' wooden "gaylord" with well over $40k in high grade collector parts inside. it got broken open and only GOD knew what was missing. the battle was 4 sided. R. I.- the insurance company, FED-X and US. the first 2 wanted to pay only the "hammer cost". FED-X agreed they would accept "WHAT EVER the OTHER 3 parties agreed to. WE INSISTED because when the HAMMER FALLS WE OWN IT,ON ONLY ACTUAL VALUE. it took a hard hit with our attorney but using the LOT PICS , we won ACTUAL VALUE and received THE FULL INSURED AMOUNT, AND the remaining goods. SO NEEDLESS TO SAY, WE WILL ALWAYS INSIST ON FED-X OR PASS ON THE BUY if its a HIGH VALUE ITEM. next issue, ATF returning lost/stolen MG's. I have never seen them fail to return one too the owner of record. years ago we were "hit" by local gang members in DALLAS and lost 4 subguns. the guilty ass wipes were quickly caught and 3 were recovered. we got them back when the case was settled and were quite surprised a few years later to get back what was a choice C+R sten much worse for the wear. no official details were revealed , but an agent did relate it was found doing a compliance check at a small local NON SOT shop. it was logged in for a "repair". that brings use to the troubles TOM has opened up when he created this thread. USING ONLY THE INFO PROVIDED HERE AND WHAT I KNOW OF THE PARTIES INVOLVED= the pics PLAINLY SHOW , what I would not even qualify as GARBAGE was used to ship a $10k+ gun and can. packing inside UNKOWN but using the outside as an example would suspect little if ANY effort was applied to insure safe arrival. if it came to me in that, it WOULD BE THE LAST TIME I EVEN LOOKED AT A POST FROM HIM ! I have NEVER completed a transaction with the outfit in question, BUT have made SEVERAL attempts in the past. when an answer was finally received by someone that knew anything about my interest, the short snappy answers only told me to STAY AWAY. I cant believe all transactions are handled like this because NO WAY WOULD THEY SURVIVE ! and some people had to have a GOOD EXPERIANCE. HOWEVER FOR MY MONEY using ONLY what is in evidence of this post, NO MATTER WHAT WAS SAID THE PICTURES AND ANSWERS ONLY TELL THE TRUTH AS THEY STAND AND THEY CLEARLY SHOW TOM WAS A VICTIM OF NEGLECT AND FOUL PLAY. these events have made me SAD so NO CHEERS ARE IN ORDER MIKE
  12. WTS US M3 grease gun C&R $26000

    PM SENT!
  13. Gunsmithing question

    GUY'S , I MUST APOLIGIZE FOR MY PREVIOUS POST IN THIS THREAD ! I always strive to be COMPLETLY correct when expressing my opinion in both personal AND mechanical discussion. Consequently I sometimes go TOO deep attempting to describe a solution OR a problem. after more thought on the matter this was certainly one of my worst attempts. IN FACT, WHEN ADDING WEIGHT TO AN OPERATING SYSTEM OR SPRING RATE , ONE WILL NEVER CAUSE A SAFETY ISSUE IT WILL JUST CEASE TO OPERATE! looks like its happening again, so I will cease and desist here. good luck with the project MIKE
  14. Gunsmithing question

    CAREFULL THERE ! when playing with springs one can get themselves in real trouble if the wrong window is opened. its always easy to speed one up by making the bolt travel shorter or slow one down by adding weight but initial spring tension should stay VERY close to the original design. BOTH examples listed IE; PPSH AND PPS-43 fire slightly b-4 full bolt closure. any change in the design force can be catastrophic . the low pressure 9mm luger caused no problems but during the past flurry to convert open bolt sub guns to semi auto only closed bolt. EVERY EXAMPLE of PPSH I know of shot much has blown up damaging the extractor and many times the BOLT. some virtually exploded the FIRST ROUND pushing the front of the extractor thru the front of the receiver because the bolt and spring rate for the full auto, applied to the closed semi variation allowed the round to exceed proof pressure , ALL the "PRE IGNITION" was removed. in that case, adding to the bolt was no help so we added spring weight and got some relief rut too much and failure to feed kicked in. of the 8 guns I worked on 2 receivers and 4 bolts were severely damaged and more than 15 extractors broken looking for the "CURE" 3 ended up "so/so" at best. the PPS -43 was a bit better , I think the HAMMER added just the right amount of resistance and helped , but we still lost extractors and changed them all to 9mm in the end.
  15. People Are Not Buying Guns

    WHAT MAKES YOU THINK THEY ARE JUST USING NIC'S to track all the sales? while it certainly would be the most accurate , perhaps some survey stats or other means is also or at least a part of it. while actual volume might be down. prices for all the "collector grade" guns are on the rise and have by a steady margin at all the auction houses. the trend is one or two types will rise and maybe one will stay the same. but the category will change from type to type depending on how many are offered. the BREAD AND BUTTER guns like many AR variations , GLOCKS etc will often drop one sale , but rise back to normal the next for some reason with the yearly average staying pretty solid or slightly higher. the MAIN variable at these auctions effecting price is HOW MANY EQUAL EXAMPLES ARE OFFERED AT THE SALE TIME. too many lugers and the price will end up low. since 2013 I have been on the phone LIVE for EVERY LOT EVERY DAY at ALL the major auctions and the data holds true for them all. too many "mid level" higher grade WINCHESTER lever guns and the price will drop. at the last R.I. internet auction , post 80's COLT- 1911's hammered at $450 and COLT M-4's $700. my point is GUNS ARE SELLING when the price is right for the market and they ALWAYS WILL !
  16. BOI - old subguns

    HUHHM< YEP HAVE TO AGREE HE IS SHARP ! one might add the verbiage SMOOOOTH to get the full benefit and save the time and money?
  17. Jeffery Epstein...DEAD

    24 hr sustained suicide watch with a 15 minute activity log 4 times an hour? YOU BETCHA
  18. WTS: IMI UZI Model A with AWC MK 9 suppressor

    I thought this was GONE ? x50 said funds were on the way? did it collapse? I had someone hot to trot maybe it can still work? let me know mike
  19. Advice for first time Buyer please!

    GREAT ADVICE ON THE C+R ! it will come in handy if you choose an original gun for your first purchase or add one in the future. the last individual I know of got his approval in 103 days from mailing. almost all the REISINGS will qualify and unless you stumble on a bargain other models will exceed $11k. someone stole an original sten today for less than $7k ! the license will break the ice with the paperwork and is easy to maintain with little official obligation to worry about. UN LIKE ALL other Federal Firearms license, when/if you drop it you simply destroy all your records and you save a $200 transfer with all out of state C+R buys. don't let the recent transfer times scare you off much. recently I had a form 4 clear in 5 months ! it IS getting better . most importantly JOIN US! we need the strength and comradeship.
  20. WTB Blank Firing Adapter for 1910 Maxim

    ADAPT-? most anything metal can be altered but one must question the effort to do so making it worth while. none of those mentioned would be simple to adapt and other than the MG-13 blank adapter or the orig 1910 too expensive or hard to find. most of the early FINN kits imported had one in the kit so it will be the best thing to look for. SOMEWHERE, I have an original or 2, but they will be buried and not easy to locate. keep in touch with me via PM and I will see what I can find while sorting other parts. both examples are in the original soaking cans and may have SA markings. I have not touched them in more than 10 yrs.
  21. THUMPY , NOW you are using your head! one must use ALL the tools in the drawer to get the job done. just make sure that all the "proper" drawers are full when the time comes. that includes all those "handy" green waterproof metal cans cuz its going to take a lot of em b-4 this thing is done. thank the man that they forgot the 2nd amendment neglected to include support equipment and they have left it alone so far.
  22. Advice for first time Buyer please!

    I totally AGREE with all you STEN lovers out there, but for some reason forget to mention it when asked the first gun question. maybe because there are so many bad builds out there, who know's but when done right a good first gun. a MAIN issue with them is MAGAZINES a LOT OF JUNK out there, but usually a new spring gets most back in shape. over the years, I have found the mags with the chrome followers to be almost trouble free and an easy thing to spot. one of my best shooters was a sten spin off in 45 acp I set it up with a vert mag housing that took grease gun mags. WISH I HAD IT BACK!
  23. STILL NO LUCK FINDING ANYTHING but semi auto stuff. I have several IMI NOS SEMI BOLTS and maybe someone can "bubba" them up so at least there is a cheesy option? I WOULD BUY A FULL KIT IF NEED BE THANX MIKE
  24. GEMTEC, need to know

    I tried that first, but got NO CONFIRMATION / RESPONSE ETC. I don't like to wait on something when I don't know if the order has even been processed ! just decided to make it on our own.
  25. GEMTEC, need to know

    I own a GEMTECH MULTI MOUNT 9mm suppressor. it has female 5/8 threads in the removable endcap. I have sent several e-mails to them trying to get info and get NO replies at all. I would like to have an endcap with the barrel nut for an UZI and maybe another for the Hk- 3 lug. Are they still in operation? is it possible to get these from some other source? any and all information will be put to good use so PLEASE let me know what you can. CHEERS MIKE!