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  1. Tippman .22 Semi 1919A4 current pricing?

    while sorting other goods, I believe I DO have an extra pillow. however it came with a lot of stuff not stored properly and was very DRY and dirty looking. after the holiday smoke clears, I will dig it out and see what gives.
  2. Tippman .22 Semi 1919A4 current pricing?

    a few were in the last 2 major auction lots from MORPHY and rock island I believe all sold under $5k EXCEPT the first 3 produced. they DID bring a premium.remember the buyers prem is INCLUDED in the TOTAL COST of any post auction report in most cases.
  3. Value of a Sionics M14 suppressor?

    CHECK THE LAST MORPHYS AND ROCK ISLAND AUCTIONS. 2 huge early collections got broke up that had a lot of MITCHES EARLY CANS and at least one M-14 can was in there somewhere. a great deal was from the original MILITARY ARMA MENT COMPANY in POWDER SPRINGS ,GA. I was surprised how low most of the hammer prices were. of course all the cans are outdated / bulky but the HISTORY ? seemed to mean NOTHING. I usually keep DETAILED lists of ALL NFA openly traded, but in the middle of the sale found prices so low any records were useless in my database so I scrubbed it all.
  4. Semiautomatic build

    NOT QUITE SURE WHAT THE QUESTION IS? a semi auto build of what? to answer in a general term, if building a semi auto version of an existing operating system for a MACHINE GUN of some type or using any parts of the same. the MOST important thing to do is create the denial islands that will prevent the use of any parts capable of FULL AUTOMATIC OPERATION B-4 the parts can be installed. IE; if rewelding a CUT BREN RECEIVER the denial must be installed prior to any joining of the cut parts etc. EACH OPERATING SYSTEM HAS IT OWN TIMELINE.
  5. Somebody school me on the PS90

    HEY GUYS, I AGREE WITH MOST THE ABOVE, both the pistol and carbine are unique and the PS-90 odd enough looking and back in the day when I had to have one of everything would have been there. few hand guns can come close to that FN GEM. I bought one of the first pistols to land and 2000 rounds of the now banned ammo. when I learned what the ammo was selling for I let the entire package go. a little tidbit for the memory file if you would, the DAUGHTER of the OWNER of one of the best gunshops in AZ was sitting on the side of her bed. her boyfriend had a "accidental discharge" while attempting to unload her carry gun, which happened to be a FN-5 -7 they both were in shock for quite a while and even expressed how lucky they both were no one was hurt. ONLY when the blood reached the edge of her under wear did they discover she was struck dead center between those gorgeous orbs and still she felt nothing! when she found the source, she fainted. she was kept in the hospital close to 40 hours and released. she showed me the wound 2 days later and the bullet went perfectly straight and out her back making the same size exit hole it was found behind the head board of the bed laying on the carpet still perfectly shaped. I don't know the weight but a FMJ . they were amazed and said was a long time b-4 the hit registered or enough blood flowed to notice it. I am sure a head shot would have vaporized her skull completely, but one cant help but notice the complete lack of shock at that speed.
  6. FRANK , A GREAT BOOK that brought back a lot of old thoughts and helped a bunch with tidbits lost to time for me. it took a while for me to learn the format and find the info I needed but its all there for sure. I would like to find a copy of MILITARY ARMAMENTS price sheet/ catalog of the various weapons they offered along with GORDONS GEM. I recently bought a FN made UZI marked SIONICS and one of MITCHES first MAC CANS that I fired next to GORDON at the POWDER SPRINGS RANGE b-4 he was RAN OFF by those ass wipe CARPET BAGGERS from NEW YORK. if you have one or know of any leads it would be a good addition to the package. cheers mike
  7. Somebody school me on the PS90

    BOB, unless you want to have one "just because" not much use or sense. ATF ammo restrictions took all if any actually existed benefits the caliber in its original format offered. not half the gun a M-4 carbine is and all that spl bull shit with plastic parts to position the round? besides that you cant carry one unless your TEE has a pony with a rider on it and a rolex on your wrist. in LA and san diego county, its a class 4 felony to transport one unless in a MERCEDES OR LEXUS V/8 2 door coupe less than 2 years old
  8. challenger, GREAT POST! that matched can easily adds a quick $1k in value to a powder springs package and not far off a RPD. good job with that find. enjoy the glory
  9. Johnson lmg parts kit

    edd, the only way one could be sure is by direct comparison with another .but I would start by comparing the workmanship and manufacturing details with other parts of the gun. for instance all the sheet metal pieces would be joined with the same spot weld technic's and bent on the same tool. if I owned a 41 LMG without the BIPOD $4k would not be out of the question and even if a repo not much less. its a sad thing but many times the separate parts can be more than double the value than if all together. if I owned this kit, in order to get the MAX AMOUNT for all of it, I would buy a "sporter" use that receiver and magazine to build a "DAISY MAE" semi. that should bring $7500/8000 today the left over semi parts? wood, $200/300, barrel $200/300 all internal unused "sporter" parts $500. LMG bolt extension $300, the side mag housing $3500/4000, bolt $1000, all it takes to build the DAISY MAE is about 10 minutes with 2 diff files for the lower catch, put the semi bolt in the lower, and one drilled 1/8" or smaller tapped hole to restrict selector position. then a simple park finish. the most difficult part is buying a "sporter" for the receiver. you will want one that has NOT been drilled for a scope mount. the holes often are in the orig markings and that is very important to the value of the finished piece. its not impossible that one could reach $9500/$10k , my first figure is a figure easy to reach
  10. Spitfire 45 SMG

    wingman, wish I had something to offer you that was an easy answer but fixing a stubborn spitfire has always been a challenge even when parts were available. the word gives me nightmares . as a young man I spent many 24 hour days at the plant fighting those demons. every aspect of that gun was a major hurdle. they couldn't even keep up with magazines for them. peeling that paper off what you thought was a perfect NOS magazine only to find solid rust under it. and the paper STUCK! razor blades were no help we were paying .20-.25 cents per mag but 7 out of 10 had to go out for refinish. I used to pile my WW II jeep so high with them delivering orders to the post office you could not see the body. its been 40 45 yrs and I cant recall the shape of the extractor, but any "skilled" smith that can work with flat springs should be able to reverse engineer one. I would start with one that works on COLT SINGLE ACTIONS. you might try BOB NAESS at BLACK RIVER MILITARIA FIRST, he always has a back log but who knows. sorry to hear of your problem. the 41 Johnson post fired me up and then this one buried me again so I know how you feel.
  11. Johnson lmg parts kit

    GOLD MY DEAR FELLOW PURE GOLD. I may be a bit behind times but actually have a lot of history with the 41 LMG. back in the day ARMEX had almost all the dealer samples that cam in. I bought most of them and even bought the cleanup of incomplete and pieces when they ceased business. I bought JOHNSON "SPORTERS" and used those receivers to make semi auto versions. in the 80's I sold them for up to $10,500.00. in 20 minutes max you can build one using the rotary magazine and recreate MELVINS "DAISY MAE". the actual number is lost to history but he built less than 6 maybe only 2 of those. either build will generate more than the parts alone, but the magazine well alone is well worth $3k maybe $4. if the stock is serviceable the last lower I know of that sold went for $1000. and the barrel if not worn or pitted another $1000. the complete bolt/carrier/ spring ass should be at least $1000. if the BIPOD IS PRESENT JUST SO/SO REPO'S WERE $2500.20 years ago. WOW you got my blood moving with this one THANK YOU! hope I helped ya cheers mike
  12. sorry , I forgot to address the can issue. the original cans were "SIONICS" and thats MR MITCH WERBELL who brought them to the MAC plate. MITCH OWNED the powder springs property. it was a "magic moment" for both him and GORDON when SIONICS and the MAC came together. when MILITARY ARMAMENT FAILED , RPB marked a few of the same design, but RPB didn't last very long. MR DANIELS while an accomplished gunsmith and designer was ALSO a businessman and actually sold more than all else added together. I have a fetish about the MACS and feel that's the ONLY can that truly belongs. all else looks like a man with tits to me. it just wont work
  13. not as much of a "SENIOR" moment as you thought. I believe there are indeed COBRAY MARKED MAC-10's out there. several large lots of the guns were sold maybe 4-5 times as a group and MR DANIELS may have bought and sold one lot TWICE ? his logo was removed when wholesaled out and added when he bought. If I remember it correct one lot had it added when he bought them, removed when he sold them, another person bought them, then MR DANIELS bought them back and reapplied the "cobray" and most if not all finally got sold piece meal. it got so confusing , only ATF would know the true story about ownership and how they were marked
  14. Last recession

    AH HAH! the magic phrase HAVING TO SELL raises its ugly head. the whole strength of that statement rests on how long you were willing to hold out. and the entire episode had zero effect on the true national trend. recently I sold a gun for $38k that I had turned down several $50k offers for not that long ago. WHY ? I decided the ROOM and that amount at the time worked for me,. and during that exact time 2 examples of the same gun in much worse condition sold for $7k more offered to a larger customer base than I had. those sales NOT MINE followed the real trend. I use the CAN BUY option to track actual value. with cash in hand how much do you actually have to spend to go out and get one in given time frame. better yet, could you actually buy even ONE? again the "key" or "prime" examples or types are often not available at ANY PRICE , and that has always been an issue. I know of one gent seeking just a "decent" COLT 21-A and he has been for several months. NOT A SINGLE EXAMPLE CAN BE FOUND AT ANY PRICE ! yes there is one that barely makes "shooter grade". its been on the market for half a year and unless the price drops 25% its going to stay.
  15. TONIGHT WHILE BROWSING, I ACCIDENTALY WENT INTO THE DOT GOV SITE. I HAD HEARD A NEW FORM 4 WAS COMING AND THOUGHT I WOULD TAKE A LOOK. I ABOUT BLEW MY TOP WHEN I NOTICED THE NEW SPOT FOR SOC SEC #. this always burns my butt to no end because one of the MAIN objections to the social security act was (Bavarian accent) you will show papers please ! AT THE TIME THE BILL WAS PUT FORWARD THE AMERICAN PUBLIC WAS ASSURED THAT IT WOULD BE UNLAWFUL FOR ANYONE TO USE IT FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSE? NOW ICANT EVEN GET A HUNTING LICENSE WITHOUT PROVING MY SSN? anyhow reading the instructions it states you may refuse, BUT refusal may delay the nics check. NOW FOR THE BEST PART ! ! ! SECTION 4 PART B STATES "if the transferee has been approved for a transfer in the past 24 months and no changes have occurred that would change the documentation of the individual, include form number, serial number and date. WAY BACK WHEN YOU COULD STILL GET SOMBODY DIRECT BY PHONE (sigh) WE USED TO PUT A COPY OF OUR LAST TRANSFER WITH THE NEW APPS AND IT ALWAYS CUT THE TIME IN HALF. BY THESE 2 CHANGESITS OBVIOUS,"SOMEONE" WANTS TO FIX IT. HOORAH, I MIGHT SEE THAT 240 B-4 IM GONE AFTER ALL ! WHOMS SO EVER CAME UP WITH THAT ONE? GOD BLESS YA! maybe this is why that guy got his forms back in 7 weeks? I'm gonna be up for day's thinking about this one? cheers mike

    THUMPY , the PHOENIX PD refused to do finger prints unless ALL the blanks were filled in on the cards so being an idiot that wanted to bust sum caps, I did as they asked. that practice just kind of followed me around and I continued to do so no matter where I went. hell we cant buy a hunting OR fishing license here in TEXAS with out adding our SSN. the liberals in DALLAS AND HOUSTON managed to pass a law under the premise of tracking DEADBEAT DADS owing child support that requires your SSN on ALL official state docs . ANOTHER FINE LEGACY OF THE ROOSEVELT ADMINISTRATION! that's when the virus got its foothold and LIBERALS became a reality.
  17. ex DOLPH GOLDSMITH CHILEAN BREDA 30. 7X57 C+R MATCHING EXCEPT BRL,AND FERMATURE. fermature was welded to rec . repaired by PAT TOMLINSON lots of finish no pits or damage way above average condition, no oiler on this model - $8k a couple South American contract 1910 HOTCHKISS in 7x57 no issues C+R not rewatts no bipods $7.5k ea all on form 4's in TEXAS
  18. the instructions on the form fails to allow or make's no reference to an exception applied to "type" , I indeed followed it and complied as instructed. and the sky failed to fall so maybe its "VOLUNTARY ?
  19. Last recession

    THUMPY, just because I CHOSE to sell a 100% matching UNFIRED MG-34 well under market to gather quick funds, did not stop others sold at the same time from breaking records for examples in various conditions. BUT WORTHLESS PUBLICATIONS LIKE MGPG would have jumped all over the drop . they only use data they can access easily and often ignore many sources. READ THE DISCLOSURE IN THE PUBLICATION AND DECIDE FOR YOURSELF ITS ACTUAL VALUE. they have no way of accessing private offerings and many examples have a long waiting list of anxious buyers, in fact other than common arms few ever see the open market. not knowing what a "prime example" is say's it all. most famous well recognized collectors would have no problem with the term. MGPG and the BLUE BOOK OF GUN VALUES ? no shortage of bad info, missed info, misused data in either one, but I will admit the BLUE BOOK has managed to capitalize on laziness or LACK OF WILL and make a ton of money for the publisher. VALUES all depend on how we treat and use that commodity called "money", it only has so much power of exchange. one day the "GAIN" in the market must end and when it happens, the "money" power will remain relative. I don't see $60k auto sears, but I do see $100k M-60's and the like. since the mid 60's I have maintained a "want list" for several museums, and collectors, many that choose to keep those "wants" unknown to the general public and anything added to those collections will always be unknown. YES there are downward dips in the market, the same as record highs but seldom will they carry a full quarter term . when the DICK WRAY inventory was dumped on the market starting in 2013, MOST of the new "sideplate" MG's fell as much as 40%. IE; VICKERS, MAXIMS, BROWNINGS. there has been a slow recovery and many have reached old levels and are getting harder to find. this DEC 6 Rock island sale a PHX arms M-37 brng with extras hammered at $10k but many NFA examples hit new highs in whats commonly known as a DEAD MARKET PLACE. a perfect example was a DOCUMENTED WWII ITHACA M-37 TRENCH GUN with the release papers hammered at an unbelievable $32,500.00 obviously we all use different things to determine value and have our own buying trends that will have a different effect on the market . I WILL CONTINUE TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THOSE TRENDS, much to the joy of the folks I assist with their collections

    so let me get this straight, "you NEVER PUT YOUR SSN number on a transfer " every finger print card submitted with the forms I have used in the past required the SSN ? least all the cards I have ever used required it. I don't recall a place on the previous versions of the form 4 to add the SSN but find it to be a WELCOME ALTERNATIVE to many months of waiting for the nics check. I know I am giving up a lot of privacy doing so. in the past there was no way they could possibly retrieve it by some other means, they just didn't have enough personal information to put it together and the form 4 was no help for sure. I always use a good trick that helps even more, I use a rental until my forms clear, than I move where I like and don't bother informing them in writing where I moved . but I gave all that up just to take a chance and maybe live to see all these new transfers approved b-4 I'm gone. only time will tell
  21. BOB, I will "second that" chain link adder, but always double up on the panel. I made a simple drop in gate to cover ALL openings when needed like taking a trip or trying to relax with a cup and a smoke. on another note I did the entire perimeter of my property with a 3ft deep 2ft wide trench. on each side of the trench I planted those dreaded oleanders that can reach 15ft+ high every 4 ft and added 5 strands of barbed wire thru the middle. the plants will grow from cuttings . I left all that behind when I came to TEXAS now the only barrier I have is distance. when my son sold that az property there is NO WAY he relayed all the FUGAUZIES and traps to the new buyer, I 'm the only one that knew them all. GOD help him if he wants to remove all those ole plants and such, they were 6+ ft when I left and they have a root system from hell
  22. BOB, INSTRUCTIONS on 5320-4 plainly STATE, in the section following your signature "important information for currently registered firearms" you should notify the agency of any permanent address change in writing. and I would suggest you take heed and the time. the don't mention any timeline either way.
  23. Last recession

    THUMPY, PRIME FIREARMS OF ALL TYPES HAVE NEVER BEEN VICTIM OF THE RECESSION BLUE'S that's true in most cat's of collectables like "KEY" COINS, gold. silver, land ETC. yes the low end things certainly drop but many primes have GAINED during them. the SMART MONEY STILL PLAYS and anything under market is snatched so fast, its like it was never there. we find ourselves in a VERY UNUSUAL MARKET TODAY, because so many MAJOR COLLECTIONS have been broken up recently SOME key pieces have dropped. that's simply because all the "what if" or mad money has been spent already. nothing like this has happened b-4 in my 50+ years of playing in this market. it would have been even worse but the powers controlling the COURE'S collection used their heads and only put pieces rather than the entire lot in the market. records are still being broken to date.

    THUMPY, YES don't submit any of the older forms. you can see the new one at AFT.GOV . if you down load it, make sure you can print a 2 sided form. it might be best to request forms by mail. that "NIC'S" is the killer, that 7 WEEK APPROVAL WAS NO PIPE DREAM! and I know you have recent approvals.
  25. BOB, did you know that the ATF has denied officially the term 80%, or any other % can be applied to ANY component they regulate many times? believe me I DO! IT EITHER IS OR ISNT A FIREARM ! if its NOT , they have NO INTEREST , if it IS, you best have crossed your "t's" and dotted your "i's". when you think about it, that's the ONLY thing that makes sense. they HAVE addressed most designs, by "operational standards" IE; what is a VICKERS SIDEPLATE, what constitutes a BROWNING 17/19 sideplate etc. too many guys looked at what other's were producing unchallenged and "assumed" all was well, only to get pounded when something brought them to agency attention. one well known producer of semi auto RPD's actually copied another MFG'RS approval letter without submitting an example, and ALL are at risk. ANYONE producing ANYTHING that resembles a firearm is well advised to submit a sample and get a ruling. my first brng sideplates failed to pass the "non firearm" test and several others exactly like them were openly traded as 80% plates. my 2nd design DID pass and I was issued a letter that it was NOT a firearm. at the time there was no shortage of "OPINIONS" describing what made them 80% or not and few matched agency opinion. people fail to realize that they can ONLY answer a DIRECT question exactly as its asked and YES OR NO. they don't have a "BUT, IF" or a "change this to" category. YES they have changed opinions in the past, but in EVERY EXAMPLE KNOWN TO ME, it was after something missed in the initial exam was pointed out. IE; 10-22 "bump fire stocks" .