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  1. TONIGHT WHILE BROWSING, I ACCIDENTALY WENT INTO THE DOT GOV SITE. I HAD HEARD A NEW FORM 4 WAS COMING AND THOUGHT I WOULD TAKE A LOOK. I ABOUT BLEW MY TOP WHEN I NOTICED THE NEW SPOT FOR SOC SEC #. this always burns my butt to no end because one of the MAIN objections to the social security act was (Bavarian accent) you will show papers please ! AT THE TIME THE BILL WAS PUT FORWARD THE AMERICAN PUBLIC WAS ASSURED THAT IT WOULD BE UNLAWFUL FOR ANYONE TO USE IT FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSE? NOW ICANT EVEN GET A HUNTING LICENSE WITHOUT PROVING MY SSN? anyhow reading the instructions it states you may refuse, BUT refusal may delay the nics check. NOW FOR THE BEST PART ! ! ! SECTION 4 PART B STATES "if the transferee has been approved for a transfer in the past 24 months and no changes have occurred that would change the documentation of the individual, include form number, serial number and date. WAY BACK WHEN YOU COULD STILL GET SOMBODY DIRECT BY PHONE (sigh) WE USED TO PUT A COPY OF OUR LAST TRANSFER WITH THE NEW APPS AND IT ALWAYS CUT THE TIME IN HALF. BY THESE 2 CHANGESITS OBVIOUS,"SOMEONE" WANTS TO FIX IT. HOORAH, I MIGHT SEE THAT 240 B-4 IM GONE AFTER ALL ! WHOMS SO EVER CAME UP WITH THAT ONE? GOD BLESS YA! maybe this is why that guy got his forms back in 7 weeks? I'm gonna be up for day's thinking about this one? cheers mike

    THUMPY , the PHOENIX PD refused to do finger prints unless ALL the blanks were filled in on the cards so being an idiot that wanted to bust sum caps, I did as they asked. that practice just kind of followed me around and I continued to do so no matter where I went. hell we cant buy a hunting OR fishing license here in TEXAS with out adding our SSN. the liberals in DALLAS AND HOUSTON managed to pass a law under the premise of tracking DEADBEAT DADS owing child support that requires your SSN on ALL official state docs . ANOTHER FINE LEGACY OF THE ROOSEVELT ADMINISTRATION! that's when the virus got its foothold and LIBERALS became a reality.
  3. ex DOLPH GOLDSMITH CHILEAN BREDA 30. 7X57 C+R MATCHING EXCEPT BRL,AND FERMATURE. fermature was welded to rec . repaired by PAT TOMLINSON lots of finish no pits or damage way above average condition, no oiler on this model - $8k a couple South American contract 1910 HOTCHKISS in 7x57 no issues C+R not rewatts no bipods $7.5k ea all on form 4's in TEXAS
  4. the instructions on the form fails to allow or make's no reference to an exception applied to "type" , I indeed followed it and complied as instructed. and the sky failed to fall so maybe its "VOLUNTARY ?
  5. Last recession

    THUMPY, just because I CHOSE to sell a 100% matching UNFIRED MG-34 well under market to gather quick funds, did not stop others sold at the same time from breaking records for examples in various conditions. BUT WORTHLESS PUBLICATIONS LIKE MGPG would have jumped all over the drop . they only use data they can access easily and often ignore many sources. READ THE DISCLOSURE IN THE PUBLICATION AND DECIDE FOR YOURSELF ITS ACTUAL VALUE. they have no way of accessing private offerings and many examples have a long waiting list of anxious buyers, in fact other than common arms few ever see the open market. not knowing what a "prime example" is say's it all. most famous well recognized collectors would have no problem with the term. MGPG and the BLUE BOOK OF GUN VALUES ? no shortage of bad info, missed info, misused data in either one, but I will admit the BLUE BOOK has managed to capitalize on laziness or LACK OF WILL and make a ton of money for the publisher. VALUES all depend on how we treat and use that commodity called "money", it only has so much power of exchange. one day the "GAIN" in the market must end and when it happens, the "money" power will remain relative. I don't see $60k auto sears, but I do see $100k M-60's and the like. since the mid 60's I have maintained a "want list" for several museums, and collectors, many that choose to keep those "wants" unknown to the general public and anything added to those collections will always be unknown. YES there are downward dips in the market, the same as record highs but seldom will they carry a full quarter term . when the DICK WRAY inventory was dumped on the market starting in 2013, MOST of the new "sideplate" MG's fell as much as 40%. IE; VICKERS, MAXIMS, BROWNINGS. there has been a slow recovery and many have reached old levels and are getting harder to find. this DEC 6 Rock island sale a PHX arms M-37 brng with extras hammered at $10k but many NFA examples hit new highs in whats commonly known as a DEAD MARKET PLACE. a perfect example was a DOCUMENTED WWII ITHACA M-37 TRENCH GUN with the release papers hammered at an unbelievable $32,500.00 obviously we all use different things to determine value and have our own buying trends that will have a different effect on the market . I WILL CONTINUE TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THOSE TRENDS, much to the joy of the folks I assist with their collections

    so let me get this straight, "you NEVER PUT YOUR SSN number on a transfer " every finger print card submitted with the forms I have used in the past required the SSN ? least all the cards I have ever used required it. I don't recall a place on the previous versions of the form 4 to add the SSN but find it to be a WELCOME ALTERNATIVE to many months of waiting for the nics check. I know I am giving up a lot of privacy doing so. in the past there was no way they could possibly retrieve it by some other means, they just didn't have enough personal information to put it together and the form 4 was no help for sure. I always use a good trick that helps even more, I use a rental until my forms clear, than I move where I like and don't bother informing them in writing where I moved . but I gave all that up just to take a chance and maybe live to see all these new transfers approved b-4 I'm gone. only time will tell
  7. BOB, I will "second that" chain link adder, but always double up on the panel. I made a simple drop in gate to cover ALL openings when needed like taking a trip or trying to relax with a cup and a smoke. on another note I did the entire perimeter of my property with a 3ft deep 2ft wide trench. on each side of the trench I planted those dreaded oleanders that can reach 15ft+ high every 4 ft and added 5 strands of barbed wire thru the middle. the plants will grow from cuttings . I left all that behind when I came to TEXAS now the only barrier I have is distance. when my son sold that az property there is NO WAY he relayed all the FUGAUZIES and traps to the new buyer, I 'm the only one that knew them all. GOD help him if he wants to remove all those ole plants and such, they were 6+ ft when I left and they have a root system from hell
  8. BOB, INSTRUCTIONS on 5320-4 plainly STATE, in the section following your signature "important information for currently registered firearms" you should notify the agency of any permanent address change in writing. and I would suggest you take heed and the time. the don't mention any timeline either way.
  9. Last recession

    THUMPY, PRIME FIREARMS OF ALL TYPES HAVE NEVER BEEN VICTIM OF THE RECESSION BLUE'S that's true in most cat's of collectables like "KEY" COINS, gold. silver, land ETC. yes the low end things certainly drop but many primes have GAINED during them. the SMART MONEY STILL PLAYS and anything under market is snatched so fast, its like it was never there. we find ourselves in a VERY UNUSUAL MARKET TODAY, because so many MAJOR COLLECTIONS have been broken up recently SOME key pieces have dropped. that's simply because all the "what if" or mad money has been spent already. nothing like this has happened b-4 in my 50+ years of playing in this market. it would have been even worse but the powers controlling the COURE'S collection used their heads and only put pieces rather than the entire lot in the market. records are still being broken to date.

    THUMPY, YES don't submit any of the older forms. you can see the new one at AFT.GOV . if you down load it, make sure you can print a 2 sided form. it might be best to request forms by mail. that "NIC'S" is the killer, that 7 WEEK APPROVAL WAS NO PIPE DREAM! and I know you have recent approvals.
  11. BOB, did you know that the ATF has denied officially the term 80%, or any other % can be applied to ANY component they regulate many times? believe me I DO! IT EITHER IS OR ISNT A FIREARM ! if its NOT , they have NO INTEREST , if it IS, you best have crossed your "t's" and dotted your "i's". when you think about it, that's the ONLY thing that makes sense. they HAVE addressed most designs, by "operational standards" IE; what is a VICKERS SIDEPLATE, what constitutes a BROWNING 17/19 sideplate etc. too many guys looked at what other's were producing unchallenged and "assumed" all was well, only to get pounded when something brought them to agency attention. one well known producer of semi auto RPD's actually copied another MFG'RS approval letter without submitting an example, and ALL are at risk. ANYONE producing ANYTHING that resembles a firearm is well advised to submit a sample and get a ruling. my first brng sideplates failed to pass the "non firearm" test and several others exactly like them were openly traded as 80% plates. my 2nd design DID pass and I was issued a letter that it was NOT a firearm. at the time there was no shortage of "OPINIONS" describing what made them 80% or not and few matched agency opinion. people fail to realize that they can ONLY answer a DIRECT question exactly as its asked and YES OR NO. they don't have a "BUT, IF" or a "change this to" category. YES they have changed opinions in the past, but in EVERY EXAMPLE KNOWN TO ME, it was after something missed in the initial exam was pointed out. IE; 10-22 "bump fire stocks" .
  12. OSPREY suppressor pistons

    ANYONE KNOW WHO MIGHT HAVE A DECENT SUPPLY OF PISTONS FOR THE .45 CAL OSPREY? I need a 16mm right hand now and would like to get a few extra's so I can move it around. thanx! mike
  13. Rarity of Orlite AR 30 Round Mag?

    LANE, yep its sad and one must choose the best place to play . I tried to be active on this site from day one. I did manage to BUY quite a bit and gained a few contacts by doing so. ALMOST every post I attempted under the old "regime" did not meet the dreamed up standards set and many others suffered the same fate and they just gave up. that along with the lack of new imports for sale caused the volume of trade here to fall so low, the site almost collapsed. when DAVID made the changes it allowed things to open back up and activity HAS increased with INFORMATION being the hottest commodity. the small fee required to be able to post pics if you want to sell, is nothing compared to the power gained if we can all join together and pool our thoughts and goals.
  14. Anybody got a Daewoo K2?

    I WOULD LIKE TO THINK THAT < BUT they are based here now and certainly know the situation. I had waited a long time and paid a premium to get the danged thing. it did all it was praised for and one of the best handling .556 arms to date for me. but when I got inside and found all those plastic parts in the case shuttle I got cold feet real fast. my request was for simple parts and nothing to do with fire control. after all that, I had to take a hit but it was gone in a week. if I was thinking of a K-2 or any other hybrid, the spares would be in hand THEN the actual gun.
  15. Rarity of Orlite AR 30 Round Mag?

    LANE, pics on this site are strange indeed. I am a complete illiterate when it comes to computers all I do is surf the net so I was pretty happy until the new changes allowed me to join in here at STURM. I did pics no problem on the other sites but here it was a complete failure. I live in a very remote part of SOUTH WEST of SAN ANTONIO so on site help was a tad expensive when I managed to talk someone into coming . first it was the GEEKS in the bug from BEST buy. close to a grand later they gave up. a few other individuals came out and struck out . this went on for close to 2 years, when the smoke cleared I had 2 new camera's a couple $k in worthless receipts and no idea where to turn . I cant explain why, but one day in boredom I decided to see what that paper clip at bottom left did, so I clic'd it and 4 of my picture appeared on the screen? what the hell? the results are still at the bottom test area and its been ZERO PROBLEM SINCE. the part that burns me is all them so called experts couldn't figure it out. when you run into a problem and ready to give up, DAVID ALBERT can usually get you fixed up so next time let him know what's happening B-4 you give up
  16. Rarity of Orlite AR 30 Round Mag?

    the IZZY'S did a lot with ORLITE but I don't think it went well in the desert heat . they tossed them all pretty quick. SARCO ended up with beaucoup gaylords full of them and tried to get some excitement going with them various ways with no luck. and as I recall they had no markings on them either. were you r pics opened in your pc? or where were they? mike

    I seriously doubt the 4473 is going anywhere . ON the webb page, they explained it in typical ATF fashion. by stating refusing the SSN will force the full nics check AND individual clearance increasing the processing time. it is well known this is the major excuse used to explain those LONG WAITS for approval. " its not us, its the FBI" at my age I wouldn't object to 10 pages if it helps clearance in any way. my 240 just got approval to my dealer today so these new forms are right on time and all of it together proves to me the man upstairs WAS LISTENING as I prayed I lasted long enough to get to shoot it so you agnostics can bite me it worked! my dealer said while some earlier submitted forms are still struggling those filed since June, are clearing in 90 days or less if done properly and everything is as stated. hoorah
  18. M16 registered reciever mag issue

    CHRIS, THATS DOING IT! use them cells they need exercise just like the rest of the bod. you approached the problem exactly as I would have. when uncle has parts and receivers made, the drawings allow only enough variation that either extreme will still function. to be kind civilian mfgr's can get lazy and you end up where your at. the CMMG kithas enough users out there im sure you can get over that hurdle even easier. my old mac kit still works so I have not tried any of the new stuff. I did borrow one of each type of new magazine (black dog, cmmg etc) and tried them with the mac and an airforce bolt. I had mixed results with 5-6 mags and 2 uppers so had to write it all down.
  19. Anybody got a Daewoo K2?

    to me it felt like shooting a AR-18 it had much the same recoil impulse and action noise. I feel its more robust than the 18 /180 but I will say even since day one virtually NO parts unless some agency has one cut up or the like. it had its place when I had to have an example of everything . if you like to shoot what you have why risk owning something tough to service? I wont own anything I cant get parts for even if still in production. the FN-FS-2000is very unique user friendly and an excellent weapon overall. when I contacted FN, they refused to sell me ANY PARTS! the answer was if something breaks return the gun and we will fix it free. sounds good, but when all the mail is delivered in light grey UN marked trucks, do you really want to be without your weapon? when hard pressed after the normal refusal most company's wont continue the discussion without you providing a model and serial no. as soon as I get a new model , I start calling if they wont sell the basics, IE; springs, sears, firepins etc. the gun is gone I don't care how special. with all the gun grabbers why have another monkey on your back?
  20. Curio and relic classification

    JUNKY, since you don't know if it is or has been proven to be a C+R, you could do as I have in the past. FIRST CHECK THE EXISTING FORM AT LINE 4 SECTION A and make sure the manufacturer is logical to the arm and no additional "modern Mfgr's info "has been added .if SO complete form 4 out using your license and along with the lic / print cards and certification of citizenship. if something in the records disqualify it as a C+R you will find out fast, usually within 2 weeks of receipt at Martinsburg, VA. after it is forwarded from Oregon. if IN QUESTION they will return your forms with contact info from the examiner. sometimes they RED STAMP your form and if so, you will need to complete a new set. your spot is secured and you can return forms with an explanation why you feel it should qualify along with DETAILED pics /close up of markings, oal with a tape, brl lgth with a tape etc. so far I am 2 out of 3 attempts. I could have won the 3rd but chose not to ship the gun for exam. one of my successful attempts I included everything with the first application and it went through fine
  21. THANK GOD FOR CLEAR HEADED HARD ASSES LIKE BROTHER BOB! 3 CHEERS FOR HIM! only problem is I come to STURM to hide out from all the TRASH from BOTH sides and he just gets me pissed off SO NOW I NEED TO VENT! most will be useless dribble that benefits MY head only, and I LIKE THAT so if you don't, tough ca/ca GO AWAY! I have always enjoyed reading and as a result gained skills that helped me enough to jump grades twice during grade school. I ended up firmly attached to a professor with a phd in history that worked with me more than a decade. she told my parents that I was a "genius destined to become a successful author". little did she know that I actually preferred the smell of cordite much more than reading! and the BREN got more attention than my IBM electric. as I grew older I developed a taste for authors that focused on details like CAPOTE or KING and would often read the same book several times and in my mind become one of the main characters . THAT ability also developed with movies and my MAIN purpose with this thread. WHEN I GET REALLY PISSED AT THE GOVT, I simply watch DOWNFALL one more time. instead of the NAZI'S suffering its ANY GOVT I CHOOSE and TODAY it was A LIBERAL GOVT from the future GOING DOWN! DAMN IT WAS GOOOOD ! I mellowed out and could think straight again , just for a while. then all the reflection started about why and when things started to change? WELL OF COURSE I HAVE AN OPINION ABOUT THAT ALSO! first and foremost I don't believe man was designed to be "governed" by ANYBODY. we are animals and like all animals like to be free to "scamper" feed, mate and roam without constraintamong others OF OUR KIND if that's not you, your DNA is mucked up and its been bred out of you. FOLKS in the know say you cant tame a 100% wolf to be domestic, take a ZEBRA FOAL at birth and you still wont ride it. how did this DNA GET MUCKED? on the BATTLE FIELD! just in the 20th century how many millions fell while the lame bastards remained at home. 5000+ fell in the first hour on OMAHA , GOLD and JUNO JUNE 6 , 1944 confirmed by pics from the first air recon. KOREA and NAM the ratio was even worse , by then the deferments were WELL known to the garbage spewing sperm unabated on the lawns of the university's and in the back ally's of our larger cities. politically the failure of AMERICAN SOCIETY began when the GOVT forced us to "allow" ethnic groups to flourish separate by traditions or language rather than AMERICANS with common values. HELL YES there were abuses, certainly little willy knew better than to seek your daughter but drive cars and people die. ITS THE COST OF DOING BUSINESS. MOST of our cities were safe yes HARLEM was NOT, NEW ORLEANS WAS NOT wonder why? ITS THE ANIMALS THAT LIVE THERE! you did not see groups prowling "out of zone" seeking victims ! ALL NORMAL ! YES even after 54 years of affirmative action the prisons seem racially unfair to some, but WATCH LIVE PD FOR A MONTH and even JESSE JACKSON will be speechless. YES I do find MORGAN FREEMAN entertaining, BUT despite all HOLLYWOOD can muster, he is NOT my GOD! and don't believe he has good feelings for you or me. DEEP DOWN the HATE is still there. ever wonder why the motor vehicle department smells so bad? THATS HATRED. keep it coming R.L. you give good post!
  22. Aftermarket stock for Ruer AC-556?

    THUMPY, good post! a little tidbit not commonly known, RUGER did not make the folding stocks. one of the few things I know that they had subcontractors do, but I am sure many of the non wood stocks for all rifles came from others. FEDERAL ORDNANCE in CA built ALL the folders for them. it was an exclusive contract FEDERAL could not sell until the GB was discontinued. after that for a short time they sold the exact stock . during all production they DID sell a 10/22 folder using all the same parts. want one of those? GOD HEP YA, last one I KNOW sold for $800 at SAR west 2009. I bought a 10/22 on GB with one installed and it bid to $510. or so b-4 it closed.
  23. TNW 50 semi quality

    I have Never owned a BELT FED SEMI .50. BUT I have help others that had issues . ALL the TNW examples were M-2's and first class in every case it was AMMO not the gun. my first test on any arm is a small lot of the best ammo to be had. if that works the go down . when the M-2 stuff disappeared and builders started using M-3 and foreign parts, a lot of bad builds surfaced and I quit working on them EVERY TNW 1919 , m-37 was also first class by the way. I found ALL the "bad" stuff MARKED TNW, was actually built on side plates they sold. when a gun came up a quick call and record check told the story.

    I have owned several of both and other than the look and ease of filling there is NO advantage. it boils down to personal choice. what look do you prefer? what era fits your collection ? when I started selling all the smooth jacket guns went first, I KEPT 2, both C+R's and TRACTOR FILL. one was built on a captured MG-08 receiver by the RUSSIANS and the other is dated 1943. it is NICE not needing a funnel to fill the gun and I really like FLUTTED JACKETS.
  25. BOB, AS USUAL YOU GOT IT RIGHT! (sigh) DEAD AIR IS DA CATS MEOW! when I placed that AK can in my mitts, I couldn't speak or walk . had to just sit and swoon. WHERE THE HELL DO THOSE GUYS COME FROM? can people are a dime a dozen in general for me if its not GEMTEK, AWC or YHM, I don't even look