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  1. UZI checklist items?

    BEEN THERE DONE THAT AND KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YER THINKING! if you positively want it to run first time out the box and forever from then on, get a registered receiver model A or B.from ACTION ARMS most have had the denial removed but if not for spares you can groove your own spare MG BOLTS with a 4" grinder, dress it with a file and pull the trigger. most but not all had the barrel denial ring removed. if not an original mg barrel will need a relief cut at the breech. if used pay close attention to the ejector rivets that they are original, look for any bulges or waves in the sides and be sure the top cover fits proper. the converted registered receiver ACTION ARMS model A+B would be top of the food chain as above and you can use the common original sub gun parts out there for now. I have seen SEVERAL GROUP INDUSTRY and VECTOR marked GROUP guns come out of the box and fail even after lots of tuning etc so if you go that way , be prepared. I know of 3 B+G registered bolts that refuse to run in ANYTHING so BEWARE BIG TIME. even if it works now, how long? I prefer the SWEED K to all 9mm sub guns when ORIGINAL but at $38k plus they are out of the picture. the UZI would be my 2nd choice . reasonable price, reliable, lots of parts and mags. my action arms .22 conversion kit has not been used in 10 years or so but it works well. mags are too short and 9mm reloads are cheep so why? ADD ON'S ? not for me as in most cases were meant to be sold NOT USED they just get in my way or cut you. the gun needs no optic's and again they are in my way. some of you out there may not agree and that's fine, many young lads have paid the price to keep it each his own and that WILL work for me. cheers mike
  2. 08 Maxim Erb owned by Dolf 16500.00

    YOU GUYS DONT WORRY ABOUT TOM ! he is a straight shooter. we all can a do make mistakes , but he WILL do it right. mike MG-08's don't come this nice these days for sure

    RIFLEJUNKY, if I was the guy that you tried to buy the VSM VICKERS gun from, sorry I changed my mind and decided to sell a different gun at the time. most of the contacts I had for it, tried to "lowball" me, so I put her away. I have SEVERAL VICKERS guns, would buy more. many items I offer for sale are done so I can do something new. when that fails, its time to "rethink" cheers mike
  4. I would think the extension has too much clearance? I have only done this once maybe 45 yrs ago and I machined a steel piece to hold them snug. you might reach out to "BUBBA " at Black river militaria . he will set you straight for sure. GOOD LUCK!

    the "GENTS" FULL REAL NAME IS STEPHAN MORGAN if anybody finds any posts on ANY board from him PLEASE let me know. I would like to have him "come out and play" a while cheer's and thanx for the thoughts ! mike
  6. Recommended dealer request

    the way I look at it, ANYTHING you retain has some value and I would have everything but the registered receiver or part in my hands. of course I don't go so far as taking parts out of dove tails etc, just do the basic take down .
  7. Recommended dealer request

    SID, as I mentioned, I have been at this a LONG TIME and if you can think it, its happened . if not too me , someone I know. personally I didn't suffer too much because I hooked up with CURT EARLL. he was a supurb business man but new very little about the operating or mechanics of his product. I worked on and maintained a major portion of his inventory so most of my transfers landed there. people the knew CURT will understand why I didn't send them all there and had to use others to avoid possible conflict between us. BOTTOM LINE? if I could not have the seller trip the receiver and mail me the parts direct, when it landed I would go to the shop and strip it and after it was logged in wrap the receiver in oil cloth and tape it up. A VERY IMPORTANT ISSUE if the business fails , like from a bank loan EVERYTHING ON THE BOOKS IS SIEZED .the only thing that will help you is a receipt from the receiving dealer that you own 100% of it. a paid receipt from the seller wont help without taking the bank to court! that may vary from state to state but that's a fact in AZ. I lost a Bren , PAK-37 and a DUTCH Vickers that way so pay heed.
  8. Recommended dealer request

    WOW, al I can say is GOOD LUCK WITH THAT! it took me 3 yrs of very hard active searching to find a dealer close to SAN ANTONIO to receive my transfers. I couldn't believe the problem coming from PHOENIX it just was not an issue. the first guy I used managed to use my NEW suppressor enough that I had to return it to the mfgr b-4 I felt comfortable to use it. many guns sat with the seller until I managed to hook up where I am at now and these guys are true gems but sadly no where close for you. most likely you will have to hit either HOUSTON or DALLIS to find someone that has a storefront and reputation. the facts are that just too many lic are issued to collectors wanting samples to shoot or rent and have no idea how to conduct themselves in this trade. one thing I learned long ago. when buying NFA I ALLWAYS have ALL the uncontrolled parts removed and shipped when paid in full. this works on it all but no help with suppressors. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR SEARCH AND DONT FORGET TO ASK FOR REF'S cheers MIKE
  9. WTB: 20mm Lahti small parts, canvas cover

    sorry mike, I was replying too HFTech in bowling green per the above post. cheers mike todd
  10. Value of recent rewat MP 40

    I did two REWATTS in 2015, I had to file a form 1 to activate them and I left all the info as it was IE; RUSSIA WWII etc. the both are still C+R eligible. as mentioned above requests to correct can and do get done. BUT the ways of old are now GONE! no longer will they accept ANY photo's or historical data. the TECH BRANCH will require you ship the actual weapon and any supporting data direct too them for verification. they warned me that " IT WILL TAKE A YEAR OR MORE" to go through the process so be prepared to wait if you go that route. in the past I did several changes with pics and data only. (sigh)
  11. WTN :Opinion on MP 40 Kit

    STEVE, I DID and your pics were GREAT! sadly my first thoughts still apply . for MOST folks the value would be governed by what is usable. as it is it certainly has value as an example of the insanity and TOTAL lack of concern for the history of these priceless artifacts. If I owned and displayed it, I would put a chopped up set of high grade golf clubs right next to it. SHAME ON THEM!!!!!!!!
  12. Purchase Sole Proprietor - pre may samples

    THE KEY ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTION DEPENDS ON WHEN THE EXISTING LIC EXPIRES. If you don't have an active NFA dealers lic lic before his expires and no extension is provided, the "pre-may" sample's could be temp transferred to a active dealer until yours is active. there is no fee's for the transfer's but you would not want the guns worn out or otherwise abused while waiting so get someone reputable to work with. if your lic IS active they can go with the business sale and all is GOOD!
  13. New address to mail Forms 1, 4, 7 & 8 Portland, OR

  14. Lahti L-39 Bipod

    forgot to mention I also have the bipod legs, but no trunnion for them. they are for the two legged model not the T-base type.
  15. .55 Boyes Anti-tank rifle parts / ammunition

    for the BOYES A/ tank rifle , I have NOS bolts, and the wood all original and NEW . also steel mag /transit chests with new mags. st has all the original nomenclature present etc. I bought most of this in the early 60's and its been in ammo cans since. I do have close to 200 rounds of ammo but cant sell it until the gun is gone. warning! I am disabled and have to work around my meds so I can be slow at times digging things out for pics etc.