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  1. WTB : MP40 Parts

    ALBERT, I have a bolt / charge handle recoil ass, 3 trunions and two rear sights. all excellent condition had them 40+ yrs. NO idea how to price it. HELP?
  2. wtb trigger group for registered auto lower

    tried it or NOT if you ever drop the hammer with the Geissele full auto trigger kit , you will NOT be satisfied. "pricey" for a reason !
  3. Suppressors coming off NFA Register ?

    HEY GUYS REMEMBER, I SAID "SILENCERS" should NOT come out of the registry (although I don't know where they will find any) NOT SUPPRESOR'S. only when they remove suppressors from the NFA will the big advantage be realized. it would certainly help all the ranges that are being assaulted with noise complaints and countless other benefits
  4. .50 SLAP rounds

  5. ATF ruling 94-1 and SAS 12 help needed

    LATEST news flash on this fiasco. Normally when I'm asked about NFA weapons, my first request would be for a copy of or at least info from the existing forms to learn what is actually being presented My contact while trying to do his best , had no paperwork other than the STATE forms and I know nothing about them or the format. when asked questions about a specific weapon he was relying on memory and put the wrong things together. it looks like some M-16 info got applied to the USAS. ALL the GREAT INFO YOU GUYS gave me, made me push on and get it right. with the USAS IN HIS HAND, I now know ALL the physical facts about it. it is indeed a SEMI ONLY and has NOT been altered or messed with, but may not be correctly assembled. it is registered federally as a DD. My only interest was the full auto aspect so as soon as a price can be figured out I will post it on the board. AGAIN YOU GUY'S SAVED ME A BUNCH OF DISAPPOINTMENT WITH THE CORRECT INFO THANX! MIKE
  6. Suppressors coming off NFA Register ?

    LOST VEGAS!! is the latest new's according to MSNBC, had he brought a silencer along the death toll would have been much higher? maybe double. well no worries all they talk about is silencer's and we want suppressor's off the register . SILENCER"S NEED TO STAY ON SO THE NUTS CANT GET THEM and I'm all for that
  7. Gas or piston upper for registered receiver

    I'm one that takes joy in remaining loyal to GENE'S original design and don't have any piston uppers. why take a great 5.5lb weapon and create another 8 lb+ rifle? however I do like the switchable gas blocks . they offer a suppressor setting and a normal. a little pricey but well woth it if the das bothers you. try it without, they are easy enough to change,
  8. Looking to get my first beltfed, any advice is welcome…

    JAMES< where did you come from? GREAT ADVICE and after my own heart. god only know's why the Vickers guns are selling at the prices they have been lately. ic an think of nothing that compares for reliability and LOOKS. remember the 7 million continuous rounds fired at one sitting and not a single part failure. NOTHING has ever come close, my god I wish I had that ammo in my shed. one of the great things she offer's her caretaker is a varied diet. forget the .303. first would be 7,62x54 Russian. it is the cheapest round, uses low cost maxim belts and being rimmed is right at home. after that, you go for a 8x57 kit. with that in hand all you need are different barrels for .308 , 30/06. 7x57 etc. the 8 mm feed block has a spacer that can be changed and one made with a file for the different cals. all mine run with out a booster so no need to worry with that unless it makes you feel good since 65 all I have ran maybe a million rounds myself and the only failure was fire pin and extractor and both of those had been altered for the russ cal so might have had issue's of their own. I have seen a fusee broken at a shoot and that's it. if you are afraid of the water, the other choice would be a 1919 browning, its the fat girl of the line, cant get any respect but does a GREAT JOB taking care of business at the best price. it offers the same caliber choices, reasonably priced parts easy enough to find and can be reliable if tuned properly but NOTHING COMPARED TO THE "GRAND OLD LADY" in any aspect.
  9. I have an FNC rifle with a registered sear, the form 4 shows the serial no and manufacturer of the sear in the main description. on the line below for other information, the guns serial no and model (FNC) are listed. when I bought it as part of a group, I did not pay too much attention to the gun but did look at the forms close. it was said at the time that the registered sear could be moved from gun to gun "no problem". because I have others , it was close to a year before I got around to shooting it and while cleaning it afterwards I looked closely at the sear and what was done to the gun to install it. obviously there is a hole drilled for the pivot pin that hold the sear. also the receiver was milled to create the space it go's in. the way I see it, with the alterations the gun itself is now a " machine gun " by itself. but understand its law full with the sear installed. WHAT IF ITS REMOVED AND IN ANOTHER GUN? I have several semi's as back ups for the sear. if I do the same alterations to them so I can move the sear around am I not creating " machine guns " and violating the act? most of my stuff is WWII or before and other than the HK sears which are easy I'm not up to date with the process of moving sears around. I thought that altering the receiver to take auto parts created a machine gun. help me get it RIGHT GUY's PLEASE cheers mike
  10. OKAY, THIS IS A TOUGH ONE and I'm sure answers will go all over the place. I'm no lawyer and I don't have the statutes in front of me, but have read them MANY TIMES the past 45 years. either the 1934 act or the 1968 gun control act, states that "any weapon with a smooth bore and a barrel length less than 18" is a firearm under this act and must be registered". In one estate I was forced to Destroy a MINT COLT NEW SERVICE .44 cal smooth bore worth $2k min at the time and was the reason I recall the sentence quoted. recently I purchased a FACTORY BUILT ITHACA 12 ga pump with a pistol grip and a 14" barrel that transferred as "any other weapon". I had shopped such weapons very thorough doing so and felt good about the results. FAST FOREWARD to a late night internet cruise and up pops an add for a NON NFA MOSSBURG PUMP 12 ga that's an over the counter sale? ZOOM I'm straight to MOSSBURGS webb site to find out whats up and they show a copy of an approval letter from ATF that states because the weapon is 26" over all length its NOT readily concealable and need not be registered as "any other weapon". so how the heck do they get around the SMOOTH BORE SHORTER THAN 18" description which is PLAINLY SPELLED OUT IN THE LAW? it looks like someone took the short answer to a LONG question. while I do see where the COLT I had was concealable and qualified AS "any other weapon under the law, nowhere is it stated that if 26" or longer smooth barrel will not apply. Many time's I have watched ATF back peddle on rulings on the past and this looks like a great opportunity to do so again. OK LADS< YOUR TURN, FIRE AWAY MIKE
  11. Fingerprint card? Whose employer?

    JAMES, caution is in order. I did 4 transfers at one time and missed that the pd officer only put the address on ONE card. ALL 4 transfers were held up and I did not get the notice until 2 months after I mailed them. to add insult to injury, they didn't return the old cards . so I had to do them ALL over again. with all the new examiner's, they are making sure the forms are 100%. Also incorrectly they interpreted a 1- in the serial no of my INGLIS BREN to be a I- . I had to send them page copies from the BREN GUN SAGA to prove it and lost almost 6 months with that fiasco.
  12. ATF ruling 94-1 and SAS 12 help needed

    THANX FOR ALL THE INPUT GUY'S ! I have been at it long enough to know better than try to trump the feds. (no pun intended) I have also handled enough NFA in CONN to know they are completely lost and liable to do anything. I found out the OLERKON I mentioned was a registered DEWATT when I asked for more details on its registration. I tried one more time to clarify the USAS operation and by hand there is NO disconnect , the hammer falls as the bolt closes every time. It appears to be federally registered because local ATF was involved with the PD release to the widows rep. but no fed forms have surfaced. conn forms state machine gun as type? because there is no magic wand to fix this the way all of us would like, it will need to have all the internals removed and then I can complete a form 4 for the transfer as a DD. it has no evidence of being fired and only one drum. could you advise me about a fair figure to pay the widow? considering I will have to by parts to get it running. I don't want to steal it, not even sure I want it at this stage, but I have gone too far and don't want to disappoint her. a bench rest 30lb flintlock would be more fun at this stage. thanx again for all the help mike
  13. Value of Furr Arms Gatling Gun

    exact model now on gunbroker in "collectable arms" 10/5/17 GOFER IT!
  14. ATF ruling 94-1 and SAS 12 help needed

    TONY, thanx for the solid info about gilbert equipment. my trusty is coming to texas in nov/dec and bringing a load of things from the estate including all the parts to the USAS, and ALL the paperwork. no federal papers have been found as of 10/2 but he insists the conn state registration states " MACHINEGUN" and he certainly was not any kind of dealer. CONN has allowed NFA for many years but restricted them to non selectfire. another thought, even though machine guns are banned since 86, Destructive Devices are still legal to form 1 by individuals and of course LIC manufacturer's. I know of some OLERKONS built recently that fire full auto and are papered DD's. my trusty assembled the USAS and claims the bolt cycles as a MG with no disconnect. when it was papered as a DD its possible he went all the way . at least the state believes it to be a MG. what would that mean federally?
  15. Mg15 semi auto

    the "weaponeer" bunch made new semi receivers with reduced diameter that were PERFECT and was working on the fire control about 5 years ago. not sure they are still around. also you might try the lad at "MIDWEST METALS" I believe he had a design. ITS A TRAVESTY ALL THE HISTORY IS BEING DESTROYED BY CUTTING THESE GUNS UP, at least the semi conversions allow someone a little joy. and a solution to the $25k option, GOOD LUCK! mike