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  1. Dschied THATS THE ONE ! sorry friend I couldn't find your info when this thread opened. you certainly saved my neck, and I figured you would jump in. CHEERS FOR YOU! MIKE
  2. THUMPY, I LEARNED LONG AGO (sigh , too long) In any transaction, NOT JUST NFA! AT THE FIRST SIGN OF A "BACK PEDDLE" , drop it like it stung ya and DONT LOOK BACK! the sharks depend on us to be anxious they know what it does to us. when you first appeared, I looked forward to your next inquiry, they all made sense and it looked like you had a firm commitment. you have come a long way since you first hit the threads and soon it will be YOU helping others break the bonds of boredom. just avoid the flash and glitter, try to stay humble and positive. remember the trepidation about transfer time when you sent those forms in for the REISING? I see it ended up less than 90 days. hooray for you! CHEERS
  3. MGM 1915 vickers .30 CAL

  4. worthless? pictures? WOW I GUESS WE NEVER BOUGHT OR SOLD ANY NFA B-4 NUMBNUTS INVENTED THE INTERNET ! I got it , I must have been dreaming!
  5. Full Auto & Squib

    SQUIBS in my past are one of the main reasons I like the UZI so much. hell just stack em up and don't look back. I have had following squibs back in the cast bullet days . my barrel looked like one of those new amusement park rides. same thing with my first couple AM 180 .22's once I got several projo's stuck in a full length brl and had to pull them out with a sheet metal screw welded to a rod. if its RARE or you really like it as it is , PAY CLOSE ATT TO EVERY ROUND WHEN I WAS PLAYING AROUND WITH PISTOL CALIBER CONVERSIONS FOR THE BROWNING BELT FEDS I STUCK SEVERAL ROUNDS UNTIL I STARTED FREE BORING THE LAST FEW INCHES.
  6. if you spend ANY time reading the posts here on sturm you will see an offer for new trips and springs . a gent has offered them for the past few months and all the reports have been GOOD so cruise the PARTS THREAD and reach out to him.
  7. MK 760

    KRISTOPHER, I think we all agreed it was a hit or miss situation and I am glad you managed a HIT. it will certainly be a low cost toy for you to enjoy. I would suggest you get any spares that may be available for the future. maybe a sear and even a bolt wouldn't be bad to have around. one can make a sear pretty easy but the bolt and extractor would be tough to remedy if they fail. HOORAY FOR YOUR SIDE! mike
  8. Rules on creating a Stenling

    BEST THING ABOUT THIS POST IS WE HAVE ESTABLISHED THAT THERE IS ONLY ON "BUDDY". (good info!) YES there are still bare tubes out there in fact at least one will be in one of the major auctions this fall. personally I would buy one already done the way you want that you can prove runs and not look back. when it comes to "remanufacturing" you would be subject to the license holder's interpretation of the regulations and any problems or violations would be his sole responsibility unless of course you choose to "conspire" to violate the rules with the builder which I would avoid at all cost. the way I see it if the original tube or markings are not disturbed and parts are just "added" to make it a stenling or what ever you choose to call it, you are good to go. I have seen several sterlings offered and a few sold in the $7500.$8000 range this year. most sterling "tube" guns I handled back when anyone could build one had a tube made of thicker material that the typical sten tubes on the market which can only be a good thing. in my book ANDREWSKI would need to be in the mix at least somewhere and I have never seen anything bad from MR NORRELL so that may be another option. so it sounds like everyone is on the same page or at least close speed reader. GOOD LUCK and HAVE FUN! mike
  9. Upcoming Impeachment circus...

    Please let me start by stating I am in COMPLETE agreement with most sane folks that "IT" is coming and things are going to get bad. I also know that the "fix" is not going to be clean or easy. at the same time I find all the tough firm talk about being ready and willing is almost laughable. all my life both sides have been active at about the same level , BUT since 2016 the "OTHER" side has shown much more strength and been willing to challenge our freedoms at a level I never felt possible. there have been many times in the past that called for unity and action by "our" side only to see all the tough talkers scatter to the shadows and hide and I truly believe that's what will happen when it gets down to it. shortly after the 68 gun control act became law (early 70) the ATF chained ALL the doors shut at the largest gun show in Arizona. they "herded" all the foot traffic at one end of the building using agents with action vests while other agents started going over all the tables and vendors. the ONLY thing I heard were plea's asking "what did I do wrong" or how long is this going to take and the like. NO BODY STOOD UP AND SHOUTED, or attempted to make a group and protest in any way EXCEPT MY FATHER CURTIS TODD! HE USING THE HARSHEST LANGUAGE HE WAS CAPABLE OF , he even made numerous "personal" descriptions to several of the agents and basically refused to comply with their orders. REMEMBER this is b-4 cell phones etc. when his ID was demanded, he ignored them and walked several hundred feet to the lobby surrounded by shouting agents ordering him to stop. he continued ALONE ! cursing them and asking them to do their best over his shoulder as he walked ALONE ! and on a pay phone all the time ALONE! had the operator connect him with the FIRE CHIEF. all the while agents with unusual restraint were ordering him to stop. he explained to the fire captain that the building doors were chained shut with several hundred people inside and then hung up. ALONE he went to the main entrance and stood refusing to go back to the rear . he remained standing with his arms folded until several LOCAL PATROL CARS and FIRE TRUCKS pulled in with lights and sirens blaring. fire officials along with uniformed Phx PD completely ignored all the ATF agents and demanded the chains be removed or arrests would be done. AGAIN ALL THIS WENT DOWN WHILE MY FATHER REMAINED ALONE! at the DOOR all but forgotten by the ATF. when the FIRE CHIEF came in he had to walk thru him or go around and they spoke quietly, ALONE ! then the CHIEF spoke with the agent in charge. LONG STORY SHORT ? they folded up and left as they came, in groups of two or more and not a word. I wonder where all the hard talkers were that day? and will NEVER FORGET HE HAD TO DO IT ALONE ! this only involved TALK and WALKING , NO LAST STAND, NO ARMS, just saying HELL NO YOU CANT DO THIS. needless to say since then I listen to all the talk and wonder how far it will go when much worse happens without much faith and prey that I am WRONG.
  10. Group vector uzi

    YOUSE GUY'S wanna really cry here is one much worse! about 2006-2007 someone bent the top cover on a semi auto 1919 using TURK 8mm they bought from the J&G RIFLE RANCH in PRESCOTT , AZ. so they stopped selling it. one of my stores was in that town and I had to send at least ONE truckload a week up there to keep its stock up. often I would drive the truck myself just to check the store etc and I would stop in J&G and pick up a few crates of ammo and save shipping. THEY would walk me thru the warehouse to see what was available and I bought all the 8mm AS IS for less than .02 rnd. 500k rounds or so. at that time they were selling me a 720 rnd case of ROMAINIAN 8mm for $29.95. after the 2nd truck load I asked about 880 rnd 54r case price. and they said EITHER ONE $29.95. after the 6th truck I ran out of room. when you think about that, it makes one wonder just how cheap was it at the port? someone took it to the ship , offloaded in SAN PEDRO or the like, shipped it to the distributor, THEN shipped it too J&G ! so that was a min of 4 handles B-4 I got it at $29.95! GADS ?
  11. Group vector uzi

    YUP, I got the idea back when 54r was less than .03 a rnd. at a BIG MARANA SHOOT, I asked several big wigs about the idea and they said the BROWNING would NEVER cope with the required round spacing in belts or links. somehow they forgot about the CHINESE ? when you load 54r in cloth belts the belt will start to form a circle back on its self and give the impression it wont work. in frustration at first I used SWEDISH NATO CLOTH BELTS they curved but I just loaded them up and hung em from the rafters and they straightened right out. at first I whittled and added too the feed lever but found it was best left alone . it even works with nato links but I suggest mainly cloth to save trunnion wear. on many off my BROWNINGS I set them up with a dedicated brl extension then faced the barrels and chambered them in a fixed headspace. sure saves time when you must tear down due to corrosive ammo. SHORTLY after I started selling converted MG-34 brls for the BRNG , someone ran new 8x57 brls and sold them. BAD DEAL as they short chambered them and people suffered blown cases. THAT WAS THE MAIN REASON TURK 8mm GOT A BAD RAP! I shoot it by the thousands and have NEVER had an issue except loose primers. HOWEVER I have since found there IS SOME bad YEARS and thank fully its all sold off by now.
  12. Adam ShXt....dimwit loon

    EVERY TIME I FIND YOUR POSTS IT GIVES ME HOPE! with you carrying what you must, you still find the time to keep us fired up and informed. my only hope is that there are a bunch just like you but just a bit more shy. KEEP IT COMING ! mike
  13. Group vector uzi

    FUNNY THING YOU MENTION TROY AT BARREL EXCHANGE. THEY DONT COME ANY BETTER THAN THAT MAN AND WE HAVE A LONG STANDING GOOD HISTORY! this fits this thread perfectly, I was THE first to offer BROWNING caliber conversions in 8mm, 7.62 x 54 etc in the U.S. and doing 25-30 a month with a 1 man operation many years. when my illness first struck, it effected signals to my hands and they did what they wanted when moving the table on my mill, so I had to quit with several paid orders pending! TROY EDLUND was one of those people, when I offered the refund he offered to BUY my conversion business and fill all the orders. we agreed he would take over at no cost, and as he filled orders he STILL offered me a cut. he still offers cal conversions and made his own links for Russian short out of plastic while I had bent existing links. MONEY was never my goal with the conversions. it was giving the industry a low cost option to SHOOT MORE and maybe increase our numbers. I did this long b-4 the net was born and many so called experts said I would NEVER get Russian long to run well in a BROWNING but time proved them wrong. I was able to get RELIABLE function with 38/357 , 5.45 x39 and even .410 shot gun which was a real challenge let me tell ya! you mentioned HK's my first G-3 conversion has a hole worn in the top of the receiver from the tip of the carrier rising as it hits the buffer its been fired so much and a smooth bore.in the early 2000's J&G sales in Prescott AZ sold me crates of 8mm or Russian long for less than $30 a crate by the truck and I bought SEVERAL ! and there is still plenty left. so I have a good place to shoot and plenty of parts to keep em going. wish that were true for ALL you out there. stay focused , get ALL you can, enjoy WHILE you can. it looks awful dark ahead. mike
  14. WTB: Mini Uzi Bolts

  15. Group vector uzi

    houston8, you are a true gent and I totally support your right to disagree with me , just don't understand it. if we all liked the same stuff I couldn't have all the joy I have endured these past 60 years with the huge variety. imagine buying a NEW UNFIRED MG-42 for $500. the handing it to a friend and he has a bolt bounce and hands it back to you with a hole in the receiver , no extractor and 3 months later STILL NO EXTRACTOR at ANY PRICE and I KNEW THE PEOPLE! OR finally talking someone out of one of those new plastic MG's proposed to the AIRFORCE and all the ammo you can find is 31 rounds in the entire COUNTRY. the only .50 brng ammo you find is in pics? in 2019i went too the Y/O ranch MG shoot. my Vickers? 43k+ Russian long. M-60 and 240? 60k+ 7.62 that's only 3 of the 14 guns that went . yes there were 3 shooters but that's only 1 1/2 days and I shoot EVERY WEEK at least once and often more. the ONLY holdup is my illness these days. my sub guns go out with 2 -50 cans BULK ammo unless just testing a combo . I have a soft spot for .22 because I rented a 1917 A1 out in .22 long rifle 3 weekends and they paid for the gun mount and STAMP! YES I know about the issue with .22 and the UZI, but 99% is because of the kit NOT the gun! must admit I hand carried my factory 40 rnd mags from ISRAEL and never seen any for sale here, but I also have 20's and that's what I load for others to use at shoots. THE KIDS LOVE IT! OVER THE YEARS I LEARNED ABOUT MAGAZINES, AMMO AND SPARE PARTS AVAILABLILITY AND MANY TIMES THE HARD WAY! when the MAB-PA-15 pistol landed, the dealer kept the 2nd mag and refused to sell them. almost 30 years ago and I still only have ONE! $200+ ?, hard to pay more for a mag than the gun cost new! I have a set standard for any system I buy. sometimes I buy the extras first then the gun, but this is my minimum level,= semi handgun, 3-mags min , 6 better, I extractor and 1 firing pin and spring more if easy and not too high. 1 thousand rounds ammo that is not for use. SUBGUN= 1 barrel, 8 mags for use, 8+put away, 3 extractors, 1 bolt, 3-SEARS and springs others if used. squad autos and beltfeds, 4 extractors 2 bolts and at least 4 of EVERY MOVING PART or MORE. ALL NFA WEAPONS HAVE, 5- thousand rounds of first class ammo that is not touched. EVER TRY TO SELL SOMETHING AND AMMO IS NOT IN COUNTRY ? WHEN M-62 VALMETS FIRST LANDED, FOR THE NEXT YEAR, I BOUGHT THEM FOR A THIRD OF COST BECAUSE NOBADY HAD ANY RUSSIAN SHORT AND IF SO IT WAS MORE THAN $1.50 RND. NOW THE BAD PART, ONE DAY THESE ASS WIPES ARE GOING TO DISCOVER THAT THE WAY TO CONTROL THE GUNS IS WITH WHAT MAKES THEM OPERATE! THE 2ND AMMENDMENT SAY'S NOTHING ABOUT EXTRACTORS OR AMMUNITION. LOOK TO THE WEST COAST, ALL MY LIFE THE FEDERAL LAWS HAVE FOLLOWED THE EXAMPLE SET THERE WITHIN 10 YEARS. AMMO IS TOTALLY CONTROLLED IN L.A. AND SAN DIEGO COUNTY. I can add reasons ALL night why and I may be an extreme example, but wear and breakage should be enough for ANYBODY!