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  1. with my original post, I left out an important part. IN ARIZONA, to use state trust land, it is not legal to just go "plinking". you must have a current AZ hunting license and be engaged in "hunting activity" with law full weapons or you can be cited.
  2. WTN Value on Early Armalite AR 180 Magazine

    DITTO "HOWA", DITTO "COSTA MESA " DITTO "STERLING" "NOT SURE" what the "NEW MAGS" are marked. AR_10er what do you know about the 30 round mags? I have a case I bought at great western in Pomona more than 30 yrs ago. been so long cant remember the logo but they are parked and marked ARMALITE. I always assumed they were sterling???
  3. Value of Furr Arms Gatling Gun

    THIS IS A TOUGH ONE! while unloading at SAR west in 2004 on wed I watched one sell out of a suburban for $10900. b-4 it got out of the truck. I never had much , but a departed friend was a fanatic FURR guy and had a few models. he was heart broken when I told him on Friday. this is only the second I have seen of this model. and I thought they only sold the plans for this one? so it could be "shop built" the "camel gun" is most common and they seem to be $10k or so. mike
  4. Colt 601 Ensemble

    WOW, thanx for the great pics! been a long time but it brought back all the joy I had when ANYBODY COULD OWN ONE OF THESE! I cant remember how many 601's I bought but it was more than 12 and I never paid more than $350. I always wanted some of the optics , but could not justify the cost and they were hard to get at the time anyway. one of the first things I did post nov17 was send a not asking our new Pressident to kill the Hughes amendment by exec. order there are many courses to get that done , but all take more time than he has. maybe a few others could do that request? sorry to get off subject , but how great it would be to by a M16 with you tax refund? cheers mike
  5. Any C&R or Trans M73s out there?

    one used to show up at the marana shoots time to time. it always had a bunch standing around with hammers at the ready like electricians at a downed telephone pole I believe it was ralph wongs? so could have been anything
  6. Is there a change in USPS policy on shipping NFA?

    every USPS office I ever tried ( AZ ) required a current ffl on file and a picture ID for any follow ups? just before I moved to texas ALL the UPS stores I tried in GILBERT,AZ refused all ammo and firearms claiming ONLY the distribution center was approved. things went ok there as long as the resident DYKE was out to lunch or otherwise occupied. ANOTHER GOOD REASON TO FLEE HOME TO TEXAS
  7. We would like to do a run of the barrel wrench for the Portive and Hotchkiss guns, but need an example or drawings and a pic to proceed. I would gladly pay for the time to do pics etc. we have made others for different weapons and they were very well accepted. we strive for accurate, quality results and enjoy the work. there are a lot of weapons out there and to date, I have only found one example that was in an estate controlled by folks with NO interest in guns or collectors . cheers mike
  8. WTK: Repro Japanese Type 92 HMG Wrench?

    gun drill equip is second to none in the nation!! can drill a .020 hole at 12ft+ !! those machines are NEVER idle! all most all the major manf. and aerospace folks sub contract work at the shop. including NASA. the barrel machines came out of the springfield armory and are pic'd with JOHN GARAND in many publications. they sat for years and we finally managed to do an addition for them, and get them running. the original plan was for me to run that part of the shop when my illness struck. since then only toy projects were done until recently. they are now taking orders and processing a few. the guys are VERY FLEXABLE and customer friendly. they also have created quite a few unique high performance cyl heads and manifolds for the racing industry.
  9. for years we shot at the same location in AZ (blm land) with no problems. ALLWAYS cleaned up all our refuse and brass, even policed the dirt disturbance at times. finally approached while shooting by an official that stated we could be cited and responsible for damage to rocks in the cliff face? we did a lot of .50cal. he took pics and our info concerning a truck sized boulder we had pecked at for years with a lot of resulting rubble, stated we would be contacted, but nothing ever came of it. we went back several times and nothing had changed so I assume all was ok. we do the cannons ONLY on our own ranch for obvious reasons.
  10. PUNISHER, yep I experienced the same thing on my last visit to Portland. not sure the name of the place but it was at a very upscale building downtown with a fine sculptured lawn and the main display was a gentleman clad only in shorts down to his knees and he was smeared with feces almost everywhere below the waist.had a needle still in is arm and was mumbling obscene phrases to passerby. we made the mistake of buying a "day transit pass" and most buses in the rear looked worse than a porta potti after a rock concert except there was no indication of any paper in the waste. our visit to Victoria island had the same high light. I don't get to many "inner cities" or back east much thank god , but I hear tales of the same side effect from all the social support venues. its a fact the only people the laws adversely effect are the ones that have something to loose and can pay why should they waste the time?
  11. WTK pistol grip 12 ga. "weapon"

    "not a shotgun"? I thought the gca 68 defined anything with a smooth bore a shotgun? in the early eighties I was ordered to destroy a mint new service colt .44 cal smooth bore because it was not registered when I got it. not even the option of removing the barrel . there are several examples out there reg. as AOW. why are all the marbles and H+R shotgun pistols in the registry? yep I read the letter and it state's "not a shotgun" but somehow the term smoothbore is NOT in the letter? SCAREY! not on my wall with out an exemption statement describing ALL elements of the piece concerned. PLEASE BE CAREFULL when attempting to apply the law.
  12. Mg17 Parts kit

    I would like to see a couple of the pics showing the feed mech and the breech end of the jacket if possible. there are some parts available and would like to clarify a couple issues. if you could please send them direct to my email . promise not to get in your deal I'm trying to help someone not make a mistake. myoldiron@outlook.com cheers mike todd
  13. .50 SLAP rounds

    DONT! they start to open as soon as they clear the bore restriction. there used to be a couple posts of destroyed brakes on the net.
  14. WTK: Repro Japanese Type 92 HMG Wrench?

    Glen / HARRY, man you said it the cost would be a killer. I don't recall the exact profile of a brl , we don't have a gun in the collection. the best solution would be to gundrill an old barrel and press in a new core. we did several 308 bren brls with 60 stellite cores in the 70's and they are still going. the only other option would be to remove sections from a damaged worn brl and press them on a new blank. to my knowledge no one makes a blank that fat but we could if need be. L have contacted the shop, and there is machine time available on the drill and rifling equipment, but its limited. available calibers are varied. they are running 6mm and 6.5 mmm at this time. about the wrench's /tools I contacted JOHN KEENE in MAINE and he stated he has an original for sale and another gent has some replica's available . because all ours sold so fast I'm thinking they may not be true to spec but you can check.
  15. WTK pistol grip 12 ga. "weapon"

    whoa there!! 16"barrel shotgun? non nfa? NO WAY! no matter how it came! if it was a "LEGAL SHOT PISTOL" it would be "any other weapon" at least and still require a $5.00 transfer. look guy's its pretty easy THERE IS NO WAY TO GET AROUND THE LAW ! in 1995 I ordered a SAR 48 FAL from J+G sales in Prescott,az. filled out my 4473 and when I got it home , found it was a select fire weapon and ready to go FULL AUTO. someone had made a mistake logging it into inventory and it was sold to me retail. they were due for a major problem down the road when it came up. I was still in violation for possessing an unregistered MACHINEGUN! the shop was more than 100 miles away and I sweated every mile getting it back.