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  1. WTB Reising M50 mags

    MD, see waynes add in the current parts and acc forum . good guy decent prices and CLEAN STUFF not likely to find anything for less ANYWHERE ! cheers mike todd
  2. once they worked out the pressure curves the danes perfected the 7.62 conversion and they served well into the late 80's in some reserve capacity . thats why so few actual govt produced kits found our shores. FOLKE has several guns running them and is close to all the groups that still run guns. the main issue with all the after market parts is actual barrel weight and chamber design. its hit and miss OHIO ORD made a few that are too heavy in most cases. after it was all said and done in my case? orig parts / proven gun with WW II nazi brass cased ammo / hit and miss. cases reversed /
  3. managed to find a little wind and jump in a bit here. in all the years digging I managed to find 7 originals in the czech republic in the 60's and thats it ! a complete battalion repair chest was at pomona b-4 i learned to buy and think later that had a full tin with all the other 34/luger/98 parts and tools . it was more than $1k and gone when I went back ! I have been reading all the great info on the ammo and you guys should pay heed the 34 and all these other treasures are not worth a cents risk. yes I fired more than 300k turk rounds all in easy fix sideplate brownings. did blow a few primers with no serious consequence , maybe an extractor . all the REAL problems showed up and went viral when that IDIOT that was a favored vendor on 1919 made and sold new barrels with SHORT CHAMBERS and wrong headspace directions flooded the webb. they still how up from time to time. in any case, be sure a 8mm round will seat to the same depth as an original 30/06 round in and original 30/06 barrel b-4 you set headspace for ANY 8mm round and your off to a good start thanx for all the good read ! cheers MIKE
  4. How to get a 22 kit for the uzi to run.

    THUMPY, i have maybe 6 .22 kits in all. the IMI runs like it should with all mags including the 40 rnd . one vector /group works with the 20's and a couple of the 32/35? . the other vector only works with 20's . I suspect the main culprit to be mag spring tension or presentation. if the round is offered too soon it will be forced back in the feed lips and be pointed down. too late and the bolt will strike the case . use the case as a guide. near the bullet is late and the rim early. that may help. if you act fast , a quick stretch will speed up the feed for a short while until it finds its home again. I found the original 40's during one of my spree's in the late 70's and the quality show's as all factory goods will. I use them to judge the other mags in the pile and there are plenty of low class out there. also at this point cant say how I have mixed other parts . I will close with the fact that both FACTORY IMI SMG KITS WORKED AS PACKAGED . have fun! mike
  5. Mp44 bring back. Dismal info on legalizing it.

    HOLD ON GUYS! the law is possession not intent! if it never leaves the place it was found, one can determine its not legal and cut it. but remember a conspiracy is 2 or more people discussing an unlawful act . and I assure you there are several screens with these threads open in many federal buildings . because of the parts value, it needs to be cut and it must be at todays level of destruction. its ok to have an old one saw cut receiver , BUT if its offered for sale the seller is in violation if not destroyed to CURRENT LEVEL ATF has ruled on. yes it can go to any NON-profit museum, I believe that takes a form 9 ? no matter what is said and done by any commander or port authority as they did following WW II it will never see the registry. that old miss used thought that a member of armed forces can get it done , comes from the amnesty window and VIETNAM VETS. if they were still in country in active service b-4 the amnesty AND after it closed, when the returned to the states, even as late as 1973 they were entitled to the full benefits. again continuous active duty b-4 and after the amnesty period
  6. I don't understand it?

    please forgive my tech skills with this danged box i use so much, but I can never figure out how to capture and quote in these forums. KRISTOPHER IE;montana renegade, I cant help it , I just have to respond to your post in this thread. 999,99% of the time me and you come from the same side of the leaf we eat breath and struggle much the same and unlike me you seem to think things out b-4 you type. I have zero tolerance with inconsiderate IDIOTS also and by your description he fit there pretty well. however ,(sigh) I dont believe its ever ok to get in the middle of a buyer and seller no matter what! or how long you have to wait. I learned this stuff at a very early age and many times other buyers were 30 to 40 years my senior at gun shows most have money and are used to doing what the want. I have been cuffed maybe 12 times, booked and charged 7 times and not proud of any. 5-ag assault 2 attempt murder. all 5 ag assaults happened at gun shows or in the parking lot. during a fri nite setup a vendor (a local church minister) was unloading a huge estate load and i bought most of what he had brought spending more than $8k. some of that was left behind the table until sat morning he was bringing more and I brought a lot more money. he helped me truck goods to my place and we talked about what was coming and made several more deals for the next day. I always try to be first to arrive and i just sat at his table until he came. when he landed i paid him for what was behind the table, stacked it in the isle to truck and started on the new stuff which was another full pickup load he would bring out what we talked about, I would look and he marked down what we did. as I was looking in a box he handed me, another dealer reached in a pulled stuff out of the box I had my hands in and he asked the seller how much is this? I turned to him and said we did this last night and if anything is left when I am done he can deal for it , but only when I am finished. he gave me a dirty look and muttered something then turned to my boxes (several) stacked in front of the table already paid for. as nice as I could , I explained all that was paid for and belonged to me. he then stood up and took something out of the box i was in and I had to say it again. the third time, I asked the seller to try and tell him what was going on, but all he did was the der in the head light look and shrug his shoulders he was lost.. so now it was up to me, when I got in his face, he started slobbering spittle that I did not have a monopoly on things and need to back off. one last time , I pulled out my notes about the new stuff and said there is a lot more we didnt talk about and that would be first come first served but all the previous stuff, I had first right of refusal b-4 he could look. he slapped my note book and on the way up shoved me so hard I fell on my ass. I could not get up with out turning to use my hands and knees to stand but he jumped on my back . I cant relate blow by blow, but he ended up with a large gash from his right nostril across the eye and at the forehead it went to the bone about 2". mesa police was security and they detained both of us while he asked people the facts. it was agreed it was mutual combat and both were at fault so he went away and I continued with the goods. while questioning us paramedics came and out a large compress on his right side and he went behind his tables. about an hour later I could see his wife and arrived, looked him over and the paramedics returned and took him away. this all started about 7:15 am. at just after 1 pm 2 mesa pd officers came and said he was injured worse than thought and I was under arrest for ag assault. the officer hired by show people showed me his interview sheets from people and all said I was always there and a grenade with the pin pulled. remarked yes all THOSE people dont care for me because I am the main competition when buying. I said ask other people not present what I really do at the shows. buying tables just to display unique MG's , helping get the right piece or grading things etc. at the prelim hearing that officer that decided i should be charged had asked around and the majority of the show people had I respect for me and he would testify to that at the trial. when the prosecutor talked to him, the all went to the judges chamber and it was decided to drop the charges without prejudice . i can assure you hudreds of times the last 60 years I let many treasures go away that i could have chimed in I will give you more and bit my tongue to keep it fair and square. KRISTOPHER , dont get mad at me PLEASE ! its just the way I was taught to be! cheers all
  7. German Firearms Act

    I was told by reliable importers 4-5 yrs ago that the EURPEAN UNION had managed to "black mail" the GERMAN GOVT and many other member nations to STOP selling any surplus small arms or parts or they would stop shipping the goods to them. this has already been observed by the lack of new goods from GOVT sales. the only items since would be items already in dealers hands in country. of course that wont effect any other GOVT from selling anything the find surplus or due to a diff weapon . there is a LOT of 2nd hand HK stuff out there but I would think NOS not easy to find anymore. IMPORT / EXPORT for the US has MAJOR costs to clear. they tell me close to 5 grand just to start filling out forms?
  8. Hey Mike Todd

    YES, WE bought 2 , 1 RUSSIAN AND ONE CHINESE . all this stuff was at a combo airbase ./ storage facility. it was a bit confusing and time has passed but this is as close as I can get the story these days. our main contact was the owner of all the stuff that KENGS FIREARMS was selling here in the states. as a layman, I was shocked to see PLYWOOD and the lack of sophistication in a AIRCRAFT considered the top of the line for comm block forces in the 70's. we needed interpreters for coms etc. while there we looked at examples of everything they had on base. most were type 56 AK's , and SKS along with several containers of the TAIWAINESE full auto M-14 (these were ALL being converted to semi only or US sales and NOT offered as is )they had most all the handguns and some subguns , but not near as many. there were several separate work shops for a specific project on base. in another area they had semi auto versions of all the assault rifles and all the stuff for US only was separated there is only 1 other RUSS mig in the free world and I dont know how many CHINESE. this base was apprx 125 miles from the place they were to be packed in containers and we paid extra for them to be trucked from base to the pack area. when the plans landed at SAN PEDRO , I went and met the customs to open the containers and almost passed out. the CHINESE as first. NO LOG BOOKS and the landing gear/ along with one wing was damaged and HUGE ropes were still tied all over. it took all most as week to learn what happened and we needed the logs in order to meet civil air patrol inspection and readiness . we learned in order to pocket the transportation costs, the commander went to a local prison and used condemed prisoners to drag it the 100+ miles down the hwy ! I was not involved in any of the paper work and found out they were sending 2 complete NOS power units with have virgin logs. I was not all that interested in the AIRCRAFT , but it was CURTS main reason of existence. I believe he gave me the freedom with the guns in order to play pilot more. the hanger was at DEER VALLEY AIRPORT in PEORIA , AZ. Sundays all the hotdog pilots did the "BRUNCH" at a restaurant 2 stories high with all glass over looking the runway start . CURT wanted to "taxi" it from hanger to start and let everyone see us get out and walk in to eat so we did and as we were walking in he said that little jaunt to and from cost close to $700 in fuel !! he had sued the GOVT to get his license back , won but needed a full physical every 90 days and could have no passengers in flight . as far as I know that was the last time the plane was ever lit up.
  9. Hey Mike Todd

    when we went to china to choose the 2 migs we bought, I went on a "tour" of the storage area and got to fondle all the goodies in the so called show room. they had a couple of each item in storage on display. I had never seen the pistol or bayo/stock and spent some time with it. they were offered in quantity for less than $5.00 U.S. when we were ready to leave , one of the officers gave me a large leather pouch that had all the info on the 2 planes and i didnt look inside. on the long trip home I decided to look the books over and found one of the BAYO's wrapped in the bottom! he had taken note of my interest and thought I might enjoy ? for a couple years I showed it off trying to think of some use and a SOT asked me to leave it for a while to see what he could come up with. several times I called to get it back and only got some lame story. around 2 years later at a PHX SAR show there it sat on a table with a full auto RUGER Mk11 suppressed pistol priced at $10k. the owner had bought it from that same SOT jerk with a fantastic story to back it up about some CIA BULL. until now it was the only example , i had seen or heard of this side of the world.
  10. AR Semi-auto BCG Weld-up?

    TED, I find it hard to swallow that you would believe it is less money to buy a semi carrier, have someone weld it and it would be less than the real deal??? OR that you would even consider using it with anything of value. YES we do use many welded pieces and parts at times. but for me it would only happen if the needed part was so rare repair is the ONLY OPTION !
  11. I don't understand it?

    as always, there are two sides to this coin obviously one is not a nice or productive as the other. I have been active on STURM since day one as much as anyone. until DAVID changed how things are handled, I never managed to please the moderator and 99.9% of my posts were blasted so my activity was limited to buying . since the change I managed to do it all, ell a bit , and post some thoughts. my MAIN GOAL was make sure each and every post got some type of reply. some of those posts would sit totally ignored days on end and then the hawks would rap all over my response usually with a ton of quotes they scrounged from some other internet source and it got personal way too many times. the computer only allows the extreme ends of a human emotion to be expressed and the actual intent of the post or reply can be lost once I cleared that hurdle I started posting items for sale and the constant pic requests became a serious PAIN ! I could not understand the need. b-4 the net we managed to use SHOTGUN NEWS and GUN WEEK and I bought and sold sight unseen more than 30 years without much problem. of course we wont forget the guy from TEXAS that constantly offered the holy grail assault rifle or access with a price, that was ALWAYS SOLD, but same guy same item offered again increased 20% or more. he haunts this site to this very day. when I learned of all the new scammers that haunted the net , only then could I see the need and did my best to provide them even though I have few tech skills and could not bring the 2 separate systems together. after a while , I noticed not getting any response after pics went out several times and learned about all the "pic collectors" that haunt the net and got mad. what worked best for me was , answer all pic requests with the demand we speak direct and have a little chat and if we had a positive interaction, I would send pics. in the rush to pass judgement please consider the new comer trying to get started wont know how we do things cheers mike
  12. Who made this MG34 flash hider?

    My 2cents call is, I would say its just a "recovered" assembly. over the years I have seen many parts from digs, basements and other sources that were dug up and someone applied finish to whats left. many will end up looking like a bad casting. years back someone left a COMPLETE MG-81 Z twin inside my gate that looked just like this hider. it was cleaned and everything moved except the rollers on the carrier.

    WELL, this is a formal THANK YOU to all the people that made these past couple years on STURM one of the high points of my life. I did my best to relay my actual hands on use of this stuff in a way that allowed one to make their own decision without any hearsay or rumor involved. last week the DR's shared their hands on about my condition and what we all know is coming is very near in my case. I will continue to view the board and answer what I can as long as I am able, but not as active as the past. I prey that all the socialist scum bags are rejected this November and you will be able to relax for at least another 4 yrs or more. IF NOT, USE YOUR HEADS AND KICK THE BASTARD'S OUT ! KEEP AS MUCH AS YOU CAN ! MAKE IT FUN! CHEERS MIKE TODD !
  14. First MG Purchase

    after more than 45 years of heavy REISING use, I want to thank all the guys that give them a bad rep. it has allowed me and many others to enjoy one of the best buys in the NFA market. yes many are not reliable. they have laid unused and all the grease is hard and many springs are gummed up or collapsed. when CLEAN and with good springs they will run all day. many decent designs that failed in military service make great recreational machine guns and are fantastic buys. for some reason magazines have all but disappeared and they are now expensive so somebody is using them. I also prefer the UZI in 45. standard ball is subsonic and that 230 gr bullet displays better down range. I am a BIG fan of slow firing MG's and really enjoy my GREASE GUN but every time I take it out I feel guilty. they are just too expensive and not replaceable. when that back end hammers out there is no legit fix and its inevitable. any decent UZI is at least $11k but more like $13 or so these days and there are several REISINGS just over $5k in todays market. while I have not, many people have used the new CHRISTIES 30 rnd mags for the REISING and swear the work well. my MACS take anything I can give them. easy to fix and they run. again I prefer them in .45 because of the mag situation. and the STEN will always be a contender for many
  15. Pre-May Browning 1919 Package

    sorry but I cant resist cutting in on your post. those holes in the sideplate just allow the slide for retracting assembly used in a tank gun, nothing close to what a M-37 would be. all the main operating parts of a M-37 will not work in a 1919 with making some changes. no harm/ no foul as it is cheers mike