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  1. Question about reg. sear converted MP5

    I was not present at the post war research dept when the original design was finalized, but believe the "push pin" to be nothing more than it actually is. a simple solution to a mechanical challenge. however I WAS fortunate to be active when this stuff was ignored by many and did use a lot of it to almost total destruction. my first converted HK 91 was fired so much that at the end of the carrier travel as it changed direction the front wore through the top of the receiver, the barrel was a smooth bore and it never skipped a beat. the other weak spot was the opening of the mag well became distorted from the rocking magazines. the converted 75 rnd trommel mag didn't help either. I used a dolly and body hammer to put it back in place. not one single part was ever replaced in that gun and it is was still active on the line until my friend passed away last feb. so I wouldn't worry about any wear on the shelf in question.
  2. Sell Norrell .22 for a HK pack? or Not?

    my gun likes the BX-25's and most butler creek , but I don't enjoy loading them! with the single stacks the rnds just slip in I have a ton of "blazer" in 50 rnd ctns and it runs great. over the years I have learned to STAY AWAY from ALL the BULK PACKS no matter who made them, originally they were only in the "big box "dept stores aat a low price so mfgr's could maintain the levels to traditional gunshops etc. I believe the quality was/is less due to faults when using them. other than CCI's "mini mags" my favorite is the REM "golden bullet" again ONLY in individual packs LIKE THE THOUGHT OF CHASING RATS in the THING? while doing so in a popular QUAIL HUNTING area (true story) we ran into a large encampment of members of the RDF from San Diego. 4 huge motor homes / quads /trucks etc. saw them several times , but when the HUEY was parked we had to stop! turns out even on vacation they were still on 24 hr call so the HUEY was required. spent a while talking and invited them for that's night run. had 2 full AM 180's and 2 Norrell 10/22's the first guest shooter got so excited when his target charged the thing he kept the burst going and struck my front mounted spare/ hood and folded windshield. of course he paid to fix it so no worries. we had them join us several nights and one individual laughed so hard he peed his pants. they kept the camp active for a month and provided some current issue arms to play with. left behind several cases/cans of issue ammo as a thank you so it turned out to be very special.
  3. Sell Norrell .22 for a HK pack? or Not?

    while on the subject of the Norrell 10/22, what mags do you guys find work the best that you like? all the factory ruger mags work fine in mine along with the butler creek. but I find them tiresome to load. I have several of the single stack 30 rnd steel from the Philippine's that use an adapter and the ammo just falls in them. I got where I could load them one handed while chasing rats in my VW thing. I would imagine they are hard to find these days but don't get to any shows anymore so cant say.
  4. Can you Idenfy This ammo- subgun ammo???

    a friend during a short return stateside while on duty in AHFGANISTAN brought several boxes of 9mm from Germany with the same shape projectile and said it was "enhanced penetration" to penetrate windshields and stay straight. when I fired it , it appears to be maybe ++p velocity and it tore the heck out of cinder block compared to reg ball. again all the markings were in German on the box.
  5. Form 4 approved but not arrived. When to ship gun?

    STRANGE ?? I would act and protect myself EXACTLY like the folks at the ATF. NO PHONE CONVERSATTION, but something in HARD COPY. I do know things are changing however. MY crook brother had an M-16 in his shop and had sold it with a new form 4 filled out on file to his customer and the transfer to his inventory was still pending. an agent found it, left it and expedited the transfer in less than a week rather than find him at fault.
  6. Sell Norrell .22 for a HK pack? or Not?

    I have both and just bought another ALTECH PAC so I could use original German trips in what I have. trying to move a fleming sear because it makes 3. many times I like to use 2 diff HK's and got tired of moving them around. my 10/22 runs fine but just wont get it for me anymore and may be listed to go soon. the .22 is fine by itself but if I have a belt fed or assault rifle out on the line it will just sit there. even guests never ask for another mag. I think both will continue to go up, but the .22 has a bit more room than the HK but I have been wrong b-4 . I sold several HK packs and thought they peaked at 10K. never kept anything just because I thought it would go up. if I don't enjoy it, its time is limited.
  7. Bad deal with IVAN SHAPIRO

    DICKING AROUND? I thought this was a community of like minded people created to help one another? WE DONT NEED JERKS LIKE THIS ROUND HERE , he wont get anything from me and I will ignore his posts no matter how rare.

    I have had numerous folks ask questions about these books. I did try to answer all issues in he original post. condition is always an opinion formed by the person viewing , I tend to be very conservative to avoid disappointment. THEY ARE ORIGINAL . they are used but suffer NO DAMAGE . the bindings are tight. if any skuffs are present , they are VERY light. VOL II part VII , has light tan paint applied in a 1/2" band top and bottom of the cover , front and rear that was applied to cover up factory applied " TOP SECRET PUBLICATION" etc. the outside corners show very little distortion from shelf removal. that's the best I can describe them. hope it helps mike

    JOHN, they are the original 10 1/2" bound prints. vol 5 which is also orig is larger. how you been john? anymore odd goodies sorted yet?
  10. GENERALLY, I TRY TO STAY AWAY FROM CREATING THREADS ON POLITICAL , MORAL ISSUES, BUT WILL REPLY TO OTHERS WHEN MOTIVATED. My illness often forces me to remain in a recliner and the TV is on to keep from sleeping all the time. Recently a documentary has been airing via Direct TV titled " A DANGEROUS SON". In order to form an informed opinion , I watched it several times and took notes. As in any other creation, the scope of such a production can be presented in order to sway the viewer's opinion. from what I gathered they were attempting to show that the difficulty in getting "help" was the major cause of the showcased individuals being uncontrollable and a threat to all around them. at first I found myself agreeing and was appalled with the "system" . Several so called experts expressed their opinion that all the negative actions were the result of "mental illness. one cant help but be upset while watching these young people attacking, cursing and forcing the parent to bend to their will. All that changed when I watched the "child" with obvious clear thought verbally threaten various actions unless others bent to their will. during my life I have witnessed this personally many times and seen it stopped instantly by the parent remaining firm and doing what ever was needed to maintain control including "CORPORAL PUNISHMENT ! I am not trained in psychiatric methods or mental illness , but observing these examples presented common sense dictates that only words and treating a child as an equal is not the answer. HELL as a kid I tried it a few times. Grandma was easy , Grandpa only had to make eye contact , MOM had several special willow switches and DAD had more than one belt. Knowing those "tools" were available was very effective , but real quickly the main restraint was their disappointment with me when I acted up. Of course I know there are serious cases of mental illness but did not see it as the sole cause in any of the individuals in this documentary. when they closed all the state and federally ran mental health hospitals in the early 60's that was a big mistake. With both or the main parent forced to concentrate almost totally on financial responsibility its very easy for an undisciplined child to develop and nurture an "antisocial" personality and there needs to be a not for profit live in system created to house these people and care for them. just another example of the failure of new wave society. at my age , personally its no real threat to my quality of life, BUT I AM TERRIFIED OF THE FUTURE FOR ALL YOU STRAIGHT THINKING YOUNG PEOPLE I CHERISH AND ENJOY SO MUCH ! with the majority of the teens and people in the early 20's almost total focus on the "SMART PHONE" and the various "SOCIAL MEDIA" I don't see a way out or any possible fix? I would suggest you all take the time to view " A DANGEROUS SON " while doing so watch one of the worse examples using a note book game to machine gun all comers downtown. that's about all I can say at this point. SHAKING AND WITH TEARS IN MY EYE'S cheers mike
  11. WTB 1928A1 Thompson receiver

    PAPPY the 80% receiver is manufactured by Philadelphia Ordnance and they are still making them so that would be the best route. I talked to Jeff today and he said if the rec is avail he could help you and plans to send you a note.
  12. FOR you guy's that are truly hungry for the straight scoop on development and distribution of MG's , Cannon's and exotic weapon systems. Here is a chance to get the complete original set at one time. volumes are dated 1951 thru 1955 while volume V is dated1987 and signed by the author. ALL are marked "SECRET" and stamped "Downgraded from confidential to unclassified" in great shape and hundreds of hours of serious study is before you. included is one original GOVT declassification document. VOLUME II is dedicated to; "WEAPON DEVELOPMENT IN THE SOVIET UNION AND HER SATELLITES" it provides all the correct info just when the COLD WAR was reaching its peak and is my favorite. ALL 5 VOLUMES delivered in the continental U.S offered at $560.00 total. lets leave California out of it cuz they don't need it and would not understand anyhow. MAYBE even Connecticut will be denied if they keep it up. I refuse to do anything that may contribute one cent to their economy. please don't ask for PICS , they are books cheers mike
  13. WTB 1928A1 Thompson receiver

    PAPPY , no worries . I have not kept up with whats available out there but at one time you could buy a 80% receiver complete with all correct markings from a company back east that did most U.S mil like the BAR etc. I cant recall the name but if it pops up I will send it to you. also DOUG RICHARDSON in CA made all variations with your choice of markings . both company's made them out of the same steel the orig guns were and lots were made live as a result. I believe JEFF used an example from the first company. best way to reach Jeff is to send him an email. his phone is VERY busy and he is often out of service area. I can assure you will be happy with any work he may do. cheers mike
  14. MG08/15 in 308 or 8mm

    HEY GUYS WAKE UP! this is a fantastic buy at $10k . unless it has some hidden issue. its complete and ready to run what a great piece of history ! not sure about the $3k additional for the .308 it depends on whats included. certainly worthy of a few questions. cheers mike

    SORRY FOLKS BUT THE STG-34 IS sold pending funds. didn't even need to send any pics !