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  1. when all the semi AK's landed it was obvious a major quality issue was at hand. what the slopes cant seem to get in that slanted head is MOST AMERICANS are quick to weed out and reject the junk. after several models failed to move, most brought the quality up and the all came pretty close. in actual service, the soviets proved the stamped guns were the way to go, but I still prefer milled . after using almost every brand to the point of destruction I would rate POLY TECH an easy best with NORINCO very close. i would not suggest you buy something with plans to rework it. the right gun at the right price is out there and will show its face sooner or later in the last couple years most the milled guns I know have sold came danged close to $30k in both private and auction sales. many decent stamped guns have been offered under $25k. when it comes to the registration caliber is not controlled other than the original manufacturer must mark it when built. the end user can change it with no need to alter the registration .
  2. Thermal Rifle Scopes? Thoughts?

    LANE, I tried like you to find reasonable information about thermal night vison and just night vison in general. the problem is those knuckleheads hired the same people to prepare the tech info that do most electronics, because every brand details diff specs so you cant compare them! I spent 2 years and just gave up and was quite willing to spend up to $12k for the right unit. a close friend has more than $20k invested in night vison and constantly raves about how great it all is. I invited him to the ranch for a hog hunt and a demo. after 4+ hours he wan not able to get ne of the 3 systems functioning. the ONLY unit we could operate? his low end $800. hand held monocular viewer. I think this is much like finding a car salesman you are comfortable with . good luck!
  3. Price range for MG 34

    right at the start as a young man studying the various belt fed weapons it became obvious that the load placed on the parts from a full belt was hard on them and anything that reduced it was a big plus. the main problem with lube is it will pick up anything it contacts. my father kept a can of Johnsons floor wax in the gun room and anytime we went hunting in the high country he covered the entire weapon for protection from rain and snow.. when it dry's the haze has no adhesive traits and is quite slick and it worked on belts and links from the start so this is what i came up with. after I wash loose links I place them on a cookie sheet and hit them with a spray auto wax any brand will work but you want a "haze" when it dry's. I put JOHNSONS floor wax on loaded belts but only just b-4 I load them in the gun. I keep a fleece auto detail mitt in a 50 cal can saturated with wax, add some new and pull the belt through the mitt getting both sides with one pull. also, I make sure the each belt has a blank round at the end to correct bolt to barrel contact. I find that fired blanks do just as well as a new one so all those cases are saved for future use. I'm sure there are several methods that will do the job so feel free to add your own tricks, just remember to share them with others . CHEERS MIKE
  4. Hotchkiss Mark 1

    dont do any alterations until you are positive what is going on. i would suggest you pm BRMCII and try for a live chat with him.
  5. Price range for MG 34

    its not just a question of good ammo, but the proper pressure curve! that is the key and its almost impossible to obtain without lab grade equipment to track. also once THATS pinned down, then you need to find the right case lube. the germans had a major problem with all 3 and consider the assets available too them. the johnsons paste wax is a must for all my belt feds it reduces the strain as things move. the worst trait i found was with all the same components, one time was good another no way.
  6. Price range for MG 34

    to this day I cant hardly resist the attraction and beauty of a clean MG-34. fact is few weapons exhibit such an obvious level of perfection and even folks with zero gun interest realize they are actually a work of art I got my first one in 1963/64 and was never without at least 2 in the collection. at first all you needed was to match a good bolt to the right barrel. make sure all the springs were right and a decent supply of "good ammo" others claimed different , but for me it was only brass cased WW II German or that outstanding CANADIAN boxer primed for the CHINESE contracts. the first few lots of PORTUGUESE FNM 67-71 was almost as good, but could be "testy" at times. when the GERMAN brass cased disappeared it was all over for me! I tried many times off and on but it was always the same, run perfect one day, next time out same stuff and 3 to 12 rnd bursts was it? by that time the M- 60's landed and the 34's stayed home. in the late 60's i snagged 5 nos DANISH GOVT 7.62 conversions and they just sat untested. the guns sat unused , 1 -decent , 1 choice and 1-100% matching and UNFIRED (all transferable) I had gathered more than 100 bolts, many NOS and well over 100 barrels over the years along with the LAFETTE mounts and several hundred pounds of small support parts feeding my madness for 50 +years. when I came to TEXAS in 2010, I signed my entire estate over to a younger person and combined the 2 collections. in 2016, the lack of room forced the decision to weed out troublesome or difficult to maintain designs and create more of a "shooting collection" and I attempted to sell many here on STURM and word of mouth, and add more examples of the favorite's. in a moment of weakness, it was decided to give the 7.62 conversion a chance , but 2 months of hard work ended in the same disappointment. as I said all 3 or the 34's got great response from all the picture collectors and data gladiators, but no real decent cash offers were even made. when I decide to move something, I am DONE with it! period. too little time left to get this finished, so i kept rolling the price down until all left, but at times like this the pain returns. matching /unfired less than $40k ? who would have dreamed? I still have maybe 10 mint matching as new pre 1942 parts kits and they will stay home for a while. the last of the parts and mounts left this month so its all over now. when the possibility of a day of trouble free operation went away, I advised folks I felt they were great collectables and had their place but in a low count shooting collection a poor choice to buy for use and my position remains. if you can own and use premay samples. BUY SEVERAL ! nothing else on the planet will give you as much joy for less than $9k and there are many out there.
  7. i HAVE HAD IT UP TO ? AND TIRED OF ALL THE B/S. I would like to buy at least one, maybe more, class room size heavy cloth FLAGS OF DIXIE. will also consider some of the less known variations produced over the years. the ONLY flags of ANY TYPE I can find are thin wispy trash. under 48" would be a plus. will pay an honest price, not looking to steal anything. I do intend to use one for my "last celebration" so gimme some help here guys! time is running out ! a good one might make it a tad easier to pry some of these special goodies I have been hoarding out of me cheers and thanx! mike
  8. New to board, first FA, questions on 22 units

    THANX GUYS ! hope it was serious I like to give folks the benefit of doubt and assume it was , but one can never tell these days. I am always willing to share the details but lack the ability to do much short version stuff. retelling history is just like a lab experiment , leave one detail out and the results have no meaning. I was always self employed and answered only to myself so time was no problem. during my 180 heydays a few years myself and another used to go to the WICKENBURG AZ area every monday , wednesday and friday .it was apprx a 1 hr drive from work. leave at 3pm and we would shoot until 7-8am then go to the shop. I had VOLKSWAGEN THINGS we used. that area is flat as a plate with very few washes or changes and you could just work the gas. no need for wheel attention. we would fold the windshield down and pursue KANGAROO RATS in the short ground cover. when you fired at one, many others would "pop up" like pop corn and they made fantastic targets that ran randomly sometimes straight at the car. a hit was the least desire, just chasing those fast movers with a long burst never got old. almost all firing was done just sitting in the seat so the gun was just above your thighs. when a case seperation happened the brass went straight down the bottom and jeans offered no protection. the first time it happened, we went straight to the emergency room for treatment and the DR said removing the case would cause more damage than the case did and leaving it would be ok so we never went back after that. I tried a welders leather apron and it did the job , but it was always so hot outside they often were left off. there were a LOT of those explosions ! every trip I started with 12 drums and sometimes they were loaded again at least twice a nite that means up to 12k rnds a trip 3 times a week, most trips at least 2 guns each were used. one year at the end of SEPT we came across several RV's with jeeps parked in a group and all had CAL plates the RV's seemed to stay and the jeeps would come and go. a short quick stop and we learned they set up a quail hunting camp with 40 or so people that ran back and forth as they could to hunt. one trip a BLACK HAWK HELO was sitting in camp and no way was that going to be un answered. we learned they were all members of a seal rapid deployment group that was always on call. what a great bunch of guys! after that we never failed to stop and check in. they were shocked to learn we had no interest in the quail and chased RATS with machine guns. they brought out many exotic weapons and gave us lots of unobtainium ammo just in friendship and common interest after many refusals 2 opted to come along and give it a try. the first guest laughed so hard he wet his pants after a full drum chase across the plain. then disaster ! one charged the rig and the shooter focused so hard, his burst cut across the front putting several rounds in the hood, the front mounted spare and the folded windshield in his excitement . I'M talking about a fully trained long serving, active duty seal that served on many classified hush hush missions. ! of course at the time I had no idea those things were protected, but more just got scared than killed so I dont think any long term harm was done. books and biography have come up a few times with a couple attempts making print. I even agreed to do a multi issue article for MACHINE GUN NEWS, and two articles were printed no matter what is agreed on someone in the chain cant avoid making changes for some reason that alters the facts . be it politically correct or some feared legal action it happens and after the 2nd issue I refused to do any more. after DAVID made the changes here on STURM, I actually managed to post a couple adds that didnt get ZAPPED because i forgot a period and decided to attempt to share some thoughts. my main goal is to see that every post gets some type of positive response, and make sure all the new people feel welcome.
  9. New to board, first FA, questions on 22 units

    few people know how much attention the 180 got in the market place. most folks know about all the issues the early guns had and many faults were traced to the ammunition. there were however a LOT of feed tray problems. while they were still in the shadows and only rumors too most people, the guns endured a lot of unusual trials. only after the ATTICA prison riots did much get printed. the govt had them on the missle silo's near TUCSON AZ. in multiple mounts set up as unmanned perimeter protection! 4 guns on one mount all motion activated in one case. we used timed lapse photo equip and found as the length of the burst increased, the rate of fire increased and the bullets became closer together leaving the muzzle , this explained why so many had bulged barrels with no other obvious cause. there were many receivers produced with NO MARKINGS WHAT EVER! all serial numbers, MFG'r ID were on the barrels only. I have no idea how many producers there were but some made as few as 10 examples. after hands on well over 100 actual guns I did find the units that the feed tray has no pins to secure it run the best. the tray is an interference fit at the front and held down by the top cover on the receiver. this was a very late improvement in the design and a good one to look for. they usually have a much larger "nut" to secure the barrel. when VAL bought the design and all the works, it was every night in the shop until daylight most days side by side trouble shooting and sorting all these things out gimmee a break on the description this all was more than 40 years and millions of rounds ago. very often i will get an itch from one of the .22 case's still buried in my thigh that still remains from those days
  10. 22 Full auto questions

    as I said in my first response I have used them all on the 180. my fav is a AWC can for an UZI in 45 cal. a full day of shooting shows a lot of crud. one mag of 45 ball down the tube and its ready for more. with 3 people standing with their back turned no one could pick out the .22 cal can or ID the 9mm and 45 cans in a short burst. in actual use several people challenged the statement but all the tests proved it so. one round is easy to spot but a warm can in a burst they all sound so close, one cant tell. I do the same thing with YHM tit cans on a M-16 in .223 no one has ever called it right with a 30 CAL can or a .223 can on the gun.
  11. Price range for MG 34

    there has been little reliable data on transferable 34's in the market lately. I sold my 3 in 2018 and 2019 and was forced to let them go well under what i thought was the legit market. all were proven C&R guns. first example was an amnesty gun marked with a small AUSTRIAN shops name on the rear all mixed parts at $20. 2nd was a late CZECH DOT 45 IZZY return with little wear at $23.5 . the big disappointment was my 1943 100% matching unfired tank gun complete with ground kit and absolute perfect . best i could get after a year was $35k ? lots of trades offered but no money ? I think all the huge collections released those years cobbled up all the loose change available. its hard to believe any transferable failed to bring more than $30k but those numbers are a fact.
  12. Bullet Questions

    sorry , I dropped the ball and failed to get back to you on this. all my data lacks any info on these head stamps. this is something that has been a problem recently. It seems there are too many small producers or name changes going on in the industry and no body is trying to keep up. I have a lot of both 7.62 and .556 I cant pin down lately one would think with the net it would be better . maybe the interest is just not there anymore. i just got in 30k+ rounds of .303 and there are 4 lots unknown in it.
  13. Making a custom upper for a MG

    FRANK, please feel free to "hi jack" any of my posts, you certainly dont need any ref's to make me bow or ceed the floor. actually i didnt go too deep with the sten issue on purpose , because i lack all the backup info. I found some surplus mags with a polished and plated follower and the body exhibits a better mfg'ing process and they perform perfect in my LANCHESTER so i would assume work fine in the sten. BRP had them at the creek and i bought all he had at the time
  14. 1928 Thompson

    also DONT BABY THE TRIGGER ! get on it and off it firmly. it will stop any useless wear or breakage. not so much these days but almost all the thompsons we got in had bad sear and disconnect springs.
  15. New to board, first FA, questions on 22 units

    one major reason I use the larger cans for rimfire MG'S is the ammo is dirty and the bigger cans just shoot clean and there is never a problem with all those long dumps. it takes a decimeter to find the difference in many cases. we fired full auto rated 22 cans next to the 45 can with RF and after the first couple rounds you cant tell which one is running. a typical day with the 180 was 4-5 k rounds and one mag of 45 acp blows the can clean.