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  1. Buffalo Arms C&R AN/M2 30 cal Value

    currently there are several examples for sale below $20k. one right here on STURM is relisted from long ago. as wing guns they are just tough to sell and the market confirms that . SADLY $ 22/25k is a wish full dream. there is a mint C+R package in AZ with a complete rear aircraft carriage mount and many other acc. actively presented at shoots and show's . it has been ignored more than a year at $22k so be care full what info guides you.
  2. my life is OVER!

    having the phone number was never an issue. his failure to ANSWER IT WAS ! another member explained he could not reach ROLLIN and asked if I knew him. I said YES AND HE IS A STAND UP GUY something weird is going on, let me see what I can learn. I MADE several attempts with my old info and failed so made the post on the board. AGAIN HE REFUSSED TO ANSWER OR CONTACT ME ! a couple others jumped all over me for the imagined attack and it went feral. after all this FIASCO ROLLIN has contacted me and freely admitted he was in the wrong from the start, but was very slow doing so! actual pictured evidence confirms the explanation was an attempt to salvage his reputation where damaged and keep it to a minimum. the fact remains he made a major mistake and was TOTALLY WRONG with his actions. as I said from the beginning the inquiry was only for him to respond and NOTHING meant to be negative by the wildest imagination. ROLLIN was always first rate with me, I believe I helped him a LOT when he first started. it turns out he got burned in a couple deals and got in a bind. with steady contact that would have disappeared and this would have never occurred. he got the stuff, ignored all attempts to contact him and that's the facts. as always let your own feelings drive you as they may and do what you like. unlike prior times, now anything from me will be paid in advance if at all.
  3. WHERE DI DTHAT COME FROM? the lack of info leads me to believe you mean AR-15 but that's just a guess. if so just try to buy a legitimate AR-15 lower WITHOUT providing a FFL. it WONT happen I can assure you. ATF's position as it stands right now , the LOWER IS A FIREARM! because they are the SOLE regulatory agency you should pay ATTENTION. fail to do so and you WILL pay the price !
  4. M2 bolt parts in M3

    ATROX < GREAT REPLY ! it will mike my coming day a tad easier to deal with and made me chuckle in agreement. I DETEST, " I think" and "my buddy did" answers in general cuz all they do is occupy space. actual fact, I erased my post twice , AFTER I had changed it 2 other times in an honest attempt to help with the question. it may seem facetious but if I can make ANY SENSE at all, I will not let any inquiry go unanswered here at STURM ! I want this venue to remain an asset to the community and gain the largest following possible. HELL if pics were easier, I would post treasures for sale that I have no interest in parting with just to create more interest. all my stuff is on the other side of the ranch or I would check and confirm positively so I must rely on my worn out head. BACK TO THE ORIGINAL QUESTION , FEW WILL FIT, IF ANY , they are two totally different designs. while both bolts can be used in the gun, there is enough difference that BOLT and Barrel extension must be the same model.
  5. M2 bolt parts in M3

    ITS BEEN A YEAR since I have had both in my hand at the same time. the M-3 has more parts and most are smaller and I don't recall any that will fit both, even extractors ? completely different design the way I see it but then again I have 2 foot lockers of .50 parts I cant identify OR NAME so don't listen to me! when and if you find a PM that can ID them PLEASE share.
  6. youtube red flag laws happening in va> ok went there and watched the recording. A SAD THING THE GENT WAS PAID A VISIT FOR HIS ACTIONS AT THE CAPITOL INDEED. however , the man recording displayed an attitude and disposition proving he is a pure asshole. he was upset about the visit but his actions are a perfect example why many refuse to support our rights and the 2nd amendment in general. HE was never visible , but claims advanced age and bad health thank goodness, were he otherwise ,ANY reasonable human being would and should be afraid of a younger healthier person that treats calm folks official or not like he did the other two in the video. not once did he calmly ask a question then allow a complete answer during the recording and the primary official was very polite as he tried to defuse the situation. I found the whole thing embarrassing and it was all I could do to run it until the end. RED FLAG SUCK'S GOV of VA SUCKS ! I get ALL that but that guy recording needs to hide his head , LISTEN AND LEARN before he speaks again!
  7. WTS Stevens 520-30 US Shotgun

    you sure it was converted ? the govt bought tons of all shotguns with normal barrels . they were used in training for AIRIAL GUNNERY and actually available for hunting use by base members on the larger bases. normal inspection marks and acceptance stamps could be and often were present . check the front half for matching serial numbers to the receiver and that will tell all. no way is the recoil pad original but the rest could be. cheers mike
  8. Buffalo Arms C&R AN/M2 30 cal Value

    tony, this past year several have been offered anywhere between $13k up to $18k. as always its the details that set the real value C+R? SIGHTS? FIRE CONTROL? lots of wing guns out there and the parts for ground use almost impossible. a new DLO package COMPLETE on a 17 mount with a linker sold pretty fast at $17k nothing else actually moving I have seen.
  9. Browning MG Parts

    CHARLIE I also responded and we advised very close values so that was a GOOD THING. he is a great guy and not greedy. parts landed and exactly as pic'd also packed very well. NO I WAS NOT PISSED! sold a NOS set of spades in 2006 for $2k and wish I still had them. now I can look for another gun!
  10. WTS: IMI Galil Mod. 332 W/ Nimrod scope

    PM's sent!
  11. a post from KJS TACTICAL ARMS recently offered barrels and "tons of m-60parts" left a tele number . wont answer calls respond to emails or pers messages. I know some folks get lost around CREEK TIME but several folks are asking me about them and I get no response at all either. anyone do anything or know these guys?
  12. GUYS SOMETHING FUNNY GOING ON HERE! no email response. pers message et all from several folks. anybody know these people?
  13. Ithaca Auto Burgler Fan Page

    you might speak with ALEX SITMAN at masterclassstocks.com and see what he has to say. they are a first rate duplicating shop and speak true. I would think they could get it better than 90% inletted . if the machine wont hold anything that small, they could add a "dummy" section to it and then just saw it off or something in that order. anything is worth a try to preserve this stuff and it certainly enjoys getting used rather than sitting on a shelf. GOOD LUCK!
  14. Form 4 times individual to SOT

    don't get too discouraged, you got the info you asked for. ON THE POSITIVE SIDE, just after spring of 2019, many transfers were reported clearing in less than 4 months, including several of mine. its a sad fact but if you are stuck with a "do nothing examiner" it wont get any better. HOWEVER I know of 2 that were approved and completed in 7 WEEKS during Sept and Oct 2019. just this week my dealer submitted a 5 piece batch transfer to me on form 4's and they used the new electronic information transfer for the fingerprints and other information , not sure how all that works or more details but that is said to REALLY SPEED THINGS UP so I will keep ya posted. it looks like I might be around long enough to enjoy that FN-240 b-4 I take the long walk, GOD WILLING! HOORAH!
  15. Reising Question

    X 50plt.YES ITS TRUE ! I like all of us actually DO have a BOSS. thank HIM that I have yet to see him in person PLEASE! I can assure you its NOT MORGAN FREEMAN so you need not worry about the smell.