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  1. For all you guys that are good at roaming the webb and know how to search, is there any way possible to find out how many of a specific model gun is registered in the system as transferable ? I know cost is relative to demand, but there are many models in the system that have little demand and few were registered. I think others might enjoy knowing the breakdown of whats out there also. recently several folks have asked me about the grease gun and I have absolutely no idea
  2. Pending FBI Background Check

    after my last post here that could be seen as a short hit at the staff at ATF, that was not my sole intent. I feel the need to share how one person can "go the extra mile" with ones duty. I sold a MP-34 and the forms stated it was made by STYER / Germany. new forms with a C+R lic were filed and after app 16 months returned as "not C+R eligible". during a call I was told pictures and previous approvals would not be of any help, the actual weapon had to be sent for examination. the buyer wanted it to go as fast as possible so it was agreed to attempt a transfer to his dealer then proceed. without ANY SPECIAL REQUEST, the examiner responded and said she would hand carry the next 2 transfers through the system to help salvage the sale for me. IT WORKED! both the trans to the dealer and the trans to the buyer were approved in less then 90 days. HOORAH for her, she gained absolutely nothing ,but my gratitude and personal satisfaction by her actions. she may have risked possible retribution from her supervisors for stepping out of the normal line doing so. this clearly shows that any applied effort results in better service and there certainly is room for more
  3. Pending FBI Background Check

    I have several "pending" form 4 transfers .many are past 12 months, while several have cleared that were submitted after those in less than 5 months. from my experience its the examiner that sets the pace, and the FBI backlog is just an easy pass of the buck. at one time all the activity of ALL the examiners was posted in one of the forums. "BRIAN" may have completed 70+ while "Chaneswa" managed 20 or so during the same time period. hey theys just folks and you have all been to the Vehicle registration office and watched who actually did all the work while others clicked their nails and rolled their eyes at each other. its sad but a true fact that with all the hiring guidelines as the are, once that 3 axe handle cheek gets a chair and keyboard , producing is no longer of any importance and they don't answer to anybody that's watching. I do know that they started tracing every registration back to its original first form to confirm info and status before approval and that cant be helping things move at any decent rate. I know of several guns that transferred more than once on form 4's that ended up being "pre may" and denied. try that one on for size. I had just missed a "transferable" FND, by a few minutes at the SAR show. the dealer had an approved form 4 to him on display with the gun, it showed "NO RESTRICTIONS" the "LUCKY GUY" in front of me forked over $18,500.00 , new forms were filed, the dealer ceased operations. 2 months later the "LUCKY GUY" got his application back with a big red denied stamped across it and an explanation it was "pre may" restricted. last I heard he was not able to retrieve his funds and the only option was get it to a dealer that "would try" to get some of the money back. 3 of my recent buys had transferred as C+R eligible at least twice BEFORE I bought them and were found to be form 2 guns "not eligible" which effects the end value by a LOT. so thing is, nothing is as it was in the past and its buyer beware through no fault of many dealers it just is what it is. mike
  4. Suppressors coming off NFA Register ?

    yup , hated "Barney" almost as much as I hated television. couldn't see it helping anything but waste time, just like talking about "those guys" and all the unfounded "what ifs" ones mind can create when allowed to roam unchecked. being a history buff ran into "the MAINE explosion thoughts also witnessed first hand the "grassy knoll". OK Lets Create a bunch of little think tanks that meet and spew forth the imagined drivel to each other and only make each other feel good. point is what ya going to do about it ? nothing nadda zip that's what. I prefer to let the media rant , take the direction they choose and THEN respond UNITED with an intelligent approach to their idiocracy
  5. Suppressors coming off NFA Register ?

    AHH that guy 'conspirator" raises his triangle shaped head in the mix. do you really think someone sat off in some hidden location with a SAW and helped that jerk? methinks some simple pressure cookers loaded with remnants of "legal" fireworks, nails and other detritus would have been much more efficient and provided more reasons to attack otherwise gentle folks trying to survive as we all are and provided a much more valid conspiracy opportunity to roar over the webb. WHY CANT CRAZIES JUST BE CRAZIES? that's all they are ? all the resulting hoopla just plants the seed for another.
  6. WTK: Opinions on transferable M2 carbines.

    THE M-1 M-2 started it all for me for just plain ol go out and shoot as much as you can. its not a bad choice as parts are still plentiful and easy to find. In my opinion a "shooter" is best accomplished with a registered M-2 kit. one can gather a couple dif hosts and not beat just one to death, which will require a good smith to rebuild. plenty of reasonably priced "host's" are available. lately there has been some kits offered at unrealistic prices but a lower level can still be found if you keep after it. make sure you only use the later round bolts to avoid the inevitable flat bolt extractor crack. Both the reg'td receiver and conversion allow for support parts as backup for repairs and loose originals are again out there very reasonable. under no condition respond to any complete kits that are not papered for backup. its considered NFA when complete, make sure something is missing to avoid any problems. also remember any receiver stamped M-2 EVEN overstamps are machineguns by themselves many original guns were overstamped by govt armorers and then auto parts later removed. as far as ATF is concerned a reg'td kit in a M-2 marked gun is 2 machine guns if the kit is in another host so avoid that completely. that's my condensed 3 cents ! ENJOY MIKE
  7. Transferrable BM59 Repair

    SHOP time is scarce , but I always go to "bubba" BOB at BLACK RIVER MILITARIA first. you might give him a try. mike
  8. A Free M11?

    just my thoughts , but I cant see the need to convert a handy , light and nimble sub gun to a heavy awkward shark toothed beast that one cant pick up with out some sharp edged added rail eating your appendages. for me, GORDON INGRAM got it right the first time with the mac -10 series and while they don't go out all the time, I always enjoy the experience of that fast shooting hose. I was lucky and managed to get all 3 calibers before the madness set in and anything with a selector went crazy. recently at auction I won another pre auction gun with suppressor and several of the new "slow fire uppers". at first thought the SOUMI mag upper was exciting, but in use a major disappointment. mag changes were more difficult for these old hands and the excellent balance was gone. the slow fire was a big disappointment in itself. I guess if one did not have the option of another system it might have more use. I also see that it seems to help the guys doing the matches at some shoots, but its not for me. I do have a lot of choices in the rack but tend to shy away from the norm a lot. and while I don't own any AR-15 / M-16's that weigh over 7 lbs , many do so it must boil down to an opinion and what one likes . just a suggestion, but you might try to get to a shoot that offers rentals before you make that important purchase and try as many variations you can. Be aware that reliable magazines are a MAJOR ISSUE with most of the MAC series except the .45 cal which happens to be my favorite. do your research and avoid the disappointment , welcome to the fold! MIKE

    UPDATE.after all the research to date, this is another example of ATF going all the way back to the first registration to confirm the description, mfgr , etc. before processing the new transfer. when the transfer to the auction house was completed the approved forms clearly show the Manufacturer to be "SPRINGFIELD ARMORY , MASS USA. THE Auction House also secured and provided original manufacturing records by serial number for this gun to be in 1949 which was part of the description at the sale. the forms completed and approved by "E- FILE" show the manufacturer to be ELMER BALANCE DBA, SPRINGFIELD ARMORY , which will obviously cancel any C+R eligibility . in this case a picture of the registration forms added to the description, only would have backed up the misinformation and no help at all. looks like we are both going to end up losing at this stage, but nothing has been finalized at this point (sigh) more later mike
  10. WTB: 2 original Armalite AR180 20 rd mags

    ok, thank you for that information, I didn't know they would interchange I only have close to 200 original 20 rounders 11 guns. that's a very useful response. thank you again sir.
  11. AUG SEAR GUNS info / help

    guy's thanx for all the help with this aug. I stumbled on to someone that had a ton of just what I needed. had his gun long enough and fired it enough to become proficient with the system. he had sold his gun and the buyer didn't want ANY of the parts. there is enough to wear out 4 or 5 hosts and that's exactly what I needed. on top of that , he is a SUPER GUY and wanted a bunch of MY STUFF. cant get any better than that, it was like rolling back the clock 20 years HOORAH!
  12. WTB: 2 original Armalite AR180 20 rd mags

    for which gun? costa mesa , howa or sterling? mike
  13. WTB: M60

    MD, if you will call the folks at Julia , they will give you the straight scoop on the 60 or anything else in the sale. ASK FOR JOHN KEENE. If I remember correctly, its a springfield/ rock island with the rails welded to the trunion which is not the best way to go, but if it runs you can have some fun and get it corrected down the road. I have owned 2 of those and one worked perfect until it hit close to 50k rnds then it was like the other one and ran about 85%. I had US ord cut out the rails and rivet them in the proper way and the new owner says its 100%. JUST CONFIRM ITS NOT ID'D as a BM 59 Italian M-60 on the paperwork STAY AWAY FROM THOSE! I believe one day all form 4's will require pictures and those will be scrap for sure. GOOD LUCK MIKE
  14. MG Transfer Question: Ind. to Ind. in State

    WASSAMATAYU??? pay tax on a private transaction ? from your name, I would gather you do some type of tax business or ?? you certainly live in the right state , as I do , if there is some insane law hiding somewhere my self and 99% of everyone else in this state are tax criminals ! I DONT KNOW ANYBODY, NEVER HEARD OF ANYBODY THAT WOULD TRY TO PAY A TAX ON A PRIVATE TRANSACTION IN THIS STATE. please try to keep it to yourself and your customers if that's the case. now that that's out of the way (sigh) the amount paid up front is flexable and decided by the bargaining parties. in most cases its all up front. I often take everything but the registered part when I pay unless I know the party very well. I learned the hard way with a 60 purchase about using a gun after its sold. it also prevents multiple sales which has happened also. heavy sigh MIKE
  15. PPS43 build guide/thread etc

    if you want to do it the easy way, just get one of the pistols, slot a bolt and add a new lower it might take 40 min to get running and no welding etc. did several and all ran perfect from the start.