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  1. WTB RUGER AC .556

    phil, I thought about this deal overnight and we might be able to put something together. I sent you a direct e-mail and am waiting for a reply MIKE
  2. WTB RUGER AC .556

    looking to find a reasonable deal for a FULL sized AC.556 MG. NO conversions please. I would "prefer" stainless but will consider a blue example . only clean well cared for examples need apply. also will buy a couple COMPLETE parts kits , blue OR stainless no worries. thanx MIKE
  3. WTB: PRE-86 Dealer Sample FN MAG-58 / M240

    IN THE 60's , there was a couple groups of MAG-58's that came in country. of course they were ALL transferable. a dealer I knew had 3 from ISRAEL in 7.62 and 2 others in 7.92 mauser. he "loaned" me one of the 7.92 guns at a MARANA shoot for 2 days and I was hooked! spent the next 40 plus years trying to buy one and really had my heart set on an actual MAG-58 rather than a 240 , because it fit my FN collection better. it seems ALL the early guns have a long list waiting "if anything" ever happens and they NEVER make it to any published offering. when MANDELLS closed shop in SCOTSDALE , AZ they had ONE pre may 249 and it hammered over $50k and that was b-4 2000 ! I have never looked but wonder how many actual 249 and 240 pre may guns are "out there" honestly?
  4. LOKKING TO BUY ORIGINAL CANVAS M-1 CARBINE 30 ROUND MAG POUCHES . not sure of the era but most will be post WW II I would think . they will have the typical "lift the dot" fasteners and many are not maker marked. as long as serviceable condition not critical . THANX MIKE!
  5. the thread I opened never gave me a close enough view to id much more than it was a Valmet with a milled receiver. while in FINLAND AND ISRAEL I examined several weird variations of the VALMET ,many appeared to be factory but most were almost bubba attempts to keep a weapon functional. this example most likely fits that agenda. most common was a wooden or fiberglass cut off D handle from a garden tool like a spade. I don't believe ANYTHING left the factory with that small of tube for a stock. yes they used parts up but the parts used had some past application. nothing that small had any past factory history that I am aware of. the LEEDS pattern room in ENGLAND has a pile of VALMET "capture" guns from IRELAND many showing garage improvisations. most are later stamped and .556 . the short straight box profile of the magazine in the gun firing in the air has the look of a 7.62x51 magazine to me but that's only a guess at this point it would take much better pics for a more positive ID.
  6. Is a c&r license worth the headaches?

    OVER the years , I have also heard all these HORROR STORIES about ATF late night exams and everything else you can think of. NOT ONE WENT PAST THE FIRST BLURT OF B/S! in 40+ years know of only 1 "visit" checking the transfer of a pistol found in a stolen car that was traced back to the lic holder. they took note of the log out info, said thank you and left. I have never had more than a C+R and have ZERO facts about the other federal licenses. I went through the JACK BOOT DAYS following passage of the 68 gun control act and all the people I knew back then that were dealers in NFA and manufacturers ALSO had / have C+R licenses. I don't know if the trend is to work on the "grey" side or if all the activity done is 100% legit. it was explained to me that a out of state transferor MUST invoice a modern firearm to the transferee BEFORE he leaves the state with it or must be shipped to the new buyer when they get home.. so unless both licensee's are in their home state , any new transactions require the firearm to be shipped from the transferors home address even if paid in full. several of the old time dealers like OHIO ORD ABIDE BY THAT RULE. WHEN THEY ARE AT KNOBB CREEK , any modern arm bought there , will go home and be shipped when they return PERIOD. if its a C+R and sold to a C+R holder, its hand to hand. I see all kinds of transactions done other ways , but avoid them completely. so for me, the advantage of a C+R is well worth it. NON NFA transfers ANY WHERE , ANY WAY. SHOOTS ? C+R NFA no form 5 just go and enjoy
  7. Making a custom upper for a MG

    an individual can build anything for his own legal nfa weapon to enhance the existing design or change the caliber etc. the "CATCH" is the change cant be a machine gun and fire ALONE! or be made to do so by an "easy" alteration. one such animal was created by the tech people using a shoe string to make one run. you can complete your build then I would suggest you send it off for approval and make a prior agreement with some SOT to receive it should it not pass. they will not prosecute if a fault is found. in that case they would refuse to return it to you .
  8. BPP 21E vs. MM 21E

    I agree with NICK ! while not a fan of any of the 21's I have never had someone ask about a fix for any of mikes work and it looks like a piece of art. that 7.62 gun is BRUTAL! 9 rounds and I was DONE.
  9. ITS BEEN A WHILE AS YOU CAN SEE FROM THIS THREAD. however at the time I found it fast on U-TUBE scaning AR builds. following many ATF prosecutions its obvious they pile on as many charges as the can at the start in order to weaken defensive attitude. in this case they had him so solid on other charges the chose to drop the receiver charges them selves and it all got twisted by self interest webb vultures attempting to gain notoriety . the violation was flagrant and self supporting enough, but they had him SOLID on much easier to prove charges without opening any debate.
  10. Form 4 times individual to SOT

    I just had one of my form 4 guns to a dealer clear in 20 days ! things might be looking up?
  11. Form 4 times individual to SOT

    (sigh) no winning this one, he knows all thus bets us weys.
  12. M37 BMG Conversion

    yes, same as a 1919 left rear ctg stop / front ctg guide /right rear ctg stop. and of course the brl
  13. 8mm machine gun ammo FedArm?

    THIS IS GREAT ADVISE ! nothing went in my 34 with out it. I keep a fat .50 can with a fleece car detail glove in a bag and wipe ea rnd as I load it. then give the entire loaded belt a wipe. when I found an empty facing the bolt it usually meant the ejector was a tad long. when you have variation in the rate of fire it will also happen as the ejector hits with varied force. all my Rome 8mm was late production and never had any problem other than the expected case sticking when hot. 34's do not like steel cases, period. the german's hade a spl lube not available today and the cases had some type of coating. even then it was avoided and brass first choice.
  14. WTS: Transferable WWII German MP44

    BUBBA , FIRST let me say I have the most respect for you that possible and have often stated you are the only person I would trust any of my treasures to. my use of caps is not an effort to shout , I do it to simply make sure it gets noticed. case in point, your post. so much information one gets lost trying to take it all in. I mentioned you only because of your interpretation of C+R's in general many times expressed here on sturm. I know all about the "make date" etc. your opinion concerning rewats is the exact opposite of what has occurred on my end. I have done many and never marked or added anything to the gun or paperwork. these did not slip by , several have been examined by tech and my methods have all passed except one. it is impossible to type any sentence of the regulations and cover all the items that make one apply . when a item is brought to me and its status has been forever lost it breaks my heart. each one is a treasure and as value's climb more are coming to light. some owners have quoted your opinion when I advise the path I take, and is the only reason I mentioned you. it was never intended to be any type of attack . I regret ever getting involved as nothing will change this guns status anyhow. he also did not deserve everything that followed, it was a simple honest offer to sell.
  15. crooks! ripped off by armed response llc in missouri

    after I sent my post, I remembered you can block others from seeing your posts and thought I might have offended him also some time in the past another reason why I detest "webb" or site names what ever you call them. easy to hide and remember. I NEVER understood WHY its done or the benefit . the only time I hide my pants are down and its never in some park