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  1. Question about C&R for 1918 BAR

    BRMC, I am a little confused by your post because I have never seen a registered dewat except on a form 4 with a $5.00 tax paid and cant address anything I have not seen. if your explanation concerns those, then your very "detailed" explanation is not correct . don't feel alone, there are many others that have came to the same conclusion. please don't take my response personal, you must interpret things as you see them using the information you have. I have asked this question SEVERAL times both in person, face to face and by letter and the answer has ALWAYS been the same. it is much like I have seen many times in the past and another example of how many legit C+R's are needlessly lost forever. first problem. when a question is asked of ATF they MUST answer it as it is asked and too many folks , "lump" many issues in one sentence trying to get an answer. over the years, I have reactivated countless reg'td dewats using a form 1 and never has the weapon lost its status. one is not "making" they are "repairing" and NO MARKINGS ARE REQUIRED TO BE APPLIED PERIOD ! and the original manufacture remains as a matter of record. I owned a MP-34 that had been transferred as a C+R 3 times since 1997 it had no other markings anywhere on the weapon other than applied when made in the 30's or 40's. in 2014 I sold it and the buyer used a C+R on the new forms. in apprx 3 months it was returned "DENIED" and I had to get on the phone with the ATF tech branch for answers. they explained that in 1983 it had been "RE MANUFACTURED" and the new forms had the company name, rather than "AUSTRIA" as the manufacturer so it was no longer a C+R. on a later application, the new company marks were dropped and AUSTRIA reappeared for origin. they stated that was a "clerical error" but would not disclose who or what the company name was, just that the status was modern and that's final. I have never been a manufacturer , but know one can take on a job for "repair" , or enter a job on the books to "make" both would require a different end result. in 2018 I did 2 examples,both on tax paid form 4's of $5.00 to me. pics were sent in with the form 1 applications. and "restore to live function" the work was completed, no additional markings applied after the approval was received. another example was filed JAN-2019 and the approved form 1 processed in a record for me of 78 days. the piece has already been finished and again no additional markings applied. as it stands I can only go by example and when I see it done and the status lost, I will make an attempt to find out why in order to help others avoid the mistake.
  2. M4 14" barrel

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  3. Bren 7.92 Inglis Barrel

    pm sent! MIKE
  4. Question about C&R for 1918 BAR

    I am sure we will see something different than what I have to say come up, but its actually QUITE SIMPLE ! in order to qualify as a TRUE C+R NFA WEAPON. it had to be in the system and registered B-4 the 1968 gun control act took effect in spring of 1970 and be an ORIGINAL example built by one of the original contractors. both LIVE examples and properly registered dewats qualify. of course a "blanket approval" would require it also be 50 years old at the time of transfer. but individual C+R STATUS is available and possible for any weapon if its rarity/ design/ or history adds more value that exceeds its value as a weapon. if a licensed manufacturer did the work / entered it in his book and registered his name under manufacturer the status is voided even if all he did was add new parts putting it back COMPLETLY original. TODAY you can take a registered DEWAT, use a form 1 , make it live and it will still qualify as a C+R. some shops were misinformed and thought the law required them to mark any rewat with their name and enter it in their books. THAT MAKES IT A NEW BUILD and NOT A REPAIR. IF DONE AS A REPAIR, NO MARKINGS ARE NEEDED. another VERY IMPORTANT ISSUE that concerns ALL C+R's. "THEY MUST BE COMPLETLY ORIGINAL AND UNCHANGED AS MANUFACTURED! I know of more than one COLT 11mm VICKERS sideplate built into ground guns that were wrongfully BOUGHT and TRANSFERED as C+R's when if the actual facts were known to the agency it would not have happened! a "sporterized" 1903 springfield made in 1929 IS NOT A LEGITIMATE C+R! unless requested individually for that exact example by the owner ALL THOMPSON MACHINE GUNS any model no matter when built or by who are now C+R's. ATF tells me as of JAN 1 ,2018 that also applies to ALL SELECT FIRE FAL's and they transferred a SAR-48 on one. I hope that cleared it up for you a bit, trying to use the right words in the right place without stepping on my tongue is hard for this old man at times. cheers MIKE
  5. WTB Polytech,Norinco M14 Semi Auto

    OK GUY'S here is what I believe to be A LITTLE KNOWN FACT about the POLY TEC m-14 -s what I am going to say is very easy to confirm but finding the example to confirm it might be a little tuff. as most in the know are aware. when we were cutting back on M-14 production, we assisted the TAIWAINESE GOVT in setting up a facility to manufacture the M-14 for issue there. my memory of exactly what went down between CHINA and TAIWAIN in politics, but SOMEHOW the CHINESE ended up with almost ALL those NEW select fire weapons. we were one of the FIRST shops in the US to deal DIRECT WITH CHINESE officials for "POLYTECH AK's and sold several hundred b-4 they brought in the M-14 "sporting guns". I had/ have always had a major personal interest in the M-14 and owned several ORIGINAL transferable examples from all 3 manufacturers including many of the preproduction prototype guns, so needless to say I was a completely hooked junkie and had to know all there is about the new imports , so when they mentioned them I ordered 20, and they landed long b-4 they were even known to be available. yes , it saddened me to see that solid fake hider with the welded nut on the barrel , but something else was rotten in Denmark and ATF COMPLETLY MISSED IT! the lack of markings on the "HEEL" of the receiver perplexed me at first. by close observation it was VERY apparent that the "HEEL" had been ground down and on a couple, it was a typical Chinese CRUDE operation. I put them in a parts washer with that old GRAINGER SANTEEN SOLVENT and there was a GHOST of the old markings. THEY HAD USED ORIGINAL MG RECEIVERS AND GROUND ALL THE MARKINGS OFF then added the POLYTECH markings on the left side. all those MG's had forged receivers and were built exactly like our US guns. I cant say how many were done or how long they did it, but there were almost 50 thousand guns produced according to the records. two off those guns were converted and used by us for countless thousands of rounds with lots of barrel changes and NOTHING ELSE. after the market got going and they were out about and used, then all the horror tales hit the streets and that NORINCO after birth sure didn't help any. my whole point in for this little charade is NOT ALL of the polytech m-14's guns were junk! they are not the ONLY ones that used MG receivers where they shouldn't have. my first hot blue on a SPRINGFIELD SAR-48 , the "washer" glued in place of the SAFETY SEAR flew across the shop when I hit it with air?
  6. WTB M2 Carbine

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  7. R.L. after responding to your post as I spent my normal night in and out of the world last night much more came to mind. this type of performance or personal interaction would not have been possible prior to WW II except in a socialist society where it has always been the norm. I don't have the answers but do believe exposure to socialist thoughts allows a gradual change and acceptance much like cursing or smoking in front of your parents gets easier each time after you go out on your own. the constant degrading is inevitable . remember how insulted you were the first time some political idiot mentioned UBI ? now its fairly common and seems to be the base political platform of several "hopefuls" currently ranting in the public domain. I don't really see a fix and my crystal ball has scenes of MONKEY'S climbing around collapsing WASHINGTON federal buildings as the forest reclaims the ruins like they do in SRI LANKA on national geographic. what occurs between now and then is the great unknown, but it WONT be 2 different color uniforms advancing on each other in some pasture with muzzle loaders for damned sure. what is the latest number of AR-15's , 7million? posting like minded folks on these chat boards wont help either. the possibility of talking out a solution has long passed all it can do is strengthen ones resolve.
  8. R.L. chalk up another bad reason to "live another day" and suffer the best parts of the "NEW WORLD ORDER" I have a feeling this newbie is posting like he is in order to have a little protection from the ATF must have reg bus hours line on the license app? the only answer is the obvious conclusion he forced you to come to, NO MORE! I am sure you friends will understand you had the best intentions and no control over the yeh who any how. I don't know an answer and there certainly isnt an easy fix! when I moved here from AZ, I just knew there would be no problem finding an easy going established FFL holder and a class 3 dealer. NOT! keep in mind , I play HARD on the major auction circuit and 30/50 title one wins is quite common. all I could find were dealers in major shopping centers that wanted $50 and up to $100 PER GUN! and my class 3 stuff just sat while I looked for someone within 200 miles I could trust. several suggested this one NFA dealer so I hooked up with him and the first item to clear was a suppressor given to me as a gift. it was a NIB titanium 30 cal. when I went to pick it up it was obvious it had been used and a LOT! with 4 guns pending I just bit my lip and started looking again. while picking up parts from a local manufacturer, I opened up and cried my eyes out. they agreed to handle all my future class 3 and because they don't do anything with used guns gave me a contact for a local retired trooper for the standard stuff. he just charges me by the shipment and not by the piece. it often is less than $10.00 per gun, so now I am in fantastic shape. until some one moves on or quits. wish I could hep ya ! mike
  9. Early HK metal forearm?

    AS USUAL, BUDDY CALLED IT RIGHT , but I will go one step deeper in the mire. I had a COMPLETE factory assembled "SALESMANS SAMPLE" G-3 semi auto kit in the case that was prepared in GERMANY as a sales aid for GOLDEN STATE ARMS. every part had the same serial number and was hand selected for the matching numbered carry case. it had cutouts for the scope and claw mount, 3 magazines, cleaning kit, bayonet, and a folding stock. the gun had a slim line hand guard and the standard fixed stock .all the original sales aids paperwork was intact with dealer and retail pricing for guns and acc as presented with no mention of any additional parts not present in the case
  10. SKS info

    I now have 19 "NAM BRING BACKS" . never seen or heard of anything as you describe and I have owned many more. prior to the 68 GCA, customs would often scratch the point of origin in the wood of many arms they inspected and I always tried to be present when the containers were opened to avoid it. even then they insisted on scratching "RUSSIA" on several CZECH SHE rifles I brought back from the middle east in 67 so anything is possible I guess. IT CERTAINLY WAS NOT ANY COURSE OF ACTION IMPLEMENTED BY THE VIETNAMESE AUTHORITIES ON EITHER SIDE.
  11. M1A serial number info

    other than direct contact with the "new" Springfield Armory I know just enough about the early guns to keep out of trouble. the "DEVINE TEXAS" guns were under 3000.
  12. Tax stamp question

    Schmeiser guy, did you NOT read the add? he said UNCANCELLED !
  13. M240L barrel dimensions question

    JOHAN , I just spent a week at a major machine gun shoot with all the guys and asked around for any worn brls . nothing was available and they are the major user's. our GOVT chops all the bad brls in 6 pieces b-4 they send them to the scrap yard so no help there. b-4 I left I called all my machine shop people and the cost would be prohibitive for less than 100 units. I thought about trying a on off or 2 but my hands wont allow any such work from me. so as it stands right now other than the measurements , I wont be much help to you at this point . I will keep my eyes peeled for any other options.
  14. WTB - Turkish Aluminum 8mm belts

    DOUG is IMA out of them? I steered a guy there last month and he scored a few. if not let me know and I may part with a few.
  15. M240L barrel dimensions question

    let me try to get creative . so you need 2-3 brls? all lima?