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  1. mac 10 9mm UZI mag conversion

    GOT IT! sam replied back and its 4 months out but at least I know where to turn. THANX!!!
  2. LOOKING GOOD BILLY RAY! now if I could just find that "other " MARMONT (sigh)
  3. WTB - Early Savage Thompson or Colt Overstamp

    you might catch a decent hammer price on one of 2 examples they have a 21 with a military actuator and a 28 with the U.S. marks punched out. the 28 has the plain folded rear but that's an easy fix. both will make good shooters . BEWARE THE 20% buyers PREMIUM!
  4. mac 10 9mm UZI mag conversion

    HKG3K (might have missed something) THANX FOR THE HIT! reached out to him and hope to get it done CHEERS MIKE
  5. Musings of an old reloader

    WELL I have a LOT more to say about ALL of it. but there is not enough room. MY #2 ? everyone has there own pers taste, all ican say about her here is they were long , it was round and it cycled smooth as a COLT 21. she was younger than my daughter and gave me 10 perfect years , only cost me 3.5 mill or so. its been so long since I have touched anything soft or without grease at times I think it was worth it. this is not a GENTS SITE so enough of that. lets share some more old gun stuff. when I was 12 yrs old, I met J-CURTISS EARLL for you "young guys" that don't know, he was the foremost class 3 dealer in the U.S. and advertised in all the major mag's with the header "DO YOU WANT TO OWN A MACHINE GUN" he never had less than 500 guns in stock when I showed up. while he knew the value and history . he had no idea how/ why they worked or how to take them apart. I DID ! and from day one maintained them, packed sold units and traveled to all the shoots with him. there are folks out there that repeat bad tales of him they heard from "somebody" and they are NOT TRUE! 99% of it came from jealousy . It was a real privilege to be on the MARANA firing line with the likes of DOLPH GOLDSMITH, GORDON INGRAHM, EUGENE STONER and all the KEYSTONES of the recreational machine gun community. I know its not nice to speak ill of the dead but when all those men with impeccable human personality's are remembered, the bad seed has to show his face. IE; PETER KOKALIS, at my age it was best to hang in the shadow and listen and he went against the grain from day one. try to find and view the LAS VEGAS SOLDIER OF FORTUNE CONVENTION machine gun shoot video and you will see what I mean. its 7:30 am and sadly I have to drive 12 miles to the other side of the ranch where the vault is and test fire a MG-34 that I put a DANISH 308 conversion in this morning. may try the BREDA 30 again if I have time so to coin another old phrase from days gone by TOODLE LOO !
  6. Musings of an old reloader

    FRANKLY, I replied to this just so you know SOMEBODY noticed it. NICE STORY LINE and you brought back some good memories along with a few bad. you mentioned the wife and one time was bad enough then you had to do it some more. I did that thing 2 times and that was one too many. got it right the first time , she just didnt know it. seems like at your age, you would know that only "half of the downstairs" is only halfway and you should have gone ALL the way? IT WAS GREAT to know that someone is still around that played with all the old stuff and can still remember it, it allowed me to go back in time and enjoy it again. finding the note from DEWEY and WEATHERBY had to hit home and make you think about others that went in the trash I'm sure. it made me think back to the days on the back porch at VAL FORGET'S place as a young man busting caps with MELVIN JOHNSON while MR WILLIAMS leaned on the rail with that never ending cigarette hanging from his lip, or watching GORDON try a mag dump with his latest brainstorm. as I get older I find it hard to recall those things on demand. but they do "pop in" when something sparks a recall. of ALL the things taught me as a young lad, I regret that that old English tradition of a daily log was not passed on to me. again just to confirm someone noticed. cheers mike
  7. WTB Steyr AUG 24" Barrel and KCB-77 Bayonet.

    JOHN, what did you get for a barrel ? info is king! cheers mike
  8. AFTER I sold my last 9mm mac 10, someone started putting an UZI pistol grip on the lowers allowing the use of standard UZI mags .this was a good solution that avoided those hard to find WALTHER MP mags. I recently picked up another example and would like to give that a try. anyone know someone that has done this with good results? I would prefer someone that has done this before . thanx a BUNCH mike
  9. GLAD TO HEAR YOU GUY'S want to have a "multi " use venue for folks to benefit from in ALL ways rather than just a source of additions to the collection. all the talk about the failures of the "other" site only reminds me how close this place came to becoming the same thing due to "over moderating" and such. heck one could spend and hour trying to properly post on a subject, only to have it "zapped" because TOO MUCH information was in the title or some detail was explained in a way that did not fit some ones taste. I guess its best not to go too deep into what was done and why , BUT IT WAS A GOOD THING what ever it was. It seems that a few complain about the lack of sales volume since the change, but I can assure you the change didn't do it ! several things have brought that on. I believe the no 1 cause is the "feeding frenzy" caused by so much being available every where. some in such low volume , if you didn't look hard and fast, it was all gone when you heard about it. now tee tee new stuff is showing its head any where. the fact that your reply or post could get zapped for a misplaced period could be a close cause for the lack of customers. I know several folks that have a lot to contribute that said they would not bother trying anymore. gradually I have managed to gather a few back simply because WE ALL WIN. nothing beats "hands on" information and its all out there, lets get it back !
  10. MANNY, I'M not positive, but I believe the ZB37 SPADE ass will go right on this ? I was told that the BESA and 37 RECEIVERS were the same. if so it would have more appeal to folks so you might check it out. if you don't have a set, I would be glad to loan you one for pics to add. I may even have some extras , if so I could part with one also. just need to check. when I fired the BESA it was best handled on the A/A adapter cheers mike
  11. WTB Steyr AUG 24" Barrel and KCB-77 Bayonet.

    I believe all need to do is order the new FN heavy barrel and bipod from PJ correct ? or did the "under market " bug bite you ? Those aluminum bipods are a total let down for me and don't belong in the picture. I have several nos and like new orig 24" units but have no idea where to price one. if you strike out make me an offer and I may let one go. mike todd
  12. SIR, recently you and I got into a "little exchange" concerning the post offering these and the lack of price in the post. after I week or so has passed, I FEEL COMPELLED TO OFFER YOU AN APOLOGY! no matter my problem it was not the proper place to express my feelings is why I am doing this here. I had spent countless hours trying to buy 2 of these and the MFGR gave me several vendors to try to no avail and became quite upset with the entire process. previously I had visited your home page concerning other product you offered and was unable to locate them or they were out of stock. when I found the post for a product I had been forced to give up on, my hackles came up and we started and it was NOT GOOD! ithe entire thing kept haunting me every time I relaxed and it grew worse. I help a lot of folks find things and had recently visited your site with a different attitude and the results were just fine and very professional. SO PLEASE ACCEPT MY APOLOGY thank you MIKE TODD
  13. MANNY, the only problem with this gun is they just don't exist so few people have ever been around one! having owned more than 200 transferable MG's and USED most every thing out there the ZB37/BESA rates at the top for me. I own a STERILE CZECH original 37 and would not sell it for $125k when I bring it out for one of our shoots, I cant keep folks off of it. BE PATIENT IT WILL GO, I am surprised its still avail. mike todd
  14. WTB: any and all MAC smg parts or parts sets