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  1. Chi Com AK47 registered dewat.

    help with what? relieve you of its presence ? ok me bite how much? mike
  2. WTB: SIG AMT 5- or 10-Round Magazines

    TONY, what are they going for these days?
  3. AM180 Adapter for G3/HK91 or M11/9

    OK, I get the picture may have even walked by one on a table at the creek or some other show. don't know that I would have stopped to inspect it. at first glance it must resemble a G-3 sitting on a display stand with a round base ? that set up would look great in the den on a table next to my 1911 with the 100 round straight stick mag. wish I knew exactly where that thing was in the mess I could post some fun pics. its about 4ft long. not trying to be sarcastic those mags with the conversion kit needed to hold at least 30 rounds to be of any real use. if you find one, i sure would like to see a pic or two. and I have 5 or 6 early steel drums and a few winders in the pile. thanx a ton for the info! cheers mike
  4. concerning your post "wtb brng belt loader" and the term "functional" if you have past experience with them ignore me , if you don't PAY HEED. I have 20/25 available at diff levels and have used them off and on more than 45 years. While one often hears of the mystical loader that has done 10's of thousands of trouble free rounds, they must all be waiting out in some barn in the back of $300 complete WWII jeep in a crate because nobody I know has ever owned one. they almost demand a 2 man operation and must have USED belts to work at all. swede belts, izzy belts and late nato belts will work with reasonable consistency . when running them the major problem is the projectile wants to enter the belt in the middle of the pocket rather than the opening, so one must watch and use care. I have done several tests and can just keep up alone by hand with the average 2 man crew . either way its danged tiresome. if you have any NOS WWII Russel belts NOTHING will load them. the pockets have shrunk and they must be played with hard to get one working. I believe I have finally come up with an easy solution and am making a dummy cartridge with a hex head and other features that will cure the problem completely. we want to put these on the market once a MFG process is worked out so that's all the detail I can provide right now. sorry just wanted to be sure we are on the same page before I went any deeper. what I have is= all steel WWII era complete no box $800 plus ship. should fit a large flat rate USPS carton ok. may have one left missing the chute and 1 shouldered plate screw. it runs fine as is 725. pus actual I never use the chute even with 2 men. its smoother and faster. just place one ctg at pusher, close halfway then place 2 ctg's on shuttle plate. # 2's job is to keep 2 rnds on the shuttle and #1 starts cranking. when you use the chute, they will hang up which messes up the motion and slows it down. ANOTHER big tip, don't bother buying any diff cal conversions. for example to do .308 , keep the 30/06 "pusher" in the machine cut a piece of mold steel stock 12 to 13 mm thick and same size as the pusher. Dremel a primer recess in the middle where it will contact the nato rnd and the attach with super glue. it will stay almost forever and can be removed with a gentle tap. same thing for the Russian round except it is 9mm thick. you can make all your own needles using a small cut off wheel and large safety pins that will last as well as the hard to find originals. let me know if anything fits your needs and I will start digging. please keep in mind I am disabled and have several hundred K pounds of goods to dig through so ask that its a serious interest. cheers MIKE
  5. MR MAIM, I am 72 yrs old, been in this stuff hard since I was 9 and did cash work for INTERARMS. I have always taken great pride in helping folks and not getting a "pawn broker " attitude when selling/sharing stuff , but frankly the lack of response to your post and how long you have been trying is starting to wear on me. please take a few moments and explain why you need a set. all the cheep ammo is gone so its danged hard to shoot unless you reload and after a point you just pick a caliber with the most reasonable componets. along with my "herd of VICKERS MG's I have lots of 8mm locks and feed blocks and have sold one set in 40 years to "help" a young man get a C+R Turkish gun back to original. I do have a couple locks made by FAB- NATIONAL for that contract with ZERO wear but they are pitted in spots from moisture under the cosmoline, if we can come to terms and that would work I could pair it with a MINT feed block and get you going. SO take some time and fill me in. CHEERS MIKE
  6. .223 M60 Parts - A closer look

    AARON, I called the shop to see if the rifle tooling was open and we can get it in anytime. someone needs to start scrounging barrel collars. maybe there is somebody out there that can deal with MG DAVE at SARCO better than me all I get is BLANKS on my orders and lucky if an email is returned. I do know they have a ton of demilled 60 parts. I am trying another source also. I CAN PROMISE ONE THING! I WILL NOT REQUIRE A DEPOSIT IN ADVANCE FOR FUTURE MACHINE WORK for any conversions I'm part of. we already have all the equipment on hand to do the work and its waiting. cheers guys lets do it! MIKE
  7. AM180 Adapter for G3/HK91 or M11/9

    sorry but I HAD TO ASK. never heard of such a thing. a 177 rnd .22 rim fire drum in a hk g-3/91? please help me
  8. Dewat re-activations

    just found out mike lost his mother and is having a VERY hard time adjusting. please give him a chance to come around if thinking about him. mike todd
  9. SADLY "RARE" means nothing when it comes to value and it can often be the only reason something has a low value. check out the value of a 20's era PIERCE ARROW COUPE and you will see a perfect example. just not enough to go around, no parts, etc. it seems almost ALL the variations of the MAC carbines where either never assembled or broke down, because other than one example I viewed at the GREAT WESTERN that was it, while the complete uppers showed often and for little money. last year I bought a lot of mac parts at auction and they only pic'd the complete upper and an additional stripped brld upper with 8 or so other "sub gun " uppers and parts in the description. got it all for less than $250 . all the long stuff got tossed on a shelf and has not moved since.
  10. 1957 Solothurn S18-1000 Advertisement

    sadly, I had just ordered 2 LAHTI's And 4 cases of ammo when these showed up , and no more funding was coming for a while, then they were gone. it was a bit strange because there was no advance talk about them, they just "arrived" so I think it was a quickly closed deal added to a larger purchase. MR EARLL did get one with the wheeled mount that I managed to use some of my ammo in at a MARANA shoot and it broke my heart. one of the finest machined, smoothest running weapons ever encountered by me. however the new "WINDRUNNER .50 semi was a definite close second in both respects. too bad the management was not up to par and they never really happened enough to do any good. the SA-18 is one of those things that will give as much joy looking and touching as shooting. ANZIO's new ammo makes all 3 very real for who ever gets this one. (sigh) mike
  11. M3: Universal to 1919 Pintle adapter needed

    while browsing on gunbroker I ran into the alternative adapter I mentioned to you. it is gunbroker number 771569494 if you are still looking. cheers mike

    TOM, THANK YOU FOR THE REPLY! we actually have 2 M-60's in the collection now one is NIB maremont that I bought direct in 83 and a J+R shooter. I want to get a MAREMONT that I can SHOOT not look at then move the J+R. I am a private collector so samples don't help . so far all i have found are NIB examples and may be forced to go that way, but will keep trying a bit longer. I DO HAVE A MINT UNFIRED 100% matching MG-34 tanker that I may have to put in the mix it might entice someone to make a move?
  13. Need value on unique M2 carbines

    BDMERC, I have seen every WWII manufacturer marked carbines stamped "M-2" many of the first run "INLAND" M-2's were simply marked "m" when the receiver markings were applied. then as they were completed the final digit was hand stamped in the proper model. during the post war rebuild program it was common to "overstamp" the 1 with a 2 if so equipped which has been the majority in my observations. during inlands final two build lots there were indeed several that were marked "M-2" at the same time. they should all be very high number guns. WINCHESTER factory marked M-2's are also common. NOW THINGS CAN GET A BUT CONFUSING? PRIOR to the 1968 gun control act, many of us that converted and registered standard carbines to M-2 would also over stamp the 1 with a 2 which is perfectly legitimate and legal under the act. COMPLIANCE raises its ugly head when we started registering other than the actual receiver as the actual NFA item. many people would over stamp the "HOST" with a 2 in a desire to look more realistic. that in fact creates an additional NFA weapon that is NOT in the registry and a violation even if the registered "pack" is present . I have observed several examples openly traded and offered by many mainstream high volume dealers and just shudder at the consequences. to appreciate it fully you must have endured the months following the act becoming law and seen how much attention carbines attracted and how they were used to charge individuals that would never dream of violating ANY LAW. last summer we had a small shoot here at the ranch and one guest brought his recently approved trigger group registered as a group only that he bought from a "MAJOR" dealer. it was packaged with a KOREAN ERA rebuild M1 the dealer supplied. someone had thoughtfully over stamped the 1 with a 2. ATF has issued several "rulings" stating that ANY carbine marked with a 2 , over stamp or not is of and by itself a firearm and must be registered. I wonder how many other innocent victims are out there waiting?
  14. Dewat re-activations

    WAIT FOR BUBBA ! ITS WORTH EVERY SECOND. if he did not respond to your request, it was for GOOD REASON .honestly I don't know how he keeps such a great disposition. you would not believe the number of requests and how far from reality some of them are. MICHAEL LAMB in AZ is also quite capable. few in the industry can equal his welding skills and ability with a machine. like others he is slow to respond due to work and travels required. so be patient . his contact info is Michael.d3llc@gmail.com GOOD LUCK! mike
  15. have you actually received ANY 8mm barrels from them? SARCO, as usual has had 8mm Vickers barrels in an add constantly for more than 8 years that I know of. every couple months , I sent MG-DAVE an email to see what they are and claims they are out of stock to check back. just for kicks, I placed a 70+ piece Vickers parts order . the most exotic part was an 8mm barrel ALL THE REST was common everyday parts. needless to say they claimed NOTHING was in stock. please check back . IN FACT the past 8 years they have zeroed EVERY SINGLE Vickers part I have ordered EXCEPT, TURKISH A/A extensions and the repo can holders so don't hold your breath. the parts you want are out there , folks are reluctant to let them go as they are not replaceable anymore, and its only going to get worse.