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  1. weird you got no reply, they are very customer oriented with me. the original 9mm mac used the WALTER MPL / MPK mags which are double stack , double feed and these are decent copies. when I say that, they feel good and function well. where they lack is in the base quality. NOTHING IN THE FIELD is better than those WALTHER MAGS when it comes to finish etc. I have referred others that found them satisfactory and 100's of times better than that plastic junk out there.
  2. What do I need to know about mk760

    read between the lines of my post if you will. as I stated I too feel there is a legit place for the 760, BUT it takes a certain frame of mind to "play" with one and if you can get it done without using a full cost repair service,its worth a shot. BUT don't go into one without knowing about all the shortfalls. SOFT PARTS are common, out of spec IS COMMON and its just not going to last with any HEAVY USE unless you keep up with it. sadly too many first timers are drawn to them due to the low cost and vendors anxious to make a sale "sometimes" don't tell the whole story.
  3. mp44 parts kit

    BR, again I wish I were better equipped and able to search as well as all you new guys, because as you well know all the info is just sitting and available to those that know what buttons to push. all I can do is relate what I personally observed in past years while chasing all this stuff. I NEVER REPEAT JUST WHAT SOMEONE STATES , but do accept most published accounts and things observed directly involving friends and other collectors. deciding who to believe and how much can be difficult at best. one can only use past experience and reputation to make a judgement. as I know it, the THOMPSON STORY started with a 1/4 page add in the shotgun news, offering destructed like new kits from an individual . it grew to a half page add and ran a couple months. customers stopped receiving goods and were not able to contact the seller. some related they had been contacted by the justice dept wanting details of transactions and several complained they never got refunds or goods. through others involved it was learned the seller had been convicted, sentenced and imprisoned. A few years passed and the add showed up in shotgun news AGAIN from the same vendor. he claimed a portion of the inventory was not seized, judged ok and available for sale. this add did not last long! and again victims claimed he was arrested and charged for the same thing! at the time the shared "story" was the second lot of parts was something missed completely in the first incident. back then I was managing J CURTIS EARLLS inventory and we had more than 200 thompsons on the books so it came up during transactions several times. actual facts would be nice to know. you mentioned the GREENBURG CASE . he was well known to me and getting any accurate details was almost impossible at the time. all the info passed back and forth on sites like this one made for interesting reading but in reality most just hearsay as you well know. I DID have an informal conversation with one of the agents involved in the early stages of the case and he made some interesting statements about how evidence was obtained and how the decision was made on who to prosecute and how. again nothing on paper or documented, but a pretty reliable source I would say.
  4. TOM, I know you wanted originals, but so did I and looked for 3 yrs. found a couple at $150 , passed and then NOTHING! FTF industry the well known vendor of mac parts, contacted the original manufacturer of the mags after all the WALTHER MAGS were gone and they have done a new run. I HATE all the after market junk out there but was desperate and refused to waste any money on any plastic. these are metal and look EXACTLY like the first NON WALTHER MAGS that INGRAHM shipped with their guns. I ordered a bunch to look at and test. THEY LOOK GOOD and at first felt there was too much up and down play when installed but they ALL ran PERFECT! so you might give them a try the price is also very good and I don't think they will last long. cheers mike todd
  5. Reising m50

    THUMPY, A TOUGH JOB! maybe there has been something printed lately that could help. the problem is there were/are both commercial AND military guns. then of course you must remember NUMERICH ended up with most everything except the prototypes at H+R which were sold at the auction. I thought I knew about most runs until I stumbled on a bunch of 50's and 55's in EUROPE in the 90's all were as new and had to be cut to bring them in. in GERMANY I found another group that had a HUGE CLUB FOOT STOCK making them have a "bull pup" look. when you get your gun, gather up the 4 finer grits in CRATEX sticks and deburr/ smooth every piece. the gun will come smooth as glass and feel "SWISS" in the hand. GOOD JOB
  6. R.L. GOD HOW I WISH I COULD FLY. I would give most anything to sit on a stump and commiserate with YOUFACE TO FACE! WE COULD FIX IT ALL IN ONE FELL SWOOP that would show just how bad SIR GEORGE MONTGOMERY REALLY WAS!
  7. German MG81 and 81 pats and acc.

    PM sent mike
  8. WTS MAC M11 CAL 380

    GOOD PRICE ON THIS ONE! don't sleep too long
  9. mp44 parts kit

    the rule of law is based on possession not location. I have taken more than a little flak about my opinion concerning the legality of selling old saw cut kits and it is no more than that MY OPINION. however it IS based on interaction with numerous individuals that have experienced seizure / charges and great financial loss. the govt takes the stand "readily restorable" is a violation of the NFA. they publish what those current standards are. since the early 80's maybe b-4 , destruction requires a minimum of 1/4" removal at all cuts . to offer a "readily restorable" package is a violation. I have never heard of anyone prosecuted for simple possession, if no transaction occurred or was attempted other than DANS cannon deal but possession is covered in the act and I wouldn't be surprised to learn of one. remember when all the BREN kits were coming in? the first published standards called for 2 torch cuts and no mention of the GAS TUBE in front of the barrel latch. an individual in AZ could make one of those run in less than 1 hour with only a simple buzz box welder. then they changed the regs to include the tube be cut also. the early kits will usually bring a premium over the later ones. I feel the most DANGEROUS out there are the one saw cut thompsons as they were cut in the 50's. just today a non matching saw cut mp38 receiver with most parts mp 40 is offered here for $12k WHY? when taking risk DO YOUR OWN MATH after all its only you risking what ever you have.
  10. What do I need to know about mk760

    PILE OF DOG SHIT? I wouldn't go that far to describe most any NFA device except maybe those PLASTIC TECH 9'S. ANYTHING STEEL CAN BE FIXED and made to run but you best have the equipment, time and desire. hell , I have built water cooled belt feds and put 'MISTING SPRAY NOZZLES in broken jackets cuz I loved to "play" around a the challenge. that's why I did so much with the odd calibers in the 1919 /'17 browning. you know 38spl and .410 shotgun and the like. BUT< GOD help you if you have to pay someone. I have "JUNGLE WORKSHOP" skill level and always pay for precision work by people that CAN do the work. EVEN this past year I lost more than $5k trying to get a long range rifle built. I SPENT $700 at SHILEN for an air gauged BLANK after paying $2k to the first builder that put a off center chamber in it. the GOOD BUILDER refused to complete any repairs because the bore had a tight spot 11 inches from the muzzle. who wants a 15" barreled CREEDMORE?
  11. mp44 parts kit

    I LACK COMPUTER SKILLS AND SEARCH KNOWLEDGE , but our org DID OFFER legal support for a couple and I know others PERSONALLY. the worst was DANS RUSSIAN CANNON BUY. 2 approved dewatts with full documentation. shipped to AZ WITH AGENCY APPROVAL! after arrival during a so called "compliance check" both cannons in same condition were seized along with EVERYTHING ELSE ON SITE! 2-3 years negotiations and a plea deal was agreed due to financial burden's. DAN IS WELL KNOWN IN THE TRADE and for some reason has the nick name DANGEROUS BOB? the other I know about is a well known case involving saw cut THOMPSONS. it has been discussed several times on many boards but I was not involved or know anyone personally. in the 70's and 80'smy family ran the major gunshows in AZ and a few vendors had table inventory seized . again all I know of the individual was hit with so many charges they accepted the loss and charges were dropped.
  12. What are these front sights for?

    YES, THE EXTRA TALL WAS THE KEY FOR MY OPINION. it was an attempt to create a market for something to sell not available from others and marketed as an aid for long range light gathering. also the VMI packaging was another marketing attempt added in the 60's to add credibility . remember back then original small parts were auctioned at apprx $0.10 per pound at all the base sales I bought several lots at $125 a ton!
  13. GADS, THATS WHAT I SAID AT THE GET GO! IF TAXABLE, any tax is due when the gun is MOVED and sorry to disagree but all my guns were recorded ON A FORM -4 when I bought them SO, "THE TRANSFER WAS RECORDED ON A FORM 4 AND THATS WHERE THEY SIT. and just to keep the record straight , I said "it might be possible a new licensee" not that it was fact! this thread started because the DAMNED QUESTION WAS ASKED ABOUT A GUN STATED TO BE REGISTERED ON A FORM 4 at a SOT out of state and what was the best way to handle it? if NOT A C+R , IT MUST GO TO A FFL/SOT IN THE SAME STATE AS THE "TRANFERER" ON A TAX PAID FORM 4. IF EXISTING ON A FORM 4, IT CANT BE TRANSFERED USING A FORM-3. THEN ANOTHER TAX MUST BE PAID TO PUT IT ON ANOTHER FORM-4 TO THE FINAL RESTING PLACE. ! IN MY STUPIDITY, I TRIED TO EXPLAIN THE WAIT INVOLVED IN EITHER CASE, HOPING HE WOULD SEE IT BEST TO GET A C+R LIC FIRST, IF THE WEAPON WAS ELIGABLE. ALL THE MUMBO JUMBO GOBBEL DE GOOK THAT FOLLOWED WAS COMPLETLY OUT OF TEXT AND CONTINUES TO FOLLOW THAT COURSE AND IT CHANGES NOTHING! YOU CANT CHANGE ANY PART OF AN EQUATION AND GET THE SAME RESULTS YOU WERE SEARCHING FOR! at no point was a complete explanation of the national firearms act requested or needed and form 5's form 9's were never brought up now we are forced to ingest those possibilities . I THOUGHT it was only a bureaucrats duty to complicate things! and it certainly makes it easier for me to understand why we are in the position we are in now. I ALSO STATED I WAS THROUGH BUT ITS STARTING TO BE FUN SO LETS DO IT! WHO'S NEXT!
  14. What do I need to know about mk760

    DONT ! when you asked it told the story. they do make great "toys" and are enjoyable to use, BUT they will require a solid "FIDDLE KNOWLEDGE" to keep one going and the tools to do it. at the bare minimum you will need a close friend with the tools and knowledge. parts are soft / many examples out of spec/ others "BUBBA 'D UP and getting a good one is very rare. a very good friend of mine made one perfect and it ran like a champ 3 yrs ago he sold it the owner has had it maybe 10 months and he has driven my friend insane with issue's get a POWDER SPRINGS or RPB- INGRAM M-10 or a REISING . same money no issue's .the REISING has been a part of my collection more than 50 yrs and I have NEVER broken a part. I have bulged a bunch of barrels using cast reloads and just kept on using them as is . you cant go wrong! hell i'm going to go shoot one of mine RIGHT NOW!
  15. MG's as an investment

    THUMPY! SHAME ON YOU ! HOW RE THEY POSED TO FEED ALL DIM HALL MAGOTS AND INDIGENT SPERM RECEPTACLES IFN YOU AND ME DON PAY TAXES? THINK ABOUT HOW MUCH MONEY THEY NEED TO FUEL THE BUSES TO SHUTTLE ALL THE VOTERS AROUND THE GHETTO? just between you and I what you declare has little to do with what they can hit you with. all they need do is watch and it WILL KETCH UP! THE YEAR AFTER I LIQUIDATED MY BUSINESS , I BECAME COMPLETLY AND OFFICALY DISABLED and am not required to file ANY income tax statements for 22 years, because there isn't ANYTHING! 6 years after my last divorce I was "AUDITED" they needed to know how I could pay a $5700. per month mortgage with ZERO INCOME or cash assets ! one of the main reasons I left her is after I cut off access to the funds , she just got a credit line on our paid for home all without ANY SIGNATURE OR NOTICE TO ME! I "gave" her the house in the settlement and she never took it out of my name so for almost 13 yrs IRS POUNDED MY BUTT and made it impossible to have a bank account longer than 90 days no matter how many times it was explained or what papers I sent, they still pulled the plug and I had to answer. when they quit making tin coffee cans, I went to 20 mm ammo cans, no long teller lines or monthly fees , but it is impossible to cash a check. I gave ALL my guns and ammo to a friend ,have a free hand buying or selling what "HE" needs live on the ranch and do what I WANT EVERYDAY! THE ONLY WORRY IS THOSE DAMNED YANKEE'S AND HOW YOU GUY'S ARE GOING TO HANDLE THEM when this thing "IMPLODES ON ITSELF"