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  1. Auction Houses

    I was one of those "phone bidders" and managed to get every lot I wanted for LESS than I had set for MAX. (HOORAH) only time will tell on the secret service UZI , but the C+R status and IDF history will make it pass that at any rate. Much of the NFA in this sale has EXTREMLY FEW examples in the system and nothing of the type had been offered in more than 30 years. THIS FALL was a tough one for both seller's and buyers because of the MAJOR collections and quantity offered. the ROCK ISLAND , Dec sale had a major effect on MOPHY'S because no matter what is offered , there is only so much money to play with. several buyers I spoke with decided to pass because of the 20% buyers premium. I feel that fact helped me in the long run. but it did hurt me with my GATLING.
  2. Auction Houses

    SELLING OR BUYING ? makes no difference. what makes the results vary so much is how many folks are drawn to the item. it takes at least 2 for anything much to happen. FOR EXAMPLE; I thought one of these new made COLT GATLINGS would tide me over as a "shooter" . in 2017 at JAMES JULIA I bought a new example and 3 others had the same idea. IT cost me $40K or close to it. after it landed, I discovered only an original would do and bought one. I sent the UNFIRED NEW EXAMPLE back to the same auction house and NOBODY was present so it did not even open at $25k when offered. Normally at these 3 and 4 day auctions I register as a live phone bidder for the entire auction and listen to EVERY LOT. doing so allows me to bid on anything under market NFA included. since 2013 I have won more than 25 NFA and some for less than HALF CURRENT MARKET after the premium was added. EVERY AUCTION house has there own "standards" and so called in house experts and you MUST do your homework or be ready to suffer their short comings. ONE in particular will always describe a lot and avoid mentioning anything that would lower the value for example a COLT THOMPSON with GI internals is worth a min of $10k less instantly. or a reblue etc, another IMPORTANT issue would be the original manufacturer. even if a MP-40 has WWII GERMANY on the form it may not transfer as a C+R and would be worth a lot less. SO the bottom line is, the buyer must do his homework and KNOW what he is doing or it will cost them. SADLY THAT IS TRUE NO MATTER WHICH VENUE YOU CHOOSE. there are a LOT of NFA dealers that JUST DONT KNOW the product and really don't care to. the ONLY CONCERN IS HOW MUCH CAN THEY MAKE. I wanting to sell, QUALITY GUNS will never see an auction house, there is usually a long line of folks ready to take it when its available. WITH many of the larger collections the only reason they go to an auction house is to take the easy way out and almost always they will loose a lot of money doing so.
  3. MG-34 .308 conversion experiance?

    LANCE , PLEASE don't get me wrong, I was glad to see your post! that's the exact procedure I always use and its never let me down if the ammo was consistent in 8mm. when I installed the .308 parts I used 3 bolts and ALL 3 did the same thing. fire one rnd the stop with the empty in the throat backwards with the new round jammed on top???????? it did fire 100 rnds of WCC69 perfectly. a followup with LC-75 started the failure's . I double checked with IVI 72 , FN-72 , and izzy 69/71 all followed suit . I round then stop. I have a time lapse movie setup and it might show the problem , but I just don't have the time or physical ability to fight it. its like the ejected round is coming back too fast and "bounces" back in OR the bolt is moving too fast? in the past I never had a MG-34 gun problem the couldn't be traced fast and easy . that was with all the WWII brass cased surplus and Portugal's 8mm from the 60's and 70's. even had little trouble with steel Rom. to be honest
  4. MG-34 .308 conversion experiance?

    LANCE , I have a LOT of time behind the 34, I have owned several since the early 60's and am well aware of all the parts swap hoping and praying. I have more than 50 as new complete 34 bolts and close to 100 MINT WWII barrels in 8mm. the problem is I have way too many MG projects going on and was trying to narrow it down a bit. I sent the gun to BOB last year and he went completely through it and did all the new springs etc and a NOS eject plate but only with 8mm parts. I am trying to save the 8mm ammo for "other" systems I have and thought the 308 would be an EASY fix. the range is 5 minutes from the vault and it still takes all day to run any kind of test function due to my illness its just getting too danged hard to "FIDDLE". the comment of a "WRONG EJECTOR LENGTH" and nothing else I am still trying to digest. longer or shorter would have helped a little bit, but who am I ? WRONG? THAT I ALREADY KNEW ! the definition of help seems to vary in certain circles these days. in any case it looks like all the 34 stuff is just going to go to market and someone else can worry with it at this point.
  5. Help ID - Lewis Drum Loader

    MINN GOTT! where is this hole you crawl into and come out with this stuff? WHAT A FIND! this would have an obvious home with the 97 rnd 06 drums if you were trying to feed some aircraft. I don't see where a chute would have fit in the chest nor can I imagine how it would connect to 3 chutes. KEN please don't hide this thing and let us know what you learn in the future. THANX FOR SHARING !!!

    JEFF, the only thing that is going to change is what the collectors over there will try to keep back for themselves. items not often seen or higher priced may show up and get cheaper as the deadline gets near. the smart ones will use USA contacts to hold goods after the deadline in Europe. it is just possible a few hard to get items will now be available only time will tell what happens with the price. the UNION has been putting all the pressure they can on govt agencies now it will move a step below them. all I am saying is don't jump too fast on these adds. they don't have many other choices to market
  7. Nfa form 4 changes

    RANGER, thank you for taking the time to "rehash" known and fully understood statutes and firearms law. "SOME" members may have needed that , myself when a question of law that effects anything I may need clarified, the question will be answered by a professional in that field. YOU were asked a DIRECT question about a statement you made and at no time did I express support, agreement or condone any action by others. you remarked about "insults" in your last post and none were intended . your first response to my question is exactly like the last and for some reason skips the actual question asked . just for unity lets consider the question answered and leave it at that.

    MAYBE you all know but as of JAN-1- 2019 "PARTS KITS" and "PARTS to MAKE KITS" become UNLAWFUL to posses by anybody in ALL E./U. country's. the only legitimate market open for them is THE USA and that's a real dark grey gamble at best, ALL the normal trade venues have seen a major increase of offerings since sept and its gaining everyday. I get conflicting info concerning compliance with our regulations and judge the value/ gain/ risk when considering a purchase of any gun part. the right part making it ok can justify the loss of several other's real quick for me and I have lost several shipments with the only official paper work from England and Canada. but suspect its all related to US customs seizure. I only question the shipper , and if I loose one, never use them again, just look for someone else. I have lost THOMPSON mags from RUSSIA and Poland, M-2 parts from POLAND, belts and small parts from SWEDEN, parts and mounts from GREECE, optics from CANADA and everything but books from ENGLAND. just remember it could happen to you and tread with caution if you play.
  9. WTB MG08 Swiss tripod adapter or maxim parts

    AREN, do you need both the front and the back? I may have an extra original rear and a repo front. the rear is the tough one , never seen it copied
  10. Nfa form 4 changes

    from your answers I get the feeling that you are possibly an attorney? for some reason the QUESTION is twisted into some conceived request to explain NFA LAW and that is NOT the case. I was told that registered gun was possessed by a licensed MFG'r. they cut the serial number off it and destroyed the balance, THEN welded that "piece" to another "piece", changed the oal and brl length to match on a new form. some where in the middle of this, ATF became aware of a discussion by the MFG'r and started the investigation. the completed registered gun was sold to an out of state individual and transfer was approved to the new dealer for him and when the new form 4 was filed, it got flagged and warrants issued. that was also the jist of the first defending attorney in the video that used the plastic for a demo SO AGAIN I DONT SEE OR HEAR ANYTHING ABIOUT AN UNREGISTERED FIREARM except in your first paragraph. YOU STATED THERE WAS and your knowledge of that contention was what I asked you to share, not an explanation of law. IN fact I KNOW of several other weapons that were created this way, several by one of our largest respected company's that supply's arms to our GOVT. and it involves weapons that currently sell for $50k plus. if they ever require pictures of the item on the form, and I believe they will, EVERY ONE WILL BE SIEZED INSTANTLY
  11. M2HB 50cal transferable machine gun

    ANOTHER FINE EXAMPLE OF "SHORT READING" I said "difference of $15,000.00" not $15,000.00. and C+R? good luck with that one my friend ALL 3 of my recent FORCED IRS # changes LOST a previous C+R classification costing me a fortune in 2016 and 2017 because the registry was NOT up to date and my transfer was the ONLY thing they could control. several M-2 's have hammered at more than $50k this year and last or so close it counts. I HONESTLY believe no foul was intended and understand the HOLIDAY, its ONE I DONT FORGET. we bought out the WWI and WWII museum at PICOUTCHO PEAK, AZ with those 2 pickup beds full, I have worked hands on well over 100 originals including GENERAL MOTORS #1 and #2 and this would be the FIRST original with a BLANK SIDEPLATE encountered.my last foid was 17 months or danged close. NO WORRIES its worth the money your asking what ever it is and should not last much longer with your answers out front now
  12. M2HB 50cal transferable machine gun

    EASY GUY! IGNORE can cause more harm than FRAUD we know how to deal with that! when a question comes out its usually for a GOOD reason. in many cases LACK of info is LACK of KNOWLEDGE about what is important to establish value and nobody here wants to "punish" someone that just doesn't know. OR change some one's attitude when you get right down to it. that takes care of itself with failure or success. after "30 years in business" and dealing in class 3 just a short time it reasonable to believe one KNOWS what IRS XXXXX means . Thank GOD its not my place to correct things people post, but I can and WILL do what ever it takes to get the true grit. the difference in todays value is only somewhere around $15,000.00 NO BIG DEAL in this case I guess. BUT had it been C+R I would have been all over it and most likely way to late. many attempts were made to clear it up and remained unanswered so you got the response the post deserved nothing more and certainly nothing less. everything fits as it should now and I can continue my search. THANX for the info mike
  13. anyone id this belt?

    SORRY GUYS, this was supposed to be a final "test" for my pic ability. I thought I was in the "test" section. when the belts would not load I just tossed in the first one that would. y the way found out the belts are for MAXIM/ VICKERS 45 cal. they a New unused. I am checking the value and doing new pics. MIKE
  14. Aaron, be sure to put me on the list when you get it all worked out, gotta have at least one just because, GADS ITS NEAT cheers mike