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  1. Swede K parts kit. Nice shape, excellent bore. $665.00 shipped
  2. These are both stripped New Old Stock semi auto carbine bolts one for the full size and the other for the Mini. Closed Bolt configuration of course Stripped, believe I acquired these back in the 90s from CDNN $145.00 shipped apiece Standard carbine bolt has been sold
  3. Complete excellent M3 Grease gun kit with an unobtainium unfinished Medea shell Shell is unfinished needs ports cut and holes drilled/reamed as well as bits from parts set removed and welded in place for a nice postie or semi build $2800
  4. no matches Understand few MP40s were serialized up to components Best, Jim
  5. This is one of the very first of the RPD series LMG kits imported in the mid 90s. Unlike later kits that were torch cut, Hungarian kits were saw cut once with the rear third of the receiver not included. In other words the entire forward two thirds remains intact with barrel still intalledas the cut occurred just behind the top cover well behind the locking flap cuts. Most all later kits are problematic restorations as rewelds. Overall condition is 80%+ with an excellent bore. Comes with a mess of extras: Welding jig, various rear receiver torch cut chunks, the rare hinged flip over optics mount, cover, mess of drums/belts These type of RPD kits while extremely rare are what one should use in building a post sample, there just never were very many that were imported. Price is a pucker though. Looking at $2400 which includes all the extras, probably a couple things I'm forgetting in this listing as well as insured shipping which will likely top a $100 itself easy Relative easy build for a SOT Also have either Active Infared NPS or other Soviet NVDs available that will slide right on the that flip over optics mount any questions, feel free to PM
  6. Have two available 1st one is the complete barrel assm with sight, resting bar, muzzle nut and barrel nut. Nice shape with a VG bore. $595.00 shipped 2nd is an excellent bore, no resting bar or nuts but comes with receiver trunnion, same price also have some lowers, mag housing assms, etc
  7. Very nice Butt insert for the Hotchkiss SMG. Most of these were cracked, many kits were missing them. This one has no cracks tossing in an ejection port door as well $155.00 shipped for the pair
  8. Federal Labs Gas billy. Pretty clean shape. Zinc body has a pleasing patina, Leather is solid. Not all beat up. Even has a nice supple original wrist strap. $365.00
  9. Near flat mint USAS12 lower complete with grip and all internals $385.00 shipped and insured
  10. 60mm Mortar Cup classification

    Tell the FFL to contact ATFE As far as I am aware there is no letter on this but until a barrel is installed the cup is simply classed as an "other" transferring on a standard 4473
  11. Yes proper original mag & grips as shipped from Finland in the 90s
  12. Very early 1st Series C96 Mauser All correct features, long extractor, early safety, Cone pattern hammer, etc. I imported this in the 90's from South Africa. Pretty sure it received a reblue over there but an extremely nice one. Sharp edges, clear vivid roll marks, maybe 90%+ blue. Great bore. Proper stock but mismatched SN. The early stocks slightly differ on the attaching lug than new models. You can not install new model stocks on the older guns without fitting the iron. Has a harness and rod. While it looks original I suspect it's an early repro that has aged over the past close to 50 odd years. Hard to find Cone Hammer guns period This of course being pre 1899 transfers direct, no FFL or 4473 required at the federal level. Know your own State laws on that $4700.00
  13. Up for grabs is an old school UK built .451 PH Whitworth from the 70s Understand, by the 80s these guns were mostly built in Italy with PH supplied bbl blanks By the mid 90s and since they are total Italian builds. Has minor compression marks on the wood, still 95%+ You can buy a total fake for roughly a Grand or this original at $1200