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  1. very rare, roughly 400 manufactured. Gun Stalone carried in Cobra This is the active portion of the Jati, old school demill with the hinge shear cut from front. Sheet metal bent but repairable to the rear. Marked "Tampereen-Asepaja Uy Finland. JATI SMG 9mm and SN Has internals, These accept a standard Swede K mag with trimming it may be adaptable to a KG99 pattern upper $250.00 shipped
  2. One FND BAR Butt assem. Good to very good shape. $125.00 shipped
  3. One STG57 Butt. Rubber butt on rear buffer tube. VG shape. $130.00 shipped
  4. Decent Yugo 56 SMG lower with stock. Metal VG, plastic uncracked or chipped $135.00 shipped
  5. Have one 75 round saddle drum, exc cond. Carrying strap is even in nice shape. $425.00 shipped Thanks Jim
  6. Have a few Beretta SMG mags. 40 round capacity, VG condition, no dents These will fit and function in the M38, M38/42 as well as the M12 series $55.00 each shipped
  7. Have one of the rather Rare Yugo M72AB1 folding stock matching RPK kits still in the sealed bag from APEX. Just a handful were imported. Comes with a take off barrel, no galling with a dark but shootable bore When APEX last had these they sold out fast at over $700 a kit You can have this one WITH an original barrel for $925.00 Shipped
  8. WTS: UH-1B Huey Gunship / Helicopter - Pics

    I was into it up through the 90s, between the Internets & idiot Reality TV shows most of the old market has been ruined when you have characters valuating a crapped out 6X6 at 3K. No meat on the bone. I can recall buying BREN gun carriers for $400 in unaltered condition. Most up here they cut the armor off and used them for skidding timber out of the swamps during the winters. Same deal with WWI Artillery Tractors. When they were surplused in the inter War Era a good share ended up in the Timber industry, some went to Mining. Real Rare items these days. There are all sorts of things sitting in mostly Ghost Towns across America. Working on getting a 105mm transferred from a forgotten town's War Memorial to my town's new memorial. Something to remember is a fair share of these VFW/Legion awards are still considered US Govt. Property...you don't just pull it up on a trailer and say Good to Go ! That can put one in the Federal Pokey. Earlier items such as WWI French & German cannon were often a different deal however there are still cannon from the War between the States that are viewed as property of the DoD. During the SA War a bunch of things came back from Cuba & the Philippines that were incorporated in Civic memorials, that was mostly State Militia so DoD has zero claims on it. You can see a bit of this stuff cluttered in rural MN museums. The county Museum in Warren MN has a .45 Nordenfeldt "machinegun" seized from the Spanish Fortress on Corrigidore in the PI. Very nice shape considering it sat outside the Courthouse for some 80 years. The County Museum in Park Rapids has a few cherry belt feds including an 1895 Colt Potato Digger and a Hotchkiss strip fed, both from the war with Spain. In Detroit Lakes they have a WWI Parabellum Aircraft machinegun among other things. Rare stuff. There is a crap ton of these trophys scattered across MN & WI holed up in rural museums as well as memorials. Sometimes it's even buyable. Issue is many if not most County Historical Societies these days are dominated by elderly females who see little to no historical merit in fireams, particularly anything remotely modern military. As such sometimes they are open to selling things off. One local bought a lightly dewatted MP44 from the County Museum for WELL Under a grand around 2002. Nice huh' ? Same deal with a Cannon in the Courtyard or even an abandoned aircraft display. I just don't have the room...
  9. WTS: UH-1B Huey Gunship / Helicopter - Pics

    There has been an ENORMOUS inflation in the value of military vehicles since the 90s Back then nice running Duces were running around five hundred when they came up at civic auctions in the upper midwest. Bought a few running well under $300.00 Warbirds started going into the stratosphere in the mid 80s. Same "investors" who warped the valuations on Hemi Mopars. Back in 74' my father was offered a pair of P51 Mustangs that formerly had been part of a rural NDs Highschool's Avionics class. They were just sitting in an old barn with spare engines and truck loads of NOS spares. $2500.00, yes that's right...two thousand, five hundred bucks. While we had the cash my mom swore she would divorce Dad if he thought he was going to start filling HER Yard with dead airplanes. Sad part was even back then there was an easy 50K margin in the deal. Up through much of the 90s there were still deals to be had in Canada on DeHaviland Tiger Moths. When the Canucks decom'd them they literally gave them away to farmers who mostly burned them to salvage the wire for use around the farm. A few did end up in barns. Bought a decent Tiger, barn find that needed a complete overhaul for $3800.00 in funny money in 96' and rolled it over without even moving it three weeks later to a buyer in California for a quick 4K profit. Few years ago a fellow I know in Finland sent me pix of some abandoned Soviet air field he found. Line of YAK fighters with trees grown up around them. The Russians just forgot about them. Just no real way to import them here. Tons of warbirds like that, even here in the States. Know one fellow who bought a B25 Mitchell. It had been awarded to a Legion Post in a rural community post war. Over the years the town died, the Post closed and the Mitchell sat there. This was in the early 90s ? Anyways he recruited a crew of Army Air Corps Vets who spent roughly a month refitting the air frame before flying it out taking off from a gravel road and taking it down to Kansas. That's right, no inspections, no flight plans with with seriously OLD Vets in the Cockpit...they kept it treetop level the whole trip. I recall him telling me he had roughly 30K into it to get it down to a private strip in Kansas...Big Brass Ball Balls. There are still a few Warbirds like that out there. Know one abandoned town that has a Freedom Fighter, think there are like under 30 people living there currently. Post WWII a ton of Warbirds were given to VFW/Legion posts as well as schools. Much of this ended up crushed eventually. Know of one P38 that was cut up for scrap in the 80s. It was just a nice, mostly complete airframe but even then I thought what a waste. Your price is quite fair these days for what it is. Choppers received way less collector love than fighters or even small bombers. There were a ton of Huey's distributed to various Agencies...most were just scrapped eventually. The issue is cost to rebuild for your typical collector/accumulator.
  10. Yes, you posted addy earlier in this thread. Thanks
  11. The K98 is now sold The SKS remains available.
  12. Flat mint, probably unissued Bulgarian kit with original bbl in trunnion Comes with matching serialized bayonet, old school 74' kit Blonde wood furniture, no mag...$675,00 shipped Don't email on this one asking for pix, it's a damn cherry 74' kit and I have little time for pic collectors or scammers looking to reuse my images 3 day return policy upon reciept, will do paypal with surcharge of 3%