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  1. Well now he is back to what got him banned before tommy sold out spamming everyone who registers there. Well maybe the hippie was able to buy another new to him BMW, the one he scammed over the Atkins deal had to be getting long in tooth. Just another couple scumbags I guess.
  2. Bwahahahaha !!! I NEVER had one post receive the hand of Buddy Yeah you were strict but the rules were real basic, only utter retards seemed to have any issues then it was all WHAH !!! Run back to SubGoons whining Bad Buddy nuked my free ad It was sadly retarded but became entirely predictable
  3. BATFE, ..stupid is being kind

    Well LR, some truth should be injected BATF was doing fine processing transfers for many years. The current mess is the result of multiple idiocy. 1st were SOTs doing unlawful and very dumb things like registering post 86' builds under MAC or STEN info. That's why all the serious attention on registration info. Nothing more or less to it. 2nd, under Clinton just a bunch of old school examiners were "retired" and replaced with urban Black females. Just a mess of this occurred in the late 90s thus you ended up with absolutely unqualified inner city folks running the registry. Then Booosh came into the WH...notice it became much worse rather than better. Truth is that administration banned up way more things than Obama ever did, I can list off the kits they changed panties on, then there is the Booosh barrel ban 1st term was nutz: Styer Mp69 kits, CZ kits, PPSh kits, Maxim kits, FAL kits, sheared M14 receivers, man I can go on and on and on. What was one of the 1st things Baby Doc Boosh did post inaguration ? Invites buddy McCainiac to the WH to discuss domestic policy then the next week anounces to the Nation he will be expanding BATF which he did by over 2000 well prior to 911. Ya know, enforcing all those damn laws already on the books. Well before a simple tax collection bureau of Treasury was unlawfully moved under DOJ via the so-called, ill named Patriot Act. Another example of well you need to pass the bill before you get to read it like the later Obamacare
  4. RL The problem there has been a growing degree of PC moderation by certain members of the team. Even after the GDB was taken down Sword had very minimal moderation at first. Just no Porn, no profanity in the header, no flooding, etc. It was still quite politically incorrect. The long time poster that invented the term BCR was JOMG who later became HLJ. Tommy started giving him timeouts over racial postings. No, he wasn't using naughty N words, he just tended to focus on Black crime. After his last six month ban he never returned. Bowers as well ended up banning the Birdman over one of his funny images, he never returned either. What remains are pretty much nut huggers who don't dare do any push back, instead they tend to grovel in support of this inane crap. Hinkle posted up over there that Werner had posted T&A, allegedly it was on the non NFA board. I saw the pic before the thread was wacked, it really wasn't anything that offensive but that's just my opinion. Understand due to the culture of leg humping that evolved over there Tom was left with the overall impression that his followers wanted it this way. Some do, most really do not. Add to that the lurking sqweky wheels that barage anyone who runs a gun forum or mods one. If you have not been there, the cry baby BS you get in pm's or emailed is insane. That's another component of what happened on Subguns in my opinion. Tom's a decent sort but he's always been rather impressionable. Like I pointed out before, there were a bunch of characters whining that the GDB made "us" look bad. Buddy had been no nonsense from the very start of Strum, Tom totally pulled the rug out from every visible participant. I can give you another active example: The difference in moderation between the AK Files and the FAL Files. Jen owns both but the AK Files has gone straight PC under certain moderators. The FAL Files is rather un PC, the moderators there rarely jump boots in. On the AK side every two to four days someone is banned, pretty rare on the FAL side. I figure the AK Files mods are trying to outdo the AK Forum. On Werner, I never bothered copying the hotmail addy but plenty I am sure have it. I just have a real hard time accepting this as a temporary ban when they deleted most every contribution he made to the knowledge base in the NFA & Non NFA Archives. There was just a treasure trove of information involved in all that, tragic loss in my opinion. Whomever was responsible if indeed a moderator seriously needs to be removed from the line up by the new owner. Under Subguns copywrite rules all contributions become property of the site so as I see it someone really raped Frank of considerable value by these unnecessary deletions
  5. He's been blocked out of there for roughly a couple weeks that I'm aware of. Someone posted up a hotmail addy to contact him, that was nuked immediately Allegedly this was over posting up some humorous image that one of the childish moderators found objectionable. Generally when one gets a time out there they don't strip out posts or enter their handle in the dirty word index. As far as I know only a couple folks received that treatment, one was Fubar. So it remains to be seen whether he will return in my opinion. I suspect it's a permanent Ban when they strip him out of the archives and prohibit even mention of his handle. Been a bunch of people banned over the years. Some with good reason, others simply because drunken Hinkle hated them. Hkat, one of the few gals posting there and a KCR regular was booted after she stood up for her new hubby. Peter Kolikas was banned as was even no less than Doctor Teller of H Bomb fame. I can name a variety of others as well. Hopefully Frank will get a handle on the overall site and send a few moderators packing. Most of the crew are okay folks but I remain dubious regarding one or two as having let authority ran amuck.
  6. Depends Uzi Not many folks advertising MGs online that are out of the valuation loop, the deals & steals there are about gone. Only place they are found are among those whom are not part of the internet. Something everyone should understand is the internet has created a strangely bipolar marketplace and that there continues to be a huge number of buyers/sellers that want no part of the Web. Half the Men I run into at shows don't even have an email of their own, wife or kids maybe but they don't even use that infernal machine. Trust me, their numbers remain legion out there. Over the past 5 plus years I have had a few old buddies who were looking at selling NFA they have had for decades. Couple years back I ran into one of them who had four DIAS he registered prior to 86', said he would be happy with a grand. I was like EACH? Nope for the lot of them. I then had to explain current valuation, he about had a coronary on the spot. Thought the wife unit was going to faint dead away on us. He ended up selling most all of his MGs to folks I set him up with, I ended up with a decent wad of cash doing the right thing. Point is these folks are out there. Conversely you can pick certain antique arms up at online auctions and double investment at shows selling to other vendors...like I said, really bipolar I'm a parts & accs guy. Used to be there was a crap ton of deals on the boards. That's damn rare now.
  7. RL: I remember the good old days clearly. Part of what happened was a certain group of folks began imploring Tom to tighten up and highly moderate the GDB as they saw it as an embarrassment to the NFA community which in some ways it was. Came to a head with the Troll Wars which resulted in rather negative media attention when Salon released an article regarding Subguns regulars mass attacking the VegSource website, even hacking their server. It was one thing to troll Adolph Hitler.com but veggies and even a little girl's board devoted to her Pararie Dog pets was a bridge too far. Fubar's board went up as a substitute venue for Subguns trolling. That was it's only real reason for being. It was a release valve. Problem was a couple of regulars detested it's owner Steve who literally ended up having a breakdown over the constant attacks directed at his boys. The worst of his detractors were some of Tom's own moderators. That resulted in major bad blood between Bowers and his former friend Steve. Too bad as the two were close buddies, Tom had even gifted Steve a M10 Smg prior to that falling out. A whole bunch of the regulars detested Buddy for heavy handed moderation of Strum's sales forums. Buddy had his rules you had to follow or your listing was nuked. They were real basic, it was mostly about format but Man did they whine on Subguns about big bad Buddy. It was pathetic. There was as well an expectation that if Tommy's mods banned someone there Buddy was supposed to ban them on Strum. Buddy didn't do that, more whining over that as well. I agree, Buddy was totally professional, Strum was never much on discussion. It was where you went to buy & sell. There was no hero worship even though we all respected Buddy's serious efforts to keep the place clean. I don't know Frank from adam. That said I generally detest "brokers". I met the young guy who used to be the Firearms Expert on Pawnstars years ago. Guy was dumb as a rock, his thing was skimming gun shows for suckers and brokering high end antique ams at a roughly 50% margin. I laughed in his face at his offers several times. His actual specialty was brokering Spanish Treasure ship recovered things then tried to break into the higher end Swords. Most of us vendors wanted no part of his personal scam. That clown expected actual possession of your brokered item, as I understand Frank doesn't do that but it does throw a wrench into his actual control over submission of paperwork & shipping at times as well as whether the item is as described by the brokeree. Rubin doesn't play that way. If something is wrong Rubin has a vaunted reputation for making it right on his dime. You pay a bit more but you receive tremendous customer service and that's much of the tension between Frank & Rubin. I like the format on Strum. Even these new boards remain uncluttered
  8. That used to be rank common before the internet. We used to pay big money for the FedEx overnight delivery option on the Gun List. Noticed from the start quite a number of the deals and steals were already gone when I called. Started asking sellers how long ago they had sold the item, always a few days before I called which was well, impossible. Began asking what state if they knew was it shipping to ? Hmmmm, always Wisconsin home of Krause Publications which put out the Gun List. As it turned out a young guy was in the data entry office, making copies at work and Faxing the info to his father and uncle, they canned him immediately. There had been similar scams going on at Hemmings Motor News in the 1980s I am aware of. Same with some Newspapers. Heard some complain about Walnecks years ago. So yeah it's a hidden advantage unless a board is configured as a real time posting venue which most are. Pretty certain his new format is real time.
  9. I have a wait & see attitude RL Frank has posted that there will be no changes at the forum level however he has added his format in addition to Tom's sales board. One can pay the seven bucks to advertise on the old boards or use his for FREE. I guess I don't at all get where he is going with this but my inner cynic suspects he will be very slowly easing folks along into a completely new format rather then implode Subguns with immediate changes creating huge drama. Registering with a credit card is no big thing really. You just open a stand alone at another bank with a minimal deposit into a service fee free account then once registered block it from all electronic transfers. Frank has stated there will be a one time penny transfer when you register that will be refunded so it's basically supposed to be all free afterwards. Seems weird as I doubt Tom sold it cheaply and per Frank if you read between the lines this has been in the works for around a year between them. That's how long he claims the "new" software development has been in the works. I'm dubious but many were the same when Buddy handed over Strum as well. We lost a number of great sellers here over registration. Again, reading between the lines Frank has stated he is hoping to bring the sellers Subguns lost years ago when Tom was suckered into the pay per ad format around 2000. Well registration with a CC won't bring those folks back. When Tom changed formats there was a ton of outrage onsite He was wise enough to incorporate my suggestion of a free under $500 ad board but most folks were already well put off and gravitated to Buddy. You can look at the parts forum here and see how hit we have become. Truth is there are a ton of paranoics who refuse to register and we are all lesser for that. This is a great part of the reason we see the same handles advertising the same crap in parts and bits week after week since the changes here. I'm not being at all critical of the new format here, pretty much had to be done to pare away the scumbag scammers. I detest registration however I accept it as a necessary evil. I'm sure Buddy was driven half crazy policing the old boards and while the Free Lunch program was a fine thing most vendors didn't bother contributing a thin dime to that Burger for Buddy. That said watching the two boards Buddy was usually taking in more in voluntary donations then Bowers was with his pay as you go sex board silliness charging a lucky seven per listing. Anyways once you require any form of registration you always end up losing a certain segment of sellers and most often it's those folks who offer the truly obscure bits. Used to be you could regularly buy up somewhat grey market things both here and on Subguns like single saw cut parts sets. It still crops up on Strum but not nearly as regularly as it did even a year or so ago. Add to that I do know a good number of NFA folks that pretty much tired of the juvenileness of Subguns' moderation and hero worship. That started with the elimination of the old anything goes general discussion forum folding it into a softer format modded by a fool under Kate's old Sword Board. Whole bunch of folks drifted away due to that. Two top examples was the rabidity of attacks when Peter Kolaikas tried posting on the NFA board and the outright banning of Medal of Freedom winner, Doc Edmund Teller from the Sword Board because a mod got his panties in a bunch...yeah they actually had the inventor of the Hydrogen Bomb posting there, he made it less than a week before being banned. I know as I was the Man who invited him over. He just opposed wimmins thinking they were equal to Men, he was loud & proud about it too. All this stated Subguns has quite a bit of status for whomever owns it. It's possible Frank simply bought it as a vehicle to enhance his position in the marketplace which if he plays it properly it certainly should. Many of the old "BCRs" are either passed on or beginning to liquidate items out of their collections and Frank so far has mostly been a broker. Something to think on maybe huh...
  10. very rare, roughly 400 manufactured. Gun Stalone carried in Cobra This is the active portion of the Jati, old school demill with the hinge shear cut from front. Sheet metal bent but repairable to the rear. Marked "Tampereen-Asepaja Uy Finland. JATI SMG 9mm and SN Has internals, These accept a standard Swede K mag with trimming it may be adaptable to a KG99 pattern upper $250.00 shipped
  11. One FND BAR Butt assem. Good to very good shape. $125.00 shipped
  12. One STG57 Butt. Rubber butt on rear buffer tube. VG shape. $130.00 shipped
  13. Decent Yugo 56 SMG lower with stock. Metal VG, plastic uncracked or chipped $135.00 shipped
  14. Have one 75 round saddle drum, exc cond. Carrying strap is even in nice shape. $425.00 shipped Thanks Jim
  15. Have a few Beretta SMG mags. 40 round capacity, VG condition, no dents These will fit and function in the M38, M38/42 as well as the M12 series $55.00 each shipped