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  1. WTS: RDIAS with SBR LWRC M6A2 $30,000

    Sheldon, Send pics...I might just want to buy it back!
  2. SO Where's bUDDY.?

    aalbert, THANK YOU for explaining. I had no idea. Always dealt with Buddy (and liked his style...albeit he'd come down on my case for not posting my ads to his liking...) Glad y'all are updating with the same ownership. It was tough getting accustom to the new format on ar15.com and other sites in the recent past (don't even remember how long ago that was). But this site and Uzitalk are serious biz, change sends up red flags... appreciate you taking the time for the clarity. Best of luck with the new format.
  3. SO Where's bUDDY.?

    So, did y'all buy the board from Buddy? Turn it into a commercial site? Not judging. Just A LOT of us here were HUGE fans of the way he handled things and were 'known' without ever having to register before. Now I'm no one after nearly $500,000 in purchases and about $200,000 in sales over the past few years. How do I get that all back? I ask too much but, I'm sure, many others feel the same. Just want to know the drill in this brave new sturm... Thanks