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  1. Would be willing to accept some interesting partial trades of precious metals, crypto, BTAC, AH Hirsch, etc.
  2. SPF Selling a Frankford Arsenal Olympic Arms conversion. It is in spec and accepts any uppers, runs flawlessly. It has a Geissele SSF trigger and anti walk pins installed. It is available in NoVa for inspection for serious buyers. $14,000 will start the form 4 to your dealer or to you directly in Va, the rest before shipment. Will accept partial trade of AH Hirsch blue wax (5k) and P7 in good condition for (2k).
  3. WTB HK Fleming Sear

    I'm looking to purchase a Fleming sear and possibly a host if that is part of the right deal. Please contact me me via email and we can exchange contact information. I'm located in Northern Va, so certainly in state would be preferred, but I've got no problem with out of state transfers. Thanks, Clayton