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  1. Hi, I have for sale two special run limited-edition NIB Colt custom shop Colt 1911's: Colt 1911 Special Combat Rail Gun Government (Model O1070RGZ) for $3000 shipped. Colt 1911 Special Combat Rail Gun Commander (Model O4012RG) for $2500 shipped. Thanks,
  2. WTS: Colt M16A2

    Hi, I have an excellent condition auto-marked transferable Colt M16A2 machine gun for sale with an unfired new M4A1 SOCOM upper. The receiver's typical dark gray finish matches well with newer black uppers. On a Form 4 in Nevada. $SPF.
  3. Yes, both are still available. NIB. I haven't put much effort into selling them, hah!
  4. WTB: Galil SAR barrel

    Looking for the shorty SAR barrel with 1/7 twist.
  5. WTB: Galil SAR barrel

    Hi, I'm looking for a newer factory Galil SAR barrel. Thanks,
  6. WTS: Norrell 10/22 Suppressed MG

    Hi, I might do $18k, but not $15k. Sorry. It's not often you find an excellent condition Norrell pack and Suppressor and host all in one like this. Best, John.
  7. Hi, I'm selling a beautiful wood stock shorty integrally suppressed John Norrell 10/22... has both the button-style Norrell trigger pack and a Norrell integral suppressor. I will include his suppressor disassembly tool and instructions. $SPF. On a Form 4 in Nevada. Thanks,

    Hi, I'm looking for a transferable JCB manufactured RDIAS. Thanks,
  9. Why does your suppressor registration say "R.T.D.S"? I thought it was "R.D.T.S.".
  10. WTS: Colt M16A2

  11. WTS: Colt M16A2

  12. Selling a very cool LNIB Vadum Inc / Electronic Arms eBP-22. This is a bullpup 22 compatible with Ruger 10/22 barrels and magazines but with a really neat electronic trigger mechanism. You can read reviews about it from the last couple of years: This has 150 rounds through it in a single range session and is basically brand new. It has the threaded aluminum Beyer barrel option and was $1650 new plus shipping. I'm asking $SPF shipped from Nevada. This is what it looks like, but the optic, forward grip, and magazine are not included.
  13. I have a NIW (unfired, brand new) Freedom Ordnance FM-9 belt-fed Gen 1 upper for sale. It's the 11" model ($1895), comes with an extra 11" barrel ($290), 2000 links ($120), and belt bag ($70) for a total of $2375. I decided it's not really my thing so I'm asking $SPF shipped to move it on to a new home. Thanks,
  14. Hi, I would like to sell a NIB Polymer80 "Glock" 80% pistol frame V.1 Black. Since this is an 80% frame, it does not require an FFL because it is not a serialized firearm. Compatible with Glock 17 parts. From the manufacturer this is $160 plus tax and shipping. I will sell for $SPF shipped. You can find more information on the manufacturers website: Thanks,
  15. WTB: AUG Commando Barrel

    Hi, I'm looking for a Steyr AUG Commando Barrel. The shorty cool-looking one. Preferably new or like new condition. Thanks,
  16. Including the stock photo, for reference:
  17. I have a super rare original Colt 1911 from 1913 that is numbered in the USMC serial range. This beautiful gun has seen service is two wars (WW I & WW II) and was then sold through the CMP program in 1960. The gun has the original rounded 1911 sights from the early run, and updated keys grips from the WW II rearsenal process. The barrel has been updated as well during it's short tour with Rock Island. The gun comes in it's shipping box with one CMP magazine in the wax paper all wrapped up for safe keeping. The hammer was also updated with a WW II contract replacement as well. The finish is a parkerized as it was done in the 1940's. A copy of the CMP paperwork will accompany the gun in it's shipping box. This is truly one of those rare USMC guns that is still functional and you could still shoot this without hurting it. Asking $SPF.
  18. WTB: M240 Transferable Right Side Plate

    I think DLO usually sold them as built into guns, rather than as a plate. You might need to buy a full setup. A DLO MAG-58 upgraded into M240B by OOW sold for $125k a few months ago.