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  1. Vickers Guide Book Collection

    Lowered price.
  2. Hi, I've bought all the limited edition Vickers Guide books for awhile and haven't used them like I expected to. They are all like new and I would love to sell them as a group to someone that maybe missed the early ones or wants signed limited edition (LAV signed them all saying "Molon Labe!"). Asking $800 shipped. Thanks,
  3. Yes, both are still available. NIB. I haven't put much effort into selling them, hah!
  4. WTB: Galil SAR barrel

    Looking for the shorty SAR barrel with 1/7 twist.
  5. WTB: Galil SAR barrel

    Hi, I'm looking for a newer factory Galil SAR barrel. Thanks,
  6. WTS: Norrell 10/22 Suppressed MG

    Hi, I might do $18k, but not $15k. Sorry. It's not often you find an excellent condition Norrell pack and Suppressor and host all in one like this. Best, John.

    Hi, I'm looking for a transferable JCB manufactured RDIAS. Thanks,
  8. Why does your suppressor registration say "R.T.D.S"? I thought it was "R.D.T.S.".
  9. WTS: Colt M16A2

  10. WTS: Colt M16A2

  11. WTS: Colt M16A2

    Hi, I have an excellent condition auto-marked transferable Colt M16A2 machine gun for sale with an unfired new M4A1 SOCOM upper. The receiver's typical dark gray finish matches well with newer black uppers. On a Form 4 in Nevada. $SPF.
  12. Hi, I'm selling a beautiful wood stock shorty integrally suppressed John Norrell 10/22... has both the button-style Norrell trigger pack and a Norrell integral suppressor. I will include his suppressor disassembly tool and instructions. $SPF. On a Form 4 in Nevada. Thanks,