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  1. Would you be interested in a trade? I have an AUG 905 new no box
  2. Would you be interested in a trade? I have Austrian AUG's a 902 or a 905. The 902 has less than 500 rds thru it the 905 is new.
  3. WTB- parts kit for building a Leinad derringer

    I don't have a kit but I have a complete firearm NIB I believe it is a 12 in barrel. Let me know if you are interested
  4. Value of AUG

    I have an AUG 902 series I would make it about 95% or better Just wondering value and is there a market for it. Thanks
  5. RDIAS - wanted to purchase

    Would a lightning link work for a lot less $$$
  6. WTB: steel RDIAS

    Would a RLL work for you?
  7. Wts High Standard Victor $775

    Is this a Mitchell, or an old victor?

    Would a RLL work for you at 1/2 the price
  9. I have a couple of ten rd mags to trade. Lets do the deal.
  10. Wtb Pre ban Steyr AUG A1

    I have a 902 maybe 500 rounds through it. Not the 24 inch barrel. $3000
  11. I have a RLL never repaired or broken. I also have a Colt SP-1. I would like to sell them together they are not married. The SP-1 is I would say at least 90%. I want 15k for the pair you pay all taxes. Thanks Roger
  12. Wtb: Rdias Dias registered drop in auto sear

    Is a RLL out of the question?