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  1. Well in typical dishonest fashion Goepfert dicked over all the "faithful tools" from Snubguns by making of with "their" discussion board in the middle of the night.

    Surprise...No notice and no more board!! Software upgrade my ass, the board is gone, plain and simple. He never had any intention of keeping the Snubguns boards, just the NFA traffic, buyers and sellers.

    I make it no secret I can't stand this "hillbilly" asshat with a plane.Mostly because he's a HUGE LIAR, and his word is absolutely  worthless. These guys don't realize Frank is no friend, he is immediate competition for any dealer or someone trying to make as much as they can with a privately owned C3 item. 

    I had one potential business deal with this goober. He called me about one of my listings on Sturm once and  offered me $10K for a New, unfired Ramo M37 on a form 4!!! I just laughed at him, and said , nice try Frank and hung up.

    But the faithful continue to make excuses for this dishonest prick.



    1. Born Montana

      Born Montana


      I'm genuinely sorry you have had bad dealings with  Frank. I  have been  buying and selling firearms for 40yrs (private collecting)have had a few bad transactions and I know how you feel. However,  I  have never had  any problems with  Frank . I  don't  doubt  your  words for a minute. 

      I do believe competition is a good thing especially in the  current world of firearms.   We need  people to pull together that are like minded and be a good example for our future generations. I hope Frank and Company can see there is more than just profits. 

      Best regards, 

      Born Loser in Montana