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  1. Colt turns "TRAITOR!!" suspends civy AR 15 sales

    I wouldn't sell my herd just yet , I have seen this smoke and pony show before.
  2. Upcoming Impeachment circus...

    Everything You’re Hearing About Impeachment Is a Lie By:Rush Limbaugh Date: 9/30/2019, 11:05 am Everything You’re Hearing About Impeachment Is a Lie posted by Premiere Networks - Just Now RUSH: Okay. Look at me. Stop what you're doing and look at me. Look at the radio. Pay attention. The one thing that will get you through this and the one thing that you have to understand, is practically everything in the media about impeachment is a lie. Everything is a lie. There isn't any of it that is true, except if you switch things and have it apply to things the Democrats have done. Then most of it becomes true. None of this is true! It is the most amazing thing, and they continue to make it up as the days and the hours go by. They make it up to fit whatever objection is raised. They make it up to fit whatever suspicion is raised about what they're doing. There are no boundaries here, folks. They're gonna get rid of Donald Trump by hook or crook no matter what, and it doesn't matter how. It doesn't matter the mechanism. It doesn't matter the validity. They're going to do it. They have intended to do it since election night of 2016. The lies are too numerous for me to list here rat-tat-tat-tat, although I'm gonna give you one of the biggest. One of the lies that pretty much gives away everything else is Adam Schiff. I still can't believe that... And I'm not trying to make this about me. I can't believe that I'm the only one who saw this at the moment it happened and had a visceral reaction to it! Adam Schiff lied through his teeth as the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee when he said that he was "doing a parody." He was simply "characterizing" the president's call. "He said, 'I want you to dig up dirt on my opponent. Dig up as much as you can. Make it up! And don't get back to me 'til you do.'" That didn't happen! So the real question: If the case for getting rid of Trump is so obvious, why are they having to lie about every aspect of it? The question answers itself. Trump has not committed an impeachable offense in any way, shape, manner, or form. Now you know what we've learned? We learned that the whistleblower statute was changed one month before they put this into gear, eliminating firsthand knowledge. The whistleblower doesn't have to have firsthand knowledge. The whistleblower can engage in hearsay. You think that's coincidental? This thing has been planned as part of the Trump-Russia collusion plan. This is all being rolled out in phases, as every element fails in its objective to get rid of Trump. There were two other noteworthy things over the weekend. It's hard to pick out one or two of these as noteworthy because I think all of this is noteworthy. I think all of this is just a crying shame. I think all of this is literally outrageous. I think all of this does represent that there is a coup going on,and I think that there is a Cold Civil War taking place. The first thing that happened was John Brennan. Now, John Brennan's hands are as dirty as Obama's in this whole thing. John Brennan (you probably have forgotten) traveled to Ukraine back in the time period around 2016 under a fake passport so it wouldn't be known that he had gone, and he was arranging data on the dossier and all of the other dirt that they were trying to amass. Ukraine -- not Russia, Ukraine -- is the center of the universe of all this. Now, over the weekend John Brennan, Obama's director of CIA -- a man who voted for the Communist Party candidate in 1976! John Brennan is among the radical leftists who personally, viscerally despise Donald Trump. He signaled everybody in the deep state to attack the president. Here's the tweet: "A reminder to federal officials: There is no limit on the number of individuals who can use the whistleblower statute. If you think you were involved in unlawful activity as a result of a directive from Mr. Trump or someone doing his bidding, now is the time to report it." Brennan just sent out a call to everybody in the administrative state to come forward and be your own whistleblower. He's giving them cover. He's telling them, "Come forward! We'll protect you. You can make it up. 'If you think you were involved in unlawful activity as a result of a directive... now is the time to report it." No limit on the number of people who can be whistleblowers! By the way, the theme of the audio sound bites today is me being on the cutting edge of everything. Things I predicted, things I said, are being echoed all over the place. Like I said last Friday, "The real whistleblower in this country is Donald Trump. "He's the real whistleblower. He's blowing the whistle on the decades of corruption inside the Washington Beltway, throughout the administrative state." I was thrilled to see Stephen Miller, who is Trump's point man on immigration in the administration, actually call it the same thing. He said, "Trump is the whistleblower," because Trump is blowing the lid on all these people and threatens to blow it even more, and that's why he's gotta be stopped. I predicted Hillary Clinton's getting ready to get back in, seek the presidency. There's a bunch of reasons for it. It's what it's really all about. It's about fixing 2016. She was supposed to be president, because if she was president, every damn one of these people that's engaged in trying to get Trump would be protected. The FBI would be protected. Brennan, Clapper would be protected. Comey would be protected. That was the idea. If Hillary gets elected, then all of the stuff they did during the campaign to try to derail Trump would have been covered up forever. We'd a never known. Now we're on the verge of learning it, hopefully, and they don't want that to happen. These people do not want any sunlight on everything they've been doing to overturn the election to try to deny Trump the electoral victory. With Hillary back in the White House, everything would be fine. There would be a giant blanket thrown on everything. Nobody would know anything. That was the objective in 2016. Of course, she's the one who got the shaft, supposedly. She was supposed to win. Everybody knew it! Something happened, something went wrong. She didn't win it. I mean, there's so much tied up in this. But now you've got John Brennan -- who I'm telling you, folks, is filthy and a scourge -- sending out a call to everybody in the deep state to come forward if they even think they might know something that Trump did. Trump has not done anything impeachable. They wouldn't be having to make up all these lies if he had! They wouldn't be having to work as hard as they're working to convince people that Trump is a reprobate if they had actual evidence of Trump committing impeachable offenses. But they don't. The next thing that happened that really made me blow my gasket was this story that's the whistleblower fears for his or her safety and is now under federal protection. You mean the kind of safety Steve Scalise didn't have when he got shot by a deranged Bernie Sanders supporter? Remember how everybody ran to the microphones, "We can't blame Bernie! We must not blame Bernie. We must not." Right. Oh, of course nobody is gonna blame Bernie. We're gonna blame Trump for everything Looney Tune radical leftists do! Why not blame Bernie? He's the guy making people insane on his side of the aisle! Hillary Clinton's helping in making 'em insane! Nancy Pelosi's now contributing to the insanity of the left, as is everybody that's working this issue. Why not blame 'em? Christine Blasey Ford? No, the point is the run a story claiming the whistleblower -- who doesn't even have firsthand knowledge! The whistleblower... Because of a change in the statute a month before all this, a change in the statute, whistleblowers don't have to have firsthand knowledge. A friend of mine asked me a question over the weekend, "Hey, Rush, if the whistleblower only knows what he was told, then why aren't the people who actually have firsthand knowledge doing the whistleblowing? Why aren't they blowing the whistle?" (chuckles) Well, my friends, that question answers itself. But I will endeavor to answer. It's because they can't risk being identified. A CIA agent is who the whistleblower supposedly is, according to the New York Times. "Why would the New York Times out a CIA agent?" They didn't out anybody! The New York Times think they're adding credibility to the guy by claiming he's a CIA agent, or her. They're not outing anybody! Remember Valerie Plame? She was a CIA agent, and a guy went to jail for leaking her name, and he didn't even do it! The guy that did it worked for Colin Powell -- and not a damn thing happened to him -- Richard Armitage. No. They identified a leaker as CIA because that's supposed to give the leaker credit with the American people, because everybody trusts intelligence agencies. They weren't outing anybody. So the CIA agent here that's been placed in the White House to spy on Trump -- with secondhand, thirdhand knowledge -- now goes and acts as a whistleblower, and is afraid that he might be murdered by Trump. That's the story. They had to protect him. Federal protection! He was afraid, feared for his life. Yeah, like Trump is gonna go get him. And then they actually said, "The whistleblower may have point. You see what Trump did? Trump said he wants to confront his accuser! Trump says he has a right. The whistleblower is right to be afraid." Really? Really? We're gonna go down this road? Donald Trump wants to murder the guy in a meeting? Donald Trump wants to murder or wound or inflict torture on the whistleblower, and so the whistleblower is afraid? The whistleblower is the most protected, popular, safe person in this country! The entire left is looking out for whoever this is, and yet they have to run a story -- and the Drive-Bys trumpet it to the heavens -- that the whistleblower's afraid of being murdered! That's what the story was. "Fears for safety" means "afraid of being killed." That's a lie. That's an exaggeration. All of this is just compounding on itself. But you have to ask yourself: If Trump is so easily removed, if Trump is so egregious and has committed so many repugnant acts, why do you have to build a case made on so many lies? Why not just tell people the truth of what Trump did? Well, because the truth doesn't get 'em anywhere near impeachment. The truth gets them nearer jail. The truth gets them near a problem. That's what they've got to keep covered up. That's what they've got to shift. They have to shift the aura of suspicion away from them themselves and on to Trump -- and, of course, with the aid and assistance of the Drive-By Media, they can do just that, and they are. So Steve Scalise. I mean, here's a guy practicing baseball, readying for a game against the Democrats. He gets shot by a Crazy Bernie guy. Here's Christine Blasey Ford who comes out of nowhere with one lie after another -- not even her best friend believed it -- about Brett Kavanaugh. She was protected. She was pampered. She's gonna have documentaries made, books written. She has been made wealthy because of all of this. She should have been sued as well as everybody else that was part of that scam. Washington Examiner: "Whistleblower Fears Being Put in Harm's Way by Trump and His Allies." You know the truth is, Trump doesn't have any allies that are gonna go anything for him on defense here. Where were the Republicans conducting hearings into what Biden and his kid were doing? Where was that when Obama and Biden were in the White House? Where was the same kind of scrutiny on the executive branch that we're getting now? Nobody has anything to fear from the Republicans in this! (chuckles) Republicans are gonna go grab guns and start shooting the whistleblower? Are we insane here? The fact of the matter is, Donald Trump's out there practically by himself on this. "The intelligence community whistleblower who raised concerns about Trump's phone call with the..." And, by the way, Pelosi says that's it. That's why we're impeaching. Pelosi says that Trump asked the president of Ukraine for assistance in the 2020 campaign. He did not! He didn't do what Schiff said. He didn't act like a mob boss. Do you know that there...? I mentioned this on Friday. There is a statute -- it's a treaty, actually -- that goes back to 1999, signed by Slick Willie. It's a mutual pact between us and Ukraine for joint prosecution of corruption. President Trump, by asking the president of Ukraine to look into items of corruption, just happened to involve Biden and his kid. President Trump was following the law! But the Democrats are lying. "He's acting like a mob boss! He's telling this guy, 'Make it up and don't get back to me 'til you do. I want to hear the right thing. "If not, I'm not gonna send you any money." Well, the money had already been sent! The president of Ukraine didn't even know that there'd been a stop put on it. There's nothing they are saying about this that is true, which leads me to another observation. Why all of the defeatism on our side? And I don't mean among you. I'm talking about our intelligentsia. I'm talking about Republicans and conservatives in Washington, in media. Why all the defeatism? Why all the defections at Fox News? Why all of the sudden, "Ah, I can't defend Trump anymore. This is too much. I can't." I'll explain and answer all of this, folks. BREAK TRANSCRIPT RUSH: I have to make a correction, folks. The statute, the whistleblower statute was not changed. It's even more insidious than that, in a way. The statute requiring firsthand knowledge -- whistleblowers being able to say they actually saw or heard what they're reporting. The internal proceedings of the inspector general and of the intel agencies was what was changed. The statute never required firsthand knowledge. Instead, firsthand knowledge was always a requirement of the inspector general in the procedures for reviewing any complaint. So the statute never required firsthand knowledge, but the IG setting up requirements demanded it. If we're gonna have a whistleblower, we're gonna have to have a whistleblower that knows from direct knowledge what was said or what was done. In other words, the whistleblower had to be an eyewitness or an earwitness. That is what has changed, and they did it very shortly before this complaint got filed. They did this, I think, within 30 days, if I'm not mistaken. They changed the internal process in order to allow hearsay complaints. Now, everybody that's looked at this knows that this complaint was written by lawyers, not intelligence people. In fact, it's being praised! It's being held up as an example for would-be writers as a teaching tool, this complaint. I think it was written by House Intelligence Committee staffers, if you want to know the truth. I can't prove it. But since we don't need direct, firsthand knowledge, I'm gonna blow the whistle on the House Intelligence Committee. These are people that know this system cold, by the way. This thing as a blatant, total setup -- carefully thought through, brilliantly conceived, flawlessly executed so far. This article originally appeared on Premiere Networks Contact Call 1-800-282-2882 Email
  3. Colt turns "TRAITOR!!" suspends civy AR 15 sales

    Colt Defense... definitely the innovator of small pin VS. large pin, blocked receiver, SP 1 , lightning link etc.. seems they have been managed by the Left for years.
  4. Colt turns "TRAITOR!!" suspends civy AR 15 sales

    Ha ha Colt believes there's an adequate number....hilarious! The Truth is , they can't compete with the free market. Regulations and Socialist Unions as well as a hostile business environment could possibly factor in? Don't they know there's never enough Guns! I'm not selling any of my Colts right now, I believe the value may rise.
  5. What If?

    Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they rebelled they cannot become conscious” — George Orwell
  6. What If?

    I respectfully disagree. Too much has been given already. DON'T GIVE NOT ONE INCH.
  7. What If?

    Many determinations by our government Bureau 's over the years, have completely violated Our Constitutional Rights and Principles. .. as written in Our Constitution and Bill of Rights. The last hope for Freedom and Liberty... as written by the Forefathers, lies within the 2nd Amendment . They could easily see taking on the World's Super Power at the time ,if and only if the Citizenry are armed! & may I add the current military arms of the Day. I would like a back pack Nuc. for Christmas Santa
  8. What If? A New Jersey State Police spokesman said not a single large-capacity magazine has been turned in since the law went into effect nearly nine months ago. Unjust laws will not be followed by the Just. sure some will turn them in but not all.
  9. What If?

    In the minds of the gun ban fools... is this simple fact, they believe no one except the Government should have guns. The Liberal Progressive Socialist Party could care less what you paid for it. They will never rest until ALL guns in civilian hands are destroyed. One of their favorite sayings is No one needs a gun like that.
  10. Is the subguns boards down

    Back up and better than ever! Thanks Toad for posting... The more the merrier! UNITED WE STAND.
  11. Well in typical dishonest fashion Goepfert dicked over all the "faithful tools" from Snubguns by making of with "their" discussion board in the middle of the night.

    Surprise...No notice and no more board!! Software upgrade my ass, the board is gone, plain and simple. He never had any intention of keeping the Snubguns boards, just the NFA traffic, buyers and sellers.

    I make it no secret I can't stand this "hillbilly" asshat with a plane.Mostly because he's a HUGE LIAR, and his word is absolutely  worthless. These guys don't realize Frank is no friend, he is immediate competition for any dealer or someone trying to make as much as they can with a privately owned C3 item. 

    I had one potential business deal with this goober. He called me about one of my listings on Sturm once and  offered me $10K for a New, unfired Ramo M37 on a form 4!!! I just laughed at him, and said , nice try Frank and hung up.

    But the faithful continue to make excuses for this dishonest prick.



    1. Born Montana

      Born Montana


      I'm genuinely sorry you have had bad dealings with  Frank. I  have been  buying and selling firearms for 40yrs (private collecting)have had a few bad transactions and I know how you feel. However,  I  have never had  any problems with  Frank . I  don't  doubt  your  words for a minute. 

      I do believe competition is a good thing especially in the  current world of firearms.   We need  people to pull together that are like minded and be a good example for our future generations. I hope Frank and Company can see there is more than just profits. 

      Best regards, 

      Born Loser in Montana 

  12. Parkerizing

    There should be a few in your State. I hear you about shipping your firearm for repair work...Crazy prices to send a pistol or revolver, if your just a Citizen of the United States of America. Ive been sending firearms all across this great country for 35+ years. This failure of our USPS to uphold it's duty to deliver our Mail in rain or shine, hale or lightning, blowing blizzard or hurricane, tornado or water spout, biting dogs or shooting customers. Nothing Can Stop your US Postal Carrier. It's in the employee handbook...
  13. Is the subguns boards down

    The Vegans are Attacking! The broccoli and brussel sprouts have taken down the The Vile carnivorous at Subguns....
  14. Potential Scammer: samsportingoods

    I must ask, why these obvious repeat offenders are not pursued by our BATFE? Why must lawabiding Citizens have to give UP our 2nd Amendment Rights for criminals actions?
  15. WTS: Reisings; PKG: 1928 Arg. kit w/registered DLO....

    For discussion purposes Only do you think it's a fair price, considering that there are no pictures with your email written on a separate piece of paper in the Picture! ?