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  1. It's interesting that nobody has mentioned the shooting in vegas

    Really dosent matter what weapon was used, for the lawless will never obey the law.
  2. Money Saving USPO Mailing Info

    Always the best advice thanks, Buddy H. Hope you're dry in Texas.
  3. Can i bring a machine gun to co on form 5320

    Yes Sir. I always carry a copy of my Form 4, or 1 whenever I take my NFA out to play. Helps if you are questioned by law enforcement... make sure it is legible. The color copies you can get done at the local UPS store are hard to beat as far as clarity. I get mine 1/4 size and laminated, so they will last for years of use. Another good idea is to have a locked case for all NFA items including hi- capacity mags.
  4. Can i bring a machine gun to co on form 5320

    No worries... Just bring a copy of your form , should be good to go.
  5. (Was WTB) transferable Colt M4 Commando Enhanced

    Neo, Very cool! Glad everything went as planned. I am astonished at your persistence. Especially when being told your wrong by some experts, with real experience. It is refreshing to see a newbie do something that is against the stream... Question the norm! We need more like you. A old dog can be taught new tricks. For safes, I would be more concerned about fire than anything else. One more request... please post video of your new weapons test firing, for the rest of us poor bastards. Keep Shooting Thanks brother
  6. What is it? Stoner 63 radio stock

    Prototype radio / stock... Nam . Also , tryed with M16 stocks...see SAR. Power bottom near sling ... jack on right side.
  7. WTK Can cannons and Machineguns be used on Federal land?

    James, As far as the cannon...check local BLM, FS local Mgmt office... if good to shoot , then have impacted area on your property... I know folks in the West routinely shoot cannon but , mostly on private land.
  8. WTK Can cannons and Machineguns be used on Federal land?

    miketodd, Never heard of" rock damage " ... but Forest Rangers around here don't like people trying to shoot "the Trees "... darn... no more cutting the firewood with the MG... Forest Rangers are now backing up the regulations with lead.
  9. M16 shooter preservation questions

    It is clearly represented in Armorer's manual...however , this is combat ready...not to mention the no longer supplied replacement parts...
  10. WTK Can cannons and Machineguns be used on Federal land?

    Jamesbucklin, I shoot MG ' s and all small weapons on public lands where not posted "No Shooting "... know your back stop. A yearly land use fee is required BLM and State School Trust lands here in MT. Not sure about cannon... they are very concerned about fire. One thing , keep your shooting site clean... it is amazing to me that so many shooters trash out public lands ... I always bring extra garbage bags to pickup after assholes... I've even loaded up freezers, TV 's and assorted junk dipshits bring out to shoot and leave. PACK IT IN...PACK IT OUT! It's not just your land it's mine too.
  11. Test

  12. New member, Hello

    Thanks for reaching out and being proactive with this never ending problem... Be transparent and build a reputation based on customer service... this is the Enemy of all scam scum. Any unsolicited contact for sales a SCAM! What are you specializing in with regards to your business plans... Can you post your contact information? Thank you for your commitment to the 2nd Amendment.
  13. Very nice! Excellent business approach. Hope the membership is reasonably priced. Here's my country club... Western Montana Fish & Game Association Missoula, MT 59806 (406) 549-1252
  14. WTK pistol grip 12 ga. "weapon"

    One word of caution... not all know( even local LE) the fine detail of the ever changing and completely nonsensical rulings or the BATF&E... ALWAYS HAVE A COPY OF THE LAW... as so skillfully presented by johnsonlmg41...
  15. WTK pistol grip 12 ga. "weapon"

    I would think yes... as long as it meets the OAL requirement.