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  1. M16 shooter preservation questions

    It is clearly represented in Armorer's manual...however , this is combat ready...not to mention the no longer supplied replacement parts...
  2. WTK Can cannons and Machineguns be used on Federal land?

    Jamesbucklin, I shoot MG ' s and all small weapons on public lands where not posted "No Shooting "... know your back stop. A yearly land use fee is required BLM and State School Trust lands here in MT. Not sure about cannon... they are very concerned about fire. One thing , keep your shooting site clean... it is amazing to me that so many shooters trash out public lands ... I always bring extra garbage bags to pickup after assholes... I've even loaded up freezers, TV 's and assorted junk dipshits bring out to shoot and leave. PACK IT IN...PACK IT OUT! It's not just your land it's mine too.
  3. Test

  4. New member, Hello

    Thanks for reaching out and being proactive with this never ending problem... Be transparent and build a reputation based on customer service... this is the Enemy of all scam scum. Any unsolicited contact for sales a SCAM! What are you specializing in with regards to your business plans... Can you post your contact information? Thank you for your commitment to the 2nd Amendment.
  5. Very nice! Excellent business approach. Hope the membership is reasonably priced. Here's my country club... Western Montana Fish & Game Association Missoula, MT 59806 (406) 549-1252
  6. WTK pistol grip 12 ga. "weapon"

    One word of caution... not all know( even local LE) the fine detail of the ever changing and completely nonsensical rulings or the BATF&E... ALWAYS HAVE A COPY OF THE LAW... as so skillfully presented by johnsonlmg41...
  7. WTK pistol grip 12 ga. "weapon"

    I would think yes... as long as it meets the OAL requirement.
  8. Sam Pikula's AR-10 book available on Kindle

    Nice... knowledge is power...
  9. FABARM SAT-8 shotgun (Italy)

    I noticed awhile back FABARM SAT8 ... Model w/ pistol grip and adjustable stock priced $1,620...nib Sold in Canada I would expect it to go for more in USA
  10. M16 shooter preservation questions

    You can buy the parts and do it yourself. It's not that I think KNS pins are a bad product... they definitely are a worthy application in some cases when some conversions (Sendra, SGW and others) were so far out of "spec" that this product can keep the receiver from total destruction but , if your trigger pin holes are elongating then it is a symptom that shows that the system is out of "spec" and the KNS pins will allow the user to continue to run weapon causing more unwanted wear on other components in the system. Also, if KNS pins are not properly installed then wear to the outside finish of your receiver could occur. Original Colt if kept in "spec"... then these pins are not needed. forum has a lot more discussion about this issue.
  11. M16 shooter preservation questions

    Not that the KNS won't work ... just that on an original M16 lower that the poster was trying to avoid wear, I wouldn't recommend. Respectfully
  12. M16 shooter preservation questions

    Congratulations on your new purchase! Very cool... a lot of people switch uppers, that is one of the main reasons for the popularity of this MG ... As long as you keep everything in spec , timing, correct buffers , springs etc . There shouldn't be much concern about the lower. Original Colt fire control parts are readily available and it is indeed a good idea to have replacement parts. If your new purchase shows wear or is original 25 year+ old springs , then I would change out all springs. One area to pay close attention on the lower is the trigger pin holes ... some have had problems with elongated holes in the receiver. If you keep everything in spec this won't be a problem. As far as the scratches... unless you're crawling in the sand or running through the jungle I wouldn't worry about it. Just get a nice rifle case and shoot the hell out of it!
  13. Galil Scope mount question

    Haven't seen that particular one.. Search... Kalinka Optics. Com
  14. Galil Scope mount question

    No one more trusted... than Buddy H. He will definitely help you down the right path...
  15. Galil Scope mount question

    Did you try ? They may have your solution.