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  1. Just received my new purchase, a colt DOE upper NIB . My only complaint is that I should have purchased one 20yrs ago when I had the chance, I passed on one about 10yrs ago because it was priced too high, now the April fools joke is on me ...this one cost double! My advice is if its rare NIB , suck it up and pay may not get another chance! Grasshopper is an excellent member of Sturmgewehr, knows how to do a sale right. Provided verifiable phone and address, offered references as well as proof of possession with video of item writing my name on paper. Don't get scammed! Follow Buddy's rules on making a deal ! When in doubt walk away.
  2. What's with all these scam alerts?

    It seems like the 2nd Amendment is under attack?
  3. MP5K host pricing ? did the new K guns kill price

    This is the real problem. HK will always rise in value, especially the weapons that have been discontinued.
  4. A Huge Win for Montana

    This is what happens with free and fair elections, the People's Will... COMMON SENSE GUN LAW. This is huge win for our Constitutional Rights , that Shall Not Be Infringed .
  5. Anyone seeing new availability ammo or components?

    You know what to do , this is no surprise.
  6. Knob Creek April 2021 CANCELLED

    In this current cancel culture it's really not suprising... Don't let this hamper your desire to exercise your 2nd Amendment Right. Get out and Keep Shooting! Make all shots count! Since all shots matter!
  7. HK MP5 or HK94 mags origin/vintage query

    I'm no expert, my memory isn't what it was yesterday and it's hard to believe it's been that long... but that sounds about right early 1990's.
  8. board taken down by Go Daddy

    Didn't Joe campaign on taking all our AR15's, who needs them ? I remember him saying . Take down the largest gun forum , then go after all the rest! You better believe they will be coming after everyone here.
  9. HK MP5 or HK94 mags origin/vintage query

    Contact Tony HK expert.
  10. I believe your analysis is correct . I don't live in Commieforia, or the police State of New York . I moved to Montana 35+ years ago to get away from the insanity. Now it has creeped into all the last best places... there will be a war when your money is not worth the paper it is printed on. Sorry if my rant was disturbing to you. But I feel better .
  11. I'm with you on that. My answer to my own question ,"of how will we be able to keep our guns " ? Keep them loaded and ready to go.
  12. Etc. , this is the most troublesome You may shoot your gun , when all Government requirements forms ,finger prints, photos and background checks are approved.
  13. I feel so much better that they won't take our guns, do to too much backlash.Just that we won't be able to afford ammo, won't be able to buy any imported firearms, sell or give anyone a gun. No purchase without a rectal exam.