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  1. Don't shoot a hole in the boat!

    Armadillos ! in Florida... Wow ya learn something eveyday. Mostly think of Florida as alligators, lethal snakes of many varieties and things that crawl/fly and bite and don't bother going in the ocean the fish in there can eat you. Do have you all have those big rats they have in New Orleans ...(nutrias) ? Guess you can eat'm and make fur coats out of them too.
  2. Don't shoot a hole in the boat!

    Yes Sir, it's great fun ! and satisfying when getting hits from afar...sharpens the shootn skills when goin after something to eat. Since there isn't much left to eat after shootn prairie dogs.
  3. Don't shoot a hole in the boat!

    All true Montanans Hate, Not love the gophers. Started way back before we were a State, when riding your horse along the high plains and it stumbles in a gopher hole, then you have to shoot it because it broke it's leg. Tends to piss a cowboy off, something you don't want to do. So, everything has been tryed to eliminate these nasty little bastards, flooding them, burning them, even explosives ( leaves a bigger hole), Shooting, and poisoning. We were finally making some progress with the poison, however that was creating unwanted side effects. Dam EPA. I've eaten Mountain goat, Mountain lion, deer whitetail & mule, elk,moose, bison,bear, antelope, wolf, geese, ducks, grouse, pheasant, turkeys, sandhill crane, Jackrabbits... but never gophers! I think even the Indians won't eat them. Someone told me once the gophers carry the Bubonic Plague.
  4. Don't shoot a hole in the boat!

    Thanks Kristopher! You might want to hole up for a day or so, looks like snow blowing in. But get out soon! Shooting always makes me feel better... Just remember to wash your hands after Shooting ...lead can be hazardous to your health.
  5. Don't shoot a hole in the boat!

    Since we are all in the same boat of Social Distancing ... get out of the house and shoot something , ofcourse follow all safety measures -Shoot targets at a save distance. Keep America Safe... keep shooting!
  6. Form 4 times individual to SOT

    Generally transfer times for individuals has remained dismally slow despite mind blowing advancements in technology ...
  7. Colt turns "TRAITOR!!" suspends civy AR 15 sales

    I wouldn't sell my herd just yet , I have seen this smoke and pony show before.
  8. Colt turns "TRAITOR!!" suspends civy AR 15 sales

    Colt Defense... definitely the innovator of small pin VS. large pin, blocked receiver, SP 1 , lightning link etc.. seems they have been managed by the Left for years.
  9. Colt turns "TRAITOR!!" suspends civy AR 15 sales

    Ha ha Colt believes there's an adequate number....hilarious! The Truth is , they can't compete with the free market. Regulations and Socialist Unions as well as a hostile business environment could possibly factor in? Don't they know there's never enough Guns! I'm not selling any of my Colts right now, I believe the value may rise.
  10. What If?

    Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they rebelled they cannot become conscious” — George Orwell
  11. What If?

    I respectfully disagree. Too much has been given already. DON'T GIVE NOT ONE INCH.
  12. What If?

    Many determinations by our government Bureau 's over the years, have completely violated Our Constitutional Rights and Principles. .. as written in Our Constitution and Bill of Rights. The last hope for Freedom and Liberty... as written by the Forefathers, lies within the 2nd Amendment . They could easily see taking on the World's Super Power at the time ,if and only if the Citizenry are armed! & may I add the current military arms of the Day. I would like a back pack Nuc. for Christmas Santa
  13. What If? A New Jersey State Police spokesman said not a single large-capacity magazine has been turned in since the law went into effect nearly nine months ago. Unjust laws will not be followed by the Just. sure some will turn them in but not all.
  14. What If?

    In the minds of the gun ban fools... is this simple fact, they believe no one except the Government should have guns. The Liberal Progressive Socialist Party could care less what you paid for it. They will never rest until ALL guns in civilian hands are destroyed. One of their favorite sayings is No one needs a gun like that.
  15. Is the subguns boards down

    Back up and better than ever! Thanks Toad for posting... The more the merrier! UNITED WE STAND.