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  1. Form 4 times individual to SOT

    Generally transfer times for individuals has remained dismally slow despite mind blowing advancements in technology ...
  2. Colt turns "TRAITOR!!" suspends civy AR 15 sales

    I wouldn't sell my herd just yet , I have seen this smoke and pony show before.
  3. Colt turns "TRAITOR!!" suspends civy AR 15 sales

    Colt Defense... definitely the innovator of small pin VS. large pin, blocked receiver, SP 1 , lightning link etc.. seems they have been managed by the Left for years.
  4. Colt turns "TRAITOR!!" suspends civy AR 15 sales

    Ha ha Colt believes there's an adequate number....hilarious! The Truth is , they can't compete with the free market. Regulations and Socialist Unions as well as a hostile business environment could possibly factor in? Don't they know there's never enough Guns! I'm not selling any of my Colts right now, I believe the value may rise.
  5. What If?

    Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they rebelled they cannot become conscious” — George Orwell
  6. What If?

    I respectfully disagree. Too much has been given already. DON'T GIVE NOT ONE INCH.
  7. What If?

    Many determinations by our government Bureau 's over the years, have completely violated Our Constitutional Rights and Principles. .. as written in Our Constitution and Bill of Rights. The last hope for Freedom and Liberty... as written by the Forefathers, lies within the 2nd Amendment . They could easily see taking on the World's Super Power at the time ,if and only if the Citizenry are armed! & may I add the current military arms of the Day. I would like a back pack Nuc. for Christmas Santa
  8. What If? A New Jersey State Police spokesman said not a single large-capacity magazine has been turned in since the law went into effect nearly nine months ago. Unjust laws will not be followed by the Just. sure some will turn them in but not all.
  9. What If?

    In the minds of the gun ban fools... is this simple fact, they believe no one except the Government should have guns. The Liberal Progressive Socialist Party could care less what you paid for it. They will never rest until ALL guns in civilian hands are destroyed. One of their favorite sayings is No one needs a gun like that.
  10. Is the subguns boards down

    Back up and better than ever! Thanks Toad for posting... The more the merrier! UNITED WE STAND.
  11. Well in typical dishonest fashion Goepfert dicked over all the "faithful tools" from Snubguns by making of with "their" discussion board in the middle of the night.

    Surprise...No notice and no more board!! Software upgrade my ass, the board is gone, plain and simple. He never had any intention of keeping the Snubguns boards, just the NFA traffic, buyers and sellers.

    I make it no secret I can't stand this "hillbilly" asshat with a plane.Mostly because he's a HUGE LIAR, and his word is absolutely  worthless. These guys don't realize Frank is no friend, he is immediate competition for any dealer or someone trying to make as much as they can with a privately owned C3 item. 

    I had one potential business deal with this goober. He called me about one of my listings on Sturm once and  offered me $10K for a New, unfired Ramo M37 on a form 4!!! I just laughed at him, and said , nice try Frank and hung up.

    But the faithful continue to make excuses for this dishonest prick.



    1. Born Montana

      Born Montana


      I'm genuinely sorry you have had bad dealings with  Frank. I  have been  buying and selling firearms for 40yrs (private collecting)have had a few bad transactions and I know how you feel. However,  I  have never had  any problems with  Frank . I  don't  doubt  your  words for a minute. 

      I do believe competition is a good thing especially in the  current world of firearms.   We need  people to pull together that are like minded and be a good example for our future generations. I hope Frank and Company can see there is more than just profits. 

      Best regards, 

      Born Loser in Montana 

  12. Parkerizing

    There should be a few in your State. I hear you about shipping your firearm for repair work...Crazy prices to send a pistol or revolver, if your just a Citizen of the United States of America. Ive been sending firearms all across this great country for 35+ years. This failure of our USPS to uphold it's duty to deliver our Mail in rain or shine, hale or lightning, blowing blizzard or hurricane, tornado or water spout, biting dogs or shooting customers. Nothing Can Stop your US Postal Carrier. It's in the employee handbook...
  13. Is the subguns boards down

    The Vegans are Attacking! The broccoli and brussel sprouts have taken down the The Vile carnivorous at Subguns....
  14. Potential Scammer: samsportingoods

    I must ask, why these obvious repeat offenders are not pursued by our BATFE? Why must lawabiding Citizens have to give UP our 2nd Amendment Rights for criminals actions?
  15. WTS: Reisings; PKG: 1928 Arg. kit w/registered DLO....

    For discussion purposes Only do you think it's a fair price, considering that there are no pictures with your email written on a separate piece of paper in the Picture! ?