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  1. MG's as an investment

    "I’m just sayin they don’t need 28% of my money... " Demonic Demoncrat actual target taxation is more in the 50% to 67% of not Your Money but Our Money . As for NFA as an investment? it would be strictly for an investment in Freedom ... if you are willing to risk all.
  2. Anyone know what brand of case HK used for the PSG1?

    John, Here is a MSG 90 HK Factory case for sale... I think this same Seller had a PSG1 a few weeks back?? Might want to contact him if (Tony ,"The HK go to Guy "doesn't answer first)!
  3. Anyone know what brand of case HK used for the PSG1?

    Try asking Tony @ Hkpro forum. They really are Way overpriced and not very robust. I think the foam insert provides most of the protection... I prefer Pelicans, because you can drive over them and the contents won't be damaged.
  4. Demo ghey-wads just can't get over themselves...

    Agreed. I am somewhat of a pessimist by nature, but as I read about the Right making gains throughout the world, it gives me some hope for the future. We must not worry ourselves with things out of our control. But concentrate on the changes we can effectively control amongst our friends and neighbors. Keep the Faith our Forefathers were Right. Regardless if they were slave owners.
  5. Demo ghey-wads just can't get over themselves...

    There's no getting away from them. They breed like cockroaches and ruin everything they touch. The Socialist Communist Party has completely infuriated our Country and the Propaganda machine can only be stopped by Civil War II and the world economic Depression ...
  6. Was it a SBR, then stock removed? Interesting ...
  7. Looks like Kiwi gun owners are screwed..

    RL, The New Z's were screwed from the start. Subjects to the Crown of Stupidity So , what will the New Z's do when ISIS returns for payback?
  8. How do pre may dealer samples work?

    This makes No Common Sense gun law. So all common sense and gun law Is void?
  9. Which to use with my Reg Trigger Pack- Omega or Zenith

    If you can afford a full auto pack. Why not use Genuine German...? Ive always had less tinkering with the real deal... unless you are spending more on ammo than you have invested in your set up , a real shooter . I wouldn't waste my money on clones.
  10. It's do or die tomorrow guys..

    R.L., May your rant never end. United We Stand.
  11. I was able to contact JJ Werner by email

    RL., Thanks for your opinion. But it means little to me... UNITED WE STAND. Mr. In the sky with red diamonds has meant a lot to all who care. Your failure to see the big picture is concerning... however, I hold faith you will see the light ... Brother in Arms , Born Loser
  12. Fake news, the left ,weather, no truth

    Storm of a lifetime? The president is causing the weather to worsen ? Then isn't there gonna be a bigger bader Storm a comin? Keep your powder dry...
  13. Any thoughts on this? Large gun bust in CA.

    Commiefornia... they can all fall off... Hopefully Soon...
  14. Love it ! Repurpose... with a Purpose! Yeah 1 cent per round! Bring back the good old days. I'm waiting for the old cigarette vending machines dispersing fully loaded mags. 5.56, 7.62x39, etc...
  15. Tipton Tactical ICM

    TT, Your link could not be found... Sounds like a good idea , always a problem with military rifles one size doesn't fit all.