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  1. WTK: Where to Buy HK Semi Rifles?

    TGW, I assume you are looking for genuine German HK series 90 rifles? As Tony has pointed out HKPro is a great place to search( and by the way, you might try to pm Tony since he is a HK expert himself) There are often fair deals to be found on that site, but better have cash ready if you want to get the good deals. They go quickly. Gunjoker is another whole animal many guns to pick from but mostly overpriced, some misrepresented as something their not...buyer beware. You may also try posting WTB adds , on this site if you know exactly what you want. Many old time HK owners out there that don't know if they really want to get rid of their gun and sometimes a quick easy sale will makeup their mind. As for the mp5 22... I wouldn't waist my money on it... go with the 9mm. Happy hunting!
  2. Looks like Werner over on the "other" site...

    Welcome anywhere. A true wealth of knowledge. One of the only reasons I would go to the Subguns site.
  3. Well I guess that's the end of Subguns......

    United We Stand... Frank , I'm a oldtime customer from the shotgun news days, bought a beautiful Hk from you back then , on just your word, no pictures, just your description ... it was high priced at the time , but years later , I sold it for double what I paid. In these times of change , we all should be thankful for all gun owners, no matter what gun they have in their holster.
  4. Suppressors coming off NFA Register ?

    Glad one of our most respected Generals has clarified the difference between the fake news definition of Slience and hearing protection... Really dose the length of the barrel or the stock make any real difference in the lethality of the most cases reducing the barrel length diminishes the ballistics of the weapon. Range, penetration , terminal ballistics all reduced... the only real benefit is concealing. Oh no ,someone is hiding a weapon what can we do to save us from such a monster?
  5. A Free M11?

    Hank, This is the expert in accessories for the MAC. Lage Manufacturing, L.L.C. We specialize in manufacturing accessories for the M-11A1, M-11/9, M-10/9 and M-10/45 sub-machineguns and the M-11/9 semi-auto pistol. Phone:(480) 219-8893 E-Mail:
  6. Suppressors coming off NFA Register ?

    Please check your news source ( Fake). As long as I can remember MSNBC has been pro gun control. There is no way a suppressor or multiple suppressors would have made any difference in the massacre. The first shots were fired inside the Casino, the good guys were on their way before the concert was attacked? A bump stock or full auto would have made no difference in the outcome. There is no way to stop a crazy person from committing mass murder. Laws are not obeyed by the lawless. All NFA is an infringement on my Right To Bear Arms.
  7. A Free M11?

    Yo Hank, The Gordon Ingram submachine gun is a excellent choice. I recommend reading the book "The MAC Man "; by Frank Iannamico and Don Thomas. Before making your decision. I have a M11, and M10/ 45 when combined with the Lage uppers they are really hard to beat for reliability and control. Especially when compared to a $35,000 + HK mp5. Happy hunting and welcome to the NFA.
  8. It's interesting that nobody has mentioned the shooting in vegas

    Really dosent matter what weapon was used, for the lawless will never obey the law.
  9. Money Saving USPO Mailing Info

    Always the best advice thanks, Buddy H. Hope you're dry in Texas.
  10. Can i bring a machine gun to co on form 5320

    Yes Sir. I always carry a copy of my Form 4, or 1 whenever I take my NFA out to play. Helps if you are questioned by law enforcement... make sure it is legible. The color copies you can get done at the local UPS store are hard to beat as far as clarity. I get mine 1/4 size and laminated, so they will last for years of use. Another good idea is to have a locked case for all NFA items including hi- capacity mags.
  11. Can i bring a machine gun to co on form 5320

    No worries... Just bring a copy of your form , should be good to go.
  12. (Was WTB) transferable Colt M4 Commando Enhanced

    Neo, Very cool! Glad everything went as planned. I am astonished at your persistence. Especially when being told your wrong by some experts, with real experience. It is refreshing to see a newbie do something that is against the stream... Question the norm! We need more like you. A old dog can be taught new tricks. For safes, I would be more concerned about fire than anything else. One more request... please post video of your new weapons test firing, for the rest of us poor bastards. Keep Shooting Thanks brother
  13. What is it? Stoner 63 radio stock

    Prototype radio / stock... Nam . Also , tryed with M16 stocks...see SAR. Power bottom near sling ... jack on right side.
  14. WTK Can cannons and Machineguns be used on Federal land?

    James, As far as the cannon...check local BLM, FS local Mgmt office... if good to shoot , then have impacted area on your property... I know folks in the West routinely shoot cannon but , mostly on private land.
  15. WTK Can cannons and Machineguns be used on Federal land?

    miketodd, Never heard of" rock damage " ... but Forest Rangers around here don't like people trying to shoot "the Trees "... darn... no more cutting the firewood with the MG... Forest Rangers are now backing up the regulations with lead.