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  1. WTB- HK91/G3 mag dated 8/62

    Never received a PM, but I'm still looking for the mag...
  2. Prefer new aluminum, but interested in any 8/62 dated mags. Reply here.
  3. WTB- HK91/G3 mag dated 8/62

    I'd swear they took the month of August off in '62...
  4. WTB- Original Gemtech Blackside NON-LID Endcap Looking for an original Gemtech Blackside non-LID .578" x 28 TPI endcap like in the pic. (Might be interested in other thread patterns than M16x1LH) Let me know what you have...
  5. The search continues...
  6. WTB- HK91/G3 mag dated 8/62

    Still looking for an 8/62 marked G3 mag...

    Message sent

    *NOTE* The 10K of Ammo is SPF but the Components are still available. Also have a large quantity of sized and polished API Bullets. 10,000 rounds of 50 BMG API Ammo- Pulled API projectiles were resized prior to loading Once –fired LC and PMJ Brass trimmed to 3.900” Primer pockets swaged CCI #35 Primers Loaded with 228 Grains IMR5010 Packed 150 rounds per .50 Cal. Can 67 Cans Total (10,050 Rounds) *SPF* $20,000 Picked up in NE Ohio, or delivered to Knob Creek in April Also have the following 50 BMG components- 30,000 LC / PMJ once fired brass resized, trimmed and swaged primer pockets 1600 lbs. WC888 powder 25,000 CCI #35 Primers Projectiles all sized round and polished- 2,000 South African Ball 2,000 Thunderbird Brass M33 2,000 “Blue Tip” Incindiary 2,000 AP 2,000 APIT (Hand Pulled) 1,500 Spotter Tracer 2000 Tracer (Maroon tip) $50,000 OBO Picked up in NE Ohio
  9. Picked up a .578x28 SIG 220 specific endcap (Thanks Chris! ). Still looking for a regular .578x28 endcap, and perhaps others.
  10. Someone has to have an endcap...
  11. Excellent condition M203 Barrel- $210 plus actual shipping
  12. *Make me an offer on remaining MP5 stuff...* Original Straight MP5 mags all '79 dated, except for one '68 dated mag. VG+ to excellent condition- 3 mags in original pouches. $180 ea. (2 available)(SPF to mp40gunner) New German curved IF code mags- 6 available $50 ea. (SOLD) One new curved mag with a small rust spot by the lug $40 (SOLD) New German buttstock $90 New German forend $40 NOS Surefire forend $250 Buy the stock, forend and Surefire forend now for $260 Shipping/insurance charged at actual rate.
  13. Excellent M79 Grenade Launcher- complete with cutaway barrel (In addition to the cutaway sections there is an aluminum block welded in under the rear sight base completely blocking the barrel). This is an original, complete, Kanarr receiver M79 that is currently a Title 1 firearm due to it having a non functional 40mm barrel. This M79 may be NFA registered as a Destructive Device and be returned to a fully functional grenade launcher (upon approval) with the addition of a stripped M79 barrel (obviously, NOT included). Asking $7500
  14. Jason, Thanks for your interest in my item. So, to answer your questions... No, you are absolutely and totally incorrect in all of your assumptions. There is no "other barrel", nor will there ever be "another barrel", unless I decide to keep it and NFA register it as a Destructive Device. To even assume otherwise is reckless and irresponsible on your part. Furthermore, in the future I'd appreciate you not posting your ill-advised assumptions and/or editorializing on the listed price of the items I post. If you the feel price of the item in question is too high, make a reasonable offer or look for a cheaper one somewhere else. Now, for the rest of the Sturmgewehr members that have the ability to read, write and understand the English language... I would be willing to remove the cut-away display barrel and sell it as a complete receiver kit (i.e.- everything except a stripped barrel) at a reduced price. Please message me if you are interested in that option.
  15. Somebody needs this stuff- make me a (reasonable) offer.