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  1. WTK: Value of Saw Cut 1928 Thompson kit

    Thanks for the replies. I decided to take the offer on the table. It's a good compromise between your two estimates. Much appreciated!
  2. WTK: Value of Saw Cut 1928 Thompson kit

    I'm selling a saw cut Auto Ordnance 1928 Thompson kit with US made barrel. Two USGI stick mags and 3 aftermarket drums. Receiver is cut per BATF spec. All parts on the kit look brand new. Cuts do not go through the branding on the top of receiver and ejection port is not cut through. All markings are intact. What is a value range for the kit? Sorry for no pics, I currently have it on consignment and am getting an offer of around $1700. As this is prime for a post sample build and getting harder to find I was thinking it worth closer to $2250. Any thoughts are appreciated. If someone is truly interested I'll pull the kit and send pics. Thanks.
  3. WTS: 13 Sten Mags $320 Shipped

    Hey, I can do $275 shipped. These mags are in great condition and will give you a lifetime of use. US Postal Money Order preferred. Standard 3 day inspection. Buyer responsible for any return fees. Thanks.
  4. WTK: M1 Garand Build

    Thanks for the replies. I'll post pics when the build is complete.
  5. WTK: M1 Garand Build

    Have all parts to assemble a Match grade M1 Garand. Anyone know of a shop that specializes in builds? Preferably in the Dallas Area but not required. Thanks.
  6. Hey, sorry, forgot to mark them sold.
  7. WTS: 13 Sten Mags $320 Shipped

    Price reduced.
  8. Have 13 sten mags for sale. 11 were hand picked in the day and have very little to no use. 2 have some wear. $320 Shipped. Restrictions I will not ship to: CA, CO, CT, MD, MA, NJ, NY, DC, Cook County IL.
  9. WTS/ WTT: M8 API Pulled Projectiles in DFW Only $2000 OBO

    Hey, sorry for the late reply. I think these have now sold. Let me verify with the gun shop. Some have pull marks and some do not.
  10. WTS: M3 Grease Gun Mags - $220 Shipped

    Sold pending funds.
  11. Have 16 Grease Gun mags for sale. They all have spotty surface rust but function.
  12. WTB/WTT: M134 Recoil Adapters

    Gentlemen, thanks for the feedback. Very helpful. Aaron, do the long recoil adapters fit the saddle and yoke mount? I'm building a dummy for a prop and want it to be period accurate for the 60s. I had thought the long ones were only used on fixed aircraft mounts. Gunheep and Schnellfurer I will be reaching out. Thanks.
  13. WTB/WTT: M134 Recoil Adapters

    Looking for a pair of M134 recoil adapters for the old style Nam era saddle and yoke mount. Can be in any condition. Thanks.
  14. We're cleaning out our spare parts locker and selling parts as a lot. If you're interested in buying let me know and I will send a detailed list with estimated price and pics. M2 Bolts (7) - $875 Rear Sights (15) - $1875 Barrel Extensions (3) - $525
  15. WTB MK19 PARTS

    PM Sent.