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  1. You find someone for this yet?
  2. WTS: HK Parts kit UMP40 $1000

    I’ll take the ump kit.
  3. Hungarian PKM kit that was a brand new gun before demil. Everything looks great and ready for a Vltor receiver (they are in stock) if your a Class 2 they can help you rivet it.1 barrel, please look at photos but believe everything is there (spring is missing from photo but included. $4500 shipped spf
  4. ? It is a semi rifle, it could be SBRed by on a form 2 by me or a form 1 by you. Or enjoy it as a title one gun.
  5. It could be sent out either way. If you want it as an SBR I would form 2 it before it is sent to your dealer if they are an SOT. It was imported as an SBR and removed from the registry 6-7 years ago.
  6. Listing for a friend, please message me if interested and ill put you in contact with him. Up for grabs is San Swiss 552 Commando. If you are looking at this, chances are you already know all about it. Condition is excellent. Normal wear around the ejection port which all these rifles have. Only 86 of these beauties are in the country! I was lucky enough to know someone that purchased 5 of them from Roger and he allowed me to cherry pick mine. At the time these were imported several items needed to be changed to make it 922 compliant, the original parts are included. Items changed were the magazine springs, first round follower, bottom of the mag, pistol grip, trigger and the flash hider was replaced with a custom numbers matching fake can making it 16". I also had a custom gas piston made, the original is not included. Any questions? Just ask! Price: $5,500 Brand: SIGARMS (SAN SWISS) Was made in Switzerland and imported by Sigarms for law enforcement use Model: 552 Commando Caliber: 223 Folding stock 8.9”Barrel with numbers matching fake can Comes with 2 30rd magazines
  7. Looking for the internals for a 551, 2 or 6, need the sear, selector and anything different that the semi parts. Would trade semi internals. Let me know, Thanks, Aren
  8. Wow anytime a seller doesn’t respond instantly on this site you guys start whining about not hearing back and start posting in the thread... this isn’t the first. Its a holiday, just relax.
  9. Use the Zenith, it’s built on HK tooling. I’d skip the Omega stuff.
  10. Extractor Parts needed for MPK/MPL

    Check Apex, they have bolts... not sure if they are complete or not.
  11. WTB M2HB parts kit

    Looking for a parts kit or receiver box kit. Let me know what you have. Thanks, Aren
  12. Looking for either a good feed block with feed pawl/arm or feed arm by itself. Either a German MG08 or Chinese T24 would do. Also always looking for Maxim parts of all models. Thanks, Aren
  13. WTB New M240 barrels

    Looking for new M240 barrels, short or standard Barrels for M240. Looking for a hand full at a nice price. Thanks, Aren