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  1. Ill take the scar and HK53
  2. I do have more MPL mags available to the buyer. Let’s make a deal...
  3. 1918 DWM parts kit, numbers matching including barrel and all small two digit number pieces excluding lock. Does include a nice lock. Barrel is bright, that is paint left on front of jacket, shiny with great rifling. Kit needs a good cleaning. Left plate is attached still to kit. Missing optic mount, drain parts and broken feed arm. $4500 plus shipping

    Good luck Mike!!!
  5. Walther MPL pre sample, is in excellent/fantastic condition and it does not have the typical pd markings that were removed on the magwell, numbers matching, stock locks up tight and is a really really low round count and a smooth shooting subgun. 1 mag. $6200 obo Steyr Aug pre sample, in good condition, optic is perfect and is amazing to shoot. They are way more intense then an m16 and so much more fun to shoot. Comes with 3 mags. $9800 SPF
  6. Dolf made the years ago, clamps around the 08 and mounts to the Swiss maxim tripod. Not interested in the brass ones IMA made, they are too tall and not in right position.
  7. Transferable M2HB C&R $30k

    If this gun came from the same batch mine did they have a super cool history and were rebuilt by US Ordnance.
  8. WTB Browning M3 barrels

    How much are you asking?
  9. Bought a MG5a this month, need a couple parts for it. Looking for correct barrel lock spring, it’s unlike the 3 common ones from browning. also looking for this rear sight, attached is a picture of what it looks like. Thanks again, Aren
  10. New in box, 2 available. $160 plus $15 for shipping obo.
  11. Old IMI factory full auto closed bolt, comes with striker, springs, buffer and ejector. Perfect for making a post sample or RR. Cleaning out gun room. not for sale anymore.