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  1. WTB pre samples

    Looking to add another pre sample to the collection. Rifle caliber, Thompson or anything else interesting. Not interested in Resings, Sten’s, MPL/k, uzis. Thanks, Aren
  2. Need ID help on Spade Grip

    Vickers spades. Dave are you from Sarco? If so I’m looking for those m2 spring sets you use to have on your site.
  3. WTB: M249S

    I have a 249s, what are you willing to pay?
  4. WTB Minimi presample

    I have a posty, looking for a fair price on pre...
  5. Transfer Difficulty need opinion

    If they are just transferring between licenses and sot were both valid during the 20-21. A paper form 3 is still a month or less. Now if they let the old sot lapse, it’ll be a 3-4 month ordeal to transfer the gun.
  6. Looking for one of the Argent 1898 Maxims, Brass would be preferred. Also always looking for any Maxim parts or lots. Please let me know what you have . Thanks, Aren
  7. WTB Minimi presample

    Looking for a m249 minimi pre sample, please let me know what you have.
  8. Who made the receiver? Selling them together will bring less but sometimes in my case it’s worth it.
  9. $8700 plus shipping, will e file to your dealer. Gun runs amazing and have video of it, it’s faster than most 08/15s I’ve seen. Non matching but all German parts except repo or so I’m told drum hanger (bought as an original). Booster, bipod and water cover are all original. 1 Vickers brass tab belt included.
  10. New production Maxim MG08 and 08/15 feed arms, 3D scanned, measured, machined and heat treated. $200 shipped or $190 for multiple.
  11. Email me at and I can send more, I just added one to ad.
  12. Kit is complete, numbers matching excluding lock and water jacket drain plug. Has numbers matching left plate and will come with front and rear section of right plate not pictured. Lock is DWM, barrel is matching to the kit. Feed arm is new and intact. No mount included. $5300 delivered to lower 48.
  13. C&R Colt Watercooled Mg-52A $39,500. Comes with two spare barrels, runs 100% and ready to run. Gun is in good condition, non matching internals. Gun uses all current M2HB internals excluding barrel (comes with 3 total like new barrels) Sold pending funds. Finnish Maxim on Finnish Maxim tripod similar to Swiss maxim tripod built on a C&R DWM side plate. Gun is in excellent condition, comes with rear traverse clamp. Gun runs 100%. Removed and going to keep. Walther MPL Pre 86 dealer sample machine gun $4600. Comes with 1 mag, runs 100%, excellent condition, can only be sold to a SOT dealer or manufacture. Sold I have video of every gun running. More pics on request, have been on Sturm since 2001 and have plenty of references, all guns will transfer E file if your dealer is set up for it. In MN the two guns can go direct to the buyer after form 4 is approved.