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  1. Looking for either a good feed block with feed pawl/arm or feed arm by itself. Either a German MG08 or Chinese T24 would do. Also always looking for Maxim parts of all models. Thanks, Aren
  2. WTB New M240 barrels

    Looking for new M240 barrels, short or standard Barrels for M240. Looking for a hand full at a nice price. Thanks, Aren
  3. WTS M249 op rod

    Please email me pics, also looking for other 50 parts.
  4. For sale is a WWII Thompson drum. Is marked Bridgeport Connecticut with a U on front and back. Please see photos. Looks like it has been inserted into a gunbut insides look unused. Came with a Thompson I bought years back. $700 OBO plus $20 shipping or free delivery to SAR. SPF
  5. Parts from a Savage Thompson parts kit, barrel was welded at one point and unsure if it’s usable... would make a great display kit. Don’t know if anything is missing. Finish on parts are blued. S markings are present including lower assembly. $800 obo plus shipping it free delivery to SAR. Traded tonight.
  6. 2 available, 1 new in wrap one lightly used. If your making a post sample this is the hard part to find. NIW $800 delivered. Used $700 delivered.
  7. Bought here this spring, decided not to use on my Colt 50. Comes with screws and support bolts. $300 delivered or can bring to SAR and save you $20. Would trade for new M2 top cover.
  8. WTB M2HB top cover

    Looking for NIW or almost new, complete or stripped is fine. Please let me know what you have. Thanks, Aren
  9. Looking for a PKM and 1917a1 cradle or 1919 cradle, I’d prefer large Pintle but open to any. Let me know what you have.
  10. I need a MG08 to Swiss tripod adapter, top dollar paid. Also always looking for Maxim parts and lots of any size. Thanks for the help! Email is
  11. Ill take the scar and HK53
  12. I do have more MPL mags available to the buyer. Let’s make a deal...