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  1. SAR East Show

    I am definitely going and I'm going to be looking at all those pretty Tommy's and anything else with a fun switch.
  2. Hey Bob what was the total amount for NE VA?
  3. WTS para ord 45's compact's

    Are those Warthog models?
  4. DLO side plate transferable 1919 set up in 30-06. References available. 16.5 K Buyer pays shipping ins and tax Thanks for looking and take care! Thanks Albert boys and Buddy!
  5. Tightening up a Westie

    Hey David, thanks for the heads up! I never got into that far. Didn't realize all the info available. It's a great site and being a NE Ohio boy looks like there are alot of guys and events to meet and go to with my 2Westies. You and your brother are really doing a great service. I hope these sites pick up some younger guys to keep these collectables in good working order and out running through 45 ammo. Regards, James P Gough
  6. Tightening up a Westie

    Will increasing the diameter of a frame latch tighten up a West Hurley Thompson "a little bit". I'mnot really that familiar with all the workings of my Westies but I'm learning. I've taken one apart cleaned,oiledit and made quite an improvement over first receiving it. Maybe some day PK will get them to really do a full deal on them.
  7. SO Where's bUDDY.?

    Somebody giving Dave an earful for "taking over Sturm" and Dave so thoughtful in his response.Holy crap I can't stop laughing. Bless his heart.
  8. Oh that is so nice, friendly and professionally stated. Thanks for that! How adults speak to each other!
  9. Welcome to the New Forums!

    Thanks Dave and Andy!!! I haven't been semen in a long time!