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  1. Uzi B model question

    Thank you very much, worked like a charm. Hate to be a pest but the quick release wood stock fighting attachment. on the underside of receiver there is some kind of lever inside under the hole that the nub on the stock fits into. I don't remember this feature on the A model. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!
  2. Uzi B model question

    Having trouble removing folding stock. Removed allen bolt and for some reason stock will not come off. Had A model in past and no problems. Wanting to replace with wood stock to comply with state requirement. Also considering SBR. Any advice will be appreciated.
  3. Looking for dust cover with scope rail for M62/S or M76. Reasonable price. Still looking 10/25/2018
  4. kwbiker

    Having trouble removing folding stock from Uzi B model. Removed bolt but will not come off. Had A model in past came off easy. Switching to wood stock. Possible SBR.