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  1. you woudnt happen to have a line on an mp5 10mm would you?  If so give me a PM

    1. Phil in Asheville NC

      Phil in Asheville NC

      flybynt: Not at this time.

      I'll keep you in mind if I run across anything.  10mm weapons are hard to find now.  The FBI had most of them.  I did have two agencys here in NC that used the 10mm MP5s.  But, they have both long since replaced them.

      Wish I could help.  I did have 4 MP5/40s that were traded in.  Sold the last one of those back in January.

      Thanks, have a great Spring.


    2. flybynt


      Thank you,  I definitely would appreciate it if you run across an noce 10mm mp5




    3. Phil in Asheville NC

      Phil in Asheville NC

      Still nothing...I had some MP5/40s  Never did find any true HK barrels.  Although they told me at the 2016 SHOT Show they had 10 in stock.

      Thanks:  Phil