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  1. WTS Litton M937A

    For sale: Litton M937A Night vision Weapon Sight $1500 Excellent condition with Picatinney Rail mount. Tall unit. Tube is excellent condition, a few minor black specs. NO burn specs on tube. Mount and scope body excellent condition. Total time is unknown to me. PD trade in. Asking $1500 includes shipping/Insurance Thanks: Phil
  2. WTS: HK MP5-N a true German NAVY model $1800

    Good afternoon...yes, please email me direct at: Thanks: Phil
  3. WTS: HK MP5-N a true German NAVY model $1800

    for sale: HK MP5-N 100% German, true Navy model with A3 (retractable stock) 1/2x32 threaded barrel (true HK specs) Navy (3 pos ambi) trigger group with two 30 rd mags. Parts kit or complete Weapon: $1800 shipped
  4. For sale: I have two consecutive serial number true German HK94A2 (fixed stock) semi auto rifles for sale. Pictures available for serious inquires. Asking $4500 each shipped or $8500 for the pair shipped. Includes one 30 round magazine. Thanks: Phil
  5. for sale: HK MP5A3 (retractable stock with Navy (safe, semi and full ambidextrous) trigger group and 2 mags. $1500 shipped Will need LE Demo letter for complete weapon. Thanks: Phil
  6. For sale: HK UMP .45 post sample or parts kit. Nice condition PD trade in. Navy (3 pos) trigger group and 2 mags. $1350 shipped. Will need PD demo letter for complete weapon. Thanks: Phil
  7. WTB 2 HK UMP40s Have Lettet

    Mark: Can't help with UMP 40. But I do have a couple of UMP 45s I just traded for. Thanks: Phil
  8. For sale: HK USP .40 S&W parts kit. With Stainless slide and two magazines, Complete less the frame….$380 shipped Thanks: Phil
  9. WTS: Windham Weaponry Post sample M4 $500

    For sale: I have a few Windham Weaponry (Windham, ME guns) post sample M4/M16 11.5" bbls quad rail forearms w/magpul angle forearm grips. Aimpoint and light are NOT included...the PD kept them. Asking $500 shipped to your FFL/SOT. Law Enforcement Demo letter required ready to form 5 from the department.
  10. for sale TROS FN PS90 thread adaptor M12x1.0 LH to 1/2x28. New in the BAG! This is for converting your PS90 to a SBR. Ordered from Mark at TROS...customer backed out of the project. $65 shipped...Thanks: Phil (828)252-9487
  11. WTS: HK91A3

    For sale Like new HK 91 A3 early SACO Arlington, VA Import. (HH dated code) with ejection port buffer and two 20 rd mags. Pictures available to serious inquireys. Asking $2600 shipped to your FFL or sales tax included in NC. Thanks Phil
  12. for sale: Owner wants to sell: Very nice Inland M2 carbine conversion by Rock Island Armory. Clean conversion, fully transferable. Direct Form 4 (estate sale) in North Carolina. Asking $9500 includes first transfer tax. Pictures available: Thanks: Phil
  13. WTS: HK SL8-1 Black

    for sale: HK SL8-1 new unfired with factory accessory pack. Box was water damaged, SL8 was NOT in the box. Thus, the new unfired, no box. Asking $1800 shipped to your FFL. Thanks: Phil (828)231-9487
  14. WTB: Remington 870 18.5" rifle sight barrels

    I need 5 Remington 870 12 ga 18.5" rifle sight barrels for an upcoming project. Must be new to like new. Thanks: Phil Flack
  15. WTB: Benelli M1 SBS

    Scott: I have a couple Benelli M1 super 90 inbound from a local PD. Please email me for pics....Thanks: Phil