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  1. WTS: Beretta model FS w/AAC M9-QD can

    For sale: Very nice stainless/Alloy Beretta 92FS with AAC M9-QD silencer. This has the AAC dual locking pin attachment system. Sometime called the "hush puppy" mount. Included the 92 FS pistol, silencer with the mated AAC Barrel, the factory barrel, 3 mags and the factory plastic case. Selling this for a Friend in form 4 transfer to NC Resident Asking $850 for the package. Thanks: Phil
  2. WTB: HK 94/MP5 or HK93/53/33 retractable stock

    I have a Mp5 9 & 40 German stock, very nice condition. (pics available) This one has the cut out for the MP5/40 bolt hold open device. the buffer is intact and in good condition. Was going to take it to the Creek, but now that it has been cancelled....$325 plus actual shipping. Thanks: Phil
  3. WTB: Pre Sample HK MP5, Steyr AUG, Sig 551 SBR

    Tom> I have a very nice all German MP5A3 with SEF trigger group and surefire forearm light. Pictures available. Asking $15,000 shipped with two German 30 rd magazines, Thanks: Phil
  4. wanted to buy antique revolvers and ammo factory and or reloded ammo

    Yes, I saw what you offered Pyrocoyote. Thanks: Phil
  5. wanted to buy antique revolvers and ammo factory and or reloded ammo

    gunny: Looking at $5395 for the weapon. I will cover the shipping. We will entertain a reasonable offer. Thanks: Phil
  6. For sale: nice old Remington Arms Elliot's Patent 4 shot pistol. asking $1650 Remington & Sons top break, ring trigger 5 shot .22 short pistol asking $1500 Chicago Firearms "Protector" palm pistol. Very nice bore and internals .asking $2100 Colt original 1860 Army .44 cal revolver, fair condition all original parts #s match asking $1500 Pictures available, Thank you: Phil Flack
  7. wanted to buy antique revolvers and ammo factory and or reloded ammo

    Gunny: Any interest in a Original Colt 1860 Army .44 cal Fair condition. Remington Arms Comp. Elliot's patient 4 shot pistol, Remington & Sons top break, ring trigger 5 shot .22 short ~50% condition. Chicago Firearms "Protector" palm pistol nice bore and internals. Have a Remington New model pocket revolver .31 cal. A S&W Mexican Model top break ~50% condition and a S&W top break lemon squeezer .32 S&W Short re-nickeled also ~50 (with the refinish) condition. Pictures and prices available if you see anything you are interested in. Thanks: Phil Flack
  8. WTB RUGER AC .556

    Mike I have one available in North Carolina. Belongs to a customer...transfer on a form 4. Stainless steel, full stock GB model. Includes 5 Ruger magazines (New in the blister pack) Ciener .22 conversion kit with 3 spare of 4 .22 mags. He is asking $10,500 for the package. Pictures available; Thank you: Phil
  9. for sale: I have several new in the wrapper Sig Sauer .P229 40/357 SIG 12 round magazines for sale. $45 each shipped or $110 for 3 shipped. Thanks: Phil
  10. for sale: Like New (No Box) Benelli, HK Import, 12 ga Montefeltpro 24" bbl with factory choke tubes, wrench and manual. Comes with a Boyt carry case. Pictures available (phil REMOVE $600 plus actual shipping to your FFL. Thanks: Phil
  11. WTS: Nice SWD M11/9

    Estate Sale: SWD M11/9 3 mags and the original mag loader. Form 4 direct from estate to NC residents. Asking $7000 contact: Phil Flack for details
  12. for sale: Like new, never fired or nstalled on a receiver. Includes complete buttsock, with receiver extension (buffer tube) and castle nut. $275 shipped....Thanks: Phil email for pictures:
  13. WTS: HP MP5A3 SEF PRE-May sample $14000

    for sale: HK MP5A3 (SEF) pre May 1986 Dealer Sample....a Keeper" Completely refurbished to new HK specs.with new springs/parts (I am an HK armorer) Also fresh Cerakote refinish. This is a true 100% left Germany as a Pre-May 1986 dealer sample weapon. With the factory A3 stock and original SEF Trigger group. Burst and ambi units weren't available until the late 80's. Asking $14,000 CIII dealers only, no law letter required.
  14. for sale: Like new Seekins Precision RUGER Precision Rifle SP3R rail kit. M-Lok style. Customer had us install it, shot 6 rounds and decided he liked the Ruger rail better. Thus, it is like new in the box. $150 Thanks: Phil
  15. WTS: HP MP5A3 SEF PRE-May sample $14000

    ***Very Sorry guys....typo on my part: $14,000 One the POST samples I had was $1400 for sale: Very nice condition HK MP5A3(SEF) Pre-May dealer sample. This weapon will ship with a new cerakote finish and all new springs as needed. Asking $14000 shipped. NOTE: This is a pre-may DEALER sample and may only be sold/shipped to a FFL/SOT. Thanks: Phil