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  1. WTS Pre 86 Keeper DS German MG-34

    I'll take it at that price if it's still available. Please email at if it is. V/R Ron
  2. WTS Original C&R MG 08/15

    For $8400, I will take it. You still have my email, correct? V/R Ron
  3. WTS Pre-May dealer samples

    Hi David, I will takethe Thompson M1 pre-May sample. I will send you a PM with my email. V/R Ron
  4. Potential Scam Accounts

    I replied to a post regarding a Pre-May MP5 for sale in the ad AND sent the seller a private message as well. I made the mistake of putting my email in the post because a scammer replied to me. She asked me to send 1/2 down to start the paperwork and I knew this wasn't the seller so I asked about getting a copy of the current Form 3 that it's on. Sorry we do not give out copy of the form 3 until we have a confirmation of a deposit sent Thank you From: Amanda Mefford <> On Wednesday, June 28, 2017, <> wrote: Please send payment details and copy of the current Form 3. V/R Ron M Cheney Battlefield Vegas She then gave me the address where to send payment and it's not in the person's name selling it and not in the same state so here is one more scammer to add to the list This is the email they used to contact me: and here is where she wanted the money sent: Teresa Camarillo, PO Box 343 Gonzales TX 78629
  5. MP5A3 Pre May DS

    I will take the pre-May MP5 for that price. Please email me at
  6. WTS: Pre-Sample Browning 1919 Belt gun $11,500

    William, At the price of $10,500.00, I will take it. Please email me at V/R Ron
  7. Hk MP5 A3 German Original Pre 86 Dealer Sample (Keeper) $12,500

    Bryan, I will take it. Sending message to your account now. V/R Ron
  8. WTB: M-79 grenade launcher barrel

    Hi folks, I am looking for a M79 barrels. I need one stripped and one complete. Let me know what you have. V/R Ron
  9. WTS: German Leopard 1 Main Battle Tanks (3) - SOLD - Pics

    They have changed the rules. The barrel didn't have to have the chamber (high pressure area) demilled before but now they do. I have a Chieftain MBT and a D-44 anti-tank gun with a demilled chambers but also have earlier imported Abbott 433 self-propelled guns and a T-55 with intact chambers. I also have a Sherman and two Sexton's with intact chambers. As for artillery, I've seen quite a few pieces that I've passed on because the demil looked more like a "dewat" with minor welding of the breech block to the ring. I've passed on the few I've seen because there is no paper trail to prove a release from the government and there's always a chance that it was sold off by staff from a VFW that was closing. There's a lot of that stuff out there and even though the .gov may not come down with an iron fist, they will seize your item and you get no compensation for it. I met a guy who restored a Huey UH-1C down in Florida and he purchased it from another collector who owned it for years. Turned out that it was from a VFW that closed and the DoD came and recovered it.
  10. WTS: German Leopard 1 Main Battle Tanks (3) - SOLD - Pics

    I own quite a few pieces of armor and purchased five of these Leopards and can tell you that the chamber area MUST BE CUT in order to be allowed in this country. Not sure of how many tanks you've imported into the United States but that is a BATF requirement. One of my staff will be out there this month to cut both the breach ring and chamber to current spec's. V/R Ron
  11. AK's seized by French Military off East African coast

    Iran has been making AK's for quite some time. Here are some pics of them being made...
  12. WTS demill Jap Type 3 HMG $1500.00

    I will take it. Email details to me at V/R Ron