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  1. Hey folks, Looking for a folding stock assembly for a Micro Uzi MG/SBR. My gun has the factory lugs for the stock (see photo), so I just need the stock itself and the hinge pin/spring assembly. Please let me know what you have and price. Thanks! Ben Ferdinand FFL/SOT
  2. Can manufacturers info be moved?

    Clarification: My response is assuming that the OP is just re-engraving the original info to ensure its legible, not changing the info.
  3. Can manufacturers info be moved?

    Yes, absolutely, as long as the new mark meets the ATF font size/depth requirements.
  4. Wts: SIG 551A1 both Spf: to Alan & Brian

    Got a third? I’ll take it if so. Thanks. Ben
  5. JECIII, I couldn’t agree more. A little first-hand knowledge and a well-established rapport go a long way. Granted, there are some people that you will never reach, but some you may and they’ll think about that experience and that relationship before voting for one of those idiotic bills.
  6. Usually I’m on Sturm to buy and sell high quality guns and collectibles. Not so this time. I want your crap and surplus handguns for cheap. I’m in the process of assembling a set of modern pistols and revolvers that I will be permanently converting to non-firing training guns for classroom instruction and demonstrations using dummy rounds. Here's what I need: Used & Inexpensive Semi-Auto Pistols and Revolvers. They must be of modern manufacture (1980’s to present), commonly owned/used in the US, and MUST function manually with dummy rounds. No significant rust, no significant aftermarket alterations, no Simunition/airsoft guns, no weird calibers that I can’t easily get dummy rounds for. Hairline cracks, holster wear, nicks, dents, missing sights, damaged/cracked grips, gouges, shot out or pitted barrels, non-matching serial numbers, worn out springs etc are all ok as long as the gun still function checks ok. These guns will not be fired with live ammo and will not be resold as live guns! Examples of guns I’d prefer: Glock 19/23, 26/27; Sig P2XX, striker-fired Sigs; S&W 3rd gens, Shields, M&P’s, J and K’s;, CZs; Taurus; HK; FN; Hi Point; Ruger; Beretta; Springfield XD-series; 1911’s. But I’ll also consider whatever you have! Please message me directly and let me know what you have. We’ll go from there. I’d prefer to work with other FFLs, and with individuals with reputable histories on Sturm. Thanks for reading! Ben Ferdinand Benjamin Specialties LLC, 07 FFL 02 SOT Libertyville, IL
  7. So let me get this straight. Biden’s argument is that these so-called “weapons of war” are too dangerous for anyone to own and should be banned. Unless you’re rich and can afford the tax. Then they’re ok and instantly not dangerous? WTF. What an elitist a-hole.
  8. Looking for top condition IMI Galil parts kit(s). Must be complete with no rust or damaged parts. Thanks! Ben
  9. Just saw a pre-May 33K on Arms Unlimited website.... $9750 IIRC. Ben
  10. WTS Used Benelli M2 SBS $799

    I’ll take it. Message to follow. Ben Benjamin Specialties LLC 07/02
  11. I’ll second James W. Great work and quick turnaround. He did some trigger work for me some time ago - very pleased.
  12. Need one NIB Glock 43X MOS 9mm. Top dollar paid, or trade in your favor - lots to trade. Must be factory NIB only. From FFLs only. Thanks Ben Benjamin Specialties LLC FFL/SOT
  13. WTS: No letter postie's

    Yes I did finally.
  14. Welcome! Many folks here with tons of expertise. Enjoy!