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  1. Looking for an original flip-down front grip for a M14E2 wood stock. The whole assembly would be nice, but just the grip would be helpful as well. Please let me know price and condition. Thanks! Ben
  2. WTS: HK UMP/USC 45acp SBR conversion by HDPS

    I’ll take the UMP SBR. Email to follow.
  3. WTB IMI Galil SAR Pre-May Machinegun

    BTT Still looking!
  4. WTK Form 5 Times

    Anyone know approximate processing time for a Form 5 & demo latter, transferring from PD to SOT, email submission? Thanks
  5. BTT with $2K final price reduction.
  6. NFA Rules on LE Trades

    Going thru this process now myself. Here’s what I’ve learned: Previous replies correct in that you should not commit to anything without a copy of the ATF registration documents (Forms 5 or 10). If the guns are registered to the PD on a Form 10, you’re SOL. The guns can only transfer directly to another gov’t agency, to ATF, or be destroyed by the PD. If the guns are on a Form 5, they can transfer to you on a Form 5, and, assuming they are all Post May machineguns: -If you want to keep them as sales samples, you’ll need demo letter(s). -If you are going to destroy the guns, indicate that on the Form 5 and no demo letter is needed. No further transfers will be approved. After Form 5 is approved, destroy the guns, send letter to ATF certifying that, and then you can sell off parts. I’m a 07/02, not sure if there are any differences for a 01/03. I PM’ed you my contact info if you want to discuss. Hope this helps! Ben
  7. WTS/WTT HK94 Shooter Grade Rifle

    I’ll take it. Email to follow. Ben
  8. Up for sale is a fully transferable registered receiver HK MP5K PDW machinegun in 9mm. This has the very rare and desirable push pin (swing down) lower, so you can swap it out with any factory full auto trigger group. This MP5K was built on a HK receiver and has a SEF trigger group, newer B&T MP5K 3-lug threaded barrel, and HK-marked PDW folding stock. One HK 30-rd magazine is included. This is about as close as you can get to a factory MP5K-PDW! The Form 3 lists S&H Arms as the machinegun manufacturer. The firearm is in stock and will transfer tax-free on a Form 3 to your local FFL SOT dealer. Buyer is responsible for all subsequent transfers, fees and taxes. Price includes shipping and insurance to lower 48. Will consider trades for rare semis and modern NFA firearms. Cross-posted on GB. $34,000. Benjamin Specialties LLC, 07 FFL / 02 SOT Libertyville, IL 224-221-969zero
  9. WTB: Beater HK 91

    PM sent.
  10. WTB IMI Galil SAR Pre-May Machinegun

    Question: Where does a tyrannosaurus rex go when he breaks his arm? Answer: To a small arms dealer. Bump!
  11. WTB IMI Galil SAR Pre-May Machinegun

    Still looking....
  12. NFA group

    NFA Freedom Alliance? Ben
  13. So check out this nonsense that was signed into law TODAY by our new Democrat Governor in Illinois: Firearm Dealer License Certification Act. FFL’s now have to be licensed by the State. Fees, rules, bureaucracy, and broad discretionary powers of the State. It’ll do nothing to reduce crime, but will likely drive law abiding FFL dealers out of business. And this is probably just the beginning.... Ben
  14. WTB IMI Galil SAR Pre-May Machinegun

    Still looking...... leads appreciated.
  15. PS90 Post-Sample Conversion Options

    PM sent.