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  1. If you want to buy the Lage separately, it's available for only $8000 and comes with a FREE M10 subgun and two silencers! JK But seriously, I'm willing to separate items only if the subgun sells first. So I'm open to offers (including interesting trades) for just the gun, or the gun and whatever combination of accessories you want with it. Thanks!
  2. Pre-May Hk33/13

    Yes thanks
  3. Pre-May Hk33/13

    PM sent
  4. Reduced Price: $8000 shipped. For sale is a MAC/RPB M10-A1 submachinegun complete with two silencers, a like new LAGE MAX-10/31 upper, extra small parts, and three stamped metal magazines. Here's the breakdown: MAC/RPB M10-A1 9mm: The machinegun itself is fully transferable to individuals in states that allow for it. The firearm is in very good overall condition with normal wear and tear on what looks to be the original parkerized finish. The stock functions as it should. When I first acquired this SMG, it ran only about 90% with some "dead trigger" FTF's. I purchased a parts kit and replaced most of the small parts in the fire control group. It now functions 100% with and without a silencer. The original parts and the new small parts that I didn't use are included in the auction. Please refer to the photos for the specific manufacturer markings on the gun. The Serial Number is B2XXX. Three (3) metal magazines are included. Original RPB Industries (Atlanta) M10 9mm two-stage silencer: The sleeve and the silencer are very well used, but still work surprisingly well. The silencer is not user-serviceable, but I think there's still some life left in it, not to mention the collectible nature of an original RPB silencer. LNIB Gemtech Viper-9 9mm Silencer: So when the RPB silencer finally gives up the ghost, you'll have a brand new Gemtech silencer to replace it. This silencer is designed specifically for this machinegun and threads directly to the factory barrel. This silencer was purchased new and has never been used or installed on the gun. I have a custom-made heat sleeve that I will include if I can find it! Like New Lage Max-10/31 9mm Upper: This is the slow-fire upper receiver that everyone wants! This was purchased new directly from Lage over a year ago, but has never been used or mounted on a gun. No manual or Suomi mags are included. As stated at the top, this set includes three NFA registered items and will require SEPARATE NFA TRANSFERS. I will transfer all items directly to the buyer's local FFL/SOT dealer on e-filed Form 3's (tax-free). Buyer is then responsible for subsequent transfer taxes and fees. Price includes insured ground shipping (AK extra). Full payment is required before I submit the Form 3’s. Checks and USPS MOs (held until clear), bank wire, credit cards (+4%), all ok. NO PAYPAL. Cross posted on GB. Thanks for looking! Sorry some of the photos are out of order so be sure to scroll thru them all. Ben Benjamin Specialties LLC 07 FFL 02 SOT
  5. WTB: PRE-86 Dealer Sample FN MAG-58 / M240

    I’d like to nominate Jonathan to buy the whole collection and split them up for us. Can I get a “second”?
  6. WTS: No letter postie's

    Thanks, David. I am so used to everyone using eforms for Form 3’s that I didn’t even think to check that. I appreciate the info. I think my post above pissed off Jon. Not my intent. My apologies. Ben
  7. WTS: No letter postie's

    Glad to hear he is ok. I’ll assume he’s just busy. Thanks for the info. Ben
  8. WTS: No letter postie's

    Anyone receive their order from this seller? I paid and sent FFL/SOT a month ago and still waiting. Seller hasn’t replied to recent email or phone msg. ???
  9. Post 86 Sample M60 No Letter

    Jon, I think he means 08 FFL (importer) with 01 SOT. They’re exempt from the LE letter also like 07/02’s in this circumstance. Ben
  10. Final price drop. Now $4900 shipped!
  11. WTS: No letter postie's

    Per phone call, I’ll take the Yugo 5.56..... email to follow.