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  1. Metal lower with polymer pistol grip. Takes AR mags. Warum nur ein bier? Drei bieren! Waffen und drei bieren! Ben
  2. SOLD PENDING FUNDS Factory Sig 556 10” SBR in 5.55mm with folding/telescoping stock, desirable diopter sights, aluminum railed forend. Former LE gun, but in very good condition. Missing rubber from charging handle. Will ship with new Magpul 30rd magazine. No returns. Transfers to buyer’s FFL/SOT on an e-filed Form 3. Checks, Zelle, CC’s (add 4%), USPS MOs. $1900 shipped to lower 48. Benjamin Specialties LLC 07/02
  3. E-mail sent. Thanks, Ben
  4. WTS: B&T APC 9 Lower

    Question sent
  5. WTS Pre-May DS HK53 .223 Machinegun Exc!

  6. For sale, we have a really nice well cared-for Heckler & Koch factory built HK53 machinegun in .223/5.56mm, date code ID (1983). This is a pre-May dealer sample, so you must have a current FFL AND SOT to purchase and own. No LE letter required. Excellent condition inside and out. Unknown round count. Comes with 0-1-25 trigger group, one German 30rd magazine and Magpul handguard (we can put a standard handguard on if you prefer). Price includes insured shipping. Wire/check/USPS MO/Zelle/Venmo. Credit/debit cards +4%. We will e-file the Form 3 for a fast transfer. Crossposted on that other site. $16,900. Ben Ferdinand Benjamin Specialties LLC 07/02
  7. Form 3 description changes by ATF

    I’ve seen some errors on my NFA guns in the registry. To fix them, send a signed letter to NFA Division via email (not just an email, it has to be a signed letter .pdf attachment). Identify the firearm and describe what needs to be changed and why. I usually embed photos too, especially if its a markings correction. I know its time consuming, but you can correct multiple issues on one letter. Last time I sent a letter in, it took a few months but at least its correct now. Ben
  8. Hey guys, I’m working on a Micro Uzi FA conversion and I have some questions. I have a post-May registered bolt (no feet, milled top for charging) and an Israeli surplus semi pistol. I’m trying to figure out the best way to convert the trigger assembly and what else needs to be done, if anything. Please message me and I can provide pics of what I have so far, phone number and a copy of my SOT if needed. Thank you! Ben Benjamin Specialties LLC

    Email sent.
  10. Looking for a used buttplate (with screws, ideally) for an AO Thompson M1A1 SMG. All the usual sources seem to be sold out. Please provide condition, photo and price. Thanks, Ben Benjamin Specialties LLC 07/02
  11. Used Sig MPX 9mm Burnt Bronze. What you see is what you get. $2995 shipped, firm. CC +4%, or USPS MO, check, Zelle. Ships FFL to FFL only. Will be posted on GB at 6pm CT tonight after which this ad is CLOSED and VOID. Wanted to give you guys first crack. Ben Benjamin Specialties LLC
  12. Still available. Will consider trade for pre-May Thompson Bridgeport M1A1 (prefer orig finish). Ben ben@benjaminspecialtiesDOTcom
  13. Sorry about that - I’ll try to fix that. In the meantime, interested parties can email me at ben@benjaminspecialtiesDOTcom Thanks