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  1. WTB: Transferable HK G3

    Tom, please check your PM’s. Not sure if you received it, but I sent you an offer Aug 5. Good luck! Ben
  2. Selling Firearms Reference Data

    This will not disappoint. I received my set last week. HUGE amount of useful data and well organized. Quite impressive, Tony! Ben
  3. Do these have the polymer (older) or aluminum (newer) adapter? Thanks Ben
  5. Looking for an original IMI or quality aftermarket Galil AR/ARM scope mount, ideally the AR15/M16 channel-type with side mount QD throw lever. Not the PRI mount, please - that one is too high. I know how scarce these are, but willing to pay a fair price. Please email or text pics, price, terms to me at 224-221-969zero or ben at benjaminspecialties dot com. Thanks! Ben Ferdinand Benjamin Specialties LLC 07/02
  6. Up for sale is a beautiful Swiss Sig AMT imported by Benet Arms. This is an all original pre-ban Swiss semi auto rifle in EXCELLENT condition. I have owned many AMT’s over the years, and this one has some of the nicest figured wood that I’ve seen. The rifle is in gorgeous condition inside and out with a shiny bore and strong rifling. All serial numbers match. I do not know what happened to the white clip on the trigger housing. Its black on both sides, but the rifle is semi auto only. This extraordinary example of Swiss craftsmanship will come with the integrated bipod and FOUR (FIVE FOR STURM PAID MEMBERS) 20-round magazines as shown. These mags are valued at >$350 each. Don’t pass up the chance to own this true collector grade firearm. Price includes shipping and insurance to lower 48. No sales to CA or other prohibited areas. Will consider trades and partial trades for rare pre-ban semis and NFA items (including “no letter” posties, pre-May and transferable machineguns). We are a 07 FFL and 02 SOT. Crossposted on GB. Additional pics on request. Thanks for looking. $9795.00 with 4/5 mags $8795 with one mag Ben Ferdinand Benjamin Specialties LLC 07/02 (224) 22 one - 969 zero
  7. Looking at which is not specific to imports; and Ruling 2003-3 is specific to imports and maybe doesn’t apply in this case?
  8. I have a few PD surplus MP5 SMGs that were transferred to me specifically for destruction. (Very sad, but it is what it is.) I read the information on the ATF website that describes smelting, shredding and torch cutting thru the receiver along four lines including through the trigger pack attachment holes, thru the trunnion/chamber area, etc.. I want to preserve as many of the valuable (unrestricted) parts as possible for resale. Has anyone received approval from ATF for any other alternative method of destruction that better preserves the valuable parts for resale but also ensures legal destruction of the receiver? For example, I have seen parts kits for sale with complete front ends that have the trunnion, mag well and front trigger pack hole intact. What’s the rest of that (presumably ATF approved) process? Thanks in advance. Ben Benjamin Specialties LLC 07/02
  9. So I’m a little surprised re a deal with Tom. Bought a pre-may MG from him that was supposedly “VG” at an awesome price that I was going to use as a range “shooter”. I expected some surface scratches, ejection marks, maybe a dirty black chamber or badly discolored bolt, the usual VG condition that we’re used to. Instead of being a VG shooter, what I received from Tom was actually clean, lubed and EXC+++/MINT. Now what? I wasn’t expecting such a nicely cared for gun. Oh well, I guess I can live with it......... Ben Benjamin Specialties LLC
  10. Looking for a shooter grade FN SCAR 17S .308 for a project. Just a complete receiver is ok too. Any color, lower or no lower, bolt group or no bolt group, any barrel length or no barrel, SBR ok if it can be Form 3 e-filed. Ugly, scratched is ok. No rust. Please send me pics, description, your full contact info and price. Thanks, Ben Benjamin Specialties LLC (07/02) ben@REMOVETHISbenjaminspecialties dot com.
  11. FFL/SOT Pre May questions

    Mark, You may want to talk with a firearms industry attorney re LLC pros and cons. LLC rules also can vary by state. I used Prince Law Group in PA when I started up and they were great. And of course, the purpose of a FFL/SOT is to operate a business. Good Luck! Ben
  12. $6900 shipped - see details below. Up for sale is a rare semi auto Swiss Sig SG552-2SP Commando short barreled rifle chambered in 5.56mm NATO. This rifle was originally imported for LE use, then converted to a Title 1 regular rifle with a barrel extension and sold commercially. I carefully removed the barrel extension without damaging the barrel (it wasn’t affixed very securely to begin with), installed the correct 552 flash hider, and re-registered the gun as a SBR. The receiver was professionally laser engraved with our information, per ATF regs. The rifle is in excellent condition inside and out with all matching serial numbers on the upper, lower and bolt carrier. Please excuse the glare in some photos. There are some scratches on the folding stock, minor blemish on the rear sight drum, and wear behind the ejection port (common on all Sig 55x guns). The tritium sights are dim due to age. The rifle will come with two 20-round magazines and two 30-round magazines. The firearm will transfer tax-free on an e-filed ATF Form 3 from us to your local FFL-SOT dealer. Buyer is responsible for all subsequent transfers, fees and taxes. Local Illinois buyers must have a 03 C&R FFL and should contact me to discuss the IL SBR rules and procedures. Cross-posted on Gunbroker. Once a bid is placed there, this ad is void and I’ll mark this ad as sold as soon as possible. $6900 shipped insured to lower 48. USPS MO, checks (held until ckear), credit cards +3.5%. Feel free to call or email with questions. Please do not PM as I don’t receive those messages quickly. Benjamin Specialties LLC, 07/02 (224) 22 one - nine six nine O
  13. Looking for an original flip-down front grip for a M14E2 wood stock. The whole assembly would be nice, but just the grip would be helpful as well. Please let me know price and condition. Thanks! Ben
  14. WTS: HK UMP/USC 45acp SBR conversion by HDPS

    I’ll take the UMP SBR. Email to follow.
  15. WTB IMI Galil SAR Pre-May Machinegun

    BTT Still looking!