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  1. WTB: Stoner 63A Feed Tray

  2. WTB: Stoner 63A Feed Tray

    Want to buy: Stoner 63A, not 63 Left Hand Feed Tray as pictured. 63A Feed Tray is cast, not a sheet metal stamping. The one for sale on Gunbroker is for a 63 and I'm not interested in that one.
  3. WTB: Steyr AUG LMG Carry Handle and Optic

    Still looking
  4. Want to buy: Steyr AUG Carry Handle Assembly. I would buy it with or without optic. I need the rail base, the rings and carry handle. The optic is optional.
  5. WTB: FMP G3S Portuguese G3 PARS

    Still Looking!
  6. WTB: FMP G3S Portuguese G3 PARS

    Nitzel, unfortunately that is a Post 89 (post ban) Indep G3. The only Preban model is the PARS G3S marked receivers. Thanks for your help though.
  7. WTB: FMP G3S Portuguese G3 PARS

    I'm still looking. Thanks!
  8. Telko XM - 10 - Portuguese Model

    PM Sent
  9. WTB: Maadi ARM AKM "Made in Egypt" Magazines.

    Yep, still looking. I know there's some out there.
  10. Want to buy Portuguese G3S imported by PARS International. I'm only interested in a G3S marked receivers, not marked XG3S. Thanks Eric