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  1. WTS Benelli M4 SBR

    NIB Form 4 in NV Benelli M4 SBR. Price is $2499 plus tax stamp to your dealer OBO. Call to discuss reasonable offers. Ph#702-8836340.
  2. I have (3) F.I Industries F-17 Bronco AOW's for sale. They look like the survival rifles and they are in 22 and 410 caliber. Two rifles and one pistol but all AOW's $5 tax stamps to your dealer. Made in Washington DC and are like new in boxes. Price is for al 3, $1200. Shipping extra.
  3. I have 4 Bushmaster 50 caliber 10 round magazines. They are new. Price is $300 for all plus shipping. Txt me at 702-883-6340 if interested.
  4. WTS STERLING MK5 Lower Price

    Lower price $24500 including first two stamps to your dealer.
  5. WTS STERLING MK5 Lower Price

    I have an Erb registered receiver Sterling MK5 with a Dons Gunshop MK5 9mm silencer integral to the gun. The machine gun is in excellent condition and has been tuned up to perfect working order by Stan Andrewski. It would be an understatement to how quiet this gun is and how well made and beautiful condition. Both items are on a form 4 in Nevada and I am brokering the deal. First two tax stamps paid to your dealer. $28,500.00 is the price for a not easily found machine gun. Reasonable offers entertained.
  6. WTS MAC10 45 Lower Price

    Lower price $7500 including first tax stamp to your dealer.
  7. WTS MAC10 45 Lower Price

    I have a Hutton Industries from Indian Hills New Jersey MAC -10 model S-701 in 45 ACP for sale. Gun is in excellent condition and comes with the following items seen in pictures below. 5/Grease gun mags, Mini Uzi folding stock, extra upper with barrel, extension barrel with front grip, original folding stock and soft case and manual. Gun is on form 4 in Nevada and I am handling the sale. Price includes first tax stamp to your dealer out of state. Call me if interested or with questions. Price $7995 OBO plus shipping. Ph#702-883-6340.
  8. I have a new SCAR 16 short barrel 10.5" with flash hider. $1100. Txt me to buy. PH#702-883-6340.
  9. I have 19 brand new H&K 416 (30) round magazines for sale. Price each is $75 or buy them all for $1300 plus shipping. Txt me to buy PH#702-883-6340. To legal states only.
  10. WTS FN SCAR 20s

    I have a FN SCAR 20s in 308 with Masterpiece Arms mount and Leupold Mark 5 HD scope 3.6-18x44 front focal plane. Beautiful rifle. $6000 plus shipping. Call with questions or offers. PH#702-883-6340.
  11. I have a Remington 700 AAC-80 receiver build by Ashbury Precision Ordnance build into a Saber M700 6.5 Creedmoor. Extras are Sniper's Hide Special Edition SABER with a Vortex Razor GEN II 3-18x50 Front Focal Plane Scope with Spuhr scope mount and Elite Iron Revolution bipod. Rifle is beautiful. $6250 plus shipping. Call if you have questions. Ph#702-883-6340.
  12. I have a Bulgarian Arsenal Makarov in 9x18, imported by PW Arms, Redmond VA. Gun has holster wear but doesn't appear to have a lot of rounds through it. Comes with leather holster and 2 mags. 5 extra mags at $30 each to the buyer of the gun if he wants them and he gets first crack at them. Price $475 with the holster and two mags plus shipping.
  13. I have Enough parts to build 2 post samples and a semi-auto gun for those who can. Price is $1000 for everything you see in pictures. Shipping is extra. Call or txt if interested at 702-883-6340.
  14. I have (2) CZ VZ61 Scorpion upper receivers in 22 caliber with threaded barrels for suppressor use. Both are from Czech Small Arms and come with 2 mags each. They are brand new in box and are $600 each. There are also 5 mags extra, also brand new, that are available at $35 each to those who will buy the uppers. Shipping is extra. Call or txt if interested at 702-883-6340.

    I have a Yugo M69A 82mm inert mortar for sale. Good condition with tube, bipod, base plate and sight. Price is $3000 OBO. Shipping extra. Call if interested. P. Ziros 702-883-6340
  16. WTS - Thompson tools

    I would like to buy this. Please call me at 702-883-6340.
  17. WTS STERLING MK5 Lower Price

    Last price drop to $22,500.00. Call me to discuss a deal 702-883-6340.

    I have an Ingram M-10 45 caliber submachine gun by Military Armament Corp., Powder Springs, GA for sale. The gun comes with the items you see on the photos, which includes the Polish carbine kit in 45ACP, a 9mm upper with 3 steel mags and adaptor, carrying case with 6 mags, sling and original box and manual, and also a 22 caliber kit not pictured. One owner gun since the 80s. Form 4 in Nevada, first tax stamp paid to your dealer. Any questions please call me at 702-883-6340. Price is $8750 plus actual shipping.
  19. CZECH SMALL ARMS Scorpion VZ61 22 complete upper with threaded barrel with 2 /30 round magazines. Its new in box. Price $500 plus shipping.
  20. Let me know if you got one. New or used, preferably new though.
  21. Found colt M203 GL 37MM Non NFA

    call me. I have one new in box. 702-883-6340
  22. WTS STERLING MK5 Lower Price

    Price drop $21,500.00.
  23. WTS AM180

    No thank you.
  24. WTS AM180

    I have an excellent condition American International Corp., Utah, American 180 M-2. Comes with plastic black stock also spare wood furniture, small parts like feed tray etc., 2 plastic Lexan 277 round drums, one metal 177 round drum, 2 winders, feed tray and feeding plate. On form 3 E-filing, price $11.500,00 OBO. Runs great.