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  1. SP89 Redo?

    My SP89 is the only real HK host I own and it will probably be the one that goes with the sear whenever I sell it. In my opinion the SP will bring me the most value being upgraded to the PDW model with the addition of a B&T or real HK threaded 3-lug Navy barrel, paddle mag catch installed and engraving to MP5K or MP5K-N.
  2. Pulled over tonight for bumper stickers

    Firearm related stickers in my neck of the woods only promotes theft.
  3. What's the locking piece #?
  4. FOUND: Gemtech MK-9K suppressor, Florida only

    Have you tried making calls to all of the Florida dealers listed on their locator? http://www.gem-tech.com/store/pc/viewContent.asp?idpage=4
  5. Seth, Any German A2 Stocks for sale that are free of any PD markings?