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  1. WTB - Turkish Aluminum 8mm belts

    Mike - Called IMA..they're out of the aluminum belts. If you have a couple three you'd part with let me know and I'll get cert funds out to you ASAP. Thanks, Doug smammo@"REMOVETHIS"
  2. WTB - Turkish Aluminum 8mm belts

    Mike - I haven't called them but their website states that they don't have any in stock. I'll give them a call and see what I can turn up and post results here. Thanks for the heads up! Doug
  3. Looking to buy a few of the Turkish aluminum 8mm 250rd Maxim belts. Drop me an email if you have a few to part with. Thanks! Doug smammo remove this
  4. WTS: .308 API ammunition

    I'm interested in the B32 API. Could you call or email me and we can see if we can come to a deal? Doug (SMA) four eight 0 - six five 8 - 75zero seven smammo at q dot com
  5. WTS:500rds Winchester 308

    I'm interested in the ammo. Could you call me? Doug (SMA) 4 eight zero - six 58 - seven 507 email is smammo at q dot com
  6. I have an opportunity to pick up a Colt M16A1 from an estate. Gun is original and 90%. I don't want to low ball / insult her (she's computer savvy), but want to spend as little as possible. What, in the board opinion, is a fair offer. Details are thin but from relatives input the gun has been a safe queen for 20yrs or so. So what say the knowledgeable? Money is ABSOLUTELY NOT AN ISSUE for the widow....she's very well off. She wants the gun out of the family as she's convinced that guns are evil. She originally wanted to destroy the gun but her son convinced her to sell it due to it's rarity. The gun would be for my personal collection and not a gun I flip if that makes any difference. I really appreciate any input! SMA
  7. WTS: .308 API ammunition

    Out of curiosity...Did you just load the pulled 54r bullets (.3105" diameter) or did you slip size them first? What OAL did you load them to? SMA