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  1. Thermal Weapon Scope ATN

    Have serious interest in FLIR..... PM would be great, Rob D.
  2. 9mm Ar15 conversion parts

    available ? pm me, thanks
  3. with front & rear sights, bolt carrier & bolt included too?then I'll take the 10" Rob D. please message payment info
  4. If you still have them, I'll take them.... Rob D.
  5. Uzi 22 conversions in stock

    When for the mini-uzi???
  6. Message sent, thanks, Rob D.
  7. WTS: Catco 1919

    Messg. sent, thank you .
  8. WTB: Lakeside Machine Razorback Full-Auto Bolt

    Chris, sent message Rob.
  9. David, I re-sent email. thank you, Rob D.
  10. SAR East Show

    WOO HOO!!! Back at last ! Where to shoot near there? Class III? outside range?