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  1. Looking to purchase a Powder Springs Mac10 45 in New or like new condition. Let me know what you have. Thanks, TGW
  2. WTB: M11 380 mag

    Looking for a Cobray M11 .380 magazine. 1 for sure, would like 2. Thanks, TGW
  3. For sale is a new in box Gemtech Arrow 338 lapua suppressor. On form 3 ready to transfer. Also for the price will come with a new tri lug mount in 5/8x24 . Price is $1000 plus shipping. Thanks TGW
  4. WTS: Post Sample CMMG M4 $500

    Yes it is. Currently resides in the police Departments storage. Will transfer out from police department on form 5.
  5. Took out a post sample ak the other day and noticed a crack in the receiver. Looking to find someone who can weld it up. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks TGW
  6. WTS: Post Sample CMMG M4 $500

    Yes, still available. PM Sent
  7. I know its a hard one but worth a shot. Im looking for a barrel for my recently acquired Walther L66A1 PP22. Would like to use suppressed but don't want to thread the orig. barrel. Let me know what you have. Thanks TGW
  8. Have for sale 2 NIB Gemtech ONE suppressors. These are leftover ones that people wanted then never came through. Letting them go at cost to get them out of inventory. $800 ea +20 for shipping. Thanks TGW