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  1. Have for sale 2 NIB Gemtech ONE suppressors. These are leftover ones that people wanted then never came through. Letting them go at cost to get them out of inventory. $800 ea +20 for shipping. Thanks TGW
  2. Looking to buy 2-3 Ruger Mk1 old style mags. Let me know what you have and price. Thanks TGW
  3. WTS: Post Sample CMMG M4 $500

    Btt, price drop
  4. WTB: 5.56 Tracer

    Looking for a hundred rounds or so. Got enough snow now to start chasing coyotes with tracers. Thanks TGW
  5. Purchased one of his Viper 45s. Transaction was smooth and shipping was prompt. Thanks TGW
  6. Have for sale 50 Cal M1 Incendiary, 750 rounds. Head stamp is TW 52. Not pulled bullets and reloaded. Price is $3.50 ea . Buyer responsible for shipping. Thanks TGW
  7. Have for sale a very nice Colt M16A1. This gun comes with original upper, A1 full length stock and grip, as well as the upper it's Currently pictured with. Currently on a form 4 here in Wyoming. Price is $25,000. Buyer responsible for transfer taxes and shipping. Thanks TGW
  8. Last one from the local P.D.. Post sample CMMG M4 11.5". Is set up with the 3 rd burst FCG. Price is $500 + shipping. LE Letter required. Will transfer out form 5 direct from P.D.. Thanks TGW
  9. Looking for a new or used complete HK MP5SD bolt group. Thanks TGW
  10. WTB: S.W.D. M11 9mm

    Looking for a S.W.D M11 9mm NIB or excellent condition. Please let me know what you have. Thanks TGW