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  1. WTB: Piney Mountain 22 tracer

    Found some but would like a few more.
  2. Need to find a 12.5" barrel with quick release handle for the Ares Shrike Upper receiver. Thanks TGW
  3. WTB: Gemtech MK9K

    Looking to buy a Gemtech Mk9K with the 3 lug mount for my MP5. Please let me know what you have. Thanks TGW
  4. Looking to buy a brick of Piney Mountain green 22 tracers if anybody has any. Thanks TGW
  5. WTB Colt M16A1

    Looking to purchase a Colt M16A1. Let me know what you have and price. Thanks TGW
  6. No it's still up for sale. Bidder accidentally bid with a extra "0" in it. This took his bid to 305,000 for this gun. Needless to say it was accidental. So here it is back up for sale.
  7. Have for sale a rare North Korean Type 58. This is a "Bring Back" AK-47. The last Type 58 that sold at the Julia auction sold for 54k and change. Their 58 was not all matching serial numbers, there bolt was not correct to the gun. Our Type 58 is all correct not a " re weld" and all matching numbers. The 58 for sale was a non export model and was a war trophy amnesty registered. In the process of a FOIA as we speak to find out what we can on it. This was bought from my client in 1982 and then sold to me last year. This AK-47 is on a form 3 and ready to transfer to your dealer. Price is $45,000 +Shipping. Thanks TGW
  8. 1 more CMMG added to listing