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  1. WTB: MP5SD Suppressor

    HI there I have several suppressors for the MP5SD. I will look at what I have and send this list to you. jg
  2. WTB: Authentic HK MP5 mags (Restricted/LEO)

    I have 30 - 40 (some used some not used). many with the LEO markings - all date coded HK. $100 each plus shipping
  3. WTB HK Fleming / Qualified SEAR

    I have a Fleming Sear or a CTO FCG if you are interested. I also have sear hosts if needed (original HK and Clones - MP5, MP5K reverses stretch, SP89 stretch, MP5K PDW and SD)
  4. HK SD Front End

    Hi there I have a demilled complete MP5SD Kit. Great condition. $2500.00 plus shipping
  5. WTB: HK SP89 and HK94

    I have an HK 94 A2 with the remarking done to HK MP5 standards. $4995.00 plus shipping. Pics available. Mooresville NC
  6. WTS: HK Sear alone or package deal. $34,000

    Hi Phil sent you an email earlier about buying the Sear in NC. Just wanted to check you got it.
  7. Check your inbox when you can : )
  8. Hi Neo, Just as a reference, I purchased a steel JCB RDIAS along with a LWRC M6 SBR and M4 2000 all for $32k about 6 weeks ago from a very reputable seller here on Sturm. Really solid transaction. Good luck on the RDIAS search. I never even gave the HK416 a thought, but now you have clued me in, I'm off to the races on that idea which will be awesome on my HK collection. Nice ! Thanks Jim
  9. WTS HK SP89 SBR

    It looks like a stock SP89 with a FA bolt group. Stock barrel from what I can see, and looks like it had a scope mount on it at some point. Not remarked MP5K, 0-1 SP89 Steel lower housing and no paddle release or Tri-Lug.
  10. WTS: JCB RDIAS w/ extras

    Thanks John, It was a pleasure doing business with you. Jim
  11. WTS: JCB RDIAS w/ extras

    PM sent John.
  12. Selling a Machine gun

    No real risk as above, so just make sure they have the stamp before handing it over ( and get a copy of said stamp ). What is it you plan to see i you dont mind us asking ?
  13. WTS Sig MPX/MCX Collapsible Stock NEW

    Folding or telescoping rods ?