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  1. WTB: Original German WWII MP40 Magazines

    Hi, thanks - but this is a really old post. I went and got a bunch already. thanks!!
  2. Belted 7.62x51 for sale, south african manufacture

    I have one each - one 225 round cloth belt with 220 rounds on it and one 100 round cloth belt with 100 rounds on it. Ships from 01742.
  3. Belted 7.62x51 for sale, south african manufacture

    Here are a couple of links to pictures: http://s1303.photobucket.com/user/westgard10/media/20160404_085404_zpspj4sfbzb.jpg.html http://s1303.photobucket.com/user/westgard10/media/20160404_085332_zpskaxmupgu.jpg.html they are cloth belts (1919), the 225 one has a steel tab on the end. they 100 round one has the brass rings on the end.
  4. Lots of 1919A4/A6 parts

    thanks everyone. I have replied to all inquiries, if I have missed anyone, please shoot me a PM. Thanks, Matt
  5. 220 rounds on a 225 round belt 7.62x51 South African, Headstamp: B81 RIM1 100 rounds on a 100 round belt 7.62x51South African, Headstamp: B81 RIM1 50 cents a round plus you get the belt free. You have to buy the whole belt of ammo... Shipping is not included.
  6. I can't seem to get the formatting to work, sorry. For each row, It's: description, how many I have available, and the price for a single item. All parts are USGI. no trash, if condition is not indicated, it's in good to excellent condition. Shipping is not included. Buy over $200 worth of stuff and I will give you a 10% discount. If you want pictures of specific parts, just shoot me a PM! Updated with the parts that I have left. Thanks! # available price each 1919a4 barrel shroud exc 1 65 1919a6 jacket, band, bearing, complete bipod, exc 1 400 1919a6 stock clamp, NOS 1 25 a6 barrel bearing 1 50 M6 flash hider, excellent 1 50 M6 flash hider NIW 1 75 M6 wrench tool 1 15 backplate cast, new 1 65 top cover latch a4, niw 1 45 M6 wrench tool 1 15 trigger, niw 1 15 belt holding pawl split pin NIW 1 4.75 headspace and timing guage, small piece on NOGO end is broken 1 25 headspace and timing guage 1 50 barrel extension assemblies, complete, new 1 34.5 ejector 1 10 barrel lock spring New 1 3.75 feed pawl and arm 1 20 bolt parts - sear spring, sear, cocking lever, lever pin (set) 1 30
  7. I got one of the sights from Turnbull's. If you send them the slide, they will match the finish. You won't even be able to tell the difference. They are great.
  8. BTT with remaining inventory and price drop
  9. updated with remaining inventory and dropped the price a bit on some.
  10. All barrels are USGI unless noted otherwise, prices do not include shipping. Thanks for looking! Updated with what I have left and a bit of a price drop on some. #6 7.62x51/.308, like new, A4 $100 #8 7.62x51, like new, A4 $100 #9 7.62x51/.308 , new in wrapper, A4 $125 #11 7.62x51/.308 , new in wrapper, A4 $125 #13 7.62x51/.308 new from Ohio Black sheep A6, $175 #14 7.62x51/.308 new from Ohio Black sheep A6, $175 #15 7.62x51/.308 like new from Ohio Black sheep A6, $150
  11. I have three USGI Grease Gun extractors for sale, new. please PM me if interested. Thanks!
  12. Really nice WWII era 1919 T&E mechanism and Pintel with cross bolt and nut. $200 shipped to you USPS priority mail.
  13. I have 3 USPS boxes (medium sized one rate boxes) that contain 65 tubes/containers of new USGI links each (65x20 links total) - $50/box shipped The reverse side of the boxes say : "20 EA LINK, CARTRIDGE, METALLIC BELT, MI" "FOR CARTRIDGE CAL .30." "WELLS MARINE INC" and another manufacturer "20 LINKS, BELT, METALLIC CAL. .30" "FOR CARTRIDGES CAL .30." "G.A.E. CO." I also have a .30cal linker for $200+shipping. It is built from a .50cal plate, with a .30cal tray nicely welded to the front portion. please PM me if interested. Thanks!