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  1. Colt M2 water cooled rear sight REDUCED $400

    Would you happen to have any other parts for the water jacket M2 ?
  2. sent for info on the zb26 and zb30 kits
  3. WTS: FN30 Trigger Group / backplate - $150

    I will take this, will PM later tonight
  4. browning machine gun parts

    i will take the m37 backplate assembly complete IF a m37 backplate assembly and NOT a 1919a4 backplate. sending pm yep it sure is, thanks for the picture. USPS MO going out tomorrow. THANKS !!!!
  5. browning machine gun parts

    i will take the m37 backplate assembly complete for $75 as advertised IF a m37 backplate assembly and NOT a 1919a4 backplate. sending pm
  6. Sir, can you post or message me the s/n's on these barrels ? looking for 7224
  7. Selling 2 M2HB or M3 COMPLETE barrel extensions . These are actually made for the M3 but you can use these in a M2 or M2HB. I believe these are from the Korean war era. made by SA Springfield Armory. The breech blocks are made by Colt. Comes with pin(s) and lock spring(s) These are used but in serviceable condition. NO cracks or gouges, just some scratches. Please ask questions and I would be glad to send any additional pictures. Can provide references on other forums for seller reputation. Selling these as is. Will accept personal check by established members otherwise its a USPS MO or if using paypal add 3%.
  8. Potential Scam Accounts

    I was offered ZB30J barrels from this member Charmaine Norman <cnormans73@gmail.com username midwestgunshots who just joined a couple days ago. only "lived" a couple hours from me, I offered more money to pick them up in person cash, he turned me down. Claimed to be from North Judson,Indiana searched web and No resident of that name came up in that town, no email history on the web also. I work second shift and he responded to my email immediately at 3:30 AM. believe he is a scammer, watch it guys woke up today and found a email from a known scammer Michelle Debord jrmmichelle@yahoo.com offering ZB barrels cheap, guess this scum bag does not give up
  9. 1917 Water Jacked Screw Needed

    Check out Ravenna armoury, The owner Chris is an outstanding guy https://www.ravennaarmory.com/browning-30-parts/1917-1928-steam-tube-retaining-screw/
  10. WTS: ZB30J Barrel - Exc plus - $275 - OBO

    i will take this, will pm you
  11. WTS M2hb parts

    Message sent with questions about the bolts
  12. Another Scammer !!!!!!!!!

    I think I got another scammer also. I placed a WTB for M2 water jacket parts and got this at first First email received:::: David Here! Please let me know if you are still interested in purchasing a M2 50 bmg water jacket small parts, Email and I'll get back to you Thanks, David Turner 403 Dunlop St, Marion, SC 29571 I replied and got this email along with some pictures of a dummy M2hb:::: Hi Allan Thanks for writing. Sorry for the late in response as i was busy with meetings, i just got a chance to check my email. I have the M2 50 bmg water jacket small parts for sale in excellent condition. I am asking for $2,395 for shipped. Price is firm, It will be shipped to your FFL. It is your responsibility to ensure that the gun is legal to own and receive in your area. I am in South Carolina and will ship via UPS. The asking price includes shipping and will take payment via Money gram, What's your complete shipping address? Sounds like a scammer, anybody get anything like this also ?