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  1. ....and I'll take the other 9 if available. Email inbound. JB
  2. old posting standards still apply?

    How about the rule against board hoggin'? Right now on Parts & Accessories Classifieds there's one guy with 11 adson page 1 alone. Buddy seems to be doing well, still posting ads. However, if you will notice, he locks his ads so folks can't reply and keep bumping them to the top. Now that's an idea, put something up for sale and let guys buy it or not. Buddy is still King!
  3. old posting standards still apply?

    I agree with MG JB, the old format was much easier to scan. Also, now we have ads that go back to top whenever someone posts a reply. I now see the same ads on a daily basis. Get ready for alot of "BTT" and "Bump" replies in an attempt to keep an ad on the first page. As long as I don't see boots, watches,and used Ipads for sale I can make it work.
  4. Thanks Buddy, for your help and patience in the past. Hope you have a hand on things in the future. I have to ask though, what happens to the info in the old General Firearms Discussion and also the NFA Discussion boards? Is all this info in anarchive somewhere or lost forever? Buddy, I see the link to your Index Page is still good, I hope it will stay that way, lots of good reference pics. there. Generally, I don't like change but I'm willing to give this a go,it's still the best forum/classifieds out there. JB