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  1. who is the importer on this L1A1, not all L1A1 original rifles have the same legal status. thanks
  2. Help with Identifying Drum Magazine

    for the tank version
  3. WTB VZ52/57 LMG 7.62x39 50rd belt(s)

    any interest on a complete bolt
  4. WTB Thompson M1 Buttplate

    have some some not new but good used, postpaid $14.00. Could have some bad blueing due to long term storage.
  5. ISO MG Parts ID

    The t handled item on the bottom right is for mounting the British ANM2 in the aircraft mount.
  6. WTB: Browning 1918A2 BAR Bipod

    Which style, both wing nuts at the top or the style with wings nuts at the top and bottom.
  7. WTB Reising M50 Action Bar

    If saving money is the issue it seems to me that $150 is rather high for an action bar. And yes I have some experience with the parts business.
  8. WTB: M73E1 / M219 .308 MG parts

    Have NOS top cover, no parts just the top cover $65.00
  9. WTB: Steyr Aug demilled receiver pieces

    Have access to a new old stock demilled Aug receiver. Has cocking hand and other parts as shown. Email me direct for photos.
  10. WTB Vickers-Armstrong BSA MK II* Parts/Kit & links

    Have lock frames (bottom seared); bolts; barrels; feed pawl parts: and probably a few others, what are you looking for?,
  11. Madsen M50 buffer question.

    If you look at diagrams in the original manual and other material it does not show a "buffer" on the recoil spring guide. But, it also does not show the round "buffer" or washer on the shaft of the guide. Having personally processed hundreds of Madsens into kits and preped them for sale the shape sizes, and material or presence of the "buffer" you sometimes find on the back of the guide is not proof to me that one was intended. Most buffers you see are rounded on the back which only serves to spread the two half's, rather than the metal of the back plate being supported by the outside edge of the half's. I still have the original washer type buffers tied by string with two rubber washers and the black metal washer that came with a pile of NOS Madsen parts from years ago. Funny that these are also not shown in any manual I have checked. All 1,100 Madsens we got back in the day were used, so can't say for certain what came with a new gun. .

    Are these all the later reprints? They would be he same height as Vol 5 if reprints. Original printing are on typical govt paper and only about 10 1/2 inches tall. Thanks.
  13. WTB UD 42 Parts

    have nice demilled receiver, any interest
  14. Why? In my personal experience both the M73 and the "improved" M219 were dogs. While on paper they seemed great in actual use they just did not measure up. I would not refer to them as BMGs, Brownings worked even the M1919A5, which is what the M73 and M219 were supposed to replace.
  15. get his correct seller name and do an advanced search on you spell it he does not exist