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  1. 40MM Grenade Launcher ammo
  2. Transferable Iver Johnson M2 Carbine F3

    sent you a PM
  3. Transferable Iver Johnson M2 Carbine F3

    Any interest in a NiB M11/9?
  4. I know this is an old thread but Colt did provide factory letters for machineguns at one time. I have one for my transferrable M16A1 which I purchased in 1998. It showed the original configuration and showed it was shipped from Colt to an individual in 1995.
  5. Pre 86 Samples owned by a Corporation

    Q1: Yes Q2: yes, but check with BATFE on the current corp regs regarding responsible persons.
  6. wts-special Glock parts kit-

    How about a picture? I have no idea what you are selling. Is it a complete firearm?
  7. FOIA Response: MG Count

    Plus many machine-gun owners own multiple machine-guns so the number of owners of transferable machine-guns is much lower than 100,000. I mean, who owns just one?
  8. Sent you a PM for pictures and more info.
  9. Beretta AR70 opinions?

    I just had one built. $400 plus my kit for the build with no refinish. Kits used to be around $400 but I haven't seen one for sale in a long time. Figure around $1000 give or take with a decent finish. If it has a new barrel add around $200 for that. Mags are around $65. Make sure you check the bore for pitting. Many of the Malasian kits had a lot of pitting inside the barrels, particularly at the muzzle end. Most of them still shoot fine but you could use it as a bargaining chip. They shoot beautifully with excellent smooth trigger pulls. I have an original beretta sporter ar70 that is unfired. I originally bought the kit for spare parts but decided to have it built into a shooter and I am glad I did. It's a smooth reliable rifle.
  10. Looking for a semi auto Steyr AUGSA stock in black. Also looking for a semi auto 9mm AUGSA stock, also in black. Let me know what you have and how much you want. Thanks Craig Campbell Pittsburgh, Pa.