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  1. 20 mm LAHTI ANTITANK-RIFLE L/39 English manual available!
  2. WTS: 20mm L-39 Lahti anti-tank rifle manual in English ***FREE SHIPPING*** 20 mm LAHTI ANTITANK-RIFLE L/39 manual An English translation of the original Finnish 1941 manual - Softcover booklet, 56 pages plus annex and fold-out drawing, booklet size 150x210mm - Size of fold-out drawing 420x300mm Contents of descriptions in manual; - General info and construction, Disassembling and assembling the rifle - Preparing for firing, Maintenance, Malfunctions - Tool and spares list, List of rifle parts - Foldout drawing showing the L-39 at-rifle and the L-39/40 aa-rifle - Added annex has some photos of 20mm L-39 Lahti in action PRICE 26.00 $ (includes postage)
  3. ***FREE SHIPPING*** Book; 20 mm in Finland - Weapons and ammunition prior to 1945 An excellent book on 20mm weaponry, including ammunition, made and used in Finland - Hardcover book, 264 pages, size 210x300mm, weight 1,3 kg - Book 1st edition, printed in Finland 2007 - Lot's of rare photographs and drawings, expert text in Finnish with great ENGLISH summaries. - Photo captions in English also - Perfect info on the 20mm LAHTI L-39 at-rifle and it-rifle variant - All weapons and prototypes in cal. 13,2 up to 20mm designed in Finland - Also Madsen, Oerlikon, MG, HS and ShVAK cannon and ammunition as used by the Finns - Great picture charts of ammunition PRICE 68.00 $ (includes delivery) ---------------------------------- ***FREE SHIPPING*** Other item : Original 20mm Lahti L-39 at-rifle cartridge case buffer spare part + photo bonus Very good condition and original 1940's sparepart case buffer for 20x138Bmm VKT L-39 "Lahti" anti-tank rifle Size 34mm x 25mm (hole 7mm), made of rubber (L-39 spares manual list this as Part N:o 130b) Original WW2 part made in Finland by VKT (Several available) Price for one (1 pc.) buffer + photo bonus is 24.00 $ (free shipping) (as a bonus I'll add a rare WW2 action photo variation of the L-39 with each buffer purchased)