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  1. Do you have any MP34 parts?  Solothurn S18-100 Mag carriers or other acces.?

  2. The L-39 users manual does not describe buffer change and sadly I have never seen an armory/armorer service manual giving guidelines. Based on use and rounds fired one could RKI-guess that; The cartridge case buffer (rubber) should be changed after first signs of wear and deformation (parts of rubber missing etc.) so that one does not end up with badly dented ejected brass cases or having an uncontrolled "bounce path" of the case if hitting bare metal upon ejection. The bolt buffer (rubber) should be changed if showing deformation upon inspection after 200 normal cartridges fired, or if bolt carrier seems to hit (metal on metal) increasingly hard during maximum rearward cycle. ---- Look at how controlled the cartridge case ejection is when case buffer rubber is doing its job;
  3. Last of buffers plus one mag carry box
  4. SOLD: Very rare SAKO/VALMET M62 experimental orange grip Experimental Finnish 7.62x39mm SAKO/VALMET M62 assault rifle spare part for sale. UNUSED CONDITION! Made in Finland and rare as "hen's teeth"!! Photos below. SAKO/VALMET M62 experimental ORANGE GRIP - blaze/rescue orange - orange plastic/polymer PRICE 120 USD (includes postage) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SOLD M62 white/transparent HANDGUARD set (left and right)