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  1. WTS: SOLD Gwinn "Bushmaster"; selectfire: .223

    Interested. How can I reach you?
  2. 10% off all transferable Machine Guns E Form

    Interested in the premay AK. Please send pics and details to thx!
  3. Lakeside Machine Razorback 22lr 8" full auto upper 3K

    PM sent 248-909-7310
  4. WTB MP5. Have letter for 2

    I have some nice MP5K’s Detroit Tactical Firearms 248-909-7310
  5. HK MP7A1

    If you can get a love letter i have some brand new in The box Detroit Tactical Firearms 248-909-7310
  6. G36 Trigger Pack & housing

    Looking for a 3 or 4 position trigger pack and housing. Please Contact me at 248-909-7310 John Detroit Tactical Firearms
  7. Delete

    That's a great price! Personally, I think your cutting yourself short and am shocked that nobody bought it yet. I sold one the last one about 3-4 months ago for significantly more and had a bidding war with people fighting to buy it..
  8. WTB: HK G36 FA Lower

    Still looking... Anyone?
  9. WTS: M16 FA FCGs $85.00

    Please send me an email with dealer pricing details. thanks john
  10. WTB: HK G36 FA Lower

    Bumpski to the top! Still looking
  11. WTB: HK G36 FA Lower

    Looking for a full auto lower for a G36 248-909-7310
  12. WTS HK UMP Parts and Accessories

    Do you have a 4-position lower and/or a gemtech can for a UMP45?
  13. best AK to build for the home gun builder

    Motorcycling951 How can you been say you doubt that they're knowledgable of firearm designs? Poland makes some of the best AK's around and they make a lot of other platforms but mainly for military applications and not civilian.. Check out the MSBS made in Radom...
  14. WTB: UMP45 can

    Looking for a UMP45 suppressor. Contact me with what you have.. Thanks, John Detroit Tactical Firearms 248-909-7310
  15. WTB: Post sample HK 416 - letter in hand

    Happy Memorial Day! We are Looking for a HK 416 posty with the 10.4" barrel. Contact me with what you have.. Thanks, John Detroit Tactical Firearms 248-909-7310