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  1. Biden’s “ assault rifle ..... solution “

    Magazines do not have serial numbers. How will they be registered? they want you to have a serial number engraved on the mag and registered by that number. Ridiculous !
  2. What Gun Control Measures Might be Coming ?

    " from our cold dead hands "
  3. It’s true ..... sort of .....

    When you need to reach out and touch someone !
  4. Wtb m1 garand sa/gaw stock

    Looking to buy good condition stock or stock set with George a woody cartouche legible thank you
  5. WTB: Mac M11

    With lages new kits, these guns are quite good. And are even beating mp5's in competition. IMHO they would be a deal at half the going rate as an mp5, which is around $35000 right now. And the macs are modular, like m16's. I think the m11 has a long way to go in price, and we all will be saying very shortly, " remember when they were only $9000. Just my $.02