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  1. #150 .300 Win. mag virgin brass, 1 bag is opened 2 are sealed. $90 #380 Winchester magnum primers- $20 #180 Winchester large rifle primers $15 #200 CCI magnum large rifle $10 #100 CCI large rifle $5 Sierra match king 220gr. #60, and #200 190gr. $100 #100 Hornady 178gr. Amax, #100 180gr. SST #50 165gr. Nosler $65 RCBS dies 15301-$30 (used to load #40rds) $350 for everything shipped, I won't separate this.
  2. Majority PMP and Portuguese with some scattered Israeli and LC $400 shipped loose double boxed.
  3. 300 Win. mag

    5 boxes left
  4. 300 Win. mag

    $260 for #100 rounds ie; 5 boxes shipped 10 boxes available
  5. titanium casting

    part of a .30cal minigun motor housing?
  6. 2 #500rd. boxes, loose packed sealed in #250 round sleeves. $475 each shipped for #500 1 #500rd. box of Portuguese loose packed sealed in #250 round sleeve $450 shipped
  7. Igman M67 7.62x39

    I have #725rds of M67 to sell, freshly opened sardine can. ammo is pristine!! $390 shipped super nice ammo to put away. Specs. below; Yugoslavia (Igman arsenal) 7.62 x39 124 gr FMJ. • Manufactured by Yugoslavia (Igman arsenal) . • 15 rounds per box • Annealed brass case. • Berdan type primer, corrosive. • Lead core bullet. • Copper jacketed bullet. • NO STEEL anywhere.
  8. Wolf steel case 7.62x39

    7.62x39 3 1k rd cases of 123gr. HP 2 1k rd cases of 124gr. FMJ $400 shipped per case
  9. FNM in the past was Portuguese
  10. Wolf steel case 7.62x39

    Remaining stock 1 case of #1k 123gr. HP $400 shipped 1 partial case of 122gr. FMJ #540rds. $200 shipped
  11. Wolf steel case 7.62x39

    FMJ and HP available
  12. Excellent condition Rem. 11-87 Special Purpose model, 18.5" rifle sight IC barrel. Fully customized with home defense in mind. Wilson Combat extended magazine tube, Big head safety, extra power spring. GG&G enhanced knurled charging handle and red high visibility stainless follower. Mesa Tactical pistol grip stock and aluminum side saddle. Includes original straight stock, plug and end cap. $800 shipped to your FFL not looking for trades
  13. #500rd. lots of.308 FMJ ammo

    This topic is closed
  14. #500rds. Lake City M80 FMJ $550 shipped #500rds. PMC FMJ ammo $500 shipped. #500rds. FNM aka Portuguese FMJ $425 shipped
  15. Like new complete upper, I fired 40rds. through it. She is a true flamethrower!!! Moving to .300 BO. Has a Magpul BUIS, bolt carrier and CH as it comes from Colt in box. $1000 shipped insured. Not looking for trades.
  16. Getting fingerprinted in the pandemic

    ATF will send you the fingerprint cards for free. your taxpayer dollars at work for once........
  17. #500rd. lots of.308 FMJ ammo

    IMI sold to Steve
  18. Mossberg 590 AOW

    14" factory AOW with green fiber optic front sight installed. Includes box, manual, lock and take off front bead plus a Hogue Tamer grip. Birdshead grip installed, will also include a scabbard. $525 includes the $5 stamp and shipping to your FFL/SOT once it clears BATF.
  19. #500rd. lots of.308 FMJ ammo

    bump for new ammo selection get it before Joe B. Ledouche gets installed!!
  20. Factory Browning, like new condition with maybe #200 rounds fired. The front sight is a blacked out target style sight, includes the factory thread protector. 6" matte black. $150 shipped, not looking for trades.
  21. I have 26 new G22 full size Gen. 3 15rd. mags, factory Glock $100 for #6 $160 for #10 mags, $290 for #20 prices are shipped. You cannot buy them cheaper anywhere!!