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  1. This is a lightly used (200rds) Colt Tactical Carbine AR15 A3. Knights RAS w/front grip, with matching burnt bronze rail covers, grip, new Pmag and Magpul stock. Rifle has Magpul metal trigger guard and BAD lever, Colt M4 side sling mount and Knights rear 600m micro sight. Also includes Colt carry handle not shown. Contact me by PM if you want to reduce cost by removing the Knights sight or RAS as that will change the price. $1325 shipped to your FFL. (does not include Opmod shown but is available +$390) No trades Upper is Colt Commando 11.5" with Knights RAS II matching Combat Gray grip, rail covers, 1 new Pmag and brace. PSA lower with ambi safety, Spikes H2 buffer and spring installed, lower is new and unfired.Will come with factory Colt A2 flash hider, a Magpul BAD lever and BUIS not shown in pic, and a set of factory M4 handguards. (MRO Optic, AFGrip or 3 prong FH as shown not included) Upper has 60rds. through it and is super accurate with 77gr. ammo and is perfectly gassed per the usual Colt specs. PM with questions. $1025 shipped to your FFL. no trades, will not separate.
  2. Factory new 15rd mags for G22 .40 cal., I have a bunch so they will only sell in lots of 10=$130 shipped or sealed bags of 20 for $240 shipped. These are factory Glock mags
  3. New in box Rogers SUPER-STOC will work on milspec or commercial tubes. Known for their tight lockup with no movement via the locking lever. QD sling attachment molded in. $100 shipped for 4 made in the USA.
  4. 1987 model 686-1 model # SWE 104231. It has a 2.5" barrel, it has the M stamp (meaning it received the factory modification for reliable magnum rounds) This has the red ramp front black rearsight profile, Smith medallion round butt gray combat grips. Box, papers included. I do not have the original combat grips. Several speed loaders and a carrier and a Desantis leather holster.detailed pics to serious buyers. This pistol has a very conservative round count of less than 300rds. I am the original owner. Great trigger and the finish is immaculate and is near new condition.
  5. He was truly the Sigman!! and master machinist, he will truly be missed.
  6. This is a Springfield Armory NM M1a Serial #0294xx(1984) I had built to my spec's in 1984. I was an FFL at the time and I'm the original owner. I still have the original build sheet and the factory box. National Match configuration ie; sights front/rear, NM barrel, unitized gas cylinder, piston, and trigger group, flash hider, op rod spring guide. It was Teflon coated black in 1986/87 by a company in the Midwest, that was the current option for a protective coating over the parkerization in the 80's. The coating has been very durable and remains 98% with only a few very small marks where metal to metal contact and normal use. This rifle conservatively only has + - 500rds through it in the 35 years I have owned it, the bore is clear and bright. Never malfunctions, always very accurate with regular ammo, impeccably maintained. I ordered this originally with a walnut E2 stock which unfortunately developed a crack in the area under the front band and it was repaired and sold off to be replaced with a standard walnut stock. Fast forward to the future and I met Tony Lawrence aka LAW483, who crafted the pepper laminate E2 it now wears with matching handguard that Tony built around the ARMS #18 low profile 1913 rail mount that holds 100% zero. The stock can only be described as a work of art by any standard, as Tony was a true craftsman. These stocks were custom made to order and hand fitted/bedded to the action. The bolt is TRW, Op Rod, trigger and hammer parts where serialized are S or SA marked, the barrel markings show NM w/light symbols of what appears to be some type of angled A? on each side of a IXI? symbol. No idea what they mean and are very light. This rifle is unchanged from the original I spec'd in 1984 except for the stock and the ARMS #18 rail. This rifle will include the following 10 new 20rd CMI magazines, 3 USGI 20rd mags 1- 10rd(shown) and 1-5rd mag, 4 mag followers, 1 GI combo tool, 1 GI castle nut pliers, mag clip guide, factory original box, original build sheet. $2500 shipped insured to your FFL. Additional detailed pictures available to serious buyers. Not looking for trades. Multiple GI parts available separately to buyer, References on request. Escrow payment through my FFL if desired.
  7. I will take this per our agreement.
  8. MR762 SD supressor

    This is the OSS MR762SD (dual module/over the barrel supressor) made and designed for the MR for the CSASS trials. Obviously this was a short lived design but showed the engineering concept behind OSS and a totally new supressor design. I sold my MR and this just sits lonely in the safe, I never fired it on my MR. Due to the NFA process it will be a Florida sale otherwise it would be a 2 stamp transaction. I will pay the stamp for you and submit the form 4 after you supply your 2 sets of pictures/prints and wait patiently for the stamp fairy to deliver, then the supressor transfers to you. $700 for this legacy OSS and the fact you will now have an MR762SD. More pics on request, PM me if you have any questions. bviou
  9. ADM QD mount on a lightly used M4 Aimpoint with no scratches dings, comes with factory killflash, box/papers/covers etc. $650 shipped, not looking for trades
  10. Mk 13 Mod 7

    This is a .300 Win Mag, Mk. 13 Mod. 7 clone, Bartlein 26" 1/10twist HV barrel on a Stiller Tac. 300 action, Timney 510u trigger, 1 mag. I have fired less than 30rds on this rifle. The scope is not included but can be purchased, it is a SFP Nightforce ATACR . Also includes a custom muzzle brake and the long top rail not shown. This also includes a complete Stiller bolt/spring/FP assembly as a spare, not that you would ever need it but I am a spare parts guy. Links and Specs to all that this rifle is about to serious parties. $3050 shipped to your FFL, more pics and any info you desire on request to non-tire kickers. Bipod not included, not looking for trades. An informative article about the history of the Navy Mk. 13 is here;
  11. bump with price drop to $140 shipped
  12. These are Chicom 20rd mags, came packed in cosmoline and purchased in the early-mid 90's. These were lightly used at the range and are in great condition, 100% function and are cleaned and oiled. $100 shipped for all 6.
  13. New unused 220 mags, smooth finish light grey in color with the JPSauer triskelion mark and the dovetail back. $155 shipped on these hard to find mags. All mags are as new and the same color.