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  1. Excellent condition Gen. 3 factory FDE frame, factory extended mag and slide release (will include standard parts), grip plug (not installed) Pistol has Truglo night sights, 3 mags with factory +2 extensions (includes standard bases), round count approx. 400. The trigger is factory stock. No other modifications except factory mag/slide release, night sights. $500 shipped insured to your FFL.
  2. half price on this never used #17 $25 shipped
  3. $200 shipped on this complete trigger group
  4. I am brokering this for a friend who's father was an Air Force officer stationed in Italy in the 70's. 1LT Frank Dillinger returned home to Colorado Jun 4 1973 bringing home this Shotgun through the military process known as Firearms Retention Authorization(FRA) There are no import marks obviously and this obscure maker is no longer in business afaik. I have the official FRA from the Air Force and it is a very nice near perfect condition proof of the shotguns provenance. The story goes these were made for many military personnel and customized to their specs. from basic to ultra fancy. According to an expert I contacted he believes this is a base model and has Germanic modernistic engraving with a standard wood, nothing fancy. This shotgun is in perfect, unused condition and has no appreciable marks or blemishes except 1 3mm smudge in the bluing on the barrel. The wood is perfect as is the receiver, the action is super tight and had never been assembled until I received it from my friend for purposes of selling. It has been cleaned and oiled lightly. It appears to have never been fired. It was given to me in the box. Although not proven I believe this makers name was Giuseppe Di Pirlo. The shotgun has 28" barrels, the markings on it are; PSF XX7 01456 finito Armeria SG. I do know from the limited information these were made in Val Trompia Italy in the town of San Georgio. I have lots of pictures and can take specific views of whatever you need if you are interested. The only negative if you like Italian doubles is Lt. Dillinger had Frank ingraved in gold on the trigger guard, so if your name is Frank, or you want to name your shotgun "Frank" this is for you!! Contact me for info or more pics. $2000 shipped insured to your FFL.
  5. Complete steel 01 semi lower stripped and refinished to new condition with new grip. $225 shipped
  6. bump on this beautiful Colt
  7. This is from the last run of SS USP 45c date code BF. This pistol has been fired but it is in immaculate condition. The SS is unmarked and beautiful. The only mod. is the extended mag release from the HK45c., original release included. This package includes a Tan HK soft case, original hard plastic case, an HK factory threaded barrel and thread protector, papers/lock etc. and includes 8 new 10rd. mags in a tan carry case, and 2 new 8rd. mags your choice of flat or finger extension floor plates. includes a cammo drop leg holster.(spare parts/springs etc. and more mags available to the buyer if you are interested) shipped insured from my FFL to yours for $1325. Not looking for trades, PM for additional pictures or questions.
  8. All factory Colt 11.5" Commando, includes complete carrier and charging handle, factory Colt handguards plus a Knights RAS II with rail covers and vertical grip and Knights micro rear sight. This upper is in like new condition, maybe 60 rounds downrange. Will include an unused Colt flash hider, unless you want the Sico Specwar hider in picture +$50. $835 shipped insured.$550 if you don't want/need the Knights sight and RAS.