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  1. ADM QD mount on a lightly used M4 Aimpoint with no scratches dings, comes with factory killflash, box/papers/covers etc. $650 shipped, not looking for trades
  2. Mk 13 Mod 7

    This is a .300 Win Mag, Mk. 13 Mod. 7 clone, Bartlein 26" 1/10twist HV barrel on a Stiller Tac. 300 action, Timney 510u trigger, 2-5rd mags 1-10rd. I have fired less than 30rds on this rifle. The scope is not included but can be purchased, it is a SFP Nightforce ATACR . Also includes a custom muzzle brake and the long top rail not shown. This also includes a complete Stiller bolt/spring/FP assembly as a spare, not that you would ever need it but I am a spare parts guy. Links and Specs to all that this rifle is about to serious parties. $3150 shipped to your FFL, more pics and any info you desire on request to non-tire kickers. Bipod not included, not looking for trades. An informative article about the history of the Navy Mk. 13 is here;
  3. bump with price drop to $140 shipped
  4. These are Chicom 20rd mags, came packed in cosmoline and purchased in the early-mid 90's. These were lightly used at the range and are in great condition, 100% function and are cleaned and oiled. $100 shipped for all 6.
  5. New unused 220 mags, smooth finish light grey in color with the JPSauer triskelion mark and the dovetail back. $155 shipped on these hard to find mags. All mags are as new and the same color.
  6. Colt take off M4 carry handle, square forge mark. $75 shipped.
  7. Generation 1 24" Comp, Nordic Components tube/spring, red follower and QD swivel/brace installed. Mesa Tactical PG stock w/cheek piece, and rail/shell holder. All factory components included. Less than 50 shells fired. Lever bolt release swapped out for TX4 button (includes part for conversion if you prefer the faulty lever) $1000 shipped to your FFL. Venom 6moa red dot shown is not included but can be had for $175. just ask for more pics. not looking for trades.
  8. Optics mount for Sig Amt

    yes that's what its for
  9. Removing AOW from registry

    I would but I'm done with the NFA for many reasons but agree you would only be in for pain with 3" and not sure why you would even try it to be honest.........
  10. Removing AOW from registry

    thanks gunsmith, wouldn't make sense to sell since the shockwaves are less than $300 bucks I'm going to just use it as designed.
  11. Custom Armalite Tac. 16 .308 carbine with combat gray patterned furniture. Magpul ACS stock, 3 patterned mags +3 additional 20rd mags. +2/10rd mags, Knights micro front and rear folding sights (not shown) BCM rail covers and front vertical grip suppressor ready muzzle device for Silencerco Omega QD Comes equipped from the factory with; adjustable gas block for fine tuning recoil/ammo or suppressor use. ambidextrous safety lightened skeletonized keymod free float handguard 2 stage trigger ambidextrous Raptor charging handle double lapped barrel $1700 local sale or $1750 shipped pm for better pics
  12. Since the latest craze of the "shockwave" is there really any reason to keep a 14" 590 as an AOW or just remove it and put the birdshead grip? Basically not really saleable because of the hassle incurred with the NFA even with it only being $5. Also I guess I can just put a birdshead on it interchangeably for travel etc. and keep in in the registry right?
  13. New 8rd. ACT Italian mfg. mags, $120 for the lot shipped.