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  1. This is a factory bright nickel Belgium Browning HIgh Power 9mm, 1980 mfg. serial# 245PM286xx. This pistol is in excellent condition and was procured circa early 90's. It has been well cared for and maintained and since the early 90's I have only put around 250-300rds. through this pistol, no +P use and it will cycle HP ammo reliably. It has 3 dot sights and the slide release and safety were swapped with Cylinder and Slide parts. The magazine disconnect was not present when I purchased the pistol and I do not have the original parts. The grips shown are LOK custom G10 just put on recently. For additional detailed pictures please contact me via PM (don't clutter up the ad please) and we can discuss what you are looking for before hand, so I'm not hoop jumping for tire kickers and photo buffs. You will need to find an FFL who accepts from an individual, I will pay shipping. You will have a full satisfaction guarantee on this firearm minus return shipping if you are not delighted. While this version may not be ultra rare they aren't easy to find in this condition as many BHP fans probably know. $1500 or $1450 FTF in SW Florida. Price includes; OEM nickel slide release/safety Browning box and manual (not original) 1 original 13rd Nickel magazine 3 new MecGar 15rd Nickel mags 3 new MecGar 15rd Blued mags 6 misc. range mags Galco IWB holster (carried perhaps 5 or 6 times) Original Browning wood grips one missing the B medallion 1 set Herrett full chekered wood grips. 2 sets of black plastic grips 1 set Pachmayer wrap around grips New #323 Wilson Combat spring kit; (firing pin, hammer, #12/#18.5 recoil springs) New factory spare parts; Extractor pin, spring and mainspring strut assembly.
  2. Fully customized 11/87 Special Purpose 3" chambered with 18" rifle sight barrel includes a factory 21" rem choke RS barrel with 3 dot fiber optic front/rear (red front, green rear). Wilson Combat "Big Head" safety, extended mag tube, high vis follower and spring. GG&G Aluminum side saddle and large knurled bolt knob. Mesa Tactical pistol grip stock. Includes all OEM parts, spare O rings. This shotgun is in like new condition in every way. just ask for more pics $800 shipped to your FFL.
  3. Lightly used ie; 5-600rds., excellent condition Gen. 3 w/OEM serialized barrel and all OEM parts. Custom features are; Bronze slide with Venom slide cut and 6moa. Vortex, Trijicon bright and tough suppressor night sights that co-witness perfectly. OEM extended mag release and slide lock, polished factory trigger bar, (also comes with Zev trigger bar). Zev skel. firing pin, firing pin spring, and safety plunger spring. ALG mag well, 2 +2 OEM mags included with box/papers etc. (OEM TB shown in pic is NOT included add $125) $800 shipped to your FFL, not looking for trades. will include all spare parts I have that probably add up to + or - $50
  4. S&W 686-1m

    This is a S&W 686-1m with a 2.5"barrel. Model series 104231, Serial #AWT52xx, 1987 mfg. It is in immaculate condition with a bright stainless finish w/box and what paperwork came with the gun. I am the original owner, it was purchased in Nov. 1987 This gun has been shot very little, probably less than #250rds over the 33 years I have owned it. The Combat grips are grey laminate and beautiful with the S&W logo medallion. The SA trigger breaks at just under 4lbs and the DA is smooth but consistent and typical of late 80's era Smiths. This comes with 2 speed loaders and leather pouch and a DeSantis holster. One picture is w/flash the other is without for contrast. Other markings which are under the grips will be available to serious parties as I'm not interested in low balls or tire kickers. Smith and Wesson collectors know what this revolver series is about. PM with questions. $1300 shipped, you pay for insurance to your FFL or $1250 FTF in SW Florida w/copy of CCW and DL.
  5. WTS withdrawn

    Excellent condition Colt 6721 A3 tactical carbine with the LEO rollmarks. Add on parts include, Knights RAS, KAC rear sight, Colt M4 side sling swivel, Magpul aluminum trigger guard, Magpul BAD lever, Magpul stock, H2 buffer, ambi safety levers, Vortex Opmod 1-6 Scope on a Warne Skel mount. 1 Colt 20rd. mag, Colt manual. 4 magpul mags that match the burnt bronze furniture., $1600 shipped to your FFL. Not looking for trades.
  6. New unused 15rd mags $130 shipped for all 4
  7. price drop to $750 shipped
  8. New condition mounted in an ADM mount and boresighted on a 6920. This is the green triangle post reticle. box, papers, scope coat. $800 shipped, not looking for trades. specs;
  9. This is a new condition sight with pic rail mount and includes an offset mount should that be your choice of mounting options. This comes as you see it, I don't have a box/manual but the manual is attached here for you to download and view. $300 shipped on this set.
  10. Mk 13 Mod 7

    New year bump on this ELR rifle
  11. New in package $200 shipped #31593 not looking for trades......
  12. This is a "Burnt Bronze" new never fired SR15 Mod. 2 from a small run in 2017/18
  13. bumpski, still have some, you cannot buy new factory Glock mags anywhere for this price