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  1. Used in excellent condition, custom LOK thin grips includes factory slabs also. Maybe #400 flawless rounds fired. Very accurate pistols with high supressor sights, 2 factory mags, box papers etc.
  2. Shotgun fix
  3. WTB: 40mm Ammo

    gotcha, very cool. I'm jealous!!!
  4. WTB: 40mm Ammo

    you are looking for 37mm, 40mm is an NFA item and you will probably never find any. plus it's $200 stamp for each round plus the cost. not to mention the launcher.......
  5. M1 30 Carbine in excellent condition, National Postal Meter First run Serial # 1,456,925 (1943) Markings are as follows; Barrel: Ordinance Bomb 11/42 Underwood, Barrel band: JM Front sight: RIA Rear sight: I.R.CO Safety: W inside Circle Mag Release: M underlined Bayo Lug: SU $1400 shipped with original 15rd. mag 1-30rd. 5 new Korean 15rd. mags close up pics to serious parties. Not looking for trades or picture collectors. #471rds of PPU FMJ ammo available to buyer $270 shipped separately.
  6. .308 Sub sonic

    I have #158rds of HPBT sub sonic ammo. Mfg. in Czech Republic $330 shipped for the lot.
  7. Factory new mags. #10 for $160 #20 for $310
  8. Shipping Ammo

    FedEx requires some sort of class to ship afaik, UPS requires a double box or secured against spillage ie; sealed in bags or in factory boxes, which a crate would be fine. Has to be less than #60 to get the "Simple Rate" which is charged by box size. Both require the triangle tag. I have had great luck shipping ammo lately but only go to about #500 .308 which is under #30. And you must deliver it to a hub or have it picked up.
  9. I have both available until it's gone. #100 180gr. soft point ammo $195 shipped Grom/sold 180gr. ballistics
  10. #150 .300 Win. mag virgin brass, 1 bag is opened 2 are sealed. $90 #380 Winchester magnum primers- $20 #180 Winchester large rifle primers $15 #200 CCI magnum large rifle $10 #100 CCI large rifle $5 Sierra match king 220gr. #60, and #200 190gr. $100 #100 Hornady 178gr. Amax, #100 180gr. SST #50 165gr. Nosler $65 RCBS dies 15301-$30 (used to load #40rds) $350 for everything shipped, I won't separate this.
  11. Majority PMP and Portuguese with some scattered Israeli and LC $400 shipped loose double boxed.
  12. 300 Win. mag

    5 boxes left
  13. 300 Win. mag

    $260 for #100 rounds ie; 5 boxes shipped 10 boxes available
  14. titanium casting

    part of a .30cal minigun motor housing?