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  1. WTB PKM barrel, like new

    Need 1 like new or exc. cond. PKM barrel assy. Sell me the one you have hidden away. Be realistic, I know the value, just don't know who has what I want.
  2. Wanting a true size PEM scope for a project gun. Current replica PE scope bodies are just barely long enough between the rings, so am searching for a source for a replica PEM scope, or if you have one, then price it to me.
  3. .50 SLAP rounds

    Thanks for the impute, guys. I kind of thought along the same lines. And...... it may save some poor shooter from getting the surprise of his life by trying one of them in his .50.
  4. .50 SLAP rounds

    Anyone tried firing a .50 slap thru a Barrett or similar rifle with a muzzle brake? Just wondering if they would start to peel before exiting the brake?
  5. I haven't seen where Senate bill 433 has been signed into law. Is it? I live in Col. IN, and have wanted one for a long time.
  6. Searching for a foundry whom will cast single piece items. I'm wanting to have a butt plate copied in lost wax brass or bronze, or even sand cast. Anyone out there know of someone willing to take on small jobs?
  7. FN 49 replacement stock set

    I am wanting to buy a vg+ stock set of wood for an Egyptian FN 49. It is one of the CAI, eagle crest, with the recoil lug cut. Either Belgium or the other will work. So far, I've found nothing but junk. Roger Herron 812-372-2960
  8. Firearm torque wrench

    SKElectrical Tools make a nice in. lb. adjustable torque driver. Model SKT0568and it is also marked in N-m too. Go's from 0 to 36 in. pounds. Another good one, and less expensive is the Husky.It runs around $ 60.00 at Home Depot. I use one of these, and it so far, holds calibration accurately. That's the secret to a hand held driver type, can it hold calibration up and down the scale over time. The one I use is the SK but it may be a little overkill. Here is a link to see it. Here is a UTube video of it by the company.
  9. I like that logo Buddy; My gun's not illegal, it's just undocumented. I can see it now.... Sanctuary arsenals, social service ammo debit cards, and with my anchor HK33 baby, I can bring all her relatives over, legally at the government's expense. Buddy, you should run for the oval office.
  10. Commercial Level Pricing on

    Hi David, I clicked on this link and it don't work for me, says I'm not connected to the internet. What is wrong, Me or the link? My other ques. is do you have a sample post to show what you consider appropriate? I am about ready to start listing some firearms out for sale.
  11. When I tried to work up a WTS post, there is no paperclip to drag pics. onto the post. Only way is still to use a url copy. I remember you telling me that later when the membership is upgraded, that will be possible. If I missed the upgrade, how do I apply for that?
  12. WTK How to delete posts?

    Thanks David, I'll be looking forward to that announcement.
  13. WTK How to delete posts?

    Ok, thanks David. Another question I have; Is there a way to post a photo of a firearm that I want to sell, without uploading it to a web link? I like the way Facebook let's you post pictures from the computer. Here,I have tried to click and drag, copy and paste, nothing works. That was one of the things about the old Sturm that I never cared for, because it adds redundancy creating a url link, and any tampering or changes to the link, deletes the photo in the add here. Thosefree photo post sites have aton of bloat ware. Now for some real whining. I wish the reply box had spell check. I know you have had years to think this update all thru for the new Sturm, and I'm also interested to see the board do well, and be around for a long time, and I am not suggesting changes, just curious. Thanks.
  14. WTK How to delete posts?

    What about the General and Semi forums board? I haven't tried, but can an opinion or remark be deleted? Some times in the heat of the moment things get said and posted, which when one wakes up the next morning, they think maybe it wasn't such a good idea, because big brother in NSA is surfing the net all the time.
  15. HK VP 45

    That waswhy I was asking, when I first picked up the VP40. Then I saw the Walther post, I got to thinking maybe HK had one in the works. Trust me on this; If HK markets the VP series in .45 for the military, it will sell, sell, sell.