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  1. Ok, thanks David. I'll work on that. Now, at least I know the reason why it kicks out the upload.
  2. David something is wrong DSCN3019.JPG 4.6 mb · Upload Failed with my pic. uploads. It almost uploads, the 4.5kb file, then dumps it and gives an error 200. I signed out and back in, but no help. Can you help me?
  3. Drag and drop or choose files won't load, says the files are too large, or gives me an error. I'll try it again here on this post. There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200 So sill like to old board? Have to load and store pics. on some site like photo bucket? I was able to use my files here before for 1 pic, not it won't allow any to post. OK
  4. This is a complete FM-9 Products pistol, in 9mm. All parts are FM, except the buffer tube and the mags. The upper is a side cocking, shown extended, but folds forward and flat. M-Lok, 8 1/2” bbl. A complete upper, purchased as a new unit. The lower’s don’t come complete. They are sold without the trigger/fire control group, and minus buffer/tube assy. I installed the FM Match grade Nickel boron, two stage trigger/hammer group. Added a FM buffer & spring, and a Rock River Arms buffer tube. Lower comes with a spare safety retaining lever clip. The lower has a unique last round bolt hold open and ambi. bolt release/ambi. mag. release. Uses Glock mags. and holds a spare mag. in the grip assy. I may be incorrect, but far as I know, they don’t offer complete guns, yet. Search for FM-9 Products, to view their Home Page. The lower is aircraft grade aluminum, over molded with polymer resin, (refer to their web site) and really a neat pistol. Comes with the BCM rail panels. Two Glock style mags. included, where legal. Buy now for $875.00 includes shipping in CONUS. FFL, Bank check or USPO mo. This site won't allow my pics. to post, so email if you want to see it.
  5. I use a Nikon with 18 mega pixel processor, and use normal format jpeg. and I can't even upload 1 photo in an add I placed, before I could at least post 1 or 2, but not anymore. Why? I can post 20+ photos on GB on the same add with nary a glitch. What do I have to do here to get a photo on the add?
  6. This 870 came from STG Supply Mesa, AZ. A special run of Police Magnum’s with better than average satin finish walnut furniture, and military grade zinc phosphate parkerizing on barrel and the receiver. Bolt and trigger guard are black. Five shot, 18” bbl. Bead sight, sling swivels. One owner (me). Fired one time on the range and never used again. As NOS with box and all papers. Never sold at retail. I’m an FFL. Has one slight rub mark on the left side of the butt. Not dinged, just shined a little where it rubbed another gun in the safe. 99.99% other than that. As far as Police 870’s go, this is about as good as they come. This site has a 17.61MB upload limit, and won't allow my photos to upload. Not even 1 photo. I have pics. for interested buyers, just email to me. FFL and bank check or USPMO. $475.00 shipped in the lower 48.
  7. WTS:Unertl BV-20 Scope

    What is a good time to call?
  8. Things are slow, thanks to our current President, but I'm not complaining. Freedom is never free. $850.00 shipped to an FFL in the lower 40.
  9. Never heard back from the buyer. Rifle is still for sale.
  10. Yes, still available for the $875.00 shipped to KS. What you see in the pic. is what you will receive. Call me 812-372-2960 or email to Must ship to an FFL. Thanks, Roger
  11. PWS, MK-114, FDE, in 5.56mm. I bought this back in late 2011, added a Geissel two stage trigger, B.A.D. safety, Magpul sights, rail covers, and angled hand guard. Butt stock included. What you see in the picture is what you get, except I will include 2 Magpul MOE 30 rd. mags. Rifle is unfired, but same as NIB. Has the AK style gas system, but not adjustable as they are now. Has the older more solid rail system. Really built like a tank. $1,150.00 plus shipped anywhere in the lower 40 for $47.00 and that includes insurance. Everyone knows the rules; Must go to an FFL, mags. not included to banned states. More pics. available. No marks or wear on the weapon. The upgrades alone are worth $350.00. This rifle is as NIB, just sat in the safe for 6 years unfired. USPO Money order or Bank check for payment.
  12. .50 SLAP rounds

    Shouldn't be a problem if you remove the brake on the Barrett. I would single load a mag. with just the one round, and ease it into the chamber. Question is, unless you are active military, why? Expensive, and the reward, other than to say, "I did it" won't leave much to show. How do I know? When I was active mil. I was a 55B-7 Senior Ammunition Inspector, and before that, a 47K Senior Armaments Inspector. So I got a lot of stick time on the ranges. If you really want to do this, and have the round available, do it as safe as possible, with as few people near, as possible. When you fire it, listen and feel the recoil, to detect any difference from normal. Then inspect the rifle. In the military, if a 10k Barrett get's warped, that don't mean nothing, but for you.....
  13. This rifle is comparable to Remington's Long Range Tactical rifle, and their 2017 prices are much lower than what I paid for this rifle. Why? Don't know, so I'm lowering the price to $500.00+ the $35.00 for SHI. I have a REM. XCR Compact Tactical, which I haven't posted yet, in .223. I'll make someone a deal for both of them for $1,000.00+ $55.00 to ship both.
  14. Remington 700 Tactical is as NOS ( 2012) and unfired. Please read the data on the manual sticker for the details. The 24 in. .308 bbl. has a twist rate of 1 in 11 1/4”, with flutes. Adjustable trigger. Comes with box, packing and the manual. Can email more pics. if necessary. (Two, is the limit here) Must ship to an FFL. I will enclose a copy of my FFL along with the rifle. $ 500.00, plus $ 35.00 for shipping and ins. Bank check or USPS money order for payment. Contact: 812-372-2960 ask for Roger email either; or