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  1. USPS Money Order Verification System Not Working

    I have had the same problem, but only when trying to verify a $1k money order, any lesser amount, and it works for me. Same error msg.
  2. Hi Mike. We met at a gun show in Ohio. I only have one story, it's brief; It was said in the Bible, that Jesus turned the water into wine, for those at the table. Be that true or not, is to speculate on the powers of God. I only can quote a similar experience from my time in SEA. When it was time to board the chopper's on a hot mission, those new to the environment, had the same experience. The hand of Combat turned their sh*t to water, and those with strength could hold it in, others soiled their pants on the way. In those brief years, I gained a lifetime of experience, looking into the eyes of other people.
  3. Are full auto Suomi M31s rare?

    Forget it...….
  4. I would like to view the forums on occasion to reminisce, but I am no longer interested in a membership. Can I permanently delete my content, but still have access just to look?
  5. Kavanaugh is burying this...

    The elite Liberal Left, aka Democrat Party, just can't accept they lost the Presidential election and will do anything to undermine the current administration.
  6. Got my Knob Creek flyer yesterday...

    I stopped going to the shoot, about 15 years ago, and that was a visit just to see how much it had changed. Like you said, it was a good place to share info. and meet other prior service members to reminisce old times. The Vietnam vet's. are now all about 70, and if they are like most, of whom I know, don't go there because of the crowd. The mid to late 80's and the early 90's were just about the zenith of it. Least it was for me. Last time I went there was 2,000. The crowd was different. A lot of the long time vendors were not there, and the prices were ridiculous for a lot of worthless junk. I bought a lot of Class 3 from Kent Lomont, back when he was still living in IN. Those days are long gone, too. Still hard to believe he is gone. I think I will go to the shoot next month, to see what I haven't missed, and to take someone who has never been there before.
  7. Sarge's Militaria

    Yes, I did see all that, and that's why I asked the question, more as a statement than an inquiry.
  8. Sarge's Militaria

    Still flying their banner, are they really closing?
  9. I got a referral to him thru a WTB add on this board. Claimed to have a vintage Winchester A5 scope for sale, @ $900.00. The pictures looked like one listed on Ebay for $475.00. I told him I wasn't interested, but his reply was; Send me your full name and mailing address, with your phone number. I will gladly working with you to find your good price. Hmmmm……… He finally gave up emailing me, I hope?
  10. Songbird is finally gone...

    You gotta ask yourself a question, when Obama, Hillary, and Pelosi, are all bragging him up; Who's side was he on, I mean between free America and socialist America? Maybe to old saying is true; You can take the prisoner out of the Hanoi Hilton, but you can't take the Hanoi Hilton out of the prisoner...….. Father Time is the author of all Justice. Probably over a million dollars spent on specialized medical treatment, likely all taxpayer money, but in the end, it all come's out the same. Now he is dead, and he will be remembered, in time for what God he served. For me? I'm not happy he is dead, I'm just thankful he is out of politics. Head's up, Jane Fonda, you have a debt to pay too, and money can't buy your way out. Lot of dead soldiers are waiting for you, for some payback, too.