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  1. What If?

    Matthew 7:1-6
  2. What If?

    Last night, I saw upon the stair, a little man who wasn't there. He wasn't there again today. Gee, I wish he'd go away. In reality, most gun owners would silently turn over their weapons and move on, knowing the alternative. How many would give up their life style, wealth, and nonincarcerated freedom just to become a martyr? Right now, President Trump is the best hope you got. NRA? Who? Who will come to your aid, if you make yourself a target of the US Government? Better get up off your duff's and vote wisely. That's about the only hope you got.
  3. I've got over 23,000 rounds of Russian Tractor Factory 9mm. Too hot for pistols, just been lying around waiting for an idea. You may have the answer. Any videos of this thing in action?
  4. Umm, third time's a Charm. Good luck on this buyer. I hope you come out ok. If not, go back and reread the first sentence.
  5. It looks like a buyer came thru on the purchase after all. If something happens again, let us know. I'm sure it will sell.
  6. Did the spf come thru?
  7. Nice looking rifle.
  8. Bump stock ban Here you go, it's in the process of to be written into the CFR. Don't look like this time, they will be grandfathered as NFA. The two options listed, were to destroy the device, or turn it over to ATF. I guess not like the Striker 12...…….
  9. USPS Money Order Verification System Not Working

    I have had the same problem, but only when trying to verify a $1k money order, any lesser amount, and it works for me. Same error msg.
  10. Hi Mike. We met at a gun show in Ohio. I only have one story, it's brief; It was said in the Bible, that Jesus turned the water into wine, for those at the table. Be that true or not, is to speculate on the powers of God. I only can quote a similar experience from my time in SEA. When it was time to board the chopper's on a hot mission, those new to the environment, had the same experience. The hand of Combat turned their sh*t to water, and those with strength could hold it in, others soiled their pants on the way. In those brief years, I gained a lifetime of experience, looking into the eyes of other people.
  11. Are full auto Suomi M31s rare?

    Forget it...….
  12. I would like to view the forums on occasion to reminisce, but I am no longer interested in a membership. Can I permanently delete my content, but still have access just to look?