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  1. TNW 50 semi quality

  2. mg42 belt loader 308 found one

    Refresh my memory....I'm going on 72 now..
  3. mg42 belt loader 308 found one

  4. mg42 belt loader 308 found one

    I sent you an email at the address Roger
  5. mg42 belt loader 308 found one

    I have a like new one NOS from the Creek back in the 90's. I loaded a few 100 rd. belts in .308, which I still have with it, and it worked like it should. Has the rolling clamp lock, a cleaning brush, and I forgot what else. If you want the maker codes or what ever I can dig it out. It is packed in an M2 can. What is one worth? If you ask me, I'll have to do some research on prices, if you want it. I can take pics. of it. Been thinking about posting it on GB anyway. Roger
  6. WTB Hungarian PKM KIT
  7. WTB Hungarian PKM KIT

    If you are interested, I have a MarColMar Hungarian, Unfired semi-auto. Has everything, minus the fake wood crate. Have a third bbl. for it, loaders, Aerodynamics rail, 28 tins of ammo, and at least 6 extra cans with belts. For anyone else who reads this, contact me if you are serious.
  8. What If?

    Matthew 7:1-6
  9. What If?

    Last night, I saw upon the stair, a little man who wasn't there. He wasn't there again today. Gee, I wish he'd go away. In reality, most gun owners would silently turn over their weapons and move on, knowing the alternative. How many would give up their life style, wealth, and nonincarcerated freedom just to become a martyr? Right now, President Trump is the best hope you got. NRA? Who? Who will come to your aid, if you make yourself a target of the US Government? Better get up off your duff's and vote wisely. That's about the only hope you got.
  10. I've got over 23,000 rounds of Russian Tractor Factory 9mm. Too hot for pistols, just been lying around waiting for an idea. You may have the answer. Any videos of this thing in action?
  11. Umm, third time's a Charm. Good luck on this buyer. I hope you come out ok. If not, go back and reread the first sentence.
  12. It looks like a buyer came thru on the purchase after all. If something happens again, let us know. I'm sure it will sell.
  13. Did the spf come thru?
  14. Nice looking rifle.
  15. Bump stock ban Here you go, it's in the process of to be written into the CFR. Don't look like this time, they will be grandfathered as NFA. The two options listed, were to destroy the device, or turn it over to ATF. I guess not like the Striker 12...…….