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  1. OH58Airborne, I have sent you a PM with counteroffer.
  2. Hello, yes I still have all of this. Joe
  3. If someone buys the loader and does not want the reproduction box, it will be posted here for sale.
  4. Belt filling machine for the MG08. This has matching numbers and includes the spare parts and tools including the unloader parts. Box is not in great shape as many of the small wood bits are loose. It needs cleaned an rebuilt in my opinionAsking $1900. Also have a reproduction case available to the buyer. Note that the loader needs fit to the repro box.
  5. Original Colt belt filling machine for the US Model 1915 Vickers gun. The loader has all parts, including the clip charger for the hopper. The pliers, screwdriver and pocket tool are missing. Included in the deal is an original Vickers/Maxim belt in .30-06.
  6. Ramo sideplate gun with bronze end cap and trunion. Gun is set up in .30-06 and has many early parts. Gun comes with tripod and a wooden ammo box. I will cover one Xfer stamp and shipping at this price. Other spares and belt loader availabe to purchaser.
  7. Looking for a transit case/storage box for a Vickers Dial Sight. Also looking for the levels and any other parts that would accompany the sight. Contact at groups at gardnerguns dot com.