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  1. In search of a Walther Arms Umarex H&K G36 22 LR. Picked up some mags at a dealer going out of business now I need the rifle to go with it. Thanks.
  2. I have available a hard to find COP 4 barrel 357 magnum derringer. Made for a short time and marketed to police officers as a backup weapon. Not many of these around. I have owned a few over the years and this one has by far the trigger pull of any I have owned. No box or papers. $1150 plus shipping and insurance. Payment by postal money order or certified bank check only please. Photos available by email. No lowball offers please.
  3. This is a lot of 16 used Chinese AK47 flat back 5 round magazines. Most show little more than handling wear and marks. Condition varies a bit but all a fully functional sold as is in a lot only. ALL of them are marked CHINA on the bottom. I am not interested in selling these in smaller amounts at this time. $350 plus shipping and insurance
  4. I have some rare Hirtenberger L7A1 +P+ SMG 9mm sub gun ammunition. Imported a very short time and pretty hard to find. This should only be fired through sub guns rated to handle the pressure of these rounds. $50/box of 50 plus shipping and insurance. thanks for looking! Payment by postal money order or certified bank check only please. Head stamp indicates 91 production?
  5. I have a small amount of RARE Hirtenberger 9mm LE and SMG L7A1 ammunition available for sale. This was imported for a very short time and deemed to "hot" because of the pressures developed by the ammunition. The LE is rated +P and the SMG L7A1 is rated +P+. They should only be fired by weapons rated to handle these high pressure rounds. Priced at $50/box of 50 rounds plus shipping and insurance. Thanks for looking. Payment by postal money order or certified bank check only please.
  6. This is a hard to find Yugo M90 223 magazine for an ak. Not a lot of these were imported as far as I can tell. I do have more than one available if you need more. ALL SOLD
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