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  1. This is a hard to find Yugo M90 223 magazine for an ak. Not a lot of these were imported as far as I can tell. I do have more than one available if you need more. $90/ea plus shipping and insurance
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  5. I have a Ruger Mini 14 preban stainless sidefolder available for sale. In excellent condition SPF I have a used, excellent condition H&K P7M8 9mm available for sale. $2400 plus shipping and insurance. I am looking for smith pre lock stainless revolvers in 45lc, 41 mag, 22 mag, and 32 mag for trades.
  6. This is a colt government model carbine. It is unusual in that it was produced in 1995 during the ban but has no LE Markings. Colt Government Carbines produced during the ban bore the restricted LE marking so that it could have the collapsible stock, bayonet lug and flash hider to be sold to LE and government agencies. I have never seen another one from the ban era that didn't the the LE Restricted markings on it. $1500 shipped in the CONUS. Additional photos by email request. NO sale where restricted, postal money orders only please.
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  8. pms answered still available
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  11. I have available for sale a couple of hard to find rifles. The first is a Beretta Licensed Golden State BM 59 rifle. It comes with 2 magazines. I am asking $1350 plus shipping and insurance for this rifle. The second rifle is a Kingston Armory 22 garand. These rifles were only made for about 2 years before the company went out of business. They are interesting in that they are roughly the same size and weight as the original garand. It utilizes ruger 10/22 magazines. It shows as new unfired. $1395 plus shipping and insurance. Photos are available via email if you PM me. Payment by postal money order or certified bank check only please. Thanks for looking!
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  13. WTS Steyr Aug preban

    I have available for sale a nice preban rifle, The first is a Steyr Aug A1 904 series with green stock, sling and donut hole scope. $2750 plus shipping and insurance. Please email for photos as they don't seem to load on here due to size.