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    Please send a pm to contact me. I don't get a notification when you post to the thread.
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    prices adjusted
  3. This is a super nice complete H&K 93 223 rifle. It comes with a bayonet with adapter, magazine and bipod. Hard to find with all the accessories. I am asking $2875 for the rifle and one magazine Bayonet and adapter are $100, the bipod is $200, stanag mount with scope is $425 and I will consider trades. I have a list but a 308 preban galil arm is high on my want list. Thanks for looking. I have a wide variety of interests in trades. Colt Stainless revolvers – Magnum carry, Anaconda 45lc, SFVI, DSII, Python, AMT Automag 44, Long slide 1911 45ACP, IMI Galil ARM 308 preban imports only, S&W 1046, 1066 657 3” lew horton only, LAR Grizzly 44 magnum only. Model Gaulois No. 1 Squeeze Cocker Palm Pistol, Chicago Firearms Co. Protector Palm Pistol, WALTHER PPK-L .22LR ALLOY FRAME , Union Switch and Signal WWII 1911 ACP, Swedish lahti 9mm, garands and m1 carbines that are correct, scar 17, FN 57 . No ar's. hunting rifles, shotguns or run of the mill stuff please.
  4. I am looking for the 657 as a trade, I don't have one to sell.
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