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  1. I had the original 357 cylinder bored to 44/357 bain and davis but now I would like to have both cylinders for this gun if you have a extra one let me know and the price thank you for looking wes
  2. fr8 sight tool

    thank you very much just love this gun 2nd one I have owned but this one shoots high for me...again thanks
  3. fr8 sight tool

    I need to buy a front sight tool form my fr8 either new or if someone has a extra one thanks for looking
  4. I have several tax stamps and I'm not sure of the value or even if they can be sold any help would be nice thank you wes. ps I also have machine gun news trading cards in the wrapper I think there are 20 of them and idea on of or if theses have any value...wes not see any of theses in a very long time I can list the ones I have if you would like
  5. Ciener Mark 1

    hi back in the early 90,s I purchased a ruger mark 1 integral suppressor it was made at merritt island fl I have several ciener supressors but this one needs a new home, barrel is plum in color and receiver is dark blue this was bought form kent lomont. I might be interested in 22 can ans other pistol in trade on this one also I have a marlin camp 9mm by dale balock for sale I might be interested in trades on these items the marlin camp is priced at $1250 plus tax and shipping I would prefer Indiana sale so only one tax. let me know what you might have to trade, thanks for looking wes
  6. 338 win magnum

    my stepfather passed and I was left 5 boxes of 338 win mag ammo I have no use for this but I do want a fair price for theses. 1fusion 225 gr 3 rounds 17 once fires brass 2.winchester supreme fail safe 230 grs full box 3. federal premium 225 gr 16 rounds 4 once fired brass 4. winchester fail safe 230 gr 6 rounds 14 once fired brass 5. Remington 225 gr full box this should come to 65 factory loaded rounds. any hel would be nice thank you for looking and or your help. wes
  7. I'm just wondering if it would be possible to run my blackside 45 acp on my 45/70 gibbs rifle any thoughts on this idea?
  8. What was your first major Machine Gun Shoot?

    mine was knob creek in 1989 as a friend of kent lomont bought my first guns from him and was allowed to shoot on his line spot there for several years what a treat...

    is this a new stinger or one or the first ones from the 80,s also a picture would be nice thanks haven't see one for sale in a long time wdb