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  1. WTB: ANM2 complete parts kits

    Wanted to buy complete ANM2 complete parts kits. Let me know what you have. Thanks,Mike Michaels Machines
  2. BPP 21E vs. MM 21E

    Someone pointed this thread out to me....what a joke. His user name pretty much sums him up. I'm always available for the real story. MM
  3. WTS: HK21E German RR transferable $49995

    Built from new parts including like new German RR. Lots of accessories available to buyer. Call or email any ?s. Michaels Machines six 1 eight 57 zero 864 one
  4. WTS: HK23E Transferable $55K

    Not really looking for trades but thanks for asking. MM
  5. WTS: HK MSG90A1 $9995

    Correct MSG90A1 not MSG90 build. New German receiver with lots of brand new German parts. Sorry no optics but working on getting some. Correct mounts available. Michaels Machines 618-570-8641 www.michaelsmachines.com
  6. WTS: HK23E Transferable $55K

    Brand new factory H&K 23E parts built on Fleming G3 RR. Correct build with the right parts for a 23E including 1000m 4th gen. 5.56 sight. 21E and 11E conversions and rare factory accessories available to the buyer. Michaels Machines 618-570-8641 www.michaelsmachines.com
  7. WTT for M249S

  8. WTT for M249S

    Looking to trade for NIB M249S or nice used. Have lots of different stuff for trade. I specialize in H&K's and builds. All types of guns for trade. Thanks,Mike Michaels Machines
  9. WTS: Fleming H sear in new 3rb pack

    Transferable Fleming H sear in brand new 3rb pack properly timed with my one piece hammer. $35K plus choice of shipping. Your choice of cals. and housings. E form transfer to your dealer quickly these days (have you hugged your NFA examiner lately?) Thanks,Mike Michaels Machines www.michaelsmachines.com
  10. WTS: Vollmer 51B w/Qualified Sear

    Will sell 51B SBR for $19995 Thanks! MM
  11. WTS: Vollmer 51B w/Qualified Sear

    On Form 3's Can refinish or provide spares. Lets deal. Thanks ,Mike
  12. WTS: Vollmer 51B w/Qualified Sear

    Scarce Vollmer 51B A3 belt fed shorty. Two tax gun with Qualified sear divorced and 51B registered as a SBR. Great shape with only normal ejection port wear. Email or call with any ?'s $50,995 plus choice of shipping hkmp5REMOVE@empowering.com Thanks! Michaels Machines www.michaelsmachines.com
  13. Brand new German H&K MP5K 3rd burst trigger group complete $595. Please ad $15 priority mail and USPS MO for payment. Thanks,Mike www.michaelsmachines.com
  14. WTB: HK auto sear Fleming/Qual./S&H

    Looking for a sear or sear w/gun for right price. Let me know. Mike from Michaels Machines hkmp5@empowering.com
  15. NIB H&K SP5K's with original German box. Only available from Michaels Machines. $2499 + $50 shipping for SP5K and additional box and shipping of factory box Thanks,Mike 618-570-8641