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  1. WTT for M249S

  2. WTT for M249S

    Looking to trade for NIB M249S or nice used. Have lots of different stuff for trade. I specialize in H&K's and builds. All types of guns for trade. Thanks,Mike Michaels Machines
  3. WTS: Fleming H sear in new 3rb pack

    Transferable Fleming H sear in brand new 3rb pack properly timed with my one piece hammer. $35K plus choice of shipping. Your choice of cals. and housings. E form transfer to your dealer quickly these days (have you hugged your NFA examiner lately?) Thanks,Mike Michaels Machines www.michaelsmachines.com
  4. WTS: Vollmer 51B w/Qualified Sear

    Will sell 51B SBR for $19995 Thanks! MM
  5. WTS: Vollmer 51B w/Qualified Sear

    On Form 3's Can refinish or provide spares. Lets deal. Thanks ,Mike
  6. WTS: Vollmer 51B w/Qualified Sear

    Scarce Vollmer 51B A3 belt fed shorty. Two tax gun with Qualified sear divorced and 51B registered as a SBR. Great shape with only normal ejection port wear. Email or call with any ?'s $50,995 plus choice of shipping hkmp5REMOVE@empowering.com Thanks! Michaels Machines www.michaelsmachines.com
  7. Brand new German H&K MP5K 3rd burst trigger group complete $595. Please ad $15 priority mail and USPS MO for payment. Thanks,Mike www.michaelsmachines.com
  8. WTB: HK auto sear Fleming/Qual./S&H

    Looking for a sear or sear w/gun for right price. Let me know. Mike from Michaels Machines hkmp5@empowering.com
  9. NIB H&K SP5K's with original German box. Only available from Michaels Machines. $2499 + $50 shipping for SP5K and additional box and shipping of factory box Thanks,Mike 618-570-8641
  10. NIB H&K SP5K's with original German box. Only available from Michaels Machines. $2499 + $40 shipping Thanks,Mike 618-570-8641
  11. WTS: H&K SP5K NIB

    I will have another big shipment next week. Email hkmp5@empowering.com MM
  12. WTS: H&K SP5K NIB

    NIB H&K SP5K pistols $2499 + $30 shipping Check or MO's Hard case (2) 30rd. mags sight tool scope rail bungee sling Manual and lock
  13. WTS: HK MP5K-N $7995

    Like new SP89 properly converted to MP5K-N $7995. LN SP89 My correct spec barrel Correct remark to MP5K-N Full auto carrier not re-weld New Navy housing C/P New ambi pack Paddle mag Will include new HK stock and K grip for $ if desire SBR and will engrave your info N/C. Thanks,Mike www.michaelsmachines.com