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  1. RDIAS is Sold Pending Funds!! Thanks!!
  2. David/Buddy, I haven't received a PM from Double Tap or CircularSquare88 but have received PM's from other users. Any issues with the PM service? Thanks!!
  3. All PM's have been responded to..
  4. Like the title says... Wanting to Sell my Aluminum, Broadhead Armory RDIAS that's on a Form 4 in Utah. It has a newer trip installed/timed by M60Joe before he retired. I'm also including a Lakeside Machine LM7 with a Colt lower and newest generation KNS spade grips as pictured. Below is a list of additional parts/belts/barrels for the LM7. Please let me know if you'd like any additional photos!! Asking $35,000 for the complete package shipped to your dealer. Certified check or wire transfer. I will pay the first transfer tax or only transfer tax if purchased from someone in my state. The non-SBR Colt lower will transfer separately to an FFL and I will also pay those shipping costs FFL fee on my end. The LM7 will ship directly to the new owner's place of residence pending verification of funds with the 16" barrel installed. Will take $30,000 for the RDIAS by itself and will list the LM7 separately.. The Lakeside Machine LM7 is in excellent condition as shown in the pictures and will come with the following parts: Complete Lakeside Machine upper w/ 16" barrel, full auto bolt and buffer --- 1 each Spare pistol length barrel "Shown in picture"--- 1 each LM7 spare parts kit --- 1 each Razorback spare parts kit --- 1 each Complete Razorback last generation full auto bolt "new"--- 1 each 50rd belt "used"- 1each 100rd belt "2 new, 1 used"- 3 each 200rd belt "new" -1 each 500rd belt "new" 1 each Belt box/mag adapter " damage on the tabs but still mounts up" -- 1 each Armorer's fixture -- 1 each Belt Loading fixture -- 1 each Magpul MBUIS -- 1 each Not looking for trades at this time... Thanks for looking!!!
  5. Like the title says.. Looking for a 416 bolt carrier, stripped or complete with a bolt head. I would consider new or used one. Email rnewcomb2005xxx@yahoo.com or send a PM. Remove xxx when sending an email. Thanks for looking!!
  6. WTB: Colt LE901

    Hi, Wanting to buy a new or like new Colt LE901. I would prefer the first generation 1913 rails but would also look at the newer M-Lok style. I’m not too concerned with getting the 5.56 conversion kit but may be interested if you have one. Thanks in advance!!
  7. October 1997 to the most recent issue. Replied to your pm. Thanks!!
  8. Sold Pending Funds!! Like the title says, I'd like to sell my Small Arms Review magazine collection. The collection includes every issue in Like-New to New condition. Also included are 18 Small Arms Review binders and the binders alone sell on their site for $12.95. I am asking $400.00 shipped OBO to your location excluding Alaska and Hawaii. I've been a member of Sturm since 2004 but haven't posted a For Sale Ad to the new board until now. I'm sure David or Buddy can vouch for me. 100% positive feedback on Ebay under Nukedawg22... !