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  1. WTB Colt A2 20" Hbar upper others considered

    Still need an upper?
  2. M134 Minigun TM technical manual Dillon

    Ill take one!
  3. Colt Thompson's – Buying or Selling

    Great Book!
  4. WTS/WTT: Vector Uzi, 9MM, 45, 22LR, $14,600

    Sent you an email Thx Ron
  5. WTB : Norinco 84S-2 5.56

    Bump, Anyone out there? Even if not for sale now, please contact me!
  6. WTB : Norinco 84S-2 5.56

    Hello, looking for an original stamped "84S-2" 5.56 side folder in Any condition or configuration. Receiver has to be stamped -2. Thx Ron 02/SOT 203-996-GUNS
  7. WTB : Norinco 84S-2 5.56

    bump ! Anyone?
  8. Emailed for a HK 9mm Can
  9. WTB : Norinco 84S-2 5.56

  10. WTB : Norinco 84S-2 5.56

    -3 I have and it's nice! But the -2 is what I am hopeful of finding for the collection

    Still have em? Please message me
  12. Park City Tactical 1918 Stratford Ave Bridgeport, CT 06607 203-333-4867(GUNS) Remove SPAM Title 1, Title 2 Thx!
  13. Delete

    Ill take it
  14. Hello, We are an 02/SOT and have a M10 9mm in very nice condition for sale . Subgun is a MAC(Military Armament Corp) with RPB stamped on left side of Receiver, all original. Was owned by same person for 20 years. Very well taken care of and low mileage. Subgun functioned flawlessly when tested. One magazine included. Price is shipped to your SOT. Thx Ron PCT
  15. Hello, looking for a working or modded Drozd Blackbird . Thx Ron in CT 02/SOT