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  1. WTK: Kimber 82 Cub Value?

    Anyone around here familiar with the Clackamas Oregon Kimber 82s? Specifically, the one marketed for kids with CUB S/N prefix, having a hard establishing market value on this item, it doesn't appear as though it is very common. Any info would be appreciated.
  2. Swedish K Training Barrel

    Looking for a training/practice barrel for the Swedish K, this is the barrel with a 5mm smooth bore designed for the M/39 training ammo. Original or reproduction. Thanks!
  3. musings of an old (not sure what), a FAL tale

    Great read Mike, thanks for posting!
  4. WTS Rare UZI Blank firing barrel for SOLD

    Payment sent, thanks Dennis!
  5. Ref. Check "TONEITUP"--Great to Deal With!

    Thomas is a good guy, no worries there. Purchased from him earlier this year, transaction was totally professional and painless.
  6. WTS: 5,000 M27-SAW Links / $150.00

    I'll take two more lots of M27 links if you have any left.
  7. WTS: Bushmaster Parts Kits $450

    PM Sent
  8. WTS Swedish K Parts Kit 450.00

    I'll take it.
  9. WTS: 5,000 M27-SAW Links / $150.00

    I'll take 5k of the M27 if you still have some available.
  10. Pending FBI Background Check

    Unfortunately, it does happen occasionally, I also have a customer that has 3 F4s pending 14 months or so now. Yet I'm averaging 6-7 months on the vast majority of other transfers. In another case, we sent out two F4s for the same customer, one showed up approved in 7 months the other is still pending a year later. Who knows, you can call and ask to speak to your examiner, leave a message and they may call you back to discuss. Other than that, not much else you can do but wait.
  11. Pre may Swedish K 8500

    PM Sent
  12. WTB: S&W 76 Pistol Grip & Trigger Group

  13. WTB: USGI M1 Garand Stripped Receiver