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  1. WTS WWII Savage Bridgeport M1 Thompson SMG

    I'll take it. Thanks!
  2. Wts swedish k bayonet attachment

    I’ll take it.
  3. Suppressor for Swedish K

    One option would be to round yourself up a Suomi M31 barrel, it should drop in to your M/45 and can be threaded for your suppressor of choice. I use a Bowers Vers 9s on mine and it sounds great. Feel free to send me a message if you take that route and need help w/ the threading or setup.
  4. WTB - 9mm Mauser MP34 Magazines

    Appreciate it, thank you!
  5. WTB - 9mm Mauser MP34 Magazines

    Title pretty much covers it, looking for a few 9mm Mauser MP34 magazines. Thanks for looking.
  6. Help needed to I.D. Magazine

    That magazine is for an Anzio Ironworks 50.
  7. UZI checklist items?

    Pretty solid advice above, plus one for the Swedish K too, great guns. However, just wanted to add, if you end up with an Actions Arms gun with the denial bar still in it, you cannot groove additional bolts as spares, which also prevents you from doing caliber conversions as well. FA uzi bolts w/ slot are considered MGs themselves, with exception to the one in the gun which is "married" to the receiver.....that's my understanding anyway, YMMV.
  8. BAR M1918 thread pitch?

    I believe they're 11/16-28
  9. WTK: Kimber 82 Cub Value?

    Anyone around here familiar with the Clackamas Oregon Kimber 82s? Specifically, the one marketed for kids with CUB S/N prefix, having a hard establishing market value on this item, it doesn't appear as though it is very common. Any info would be appreciated.
  10. Swedish K Training Barrel

    Looking for a training/practice barrel for the Swedish K, this is the barrel with a 5mm smooth bore designed for the M/39 training ammo. Original or reproduction. Thanks!
  11. musings of an old (not sure what), a FAL tale

    Great read Mike, thanks for posting!
  12. WTS Rare UZI Blank firing barrel for SOLD

    Payment sent, thanks Dennis!
  13. Ref. Check "TONEITUP"--Great to Deal With!

    Thomas is a good guy, no worries there. Purchased from him earlier this year, transaction was totally professional and painless.